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Contrast    Taiwan Strait Crisis in 1996 and 2022

New York Times, 2022-8-5 the U.S. military had ordered the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan to “remain on station” in the region but some distance from the entrance to the Taiwan Strait.... during a crisis in 1996, when President Bill Clinton moved aircraft carriers closer to the strait.  (PS: and conducted large scale drills  zh.m.wikipedia.org/zh-hant/台灣海峽飛彈危機 ) nytimes.com/2022/08/04/world/asia/taiwan-china-military-drills.html
New York Times, 2022-8-4 ... failing to move more naval forces into the region, the United States would be perceived by Mr. Xi as less committed to the region than Mr. Clinton was a quarter century ago.
United Daily (Taiwan) , 2022-8-5 The drill has been conducted under US tacit permission, which shakes the policy of peaceful resolution...  udn.com/news/story/11091/6515486?from=udn_ch2cate6643sub11091_pulldownmenu_v2
  USA Today, 2022-8-6 National Security Council:U.S. would postpone intercontinental ballistic missile test scheduled... reducing the risks of miscalculation and misperception news.yahoo.com/china-halts-climate-military-ties-152347684.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall
   Global Times (China), 2022-8-5 the US Navy's Ronald Reagan carrier strike group retreated hundreds of kilometers eastward overnight, after the PLA announced live-fire exercise zones east of the island





China's Missiles over Taiwan  in 2022-8-5

  CNN, 2022-8-4 missiles flying over the island marked a significant escalation
New York Times, 2022-8-3 China's CCTV stated that one of the missiles flew over Taiwan, marking another escalation of Chinese pressure on the island and risking serious miscalculation.





China's "staging the largest-ever People's Liberation Army exercises around Taiwan" (Newsweek,2022-8-5)     
WHY ?? 

 NY Times, 2022-8-4 Stanford scholar: “Under the guise of signaling, they’re trying to basically test their ability to conduct complex maneuvers that are necessary for an amphibious assault on Taiwan.” nytimes.com/2022/08/03/world/asia/taiwan-china-military-exercises.html    
 Business Insider, 2022-8-5  "a show of force to respond to Pelosi's visit" and "to exhibit [China's] displeasure" and "presumably to deter the US or other countries from undertaking visits like this ..."  "readiness to respond to Taiwan provocations"    news.yahoo.com/chinas-missile-launches-military-drills-211102958.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall
 AFP (France), 2022-8-6 a former CIA Asia analyst:  main purpose with its military exercises was to change that status quo."The Chinese want to show... that a line has been crossed by the speaker's visit."
American University Professor:
Beijing's message was meant to signal that China can alter the power balance in the region if it chooses. "The Chinese seriously believe that the United States has not been respecting their interests on the Taiwan issue"   news.yahoo.com/us-china-relations-risk-long-215317757.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall

 The Times (UK), 2022-8-6

Chinese jets menace Taiwan in an end to diplomacy

Global Times (Chn), 2022-8-5

Some Taiwan-based media hyped that the mainland's economic punishment could antagonize the public...    "If the mainland opts for economic sanctions, it may terminate the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA)"...  Taiwan had a trade surplus of more than $170 billion with the Chinese mainland in 2021.  globaltimes.cn/page/202208/1272245.shtml
NY Times, 2022-8-8 not only to intimidate Taiwan and the United States, but also to appease a domestic audience that had seemed disappointed by what it perceived as an insufficiently bellicose posture.  cn.nytimes.com/asia-pacific/20220808/china-exercises-taiwan/zh-hant/dual/
BBC, 2022-8-9 this may possibly intimidate South East Asian neighbours which have rival claims to the South China Sea   bbc.com/news/62460809
PS:New York Times, 2022-8-7: After China's Military Spectacle, Options Narrow for Winning Over Taiwan  ; Reuters, 2022-8-7: The ability to enforce a blockade would give Beijing leverage to bring Taiwan to the negotiating table ;A former Chinese defence official :"Seeing how the U.S. and its allies responded to the drills, how confident can Taiwan leaders be in counting on them to come to the rescue should the PLA attack?"






 Pelosi visiting Taiwan       
CNN, 2022-7-29:
potentially triggering the worst cross-strait crisis in decades

NY Times, 2022-8-2 China is preparing a hostile response of some sort...This is an exceptionally dangerous situation, perhaps more so than Ukraine,...Much of America’s military industrial complex is busy arming Ukraine, which could hamper efforts to bolster weapons shipments to Taiwan.   nytimes.com/2022/08/01/us/politics/taiwan-pelosi.html
 CNN, 2022-8-2 China's eventual response -- perhaps, for example, an incursion into Taiwanese airspace, was unlikely to cause a war but would push the rivals closer to a danger zone.  edition.cnn.com/2022/08/02/politics/pelosi-taiwan-risks-greater-instability-us-china-analysis/index.html
NY Times, 2022-7-28 Nancy Pelosi's Trip to Taiwan Is Too Dangerous! The United States and China are on a collision course in the Taiwan Strait  nytimes.com/2022/07/28/opinion/china-us-taiwan-pelosi.html 
NY Times, 2022-7-31 Mr. Xi may feel pressure to show a tough stance — possibly including military action...ahead of an important Chinese Communist Party Congress this fall.    The Biden administration has grown increasingly worried that China’s leader, Xi Jinping, might try to move, perhaps with force, against Taiwan within the next year and a half.   nytimes.com/2022/07/31/world/asia/pelosi-taiwan-china.html
 Global Times (China), 2022-7-28  China's defense ministry issues fresh, rare warning: The US should not underestimate the crisis and possible disastrous results it will bring to the Taiwan Straits if Pelosi ultimately makes the trip... if the US does not pull back but keeps challenging the guardrail, the price will be beyond US capabilities to pay"...  The rare expressions "yanzhen yidai" (嚴陣以待),  PLA "will not sit idly by" (不會坐視) were used (in Korea war and Vietnam war).  -  China will not sit idly by if US troops crossed the 38th parallel. globaltimes.cn/page/202207/1271693.shtml
Global Times, 2022-7-28 Those who play with fire will perish by it. It is hoped that the US will be clear-eyed about this," Xi said  via telephone,...  it is certain that if Pelosi insists on her provocative plan of visiting Taiwan, she will face serious and unbearable consequences.    globaltimes.cn/page/202207/1271696.shtml
 GT(China), 2022-7-29 it is time for Washington to slam on the brake of its radical moves on the Taiwan question!
NBC News, 2022-7-29 GT former editor :  "If the US can't restrain her (Pelosi), let China restrain her & punish her","PLA Air Force will surely make her visit a disgrace to herself and to the US." nbcnews.com/politics/congress/pelosi-leading-delegation-asia-friday-taiwan-visit-still-undecided-rcna40535
Guardian, 2022-7-31 Nancy Pelosi confirms Asia trip but does not mention Taiwan...analysts say she may yet do so in unofficial capacity 
 TIME, 2022-7-28  there's a good chance that Beijing could sanction Pelosi personally...time.com/6201447/joe-biden-xi-jinping-taiwan-china/
 NPR, 2022-7-28 President Biden looks to ease tensions with Xi over Taiwan
 Reuters(UK),  2022-7-29 "So far, there are few indications in Chinese official statements, nor online or domestic media, which would suggest that China is considering more serious military action at this time, although that could change"  news.yahoo.com/analysis-despite-xis-fire-call-003612894.html




 pic.: Top or No. 2 "comment Taiwan" on US Yahoo, 2022-8-10, 2022-8-7, 2022-6-25, 2022-5-25

 pic.: No.1 "comment Taiwan" on AOL, 2022-8-7, 2022-5-23, 2022-5-16, 2022-5-7, 2022-4-26, 2022-4-10, 2022-4-8, 2022-4-3, 2022-3-29, 2022-3-22, 2022-3-9, 2022-3-6, 2022-3-4, 2022-2-8, 2021-10-8, 2021-10-1, 2021-9-27, 2021-9-19, 2021-9-7, 2021-6-27, 2021-5-1, 3-8-2021, 2-20-2021,1-18-2020,  12-05-2019; No.3 at 2022-7-19,  top 3 on US Yahoo, 2022-7-29, 2022-7-19;



   No. 1  "comment Taiwan" on Yahoo Japan ( most popular search engine in Japan ), 2022-8-10, 2022-5-23, 2022-5-16, 2022-5-7, 2022-4-26, 2022-3-29, 2022-3-22, 2022-3-20, 2022-3-17, 2022-3-9, 2022-3-6, 2022-3-4, 2022-2-28, 2022-2-25, 2022-2-21, 2022-2-19, 2022-2-14, 2022-2-11, 2022-2-8, 2022-2-5, 2022-1-31, 2022-1-28, 2022-1-25, 2022-1-21, 2021-10-8, 2021-10-2, 2021-9-27, 2021-9-19, 2021-9-7, 2021-8-22, 2021-8-5, 2021-6-27, 2021-5-9, 2021-5-1, 2021-4-14, 3-23-2021, 3-8-2021, 2-26-2021, 1-19-2021, 12-5-2020, 11-28-2020, 11-9-2020, 10-30-2020, 10-10-2020, 10-1-2020, 8-13-2020, 8-5-2020, 6-12-2020, 5-19-2020; No. 2 "comment Taiwan" on Yahoo Japan at 2022-8-7, 2022-7-22, 2022-7-19, 2022-7-10, 2022-7-7, 2022-4-16, 2022-4-10,  2021-6-2 


pic. left: No.1 "comment Taiwan" on Lycos, 2022-8-7, 2022-7-29, 2022-7-7, 2022-7-1, 2022-6-25, 2022-6-18, 2022-3-4, 2022-2-8, 2021-11-11, 2021-10-23, 2021-10-8, 2021-10-1, 2021-9-27, 2021-9-19, 2021-9-7, 2021-8-22, 2021-8-5, 2021-6-27, 2021-6-2, 2021-5-9, 2021-5-1, 2021-4-14, 3-23-2021, 3-8-2021, 2-20-2021, 1-19-2021,10-3-2020, 8-13-2020, 6-12-2020, 5-19-2020, 1-18-2020,12-05-2019;  pic. right:   No. 1  "comment Taiwan" on Search Encrypt, 2022-8-7, 2022-7-29, 2022-7-1, 2022-6-25, 2022-6-18, 2022-3-4, 2022-2-8, 2021-11-10, 2021-10-23, 2021-10-8, 2021-10-1, 2021-9-27, 2021-9-19, 2021-9-7, 2021-8-22, 2021-8-4, 2021-6-27, 2021-6-2, 2021-5-9, 2021-5-1, 2021-4-14, 3-23-2021, 3-8-2021, 2-20-2021, 1-19-2021,10-3-2020, 8-13-2020 No. 1  "comment Taiwan" on ekoru (New Zealand), 2022-6-18, 2022-3-4, 2022-2-8, 2021-11-10, 2021-10-23, 2021-10-8, 2021-10-1, 2021-9-27, 2021-9-19, 2021-9-7,  2021-8-22, 2021-8-5, 2021-6-27, 2021-6-2, 2021-5-9, 2021-5-1, 2021-4-14, 3-23-2021, 3-8-20212-20-2021,1-19-2021, 10-3-2020, 8-13-2020



No. 2  "comment Taiwan" on Dogpile,  2022-8-7,  No. 1  "comment Taiwan" on Dogpile, 2022-5-23, 2022-5-16, 2022-5-6, 2022-4-26, 2022-4-10, 2022-4-8, 2022-4-3, 2022-3-29, 2022-3-23, 2022-3-20, 2022-3-12, 2022-3-9, 2022-3-6, 2022-3-4, 2022-2-28, 2022-2-14, 2022-2-8, 2021-11-10, 2021-10-23, 2021-10-8, 2021-10-1, 2021-9-27, 2021-9-19, 2021-9-7, 2021-8-22, 2021-8-5, 2021-6-27, 2021-6-2, 2021-5-9, 2021-5-1, 2021-4-14, 3-23-2021, 3-8-2021, 2-20-2021, 1-19-2021, 10-1-2020, 8-13-2020, 8-2-2020, 6-12-2020, 5-19-2020; No. 3 at 2022-7-19


  pic.:  No. 1 "comment Taiwan" on US Google, 2022-5-23, 2022-5-20, 2022-5-16, 2022-5-6, 2022-4-26, 2022-4-16, 2022-3-3, 2022-2-14, 2022-2-11, 2022-1-31, 2022-1-29, 2022-1-20, 2022-1-15, 2022-1-11, 2022-1-9, 2022-1-6, 2022-1-3, 2021-12-31, 2021-12-25, 2021-12-21, 2021-12-15, 2021-12-11, 2021-12-9, 2021-12-4, 2021-11-29, 2021-11-27, 2021-11-23, 2021-11-18, 2021-11-17, 2021-11-12, 2021-11-6, 2021-10-22, 2021-9-18, 2021-9-6, 2021-8-22, 2021-8-4, 2021-7-15, 2021-7-4, 2021-6-27, 2021-6-22, 2021-6-14, 2021-6-3, 2021-5-26, 2021-5-14; No2 "comment Taiwan" on Google, 2022-4-5, 2022-4-3, 2022-3-29, 2022-3-23, 2022-3-22




   No. 1  "comment Taiwan" on Mocrosoft Bing, 2022-8-6, 2022-7-19, 2022-7-6, 2022-6-24, 2022-6-16, 2022-5-29, 2022-5-23, 2022-5-16, 2022-5-6, 2022-4-26, 2022-4-16, 2022-4-10, 2022-4-3, 2022-3-29, 2022-3-22, 2022-3-9, 2022-3-6, 2022-2-28, 2022-2-25, 2022-2-21, 2022-2-19, 2022-2-14, 2022-2-11, 2022-2-8, 2022-2-5, 2022-1-31, 2022-1-28, 2022-1-25, 2022-1-20, 2022-1-15, 2022-1-11, 2022-1-9, 2022-1-6, 2022-1-3, 2021-12-31, 2021-12-24, 2021-12-21, 2021-12-15, 2021-12-12, 2021-12-10, 2021-12-7, 2021-12-4, 2021-11-29, 2021-11-27, 2021-11-23, 2021-11-20, 2021-11-17, 2021-11-10, 2021-11-1, 2021-10-23, 2021-10-19, 2021-10-8, 2021-10-2, 2021-9-27, 2021-9-23, 2021-9-7  



  pic.:   No. 1 / top "comment Taiwan" on US Yahoo, 2022-5-16, 2022-4-26, 2022-4-13, 2022-4-9, 2022-3-29, 2022-3-22, 2022-3-9, 2022-3-5, 2022-2-28, 2022-2-14, 2022-2-11, 2022-2-7, 2022-2-5, 2022-1-31, 2022-1-28, 2022-1-25, 2022-1-20, 2022-1-15, 2022-1-11, 2022-1-8, 2022-1-6, 2022-1-3, 2021-12-31, 2021-12-27, 2021-12-21, 2021-12-15, 2021-12-10


pic. : This websites-group was ranked No.1 by keyword "Taiwan comments"  on Microsoft Bing, 2022-5-23, 2022-5-16, 2022-5-7, 2022-4-26, 2022-4-10, 2022-4-8, 2022-4-3, 2022-3-29, 2022-3-20, 2022-3-17, 2022-3-12, 2022-3-9, 2022-3-4, 2022-2-28, 2022-2-25, 2022-2-21, 2022-2-19, 2022-2-14, 2022-2-11, 2022-2-8, 2022-2-5, 2022-1-31, 2022-1-28, 2022-1-25, 2022-1-20, 2022-1-15, 2022-1-12



No. 1  "comment Taiwan" on DuckDuckGo , 2022-5-16, 2022-4-26, 2022-4-10, 2022-4-8, 2022-4-3, 2022-3-23, 2022-3-20, 2022-3-12, 2022-3-9, 2022-3-6, 2022-2-28, 2022-2-14, 2022-2-8, 2021-11-11, 2021-10-8, 2021-10-1, 2021-9-27, 2021-9-19, 2021-9-7, 2021-8-22, 2021-8-5, 2021-6-27






  pic.:   No. 1 "comment Taiwan" on Google Japan, Google Hong Kong and Google Taiwan, 2022-2-28, 2022-2-25, 2022-2-21, 2022-2-18, 2022-2-14, 2022-2-11, 2022-2-8, 2022-1-28, 2022-1-25, 2022-1-21, 2022-1-9, 2021-12-31, 2021-12-10, 2021-12-4, 2021-11-29, 2021-11-23, 2021-11-20, 2021-11-17, 2021-11-9, 2021-10-8,  2021-9-27, 2021-9-19, 2021-9-6, 2021-8-22, 2021-6-27, 2021-4-30, 2021-4-14, 3-26-2021, 03-08-2021, 02-26-2021; No.3 at 2022-4-26, 2022-4-13  





China's possible response to Pelosi visiting Taiwan

US News, 2022-7-19 China Signals a Military Response to a Taiwan Visit by Pelosi
NY Times, 2022-7-25 ...Pelosi's trip. Better to postpone rather than risk war.
Washington Post, 2022-7-23 Key U.S. allies in Asia have expressed concerns about a visit that they believe will be viewed provocatively washingtonpost.com/opinions/2022/07/23/pelosi-taiwan-trip-biden-military-concerns/
Washington Post, 2022-7-21 Biden: U.S. military opposes Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/07/21/biden-china-nancy-pelosi-taiwan-military/
Washington Post, 2022-7-22 The U.S. military certainly is not prepared to fight two major wars simultaneously  washingtonpost.com/opinions/2022/07/22/nancy-pelosi-should-ignore-china-biden-go-to-taiwan/
EurAsia Times, 2022-7-23 US Worried That China Could...Shoot-Down ‘Invading’ Aircraft 
France24, 2022-7-25 Biden's administration which fears the trip may cross red lines for China -- and that there is no exit path ... China might feel that they have to do something dramatic    france24.com/en/live-news/20220725-as-pelosi-eyes-taiwan-trip-us-anxious-on-china-red-lines
CNN, 2022-7-22 China could seek to declare a no-fly zone over Taiwan...China could also respond by flying fighter jets further into Taiwan's self-declared air defense zone, which could trigger a response from Taiwan and the US       edition.cnn.com/2022/07/21/politics/pelosi-taiwan-china-concerns/index.html
FT,2022-7-25 Taiwan fears fallout from planned Nancy Pelosi visit threatens US security commitment ... China might retaliate against Taiwan if Pelosi went ahead with her trip.  ft.com/content/8145aa97-1c46-4e5e-9ec8-1afa139a4a54
Global Times (China), 2022-7-25 Pelosi's visit may accelerate a military showdown  globaltimes.cn/page/202207/1271380.shtml  
Global Times (China), 2022-7-22  "...extremely drastic diplomatic and military measures against the US, and the US cannot afford to face such a response"..."Biden's reaction suggested that the conclusion from military is very likely definitive and it will amount to cancelling Pelosi's trip."   globaltimes.cn/page/202207/1271152.shtml
Global Times (China), 2022-7-19 If Pelosi goes to Taiwan, it will be a huge historic mistake for Washington...Defense Minister Wei Fenghe (Jun.2022): "If anyone dares to secede Taiwan from China, we will not hesitate to fight, and we will fight at all costs." "It would be a huge historic mistake for Washington to let these words fall on deaf ears."
Bloomberg, 2022-7-22 responses from China: Missile Test Near Taiwan or Flying Over Taiwan or  Shadowing Pelosi’s Trip, etc   finance.yahoo.com/news/china-might-respond-taiwan-visit-102743247.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall

NY Times, 2022-7-25: Chinese leaders might try to move against the self-governing island over the next year and a half — perhaps by trying to cut off access to all or part of the Taiwan Strait New York Times, 2022-7-26: The risks to Taiwan from Chinese aggression have gained urgency since Russia's attacks on Ukraine... a sea-and-air invasion of Taiwan would be difficult for China to pull off in the near term. Instead, it could do so piecemeal The Hill , 2022-7-26: The longer the Biden administration continues delaying and stinting its support for Ukraine without enabling Kyiv to halt and reverse Russia's invasion, the more precarious both Ukraine's and Taiwan's positions become ◆ CNN,2022-7-25: Under Xi, a rising wave of nationalism has swept China, and support for "reuniting" with Taiwan  possibly by force  is running high ◆ Washington Post, 2022-7-23: Many Asian leaders have voiced fears that Russia’s effort to take over Ukraine could embolden China to move aggressively into Taiwan le Monde (France), 2022-7-21: China appears determined on using force in Taiwan DW (Germany),2022-7-22: Japan defense report warns Russia's invasion of Ukraine could encourage China to act against Taiwan Business Insider, 2022-7-21: CIA chief: the Ukraine war likely won't shake China's resolve to invade Taiwan FoxNews, 2022-7-20: CIA director 'wouldn't rule out' near-term Taiwan invasion Asia Nikkei (Japan), 2022-7-20:  Taiwan's ex-defense chief calls for sweeping military reforms FoxNews, 2022-7-7: Chinese diplomat says 'reunification' with Taiwan near   full text 







Taiwan's travel & tourism - 13th in Asia

STATISTA: Leading countries in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI)



Asia Rank



world Rank

1 Japan 5.4 4
2 Australia 5.1 7
3 China 4.9 13
4 Korea Rep. 4.8 15
5 Hong Kong 4.8 16
6 Singapore 4.8 17
7 New Zealand 4.7 18
8 Malaysia 4.5 25
9 Thailand 4.5 29
10 UAE 4.4 33
11 India 4.4 34
12 Indonesia 4.3 36
13 Taiwan 4.3 37




WEF (World Economic Forum) , May 2022
world Travel and Tourism Development Index

world rank Asia's rank economies/countries score (global average : 4.0)
1 1 Japan 5.2
2 2 USA 5.2
7 3 Australia 5.0
9 4 Singapore 5.0
12 5 China 4.9
15 6 S. Korea 4.8
19 7 Hong Kong 4.6
25 8 UAE 4.5
27 9 New Zealand 4.5
32 10 Indonesia 4.4
33 11 Saudi Arabia 4.3
36 12 Thailand 4.3
38 13 Malaysia 4.3
43 14 Qatar 4.3
52 15 Vietnam 4.1
54 16 India 4.1
74 17 Sri Lanka 3.7
75 18 Philippines 3.7
84 19 Mongolia 3.6
n/a n/a Taiwan n/a






Taiwan's travel & tourism - 10th in Asia



World Economic Forum (WEF)  <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> released at 9-4-2019 shows Taiwan had the sub-region's largest decline in competitiveness from 30th down to 37th.    Taiwan ranks No.10 among Asian countries.   for details : click tourism

WEF travel & tourism category Taiwan's rankings and/or score comparison
prioritization of travel and tourism   No75  Singapore No.6 ,  Hong Kong No. 11
Natural & cultural resources No.58  score 2.6 China  No.1, score 6.0 , France No.2,  5.0,  Spain  No.3, 5.7,   Japan No.7, 5.3,   Indonesia No.18,  Thailand No.21,  Korea No.24,  Vietnam No.26,  Malaysia No.31,  HK No.40,  Philippines No.46,  Sri Lanka No.52,  Nepal No.56
Natural resources  No. 87 Hong Kong No. 42, Singapore No.120
cultural resources & business travel No. 36  score 2.6 China No1, score 7.0
price competitiveness No. 78 China 5.7
Health & Hygiene  No.43,  score 6 score worse than Korea, Japan, Mongolia
international openness No. 60 only better than China, Mongolia
Safety & security No. 26 human resource & labor market: Taiwan No.18
 ps: Compared to the report of 2017,  Taiwan significantly tightened visa requirements (37th down to 119th), waning cultural resources and business travel (26th to 36th) and recalibrated figures showing a drastic reduction in protected areas (20th to 118th).

For full details :  http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_TTCR_2019.pdf


According to  World Economic Forum (WEF)  <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> (released at 4-6-2017), Taiwan's most important indexes for promoting tourism, like "Attractiveness of Natural Assets" (parks, beaches, mountains, wildlife, etc) ranks world No.87, "Natural Resources" ranks No.55,   "Environmental Sustainability" ranks No.75 (No.69 in 2015), "Price Competitiveness" ranks No. 46, "Hotel Price Index" ranks No. 89 (82 in 2015), Taiwan got "n/a" on China's world top 5 indexes such as "World heritage natural sites" as well as "World heritage cultural sites".
comment Taiwan travel and tourism, No.1 on internet, pls. click for details






Taiwan's travel & tourism - not on top 10 list

The World Tourism rankings   are compiled by the United Nations World Tourism Organization 
Most visited destinations by international tourist arrivals


Asia Pacific Rank

destination (country)

int'l tourists arrivals '19

int'l tourists arrivals '18

1 China 65.7 million 62.9 million
2 Thailand 39.8 38.2
3 Japan 32.2 31.2
4 Malaysia 26.1 25.8
5 Hong Kong 23.8 29.3
6 Macau 18.6 18.5
7 Vietnam 18.0 15.5
8 India 17.9 17.4
9 S. Korea 17.5 15.3
10 Indonesia 15.5 13.4




Taiwan's tourism & travel    vs.    CovID-19


◆  Washington Post, 2022-6-2:   a poll this week found that 70 percent of Taiwanese wanted the government to retain stricter border control policies.    washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/06/02/taiwan-covid-relaxed-border-policy/

◆  DW (Germany), 2022-5-20: Taiwan's tourism industry in crisis (Taiwan 'is not ready to face an outbreak at this level) dw.com/en/is-taiwan-learning-to-live-with-covid/a-61878438
Asia Nikkei (Japan), 2022-6-2:  Taiwan's lengthy success in keeping out COVID-19 is complicating the island's path away from a pandemic posture as a relaxation of travel curbs fuels a record spike in cases; Taiwan ranks world 113 th in Nikkei CovID-19 Recovery Index.   asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus/Taiwan-s-COVID-success-story-hits-snag-with-shift-to-reopening
New York Times, 2022-4-4:
South Korea and Singapore that are reopening the borders, Taiwan has opened only for foreigners who come for business  nytimes.com/2022/04/04/world/asia/taiwan-relaxes-its-quarantine-measures-even-as-it-confronts-an-outbreak.html

aljazeera, 2022-4-14: Taiwan's COVID-hit tourism stews as island shuns global reopening. 

Taiwan is a rare holdout in Asia that remains closed to tourists and still mandates quarantine for arrivals.

AFP, France24, 2022-4-7: Taiwan will move away from a zero-Covid policy and instead focus on tackling the most severe infections...One sticking point could be lacklustre vaccination rates...Vaccination rates among the elderly, the most vulnerable demographic, are also low.  france24.com/en/live-news/20220407-taiwan-to-move-away-from-zero-covid-strategy-minister

New York Times, 2022-3-5: Since Tuesday, people in Taiwan have no longer been required to wear masks in settings where they were previously mandatory, both indoors and outdoors: exercising, taking selfies and group photos, driving with household members, in spas and in video broadcasts, speeches and lectures... Taiwan's record (20,717 cases and 853 deaths ) is low by the standards of the hardest-hit countriesnytimes.com/live/2022/03/05/world/covid-19-tests-cases-vaccine
Reuters, 2022-4-3: Taiwan says new CovID cases won't affect re-opening plans.


Diplomat, 2022-2-3:Taiwan, is bucking the trend and is one of the few places still sticking with its zero-COVID strategy.thediplomat.com/2022/02/how-long-will-taiwan-stick-to-its-zero-covid-approach/

The Guardian, 2021-11-8: Cost of Taiwan’s pursuit of Covid zero starts to show   In 2019 there were more than 29 million international arrivals in Taiwan. In 2020, during the height of the pandemic and prior to vaccines, the figure dropped to 3.9 million. So far this year there have been just 335,000.“Taiwan sacrificed international collaboration in commerce and exchange.”despite the toll on tourism, trade and lifestyle there is no plan to reopen   theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/08/how-long-can-you-maintain-it-cost-of-taiwans-pursuit-of-covid-zero-starts-to-show
New York Times, 2021-10-29: China is now the only country still chasing full eradicationThe approach is unsustainable.  China may find itself increasingly isolated, diplomatically and economically, at a time when global public opinion is hardening against it.


Economist, 2021-10-9 Asian countries are abandoning zero-covid strategies Despite the risks, they are right to do so.  Yet those with a good first act in the pandemic are struggling in the second. 


 aljazeera, 2021-11-26: Taiwan continues to pursue an isolationist "zero CovID-19" policy.  Taiwan's border restrictions remain some of the strictest in the world.
  aljazeera, 2021-11-17 (brief): Asia'cautious stance is increasingly at odds with Europe and North America; mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong sink deeper into isolation under a strict “zero COVID” policy, even Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia are following a middle path under which non-essential travel remains tightly restricted.





2021  Michelin stars comparisons among Asian countries

 Michelin cities

number of 3 stars

num. of 2 stars

number of 1 star

total num.

Tokyo (Japan) 12 42 158 212
Hong Kong 10 18 59 87
Kyoto (Japan) 7 19 84 110
Osaka (Japan) 3 12 81 96
Singapore 3 5 41 49
Seoul (Korea) 2 7 34 43
Shanghai (China) 1 10 32 43
Taipei (Taiwan) 1 7 21 29

China Times - Want Weekly, No.185: To emergently save dying tourism,
Taiwan government spent NT90,000,000 (USD3 millions) to have <Michelin Guide> in Taiwan. 

 BBC, 2022-3-30: Today, stinky tofu ( that's reminiscent of sour milk and rotting garbage) is still primarily a street food throughout Taiwan, where it's as synonymous with the country's outdoor night markets as beef noodle soup.




Bloomberg's CovID Resilience Ranking, 2022-6-29
comparison - Taiwan with some other main countries in Asia & Pacific
 They’ve been unable to outrun Omicron: Taiwan saw deaths spike as more virus circulated ...
country 1-month cases per 100,000 resilience rank 3-month case fatality rate pandemic MVPs
Taiwan 7826 next to last 0.2% No.37
mainland China 0 No.51 0.1%  
Hong Kong 376 No.49 1.9%  
Malaysia 169 No.37 0.2%  
New Zealand 3383 No.35 0.2% No.21
Bangladesh 8 No.34 0.1% No.27
Japan 373 No.30 0.1% No.15
Vietnam 28 No.18 0%  
Singapore 2255 No.14 0% No.13
Australia 3216 No.9 0.1% No.24
UAE 336 No.2 0% No.1
S. Korea 502 No.1 0.2% No.4
PS: Taiwan's scores on "Flight Capacity", "vaccinated travel routes" are last but one


 Bloomberg CovID Resilience Ranking   2022-5-27
Taiwan ranks the 3rd from the end   

 ranks of
countries (Asia & Pacific)

CovID cases per 100,000 people over the past month (JHU) The Strength of
health-care system
CovID deaths as a share of cases over the past 3months (%)
 No. 6.  S Korea 1955 89 0.1
12.  Singapore 1760 92 0.1
23.  Australia 5074 89 0.1
  34.  Malaysia  185 67 0.3
35.  Thai. 328 72 0.4
41.  Japan 786 96 0.2
  44.  New Zealand  4389 83 0.1
  48.  Hong Kong 115 - 0.8
 51. Taiwan (drop 19 positions )  6031 79 0
52.  Chn 9 70 0.1
53 countries in total; bloomberg.com/graphics/covid-resilience-ranking/spanish.html


Nikkei CovID-19 Recovery Index

comparison among main countries in Asia & Pacific

Asia's rank world rank country score
1 1 Cambodia 78
2 2 Vietnam 越南 76.5
3 4 S. Korea 南韓 72.5
4 5 Qatar 72
5 6 Bangladesh 71
5 6 Nepal 71
7 11 Saudi Arabia 69.5
8 14 Sri Lanka 68
9 18 Mongolia 67.5
9 18 UAE 67.5
11 26 Malaysia 66.5
12 30 Japan 64
13 35 India 63.5
14 38 China 63
15 49 Pakistan 61.5
16 53 Hong Kong 61
16 53 Indonesia 61
16 53 Thailand 61
19 62 Philippines 60.5
20 71 Laos 59
20 71 Singapore 59
22 79 Myanmar 58
23 88 Australia 55
24 101 NZ 53
25 112 Taiwan 50
Source: The Index ranks 121 countries/regions on infection management, vaccine rollouts, and social mobility.  A higher ranking indicates a country is closer to recovery with its low numbers of confirmed cases/deaths, better vaccination rates and less stringent social distancing measures; data sources include Our World in Data, Google CovID-19 Community Mobility Reports, Oxford CovID-19 Gov. Response Tracker, Cirum, and Nikkei Asia research



                                                             Num. of physicians in Taiwan from '12 to '20               https://www.statista.com/statistics/860217/taiwan-physician-number/


2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020


40,938 41,965 42,961 44,006 44,849 46,356 47,471 49,542 51045


  1,027 996 1,045 843 1,507 1,115 2,071 1503





ccording to WEF<Travel and tourism competitiveness report> (released at 9-4-2019), Taiwan's Health & Hygiene (including "physicians density" ) score 6.0 is worse than that of No.16 Japan, No. 17 Korea, and Australia, Mongolia.   According to  WEF<Travel and tourism competitiveness report> (released at 4-6-2017), Taiwan's "Physician density" ranks pretty bad   ―   world No. 65 (No. 57 in 2015's report)
According to Wikipedia (2021-5-5) and Liberty Times (2020-1-6),  Taiwan's doctor-to-population ratio (see pic. below) almost hit lowest in Asia, behind Japan, Korea, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam...even Myanmar...

Taipei Medical University professor  comments Taiwan's medical quality is no longer good.  Taiwan's former medical chief 楊志良 (chinatimes.com/opinion/20210804005734-262104?chdtv) criticizes that the health & medical system has been damaged. 





Wikipedia (2022-3-12) : physicians density in Asia

Asia's rankings country  physicians
per 10,000 people
1 Qatar 77.4
2 N Korea 33
3 Australia 32.7
4 Lebanon 32
5 Mongolia 28.4
6 New Zealand 27.4
7 Jordan 25.6
8 UAE 25.3
9 Saudi Arabia 24.9
10 Japan 23
11 Korea 21.4
12 Singapore 19.5
13 China 14.9
14 Malaysia 12
15 Philippines 12
16 Vietnam 11.9
17 Iran 9
18 Pakistan 8.3
19 Indonesia 8
20 India 7
21 Myanmar 6.1


22 Iraq 6.1
23 Thai 3.9
24 Laos 1.8
25 Cambodia 1.7



Doctors per 10,000 people in Taiwan

  Taipei Southern and Eastern Taiwan (Kaohsiung, PinTung, TaiTung, PonHo), remote places
physicians (內科醫師) 5.01 2.12
surgeon (外科醫師) 1.77 0.82
Pediatrics (小兒科) 1.11 0.46
Obstetrics & Gynecology (婦產) 0.86 0.42
Accident & Emergency (急診) 0.82 0.47
Liberty Times, 2020-1-6;talk.ltn.com.tw/article/paper/1343896





 Lancet / Measuring universal health coverage based on an index of effective coverage of health services
Taiwan and some other countries of Asia & Pacific


Lancet, universal health coverage

Singapore 92 77 100 98 95 93 99 99 75 100 94 99 93 89 99 77 100 100 76 95 79 94 100 100
Japan 96 60 100 92 97 98 95 99 78 92 98 100 99 97 100 99 98 100 83 96 92 89 100 98
Korea 89 78 100 78 97 97 99 100 43 96 96 99 99 92 99 100 88 66 70 95 99 76 99 96
Australia 89 88 85 92 91 96 100 99 85 99 87 98 100 86 100 100 88 78 70 92 67 67 100 98
NZ 83 83 80 76 90 95 100 100 79 100 92 99 85 89 98 83 76 72 62 83 57 64 99 99
Kuwait 82 85 66 89 95 98 100 97 83 99 73 87 74 91 81 73 85 92 66 80 69 77 100 99
Qatar 80 71 69 59 99 93 100 99 67 97 72 85 69 91 78 75 97 49 58 97 60 95 100 97
Taiwan 79 96 84 75 100 98 100 99 46 99 88 93 89 97 91 90 82 44 55 55 89 73 99 97
Chn 70 96 70 75 98 99 99 90 32 97 72 91 60 88 86 66 43 80 61 41 86 65 98 98

Measuring universal health coverage based on an index of effective coverage of health services, 2020-10-17





World's Best Hospitals 2022


world rank country Asia hospital
No.12 Singapore Singapore General Hospital
No.13 Japan The University of Tokyo Hospital
23 Japan St. Luke's International Hospital
30 S. Korea Asan Medical Center
43 S. Korea Samsung Medical Center
46 Japan Kameda Medical Center
55 S. Korea Seoul National University Hospital
70 S. Korea Severance Hospital - Yonsei University
76 Japan  Kyushu University Hospital
78 Japan Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine
87 S. Korea Catholic Univ. of Korea - Seoul St. Mary
89 S. Korea Seoul National University - Bundang Hospital
98 Singapore National Univ, Hospital
number of selected hospitals in top 100 list  -  S. Korea : 6; Japan: 5 ; Singapore: 2

World's Best Hospitals 2021, Newsweek, Statista

rank country Asia hospital
No.8 Singapore Singapore General Hospital
No.16 Japan The University of Tokyo Hospital
18 Japan St. Luke's International Hospital
34 S. Korea Asan Medical Center
42 S. Korea Seoul National University Hospital
43 Japan Kameda Medical Center
62 Japan  Kyushu University Hospital
71 Japan Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine
73 S. Korea Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine
76 S. Korea Severance Hospital - Yonsei University
84 Japan Kyoto University Hospital
87 S. Korea Seoul National University - Bundang Hospital
91 Japan Kurashiki Central Hospital
97 S. Korea Korea University - Anam Hospital
number of selected hospitals - Japan: 7 ;  S. Korea : 6; Singapore: 1
101-200 S. Korea
101-200 India 2  All India Institute of Medical Sciences - Delhi, Medanta The Medicity
101-200 Thailand 1   Bumrungrad International Hospital
101-200 Singapore 2   Gleneagles Hospital,  National University Hospital
101-200 Japan 10
total number of selected hospitals - Japan: 17 ;  S. Korea : 12 ; Singapore: 3; India: 2; Thai: 1

PS:  There's no any Taiwan's hospital was selected in 2020 and 2021







migrant workers in Taiwan     https://intlhumanrights.com/TaiwanForeignWorkers.htm

world media

foreign laborers abuses

The Guardian, 2022-5-9, (theguardian.com/world/2022/may/09/once-a-zero-covid-poster-child-taiwan-learns-to-live-with-the-virus) Taiwan is now dealing with an “Omicron tsunami”. In factories, migrant workers have once again been discriminated against with unequal rule enforcement and eased restrictions  
Financial Times (UK), 2021-6-22
"It has now become extremely common for employers to lock their migrant workers up... ”
The New York Times, 2021-6-18
In Taiwan, some foreign tech workers are confined indoors to tackle an outbreak; Activists say that the measures discriminate against migrant laborers.
Heritage Org., 2021 Index of Economic Freedom In "Labor Freedom" index, Taiwan ranks No. 91 worldwide
 The Guardian (UK), 2021-5-16


Many foreign laborers from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, entered Taiwan by the name of care-taker but actually illegally worked in these porn parlors in Taipei's Wanhua district,
Brookings, 2021-6-25, brookings.edu/blog/order-from-chaos/2021/06/25/taiwans-vitality/  the harsh lockdowns in crowded dormitories of mostly Southeast Asian workers at some technology manufacturing companies have underscored the discrimination that has long been present in Taiwan against peoples of certain nationalities
Business Insider, 2021-5-20 businessinsider.com/taiwan-covid-19-paradise-health-politics-policy-cdc-2021-5 Taiwan ... double standards and stigma still found their way.
Equal Times org., 2021-7-30 (equaltimes.org/taiwan-s-foreign-factory-workers?lang=en#.YQSC6i7iu70) Taiwan’s foreign factory workers face rights violations amid latest Covid outbreak.  “We feel like prisoners. It’s like the company controls every aspect of our lives !"  
US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices released at 2021-3-30 Foreign workers were often reluctant to report employer abuses for fear the employer would terminate their contract
RT TV news (Russia), UDN, 2022-1-24 Two Indonesian migrant laborers got penalty fine in the amount of NY$100,000 (about USD 3,300) for stepping out of their CovID-19 quarantine hotel room for about one minute.






Julius Baer Group's Global Wealth and Lifestyle Report 2022  (2022-6-15)
The rankings are done after analyzing the cost of residential property, cars, airfare, business school and other luxuries.  
nBloomberg: These are the world's most expensive cities to live in if you're rich
nFinancial Review: If you like luxury, these are the world’s most expensive cities

1 Shanghai, China with four items ranked at the very top and the highest weighted-average price increase (30%).
2 London  
3 Taipei, Taiwan moved up the ranking, mostly due to the prices of shoes, bicycles, and wine.
4 Hong Kong  
5 Singapore  
6 Monaco  
7 Zurich, Swiss  
8 Tokyo, Japan is the city which slid the furthest (previously 2nd), driven by 13 items ranking lower than in the previous year and an average depreciation of -8.8% on the Japanese yen.
9 Sydney, Australia  
10 Paris, France  
11. New York  12. Sao Paolo  13. Milan   14.  Dubai   15. Bangkok





House Prices/GDP per Capita in Taiwan compared to Asia
The formula is: (Price per square metre / GDP per capita)*100

rank country ratio
1  India 627.55x
2 Cambodia 227.93x
3 China 145.62x
4 Philippines 135.02x
5 Vietnam 104.97x
6 Thailand 89.22x
7 Indonesia 72.00x
8 Hong Kong 65.59x
9 Taiwan 46.11x
10 Japan 41.98x
11 Malaysia 36.71x
12 Singapore 27.14x


    New York Times ,  2021-10-15: Taiwan has a spotty record when it comes to fire safety... raise questions about whether the self-governing island,... had overlooked basic safety concerns in the rush to develop... 
  VOAnews ,  2022-4-1: Taiwanese investigative magazine Commonwealth reported last year that Taiwan is undergoing its biggest real estate boom since the 1980s. Today, even small housing units in Taipei can command prices exceeding $1 million,...housing prices across six cities including Taipei rose more than 30% between 2019 and 2021.  Much of the inflated prices in housing is fueled by the long running problem of property speculation in Taiwan and very little social housing.    voanews.com/a/survey-shows-young-taiwanese-lack-savings-are-highly-indebted-/6510937.html
  New York Times ,  2021-10-16: The Kaohsiung building (46 killed in a fire) is one of many aging structures across the island that have fallen into severe disrepair as a result of weak management and government neglect...  the lack of support for Taiwan's rapidly aging population... older buildings that had been constructed under outdated safety guidelines were often overlooked   nytimes.com/2021/10/15/world/asia/taiwan-building-fire.html
  《 Bloomberg》 ,  2021-7-1 (bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-07-01/taiwan-s-red-hot-housing-defies-challenges-from-covid-to-china?srnd=prognosis) :  Taiwan home prices may reach new highs by the end of the year, residential and office deals in Taiwan's six largest cities surged 27.9% in April from a year earlier....The government is not bringing its ultimate game to fight the overly-hot market. 


★  numbeo.com/property-investment/country_result.jsp?country=Taiwan

city Price to Income ratio Price to Rent ratio, city center Affordability Index
Taipei 32.09 72.56 0.53
New Taipei City 21.48 63.59 0.77
Taichung 21.07 64.02 0.79
Kaohsiung 13.61 39.95 1.20

 finance.yahoo , 12-30-2020, (finance.yahoo.com/news/retire-taiwan-costs-visas-more-215449948.html), SmartAsset  (smartasset.com/retirement/retire-in-taiwan

Purchasing an apartment in Taiwan, is significantly more expensive than in the U.S.  
When it comes to renting, Taiwan is still significantly cheaper than in the U.S. In the average city center in America, a one-bedroom apartment costs an average of $1,346 per month. In Taiwan, the same apartment costs about $485 per month. If you were to choose a three-bedroom apartment, it would cost $2,156 in the U.S. and $1,132 in Taiwan.



  OECD,orgUnited Daily2022-4-9: 

The percentage of social housing representing all dwellings

Singapore 80% Holland 34.1%
Hong Kong 30.4% Denmark 21.4%
UK 16.7% S. Korea 8.9%
EU 7.5% Taiwan goal: 2%




★  <United Daily > editorial, 2022-4-15 (udn.com/news/story/7338/6240482?from=udn_ch2cate6643sub7338_pulldownmenu_v2):

misery index, Taiwan

yr. 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
misery index 4.38 5.06 4.29 3.62 5.94 6.4(Q1)

chinatimes.com/opinion/20220426004891-262101?chdtv  2022-4-27 editorial






US military would defend Taiwan ?

New York Times, 2022-5-23: Biden Says U.S. Military Would Defend Taiwan if China Invaded, dispensing with the “strategic ambiguity” traditionally favored by American presidents ...The White House quickly tried to deny ..., Mr. Biden’s unscripted declaration put Japan in a complicated position. nytimes.com/2022/05/23/world/asia/biden-taiwan-defense.html

Guardian, 2022-5-23: Biden's Taiwan vow creates confusion not clarity – and raises China tensions  theguardian.com/us-news/2022/may/23/biden-taiwan-china-strategic-ambiguity-us-foreign-policy
Wall Street Journal, 2022-5-23:
“We agree with the One China policy and all the attendant agreements we made. But the idea that it can be taken by force, just taken by force, would just not be appropriate,” Mr. Biden said.wsj.com/articles/biden-says-u-s-would-intervene-militarily-if-china-invaded-taiwan-11653286228
New York Post, 2022-5-23:
White House walks back Biden Taiwan defense claim for third time in 9 months  nypost.com/2022/05/23/white-house-walks-back-biden-taiwan-defense-claim-again/

Politico, 2022-5-23:The president's “strategic ambiguity” backtrack may hasten Taiwan Strait conflict, observers say
Economist, 2022-5-23: the gap between presidential statements and official policy is giving rise to a new form of ambiguity—strategic perhaps; or maybe simply incoherent 


BBC, 2022-5-23:Biden vows to defend Taiwan in apparent US policy shift
TIME, 2022-5-23:president Biden's Vow To Defend Taiwan Is Bold but Incredibly Risky
Bloomberg, 2022-5-23:Biden Misspeaks on Taiwan, Says US Military Would Intervene

AFP, CBS News, 2022-5-23: President Joe Biden said Monday the U.S. would intervene militarily if China were to invade Taiwan, in one of the most forceful and overt statements of American government support for Taiwan in decades. Beijing was quick to respond, ... "No one should underestimate the firm resolve, staunch will and strong ability of the Chinese people in defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity" .  cbsnews.com/news/biden-china-taiwan-us-military-recession-monkeypox/

Global Times, 2022-5-23: Biden's remarks on ‘intervening militarily’ in Taiwan question not gaffe but signals hollowing out one-China policy..."Sending troops is military interference, offering weapons and military intelligence and conducting rescue can also be interpreted as 'intervening militarily'... the US... will have no time and no willingness to come to Taiwan's rescue.  globaltimes.cn/page/202205/1266390.shtml
New York Times, 2022-5-24:  Asked if he would send in troops if China attacked Taiwan, Biden said, “The policy has not changed at all.”






What Should The US Do If China Invades Taiwan ?   TIPP Poll  2022-3-2 ~ 3-4, 1318 adults, online survey

  come to defense of Taiwan
directly via MILITARY action
economic sanctions combination of military action
 and economic sanctions
allow China to take Taiwan not sure
overall 14% 27% 23% 6% 29%
Democrats 15 33 22 6 24
Republicans 16 27 27 n/a 25
Independents 11 22 24 9 34
Conservatives 17 27 28 6 21
Moderates 12 26 19 6 36
Liberals 15% 32% 25% 5% 22%
19fortyfive.com/2022/04/a-chinese-invasion-of-taiwan-what-response-would-americans-support/     TIPP Insights





" Strategic Clarity"  -  US defend Taiwan

Strategic Ambiguity

 Independent, 2022-4-19: Japanese former PM 安倍):China are permanent, veto-wielding members of the United Nations Security Council, the UN’s mediation function cannot be relied upon for conflicts in which they are involved... Ukraine is an independent state beyond any doubt, Taiwan is not....Unlike in Ukraine, Chinese leaders could claim that any invasion of Taiwan that China launches is necessary to suppress anti-government activities in one of its own regions, and that such acts therefore would not violate international law...The time has come for the US to make clear that it will defend Taiwan against any attempted Chinese invasion.

Japan Times, 2022-4-19: U.S. 'strategic ambiguity' over Taiwan must end! US policy of ambiguity toward Taiwan is now fostering instability in the Indo-Pacific region, by encouraging China to underestimate U.S. resolve...  
The Guardian, 2022-4-24: a switch from “strategic ambiguity” to clarity ... would prompt a major reaction from Beijing and might not enhance deterrence
 Economist, 2022-4-23: Promising to fight for Taiwan, as some advocate, would do little to deter China, which already assumes America will do so. And such a promise would, at the very least, cause a diplomatic crisis...President Joe Biden has said explicitly that America will not join the fighting (in Ukriane) for fear of starting “World War III”.
Foreign Policy, 2022-4-26: U.S. security cooperation is a more powerful demonstration of commitment than any declaration of intent.
 L.A. Times
, 2022-4-23: It will never be in America's interests to join a military confrontation over Taiwan that could quickly escalate to involve the use of nuclear weapons.






Will the US defend Taiwan ??

   ☉  NY Times, , 2022-5-24: Former presidents have hinted that the United States would fight for Taiwan but have otherwise remained studiedly vague...Taiwan's defense budget... remains scandalously low 
☉ Breaking Defense, 2022-3-11: Until recently, President Tsai has appeared reluctant to discuss
how Taiwanese citizens can help defend their country...
Politico, 2022-3-14: Taiwan's military may be rightly criticized for its poorly coordinated forces, and its government has been hesitant to invest in its own defense... ...China's deep integration into the global economy and the leverage of Beijing's $1,068 billion in treasury bonds would make Western sanctions more painful to implement
Foreign Policy, 2020-10-19 :  Given these electoral realities, Taiwan's leaders have gravitated toward military showpieces — while hoping that the United States will save the day if China ever attacks.   It could take a decade to retool the Taiwanese and U.S. militaries to mount an effective defense of the island.... With China’s rapid military buildup, that may be time that Taiwan does not have. https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/10/19/china-keeps-inching-closer-to-taiwan/
TIME, 2022-3-18: most analysts say that the island would not be able to stop a full-scale invasion on its own—and Ukraine's situation has sparked debate over whether anyone would come to Taiwan's aid

The US won't

The US will

Times (UK), 2021-12-10: The US won't fight to save Taiwan or Ukraine
Washington Examiner, 2022-03-10:
The Biden administration may have encouraged China further when the White House walked back Biden's off-the-cuff commitment that the U.S. would defend Taiwan.
Washington Post, 2022-3-9, Politico, 3-15-2021:Trump indicated (in 2019) America might not come to Taipei's defense in the event of a Chinese invasion"If they invade, there isn’t a f---ing thing we can do about it."
  FoxNews, 2021-11-17: Hannity: "Basically his weakness guarantees Taiwan will be taken over by the Communist Chinese and Joe won't do a thing."

◆  ABC News, 2022-3-14: "Taiwan is a major interest of the US but a core interest of China...The loss of Taiwan will cause a complete overthrow of the Chinese regime. Thus, China will fight to win or die, but the US will not."
 Washington Post, 2021-10-15:  The United States does not want war with China over Taiwan
 Bloomberg, 3-14-2021:  the US will intervene. What reason is there to believe that the United States will sacrifice the lives of its own children to defend Taiwan?
 FoxNews, 2021-8-21: Newt Gingrich: After Afghanistan debacle, Biden ‘can't possibly protect’ Taiwan
CNN, 2021-10-15 :  Biden has also been determined to keep the US out of foreign conflicts.
Washington Post, 2021-10-11 : The problem is: We must have both the force with which to deter the Chinese and the legal authority to employ it. And right now, we do not...Under the War Powers and Taiwan Relations acts, the president has no legal authority, without the express authorization of Congress, to use military force to defend Taiwan...The legal limitations on a president’s ability to respond quickly could all but ensure a Chinese fait accompli. Simply put: The president has no legal authority to react in the time necessary to repel a Chinese invasion of Taiwan and deter an all-out war.
Reuters, 2020-12-10: Newsham says: “How do you defend Taiwan? All I can hear is that the United States will intervene,” ... “What reason is there to believe that the United States will sacrifice the lives of its own children to defend Taiwan?”
Breaking Defense, 2022-3-11:“With the PLA [People’s Liberation Army]’s significant and capable counter-intervention capabilities, the Taiwanese people must understand that a US-led coalition can only come to their aid if Taiwan can hold out for an extended period of time, regardless of a security commitment,” Kanapathy added.
Express (UK), 6-30-2020: China attack on Taiwan will NOT be salvaged by US in major new warning  
Foreign Policy, 2021-4-5Taipei can't rely on a guarantee of U.S. aid
 N.Y. Times , 8-30-2020: "Taiwan cannot count on US as a matter of strategy"
 Economist , 8-30-2020: "The island cannot rely on American help".
  The Hill, 2020-8-25: Biden apparently believes the TRA constricted the president’s inherent powers when applied to Taiwan as a U.S. national security concern. In the event of a sudden attack by China on Taiwan, consultation with Congress prior to responding would cause disastrous delay, allowing China to overrun Taiwan. 
  Global Times (China), 2021-8-18: The US failed in all its main post-WWII wars in Asia..To maintain the illusion that the US will continue backing the island will finally exhaust Washington as time goes on. Therefore, the US will eventually have to accept the reunification of the mainland and the island of Taiwan...If the US wants to change that new status quo through a war, it will have to bet its national fate. Washington has no reason to do so. 

 Nippon (Japan), 2022-3-24: Were China to launch an armed attack on Taiwan at this time, the PLA could face a grueling and costly battle on multiple fronts, with the US military springing to the island's defense...


 DW (Germany), 2022-2-28: Nachman says "The US would likely intervene if Taiwan is attacked by China,"...Analyst Glaser says that the US would likely intervene militarily if China attacks Taiwan unprovoked.


 Wall Street Journal,  2022-3-2: many military analysts assume the U.S. would directly intervene to fight on Taiwan's side.


   The Guardian (UK), 2021-10-5 :The prevailing mood among Washington insiders is to fight if China attempts to conquer Taiwan. hard reality that fighting China over Taiwan risks an almost-certain military defeat – and gambles we won’t stumble into a nuclear war. The best that could be hoped for would be a pyrrhic victory in which we are saddled with becoming the permanent defense force for Taiwan (costing us hundreds of billions a year and the equally permanent requirement to be ready for the inevitable Chinese counter-attack).


 Brookings.edu , 2021-10-27

“Devise and implement a defense strategy capable of defending the first-island-chain nations, including Taiwan.” This could be understood as meaning that the United States itself would take direct military action to defend Taiwan, instead of just helping Taiwan to defend itself.








 Asia Nikkei (Japan), 2022-7-20:  Taiwan's ex-defense chief calls for sweeping military reforms FoxNews, 2022-7-7: Chinese diplomat says 'reunification' with Taiwan near  Washington Post, 2022-7-3:  these steps (asymmetric warfare) may not be enough to repel a far more powerful opponent like China. Taiwan's mandatory military service ... spend more time doing menial labor than learning combat skills. Tactics taught are comparable to those (Gulf War or the Vietnam War) N.Y. Times, 2022-6-19: A Looming Threat /  ...Taiwan politicians have electoral considerations. Extending military conscription, for example, would probably not be very popular New York Times, 2022-5-23: Biden Says U.S. Military Would Defend Taiwan if China Invaded, dispensing with the “strategic ambiguity” traditionally favored by American presidents  New York Times, 2022-5-7: US presses Taiwan to buy missiles and smaller arms for asymmetric warfare (Suited to Win Against China);  But some Taiwanese defense officials are resistant. Wall Street Journal, 2022-5-4: Since the Chinese economy is 10 times as large as the Russian economy, effective sanctions would be virtually impossible to enforce. Taiwan's lack of preparedness is increasingly dangerous. Washington Post, 2022-5-4:  China won’t repeat Putin's Ukraine mistakes in Taiwan. Economist, 2022-4-20: the main lesson that China will draw from Ukraine is the need for speed—ideally achieving victory within days; Taiwan can learn ...Fighting spirit and the right Western arms may stymie a powerful foe  Japan Times, 2022-4-19: U.S. 'strategic ambiguity' over Taiwan must end! US policy of ambiguity toward Taiwan is now fostering instability in the Indo-Pacific region, by encouraging China to underestimate U.S. resolve...   Wall street Journal, 2022-4-18: Kyiv's successful use of internet to counter Moscow highlights Taiwan's reliance on undersea internet cables that China could cut Daily Mail, 2022-4-10: China accelerates work on more than one HUNDRED missile silos that could house nuclear weapons capable of reaching U.S. soil -  to deter America from intervening in conflict over Taiwan FoxNews, 2022-4-4: "It's not if China moves into Taiwan, it's when" Foreign Policy, 2022-3-31:  the largest group of experts (over 46 percent) reported that the events in Ukraine will have no effect on China's calculus New York Times, 2022-3-24: Mr. Xi could see Mr. Putin's invasion of Ukraine as a parallel to military actions he could take to seize Taiwan New York Times, 2022-3-20: If Russia succeeds in overtaking Ukraine, it increases the danger for Taiwan    Economist, 2022-3-5: Taiwan's sloth in reforming its defence capabilities and strengthening its deterrence    Washington Post, 2022-3-4: Taiwan's leaders try to calm fears over Ukraine invasion, but citizens worry their island will be next Economist, 2022-2-26:  Parallels with Taiwan colour Asian views of the war in Ukraine - Some fear a Chinese invasion has become more likely New York Times, 2022-2-23: With some seeing parallels to Ukraine, Taiwan steps up its defenses  CNN, 2022-2-3: China's leaders may be watching Ukraine with an eye on Taiwan USA Today, Yahoo, 2022-2-10,  brief: Taiwan was pressured (by the IOC) to reversed their decision to skip Olympics opening ceremony..."Chinese Taipei" , the label implies a link to China... younger people have said they feel increasingly distant culturally from the other side.   (sports.yahoo.com/yes-taiwan-olympics-winter-games-220617465.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall) Brookings, 2022-2-7: why is unification so unpopular in Taiwan? It's the PRC political system; A majority of our respondents — 56% — said Taiwanese culture was similar to Chinese culture.  72% rated China's government as at least somewhat unfriendly.  brookings.edu/blog/order-from-chaos/2022/02/07/why-is-unification-so-unpopular-in-taiwan-its-the-prc-political-system-not-just-culture/  ◆ SCMP, 2022-2-12: “China's theory of victory is that... punishment and intimidation would eventually inflict enough pain and psychological stress that Taiwan would capitulate to Beijing's rule,”scmp.com/news/china/military/article/3166797/war-over-taiwan-among-five-likely-conflict-scenarios-pla-us    Washington Post, 2022-1-24: Defending Taiwan is a worthy goal. But are we ready for heavy casualties? it would be a grave mistake for the United States to promise to defend Taiwan without preparing its public — and its soldiers — for the tough fight they could face ◆ New York post, 2022-1-21: Rep. Michael McCaul predicts Chinese invasion of Taiwan after Winter Olympics   France24, NY Post, Daily Mail(UK), 2021-12-30: China warns US will pay 'unbearable price' for backing Taiwan NY Times, 2021-12-10: As China has built up its military presence, the U.S. has sought to widen its alliances in the region. A major potential flash point is Taiwan Times (UK), 2021-12-10: The US won't fight to save Taiwan or Ukraine Bloomberg, 2021-12-7: War With Taiwan Would Be a Huge Gamble for China's XiDeaths, economic sanctions and possible defeat are all deterrents Financial Times (UK), 2021-12-5: US defence chief warns of China ‘rehearsals’ for attack on Taiwan; Lloyd Austin cites concern over scale and frequency of Beijing’s military sorties Reuters, Foxnews, NBC, Hill, 2021-12-3: Blinken says any move by China to invade Taiwan would have 'terrible consequences NY Times, 2021-11-29:  China is developing advanced weapons, leading U.S. officials to push for the first nuclear talks   The Hill, 2021-11-22:  as things currently stand, the U.S. can't deter Beijing ◆  WSJ, 2021-11-17: Beijing’s arms buildup and menacing of Taiwan make U.S. directionlessness dangerous for the world.  Rather than risk a less feckless president after Mr. Biden, Mr. Xi may feel he has three years to act. ◆  NY Times, 2021-11-15: Biden and Xi meet amid tensions in an effort to keep “communication lines open” and avoid military action — American officials remain concerned that the chances of avoiding conflict may be diminishing. ◆  CBS, 2021-11-16:  Biden's virtual summit with China's Xi focuses on "managing strategic risks" like Taiwan...while there had been no major breakthroughs The Guardian, 2021-11-16: Biden-Xi virtual summit: leaders warn each other over future of Taiwan ...the US is increasingly nervous about the rapid development of Chinese conventional and nuclear military forces. Reuters, 2021-11-11: U.S. and allies would 'take unspecified action' if Taiwan attacked - Blinken New York Times, 2021-11-10: Europe’s economic interests in China are huge, and the focus on Taiwan is still a minority effort. Europe is both reluctant and badly equipped to get involved militarily in the Indo-Pacific in the face of Washington’s intense focus on deterring China from attacking Taiwan. ◆ TIME, 2021-11-3: The U.S. Risks Catastrophe if It Doesn't Clarify Its Taiwan Strategy  Brookings, 2021-11-1: the asymmetric approach has been stretched beyond recognition in recent years by a recalcitrant MND WSJ, FoxNews, 2021-10-25: the island's military is riven with internal problems...Among the most pressing concerns are poor preparation and low morale among the roughly 80,000 Taiwanese who are conscripted each year and the nearly 2.2 million reservists. Hill, 2021-11-1: Now there is real danger that, encouraged by Biden's recent shift toward a more conciliatory approach  toward China, Xi will move against Taiwan NY Times, 2021-10-22: Biden Said the U.S. Would Protect Taiwan. But It's Not That Clear-Cut.  American presidents have spent decades trying to sidestep the question of how forcefully the United States would come to the aid of Taiwan if China invaded it or, more likely, tried to slowly strangle the island in an effort to force it back under the control of the mainland.


  Reuters  2021-10-23 : analysts dismissed the president's remark (US has a commitment to defend Taiwan) as a gaffe it was "patently not true". "A confused  U.S. policy,  weakens  deterrence"    DW (Germany), 2021-10-23: "In fiscal year 2020, Taiwan was  the largest customer of US arms... growing pressure from Congress to ... explicitly commit to defending Taiwan and thus to deterring Beijing....Washington is "slowly adjusting" its course. Washington Post, 2021-10-22: Biden delivered straight talk on Taiwan — contradicting a deliberately ambiguous U.S. policy. Did he misspeak? ...Biden, like others before him, appears to be grappling with the often obtuse language of the U.S.-Taiwan relationship Global Times, 2021-10-22: 'Defend Taiwan' can hardly be seen as a slip of the tongue Daily Mail (UK), 2021-10-22:   CNN, 2021-10-15 : China isn't about to invade Taiwan. But the two sides are on a dangerous path; In June, a poll found 25.8% want to move toward independence. The majority opinion was to stick with the status quo for now. CNN, 2021-10-14 :China-Taiwan tensions are raising fears of a conflict. In Taipei, however, people don't seem worried. Many believed the Chinese government would never really go ahead with it... "games played by the upper class." ,"I think it is more important to earn money"


NY Times, 2021-10-9 : "starting a fire" : US and China enter dangerous territory over Taiwan... with potential to ignite military conflagration and reshape the regional order   Diplomat , 2021-10-22: CNN, 2021-10-15 :  Biden has also been determined to keep the US out of foreign conflicts. China, Taiwan tensions spark debate inside Biden admin. 2027 , a key year in which Beijing could try to take Taiwan by force if peaceful unification has not yet been achieved  Lowy Institute, 2021-10-14 :Would a war over Taiwan be legal? The conventional legal answer favours China...all of this may be academic precisely because the United States is unlikely to go to war over Taiwan. POLITICO, 2021-10-14 : Taiwan increasingly becomes a powder keg, a mishap or miscalculation could lead to confrontation while Chinese and American ambitions are at odds.  Taiwan’s own strategy is the mirror image — delaying China long enough for the U.S. and its allies to show up in force. Washington Post, 2021-10-11 : The problem is: We must have both the force with which to deter the Chinese and the legal authority to employ it. And right now, we do not. Congress must untie Biden’s hands on Taiwan BBC, 2021-10-6 :China-Taiwan military tensions 'worst in 40 years'  

  China-Taiwan war news cyber-links 








Taiwanese people were asked if they agreed that "There will be war between China and Taiwan eventually"
 / BBC, 2022-1-12, source: Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation, research at Oct. 2021

strongly agree 7% strongly disagree 23.7%
partly agree 21.1% don't know/no opinion 7.6%
partly disagree 40.6%






Chinese and Taiwanese armed forces / BBC, 2022-1-12, source: TrendForce 2021

  China Taiwan
Active duty personnel 2,035,000 163,000
Ground Force 965,000 88,000
Navy 260,000 40,000
Air Force 395,000 35,000
Strategic missile Forces 120,000 0
Strategic Support Force 145,000 0
Other Forces 150,000 0





Global Fire Power  /   globalfirepower.com/country-military-strength-detail.php?country_id=taiwan

For 2022 China Taiwan
world rank 3 of 140 21 of 140

Wall street Journal, 2022-3-29:
Moves under discussion in Taiwan are still far from the kind of major revamp that some experts in the U.S. and elsewhere say is needed to upgrade Taiwan's military
 L.A. Times, 2022-3-20: over much of the last decade, Taiwan moved in the opposite direction: It cut the size of its regular army and reduced the training of its reserves.