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  Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Taiwan , 2024-4-22  :   the mayor of Hsinchu was indicted by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office for suspected embezzlement .   During the year, 19 high-ranking officials, 41 mid-level, 114 low-level, and nine elected officials were indicted for corruption.

  Washington Post, 2024-5-20:  The ruling party (DPP)  has faced corruption scandals.    Michelle Lee, Vic Chiang

  Washington Post, 2023-11-24:  A win is not guaranteed. Public grievances against the ruling party have bubbled up during Tsai's presidency, which has been hit by corruption scandals and grumbling from Taiwanese businesses about lost trade with China  Christian Shepherd 

New York Times, 2024-1-10: the frustration voters feel about out-of-control Taiwan housing prices and government corruption.

Taiwan detains former vice premier from ruling party in corruption probe

Bloomberg, 2024-7-12  A court ordered Cheng Wen-tsan detained while he is investigated for corruption, the latest development in the highest-profile graft probe in the democratically run archipelago since President Chen Shui-bian in
Independent, 2024-7-12 The ruling party pledged to combat corruption when Lai Ching-te became its leader in 2023 and won the presidency in the January election.  Mr Cheng was seen as a potential presidential contender, and is known for his moderate stance on Taiwan’s relations with mainland China and advocacy for normal
Radio Taiwan International, 2024-7-12 Prosecutors are accusing Cheng of accepting bribes, leaking information, and laundering money, among several other crimes.  Cheng has strong political and business connections, and concerns were raised about potential collusion...
TaiwanPlus, 2024-7-12 Taiwan's former Vice Premier is behind bars after prosecutors persuaded a court that he could use his connections to interfere in his investigation into alleged bribery
United Daily, 2024-7-12 Cheng took bribes 7 years ago, for the past years, they can always grasp the situation of the secret investigation.   How does the state machine protect him ?
Taiwan's corruption is a serious issue -  United Daily (2024-7-13 They said Lai Ching-te is making an example to warn many others in former president Tsai Ing-wen's faction, some politicians should be trying to show their loyalty to protect themselves.  United Daily (2024-7-10): The other factions and the opposition should get very jumpy or anxiety about something that is going to happen.

The Guardian, 2024-1-7: Taiwan bracesfor "big deal" presidential election as China's shadow looms - Corruption and the cost of living have trumped concerns about a belliger neighbour in close race for the presidency...There are also Care for children and the elderly, corruption, judicial reform, education and rights for minorities are also immediate concerns...Corruption is another major issue for most Taiwanese voters. political corruption is often the “most stressed issue in Taiwanese elections and has been the most influential issue in a number of local and national elections”.  According to the Taiwan Anti-Corruption and Whistleblower Protection Association, 11.6% of 1,677 city councillor candidates in 2022 had criminal records.

VOA News, 2024-1-3: Beijing has noticed that Taiwan’s 2024 election campaign has focused on corruption scandals rather than cross-strait relations
SCMP, 2024-1-5: The DPP has suffered corruption scandals.

Denmark's Democracy Perception Index 2023: Most people view corruption as a threat to democracy in their country -  Taiwan ranks world 17,  behind Singapore (No.7), Japan (9), Australia (10), Hong Kong (12), S Korea (13).

Sky News Australia, 2023-12-31: the DPP has experienced several political scandals including corruption, alleged crime links, plagiarism, and separate physical harassment and sexual harassment controversies involving female members.

  VOA News, 2023-11-24:   a 34-year-old banker, told VOA by phone. “I will vote for the third-party candidate Ko Wen-je, because I think he can help address the issue of corruption that has long plagued Taiwan's politics.” William Yang 

Australia, 2023-11-24: opposition parties have found plenty of other targets for attack: the government's handling of Covidcorruption on the part of legislators;...... popular sentiment favours a change of government. If Taiwan had a two-party preferred system of voting, Lai would be staring at defeat.






pic. :  No.1 "Taiwanese corruption" on Yandex of Russia , 2024-7-14, 2024-5-17, 2024-3-11, 2023-12-24, 2023-11-26, 2023-4-2;  The sites group was ranked No.2 "Taiwanese corruption" on Yandex of Russia , 2022-7-17, top 3 on 2021-8-9, 2021-5-9; No.2 "Taiwan's corruption" at 2022-1-30 


  pic.: The sites group was ranked No.1   "Taiwan corruption " on Yandex of Russia , 2024-7-14, 2024-5-17, 2024-3-11, 2023-12-24, 2023-11-26, 2023-4-2, 2022-5-31, 2022-3-25; No.2 "Taiwan corruption" on Yandex, 2022-7-17, 10-25-2019



 pic.:  No.1 "Taiwan corruption " on Bing , 2024-7-14,  No.1 by "corruption in Taiwan" on US Bing , 2024-7-14, 7-26-2019, 11-28-2018 , No.2 at 3-12-2020;  No.2  "Taiwan corruption " on Bing , 2023-2-21, 2021-5-9;top "corruption in Taiwan" on Bing at 2022-10-9, 2022-5-31


pic.: The sites group was ranked No.1  by "corruption in Taiwan" on Yandex of Russia , 2024-7-14, 2024-5-17, 2024-3-11, 2023-12-24, 2023-4-2,  2022-7-17, 2022-3-25, 3-12-2020, No.2 at  9-13-2020, 1-11-2020; No.3 at 2024-1-8



pic. :  No.1   "Taiwan corruption " on Microsoft Bing , 2024-7-13, 2024-5-17, 2024-3-11, 2024-1-8, 2023-12-24 (Chinese version) 






TaiwanPlus, 2023-3-6
China Times (中時), 2023-6-26  editorial
The ruling DPP's corruption - structural, collective and overall (結構性、集體性、全面性貪腐) ;  a bunch of vote-brokers, officials, law makers get involved; DPP's corruption has already crossed the bottom line, and being out of control.   brief
China Times (中時),
DPP government forcefully roll out "Green Energy" huge profits and complicated review process give politicians room to practise fraud, they are called "green roaches" for so many malfeasances in recent years, It's a big black hole !!


   In Transparency Org., 2023 Corruption Perception Index, Taiwan ranks world No.28, Asia's No.9

Transparency Org., 2023 Corruption Perception Index
world rank Asia rank country score
3 1 NZ 85 down
5 2 Singapore 83
14 3 Australia 75
14 3 Hong Kong 75 down
16 5 Japan 73
24 6 USA 69
26 7 Bhutan 68
26 7 UAE 68
28 9 Taiwan 67 down
32 10 S Korea 63
33 11 Israel 62


  United Daily  (聯合報), 2024-5-17: All kinds of corruption scandals buried the image of Taiwan government


   US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices released at 2023-3-20 (

 In 2020 presidential and legislative elections, there were allegations of vote buying by candidates and supporters of both major political parties.
 In the year to May, 21 high-ranking officials, 38 mid-level, 83 low-level, and 18 elected officials were indicted for corruption.





pic. : No.1 "台灣貪腐"(corruption in Taiwan) on Yandex of Russia 第1 , 2024-7-13, 2024-3-11, 2023-12-24, 2023-11-26;  No.1 Taiwan corruption ("台灣貪污") on Yandex of Russia  , 2024-3-11, 2023-12-24, 2023-11-26 (Chinese version);  No.2 at 2024-3-11




  United Daily  (聯合報), 2023-12-24:  In 2024 presidential election, the biggest Achilles' heel of the ruling party is corruption and "black-gold" (黑金) ; When Chen Shui-bian took the office, Lai Ching-te (current vice president and presidential candidate) and Chen Chu already were on the side of corruption.  Once Lai win the key election, the political group「新清流」will behave from bad to worse.  The vice presidential candidate Hsiao Bi-khim frankly said, indeed some of our comrades forgot their original intention and need to do self-reflection and self-criticism.


  United Daily (聯合報), 2023-12-3:  Taiwanese are most intolerant of the ruling party's corruption . Presidential candidate Ko W.Z. (柯文哲) has frequently criticized the DPP for being corrupt from chicken eggs, photovoltaics, face-masks, virus vaccines, slag to CovID rapid screening... almost everything.


 China Times (中國時報) , editorial 2023-8-13: Taiwan DPP government uses anti-nuclear to cover its corruption(表面上看似為非核努力,而現實上卻是利益糾結、坐地分贓,中央與地方派系肉桶分肥的一群大肥貓,打著綠能的旗幟,卻反過來把台灣生態破壞殆盡)


China Times,  2023-10-12: A girl college student questioned vice president Lai Ching-te how to solve the rotten issueLai did not answer directly,  ... later days, that girl experienced internet bully, her account and her family members' account were open ...


 United Daily (聯合報) , editorial 2023-11-22: An Alliance of Taiwan’s Opposition Parties Collapsed will help DPP's corruption and abuses oif power.(助長綠營威權貪腐)

 China Times , editorial, 2023-11-18:  The Tsai government's exploiting loopholes of the constitutional system and weakening the legislative and supervisory powers result in an autocratic system, a beast of power (the president and the executive) leading to all kinds of corruption and misdeeds  (政府完全執政後,大鑽憲政體制漏洞,弱化制衡行政權的立法與監察權;強人意識帶來的專制運作,讓總統與行政機關成為只要我想要、沒有不可以的權力野獸,各式貪汙腐化的敗行劣跡也因運而生)  
 China Times , editorial,  2023-11-22: Due to corruption and abuses of power ... about 60% of the public expect a new government


 United Daily, editorial , 2023-5-24: Taiwan's law maker accepted offering from fraud-crime group!! law maker 陳歐珀's families are parasites of fraud group im.B; besides, deputy premier 鄭文燦、mayor 黃偉哲former Secretary General of Presidential Office 蘇嘉全 all were entertained by graud-crime group.  However, the chair of the ruling party Lai (賴清德) still keep silent about this scandal, where is his honesty and uprightness he always praise oneself


  United Daily , editorial , 2023-5-24 : KMT law maker pointed out officer(s) of Taiwan's FBI (investigation gov. 調查局) invested NT$ 13 million on im.B fraud platform, a "star" level prosecutor was also entertained by fraud group.


  China Times ( 中時),  2023-5-26: The ruling party's power goes over the law - high-ranking officials like premier (蘇貞昌) and minister of transportation (王國材) both said the same phrase "No need to do investigation" (「不必查」) as long as those involved are "our men".


 China Times, editorial , 2023-4-10: an anti-corruption union is what Taiwan needs, KMT earns public trust on anti-corruption issue?  ...The vaccine procurement case involving huge profits is full of doubts, but the prosecutors and investigation gov. don't even touch it !


Transparency International, Taiwan ranks No. 7 in Asia & Pacific in 202

Transparency Int'l   ,  CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX, 2021

country of Asia & Pacific score
New Zealand score 87  No.2
Singapore score 83  No.5
Hong Kong No. 12
Australia No. 13
Japan No. 18
Bhutan No. 25
Taiwan score 68 No. 25


Voice of America, 2022-11-23:  "black gold"-"heijin." Corruption in Local Politics The term directly translates to "black gold" but most in the audience understand that it refers to corruption, vote buying, or illicit money used for political purposes... vote buying, and even candidates with ties to organized crime have been hard to erase completely in more rural areas...  in Nantou, because it is relatively rural, buying votes is actually very serious, I would say prevalent   brief 


 China Times (中國時報) ,  2023-4-30 editorial DPP, the ruling party's personality is born to be connected with corruption (幫派性格卻注定無法與貪腐切割)In the past 7 years in office, Tsai Ing-wen has connived her subordinates and left them to themselvesTsai government's state of being rotten was already worse than that in Chen Shui-bian's government.


 China Times (中國時報) , 2023-4-19:  In today's Taiwan, president, premier, lots of ministers ... which one is not rotten? corrupted? scandalous ?... (自總統以下,行政院長、多數部會首長,哪一個不是貪汙腐化、醜聞一堆、朽木為官、禽獸食祿? ) 楊志良


  China Times,  2023-10-12: A girl college student questioned vice president Lai Ching-te how to solve the rotten issueLai did not answer directly,  ... later days, that girl experienced internet bully, her account and her family members' account were open ...


Economist, 2022-8-2: Taiwan needs to do more to combat corruption and waste in its armed forces


Axios, 2022-6-28: Scandals and corruption have plagued the Taiwanese armed forces


United Daily (Taiwan), 2022-12-24: various surveys show that the No.1 public-grievance about the admin. is corruption and "black gold" (現階段台灣民眾最不滿意的施政項目是貪腐與黑金) Membership Accreditation Committee, Transparency

United Daily (Taiwan), 2022-12-11: In midterm election, corruption and vote buying used by pan-Green is as serious as those in pan-Blue camp, but the prosecutors and investigaton units on the side of the ruling party (pan-Green)...   (「綠營絕對沒有買得比較少,也不是技術比較高超,而是檢調系統已向綠營無限靠攏!」)   (反滲透法查賄 學者:不能無限上綱)


Transparency International, Germany /  Global Corruption Barometer, released in 2022 -
comparisons among main Asian countries


people who think
 is a big problem
public service
 paid a bribe
in the previous
 12 months
utilities police gov.
in previous
Taiwan 90% 17% 9% 28% 67% 19% 20% 15% 38%
Japan 84 2 2 4 10 7 26 6 36
Malaysia 71 13 5 11 30 28 16 12 20
China 62 28 26 17 16 18 18 13 39
S Korea 55 10 6 14 8 26 42 24 17


★  Global Times, 2022-9-28, 2022-9-25

In 2022, the overall "diplomatic budget" of Taiwan reached $936 million, which includes $41 million "classified budget" to bribe and support anti-China forces and their activities overseas.

...profits to US politicians via covert means like buying over their family, NGOs  /    under the pretense of universities and research institutions, whose "white gloves" have given legitimacy to high-profile receptions -  first-class flights, luxury hotels, leisure and entertainment, and paying exorbitant "commission fees." ... civil groups(e.g., TSMC, China Steel Corporation, I-MEI Foods Co Ltd and CHIMEI ) extent invitations to US politicians but the DPP authorities eventually pay them using public assets , to escape US congressional constraints...    


★ US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices released at 2022-4-12 (

nIn 2020 presidential and legislative elections, President Tsai Ing-wen won re-election,...there were allegations of vote buying by candidates and supporters of both major political parties.
n13 high-ranking officials, 79 mid-level, 93 low-level, and 18 elected officials were indicted for corruption.
nthe Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Yuan referred six officials to the Control Yuan for criminal investigation, including former minister of justice Tseng Yung-fu, former prosecutor general Wu Ying-chao, and two others for investigation of noncriminal misconduct, including Supreme Administrative Court judge..., the Judicial Yuan referred six former judges to the Control Yuan for investigation of noncriminal misconduct.  the Ministry of Justice investigated 77 other incumbent and former judicial and law enforcement officials implicated in similar behavior with the same businessperson.
na senior investigator of the Ministry of Justice's Investigation Bureau was indicted for corruption for allegedly profiting from the sale of narcotics worth more than 168 million New Taiwan dollars ($5.6 million) seized in law enforcement investigations over eight years.
nthe mayor and the council speaker of Pingtung City were convicted of corruption and sentenced to seven and four years in prison, respectively, for colluding with a private contractor to misappropriate 2.4 million New Taiwan dollars ($80,000) in public funds over three years.


  al jazeera, 2022-5-30: Taiwan legislature erupts in violence over "secret expenses" billKMT lawmakers try to block bill they say could be used to overturn ex-President Chen Shui-bian’s corruption conviction Lawmakers armed with signs and loudspeakers, pushed and shoved each other and threw water and paper (fake money) to prevent a third reading of the bill.  Chen was found guilty of misusing funds by fake receipts etc.   brief from   United Daily, Taiwan, 2022-5-31: A formal member of Special Investigation Division says if losing the last line of defense, there would be no law to punish president's connecting public monies with a private or personal burse...


 United Daily, editorial , 2022-7-17: The DPP decriminalizes the case of president's secret expense (國務機要費案) so that current president and next presidents won't get any legal trouble any more in the future.  It's a shame that the government covers the corruption, the legislative and the judicial system both give service to it. (政府行政護貪、立法為惡、司法助虐)


 China Times, editorial , 2022-7-17:  Some political party with admin. or executive power is happy to take bribes from interest groups and work for them... officials with administrative power can earn profits from bribery or political contributions/donations (掌握行政大權的官員同樣可上下其手,直接受賄或是在政治捐獻中獲取利益


 China Times, editorial , 2022-6-1,  "The whole DPP party backups corruption, a shame of Taiwan's democracy": When the corruption scandal broke out in 2008, all DPP members gave ex-President Chen Shui-bian a cold shoulder, Chen's daughter 陳幸妤 was mad and shouted"Has anyone in DPP not taken money from my father ?? ", which shocked all fields, therefore, pan-Green Coalition has been involved in Chen's case.(綠營因此遭扁綁架事出有因)


 China Times, editorial ,  2022-10-29: A rotten "with no limit" government's CovID-19 epidemic prevention policy.  (防疫政策無底限的貪腐)


★  US  Country Reports on Human Rights Practices , 2021-3-30   Significant human rights issues included: the existence of criminal libel laws and serious acts of corruption Authorities prosecuted officials including incumbent and former legislators involved in a high-profile bribery case.

Section 3. Freedom to Participate in the Political Process:  there were allegations of vote buying by candidates and supporters of both major political parties (KMT and DPP) in Presidential election.

Section 4. Corruption and Lack of Transparency in Government:  There were reports of official corruption during the year. In the year to May, nine high-ranking officials, 59 mid-level, 75 low-level, and 18 elected people’s deputies had been indicted for corruption.  In September the Taipei District Prosecutors Office charged incumbent legislators Su Chen-ching of the Democratic Progressive Party, Liao Kuo-tung and Chen Chao-ming of the Kuomintang, and former New Power Party legislator Hsu Yung-ming with accepting bribes to assist a businessman in regaining control of the ownership of a department store chain. In addition independent legislator Chao Cheng-yu was indicted in a separate bribery case involving two funeral services companies and a plot of land in a national park. These cases were pending trial.


USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,  2021-3-30 There were allegations of vote buying by candidates and supporters of both major political parties (KMT and DPP) in  Presidential election in 2020. 

N.Y. Times, 12-1-2019: the soft underbelly of Taiwanese politics: patronage networks. 
They continue to allow
community leaders, farmers’ associations and even
 organized-crime figures to buy votes
( NY Times, opinion : ).

vote buying in Taiwan


Transparency International, Taiwan ranks No. 8 in Asia & Pacific in 2021

Transparency Int'l   ,  CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX, 2021

country of Asia & Pacific score
New Zealand score 88  No.1
Singapore   No.4
Hong Kong No. 12
Australia No. 18
Japan No. 18
UAE No. 24
Bhutan No. 25
Taiwan score 68 No. 25


International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, 2021 Global State of Democracy

corruption cases, some of them highprofile, have continued to emerge, one of the most serious being that of five MPs from three political parties, the DPP and KMT included, charged with accepting bribes from the ex-Chairman of a major investment firm in violation of the 2007 Anti-Corruption Act—a case viewed by some as highlighting Taiwan’s weak record on regulating political lobbying.


United Daily, editorial, 2022-1-30: DBS buying Citi (credit card business) reflects the embarrassing facts of Taiwan ... How the government's reform policy has become a tool of politicians' corruption  (星展買下花旗消金,映出台灣難堪事實... 政府改革政策如何淪為政客貪瀆工具


According to Global Corruption Barometer, Transparency (  test at 1-27-2021), 90% of people think government corruption is a big problem, 17% of public service users paid a bribe on the previous 12 months. Taiwan scored 65 points out of 100, rank 28th on the 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International in 2020.   According to USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, there were reports of official corruption during the year.  Ranking officials, 72 mid-level, 115 low-level, and 11 elected people’s deputies had been indicted for corruption.


United Daily, editorial, 2021-9-17: The DPP (ruling party) continues their downward trend  - becoming more and more mouthpiece and dividing the spoils / share the booty (民進黨愈來愈一言堂化及分贓化的趨勢

Taiwan's corruption scandal - reported by all Taiwanese media in 2021

 Taiwan's biggest rotten case in legal system

 pic.: Taiwan's biggest rotten case in legal system  "Formosa TV news, 1-19-2021: Taiwan's biggest judiciary scandal of the century" ( ), 
"Apple Daily, 1-19-2021: rotten & stinky judiciary shakes Taiwan to the core" , "China Times, 1-19-2021: Taiwan judiciary crashes" etc

Transparency International, Taiwan ranks No. 7 in Asia & Pacific in 2020

Transparency Int'l   ,  CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX, 2020

country of Asia & Pacific score
New Zealand 88
Singapore 85
Australia 77
Hong Kong 77
Japan 74
UAE 71
Taiwan 65

CTV news, 2021-4-28: The Chairman of the board of BCC, Jaw Shaw-kong's speech in KMT (Nationalist party) Central Committee says KMT politicians get dirty money by spoons, DPP politicians get dirty money by  excavators.  (藍貪污用湯匙-綠用怪手-趙少康轟民進黨-以黨竊國-中視新聞-20210428)

At Aug. 2, 2020, top presidential aide resigns amid nephew's ( a DPP lawmaker ) bribery allegations.  The image of parliament and Taiwan's democracy worsen after some lawmakers, the leader of New Power political party were involved corruption and were 'court hears request to detain' at 8-1-2020. Corruption in parliament seems never end ( United Daily 8-3-2020 ), lawmakers of same party shared illegal benefits or covered each other, and usually won't disclose political rivals' greasy palms, that's Taiwan's political culture and 'ecology'. ( Apple Daily, editorial, 8-3-2020

N.Y. Times  12-3-2019:  soft underbelly of Taiwanese politics: patronage networks.  they continue to allow community leaders, farmers’ associations and even organized-crime figures to buy votes.



 pic.: The sites group was ranked No.1 by "corruption in Taiwan" on US Bing ,  7-26-2019, 11-28-2018 , No.2 at 3-12-2020; No.5 at 2022-10-9



The China Times (, opinion (8-7-2020): Originally the parliament provides effective checks and balances on the power of president, but 6-times amendments of the Constitution by former president Lee T. H. eliminated the key mechanism of democracy, balance of powers, therefore leads to endless corruptions - the "Sunshine Law" trickly Justifies taking bribes, and a weird phenomenon - the premier takes the responsibility but lacks of power, the president hold the power but no responsibility. 
Apple Daily 9-13-2020: The dark networks those wealthy businessmen created can make the administration, the parliament, the Control Yuan and the judicial system to take care of the 'missions' they gave, e.g., the over-the-counter (OTC) stock and Interest Arbitrage Transaction are good tools to control the officials.  Taiwan's judicial reform has not achieved the goal.';

comment Taiwan corruption & rottenness, 8-7-2020 : (CTN opinion) (中時社論) ; (聯合報社論)  ; ( 蘋論 )


In platform presentation at 12-25-2019,  corruption is main issue to debate, Nationalist Party (KMT) Presidential candidate Han criticized Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate current President Tsai has allowed top officials around grow very corrupt, Tsai refuted KMT was more serious, People First Party candidate Song said that speaking of corruption and unfair judiciary, KMT and DPP are about the same.    United Daily 1-8-2020, editorial: The ruling party has been  good at collective dividing the spoils ... the judicial system and investigation gov. have been obsequious and dared not to investigate the power and the richness (brief).

Taiwan is a rotten country.   Transparency International 1-29-2019: Taiwan has stagnated in the Corruption Perspective Index rankings since 2011 with its score 61~63 (dropped 2 spots this year), in contrast, South Korea improved by 3 points in 2017  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices (4.20.2018, 3.3.2017, 4.13.2016, 6.26.2015) pointed out Taiwan's Principal human rights problems includes official corruption.  The number of high-ranking officials' corruption in 2016 report is about double of that in the previous year.    Transparency International (Taiwan) 1-8-2020: Taiwan highest ranking - president and P.M. should declare determination to get rid of corruption, put transparent process into practice, to make judicial system understand what to do !  ((brief) apple daily, 曹耀鈞)

Taiwan scored 63 points out of 100 on the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index released by Germany's Transparency International in 2019, dropped 2 positions compared to that of previous year.    US Country Reports on Human Rights practices (4.20.2018) pointed out  the justice ministry was insufficiently independent and conducted politically motivated investigations of politicians.   US Country Reports on Human Rights practices (3.3.2017, 4.13. 2016) stated the judicial system suffered from some corruption.   corruption and diminish political influence in the judiciary problems remained.   Taiwan high-ranking officials were on corruption charges on this year.  

According to Transparency International's report at 2-21-2018, Taiwan's Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) scored 63,ranked Asia No. 7.   Apple Daily of Taiwan at 2-23-2018 reported Taiwan's GDAI is placed in  Band B.


The United Daily, editorial 9-28-2019: The government uses prosecutors & investigation office, or minister/admin officers, legislators to shield its grafts or malfeasances, to help the crooked wind of corruption and harm social justice (  UDN<聯合報>, opinions, 11-1-:  low-ranking officials' mean conduct(s) also is Taiwan's important index of integrity,  some of them can only be charged by "the crime of confidential information leakages" instead of "consideration relationship (quid pro quo)" Apple Daily (12-7-2018) editorial :  Taiwan's corruption is off the charts by collusions between government officials and business owners,  furthermore, Taiwan's underworld going wild to assist government officials, business and some elected representatives (e.g., legislators) in corruption has been ahead of most corrupt countries, e.g., China, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Vietnam, the stinky rotten food-chain crossing pan-Blue (Nationalist, KMT) and pan-Green (DPP) resurges after Taiwan's elections ...  Apple Daily (7-25-2019, forum): Taiwan's National Security system's smuggling reveals collective corruption culture.


United Daily (8-25-2018 <聯合報>): Transparency International's former president Jose Ugaz pointed out that new form corruption is "Grand Corruption" (top officials crimes), which needs judiciary and people working together to fight that huge connections.   According to national report (聯合國反貪腐公約國家報告), five international experts of reviews committee advised that Taiwan should restrict political donations (from bad to worse) from private corporations, and amend related laws - Companies and Corporations Act.


Apple Daily opinions at 7-13-2019 criticized that four obstacles resulting in Taiwan's anti-corruption system failure on parliaments (democratic body) include (1) Taiwan president has not taken this issue seriously, (2) the information on judiciary documents (judgments and conclusions) are not transparent enough, and (3) the parliament itself opposed administration controls (4) the voters don't care  ... 


The finding of the 2013 Global Corruption Barometer (GCB, Transparency international) shows Taiwan is the 18th worst corruption country,   <Apple Daily> (7.11.2013):  survey found 75.07% Taiwanese people think corruption in Taiwan is actually worse than GCB's report.  

National Chung Cheng university's survey  (head-page of the Liberty Times, 2-23-2016) found: nearly 80% Taiwanese people are not satisfied with government's measures against corruption.

Apple Daily (2-4-2017 editorial): Taiwan's anti-corruption system retreated, the anti-corruption strategy is not overall so that it is difficult to root in our bureaucracy, government information's transparency is not enough ...  (Transparency Org. Taiwan, professor楊永年)
According to 2013 survey (Dec. 10, 2013) conducted by
The Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD ) &
Shih Hsin University (SHU), Taiwanese respondents gave only 1.8 points (a "F" score on rate 0.0~5.0 points)  to the nation on "non-corruption in government" item.  (Taiwan Judicial system)


Corruption in Taiwanese officials field is even worse ( more serious ) than that in China's officials circle in last year, and about same score as China this year, according to a survey by PERC , which was reported by most Taiwan's news media.   Taiwan's CPI (Corruption Perception Index, by Germany based Transparency Int'l) rankings in recent 3 years are worse than those in 1998-2000 by about 8-9 positions in average.                                     

Corruption is not only throughout Taiwan's military, police, education systems, Parliament/legislation, Public officials/civil servants, political parties, religious circles, media, also lies in the judiciary & high court judges.

It seems Taiwan has not decided to rooting out or even really fighting against corruption ( already proved to be one of the hardest tasks to achieve). 

< The Economist >of UK (2010) stated 3 high-court judges and a prosecutor had been detained amid allegations that they took bribes to fix the outcome of a high-profile case, has brought Taiwanese public outrage to boiling point.

However, Taiwan has not repented its corruption for a long time,  Legislators ( similar to senators or congressmen in the US ) only passed a reform bill with handicapped function   ―  only under " certain condition", judicial investigation into government employee's foggy/unknown property is allowed  ―   so that legislators (or other people in power) can continue taking a bribe.


The reasons Taiwan had not really held a large anti-corruption campaign also include :

   (1)  Taiwan government is afraid of loss in political elections.

   (2)  The arrested suspects  may disclose many more (other) "partners" implicated in the case, so that Taiwan government can't handle it well.   


Taiwan's latest announcement by president  ―   the formation of a new commission to battle corruption, is criticized/questioned by all major newspapers in Taiwan.

Media suggested Taiwan must takes lessons from successful experiences of  Singapore's <Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau> and Hong Kong's <Independent Commission Against Corruption>.

   (1)  New commission must has the power to judicially investigate into government official's origin of the surplus money, as long as their income is more than normally they can earn .

   (2)  New commission should be at high position, i.e., is affiliated to Taiwan's president, so as to not be hobbled by foxy people in power or by a debt of gratitude.

   (3)  New commission functions independently.

   (4)  New commission's members have no any relation or connection with bureaucratic systems and dirty money network so as to implement the plan neutrally.

   (5)  Legislative Yuan (the national legislature) must backs budgets for New commission, so that Legislators and high ranking officials in power won't be able to threaten them.

   (6)  Needs a watching mechanism to avoid New Commission working on wrong purpose, i.e., selecting specific or minor or wrong targets and turning a blind eye to others.

 But Taiwan's new commission has none of above .

So, Apple Daily News, most popular news in Taiwan, concluded at July 21 that New Commission is useless, forget about it !     

 Taiwan's corruption, comments by media





★ <The US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices >, released at 4-20-2018

      The most significant human rights issues included corruption .   The justice ministry was insufficiently independent and conducted politically motivated investigations of politicians.

★  <Transparency International>,  Germany, 2-21-2018

       Taiwan's corruption_perceptions_index (CPI) scored 63, ranked Asia No. 7, next to world No.1 new Zealand (score 89)、world No.6 Singapore (score 84)、No. 13 Aistralia、13 Hong Kong、20 Japan、26 Bhutan,Taiwan ranked world No. 29 ( same as Portugal、卡達),top 5 countries are New Zealand, Denmark (score 88), and 3 No.3 (same score 85) Finland, Norway, Swiss, USA got No.16 (score 75 ).

★  Apple Daily, 12-7-2018, editorial :  Taiwan's corruption is off the charts by collusions between government officials and business owners,  furthermore, Taiwan's underworld going wild to assist government officials, business and some elected representatives (e.g., legislators) in corruption has been ahead of most corrupt countries, e.g., China, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Vietnam, the stinky rotten food-chain crossing pan-Blue (Nationalist, KMT) and pan-Green (DPP) resurges after Taiwan's elections ... ( 黑金復辟 "Taiwan's Stinky Corpse Politics and Corruption Alliance", ...

★  Apple Daily, 5-12-2018, Focus comments  ( 林達)
 Terminate Taiwan's image, a "corruption is innocent" empire -  Taiwan High Court judged a case (asking 200 million dollars and raked off 40 million for herself) not guilty, Taiwan's related law has numerous loopholes, Taiwan needs a Gratuity Law as the US  18 U.S.C. & 201(c) as soon as possible.

★  Apple Daily, 5-15-2018, Focus comments

        Consideration relationship (“quid pro quo", 對價關係, " something for something.") is the exit door for suspect crimes committing corruption to escape.

★  <GDAI  Government Defence Anti-corruption Index>,  ref to Apple Daily at 2-23-2018

       Taiwan is placed in Band B of GDAI,  with robust controls against corruption across risk areas. Robust frameworks for oversight combine with clear evidence of efforts to ensure a strong ethical culture.

       Taiwan is placed in Band C for Operations and Procurement Risk.    Personnel risks scored  Band A .

★ <The US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices >, released at 3-3-2017

     One of principal human rights problems is official corruption.  
201 officials, including 23 high-ranking officials, on corruption charges.  A survey conducted in July by the Crime Research Center of National Chung Cheng University found that 76 percent of respondents were dissatisfied with authorities’ anticorruption efforts.

     Types of exploitation included migrant workers becoming victims of domestic violence and official corruption.

★  <Transparency International>,  Germany, 1-25-2017

       Taiwan  received score 61, one point less than the previous year, on the Corruption Perceptions Index for 2016 published by Transparency International.   World No.1 countries, Denmark and New Zealand got score 90.    Singapore got the highest score (84) and highest ranking (No.7) among Asian countries,  Hong Kong at No.15 with 77 points and Japan at  No.20 with 72 points.

★ <The US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2015>, released at April 13, 2016

One of principal human rights problems is official corruption.  
Taiwan judicial system suffered from some corruption. Although authorities made efforts to eliminate corruption and diminish political influence in the judiciary, some residual problems remained.   
Authorities indicted 285 officials, including 22 high-ranking officials, on corruption charges during the year.

★  <Heritage Foundation> & <WallStreet Journal>, 02-02- 2016  (2016 Index of Economic Freedom)

The score of Freedom From Corruption is down in this year's report.    Debates about the proper scope of government in welfare policies continue, and upward pressures on public spending keep the budget in deficit. The rigidity of the labor market and lingering corruption continue to hold back overall economic freedom...


★ <The US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2014>, released at June 26, 2015

Corruption and Lack of Transparency in GovernmentShare/  Some legal scholars and politicians alleged that the Ministry of Justice was not sufficiently independent, claiming that ministry authorities conducted politically motivated investigations of politicians.  authorities indicted 687 officials, including 69 high-ranking officials, on corruption charges during the year. There were no reports of impunity.

★   PERC’s 2015 Report on Corruption in Asia, Asian Intelligence Reports Index  4-1-2015

corruption within Taiwan remains a very sensitive issue that could be politicized more the closer the time comes to the next elections. The new mayor of Taipei, a political independent, has been very popular because of his initiatives to reduce the opportuntiies for corruption at the municipal level. He is focusing on shortcomings that both major political parties have tended to gloss over, and this could cause these issues to get a lot more attention in the future, especially if he makes changes that produce positive results ?or are seen to do so.

Ranking and scores in Asia:

Singapore 1.33, Japan 1.55,  Australia 2.61,  Hong Kong 3.17, Macao 4.58,  USA 4.59, Malaysia 4.96, Taiwan 5.00

★  <Heritage Foundation> & <WallStreet Journal>,  Jan. 29, 2014 

 2015 Index of Economic Freedom -  Taiwan overall score 75.1,  a relatively high level of perceived corruption and a rigid labor market still restrain Taiwan’s overall economic freedom.

★ <The US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2013>, released at Feb. 27, 2014

 (1) 573 Taiwanese officials — including 39 “high-ranking” officials — were indicted on corruption charges. Among those indicted include former Executive Yuan Secretary-General Lin Yi-shih (林益世).

 (2) Judiciary : the judicial system suffered from corruption, and that the impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high-profile and politically sensitive cases had been questioned.

★  <Transparency International>,  12.2.2014

Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2014:    Taiwan got score 61 (same as previous years, 2014, 2013, 2012).

★  <Heritage Foundation> & <WallStreet Journal>,  Jan. 15, 2014   
        Index of Economic Freedom, 2014
   1.  Taiwan's declined in the following index :
         Freedom From Corruption (
59.7 declined); Business Freedom (93.9);
         Monetary Freedom(81.7);Labor Freedom
(53.1);Government Spending(84.7);Fiscal Freedom
   2.  Taiwan has significant improvements in financial freedom and investment freedom outweighing small declines
         in six of the 10 economic freedoms including freedom from corruption...

PERC’s 2014 Report on Corruption in Asia, Asian Intelligence Reports Index
Mar. 19, 2014 by

   1.  Taiwan's corruption index declined
        Asia's ranking status:
        1 Singapore (score 1.6),  2 Japan(2.08) , 3 Australia(2.55) , 4 Hong Kong(2.95),
        5 USA(3.50) , 6 Macau(3.65) , 7 Malaysia(5.25),  8 TW(5.31),  9  S. Korea (7.05), 10 Chn(7.10)

   2. High-position officials including KMT and DPP both in serious corruption status.  Taiwan's judiciary system failed to strike systematic corruption, e.g., Tai-chung High Court judge Hu (胡景彬) taking bribery.

★  United Daily News (11-4-2015) / 安永 2015-EY-asia-pacific-fraud-survey

     2015's EY-asia-pacific-fraud-survey found 80% Taiwanese think corruption and bribery are widely-spread in Taiwan, the percentage (80%) is higher than the average number (60%) of Asia & Pacific area.

  <Transparency International>, Germany,  July 9, 2013

The finding of the 2013 Global Corruption Barometer (GCB),  ( the Gallup Poll to interview 114,000 people in 107 countries all over the world): 36% of  people (surveyed in TW) who had used any of eight government services in the past year had paid a bribe (the number is higher than global average).    <NOWnews> , (7.10.2013)–  Taiwan is the 18th worst corruption country in 95 countries surveyed. (重度貪污國家第18名)  <Apple Daily> (7.11.2013): Apple daily's survey found 75.07% Taiwanese people think corruption in Taiwan is actually worse than GCB's report.



Percentage(%) of respondents who felt these institutions were corrupt/extremely corrupt in this country/territory
75%  of respondents in Taiwan who felt that parliament/legislature( the Legislative Yuan) were corrupt/extremely corrupt ;
74%  political parties;    62%   media;  57%   judiciary;
56%  police;   56%   military;   56%  public officials and servants;
47% medical and health services;  45% educational systems; 
44%   business;   33% religious bodies;  31%  NGOs( non-governmental organizations)

To what extent do you think corruption is a problem in the public sector in this country/territory?
7%: not really a problem;    27%: a slight problem;    35%: it's a problem;  31%: serious problem

(3) Have you or anyone in your household paid a bribe to one of these 8 services in the last 12 months?
35%  judiciary;   21% medical and health services;    16% educational systems;  16%   police; 
15% tax revenue;    15%   registry & permit services;  17%   utility;    11%  land service;   
(4) over the past 2 years how has the level of corruption in the country/territory changed?23% decrease a lot;   48% decrease a little; 17% stayed the same; 9% increase a little;   3% increase a lot  
(5) How effect your government actions are in the fight against corruption?
very ineffective: 14%; ineffective: 32%, etc
(6) Institutions perceived by respondents to be among the most affected by corruption?political party: Taiwan is one among 51 countries of 107 perceived political party to be among the institutions most affected by corruption.
parliament & legislature:  Taiwan is one among 7 countries of 107 perceived parliament & legislature to be among the institutions most affected by corruption.


To what extent do you agree that ordinary people can make a difference in the fight against corruption?
51% agree;  28% disagree;  8% strong disagree;  13% strong agree
  ps: 2013 Corruption Perception index TW rank 36  score 61 same as that in 2012   (Singapore 5, HK 15, Japan 18)  

  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, April 19, 2013

One of the principal human rights problems reported in Taiwan 2012 were judicial corruption. “Although the authorities made efforts to eliminate corruption and diminish political influence in the judiciary, some residual problems remained,” the report said.
The report also said that political commentators and academics had publicly questioned the impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high-profile and politically sensitive cases.

  <Transparency International>, Germany,  Dec. 5, 2012

(CNA) Taiwan was ranked 37th among 176 nations and regions in an annual global index on the perception of corruption in the public sector, dropping five spots from last year, In 2011, Taiwan was ranked 32nd among 183 nations and territories.  China remained in 80th place with a score of 39 - which means Failure. 
(Reuters) In Transparency International's 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index, Denmark, Finland and New Zealand tied for first place out of 176 countries - meaning they were perceived to have the lowest levels of state sector corruption. Sweden was fourth with Singapore ranked as 5th.

  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, May 24, 2012

it highlighted the problem of corruption in Taiwan, saying more than 400 officials were indicted on corruption charges in the past year, including 54 high-ranking officials.

In addition, it said the judicial system in Taiwan “suffered from some corruption.”

The impartiality of judges and prosecutors involved in high-profile and politically sensitive cases was being questioned by some political commentators and academics, the report said.

★  Amnesty International, London, UK,  annual report The State of the World's Human Rights 2012, May 24, 2012

The authorities did little to protect the housing rights of farmers across the island, at times colluding in their eviction. Migrant workers were unable to freely change employer. Domestic migrant workers and care-givers were often forced to work without adequate rest. The media exposed abuse and exploitation of migrant workers by government officials and celebrities.

  <Transparency International>, Germany,  Nov. 2, 2011        

Taiwan ranked (19th) in the lower half of TI's 2011 “Bribe Payers" index,  finishing 19th among the 28 countries surveyed
Taiwan fell from 14th place in the index released in 2008, when 22 countries were scrutinized.
The Berlin-based organization asked 3,016 business executives in 30 selected countries how often companies in the countries polled engaged in bribery.

< Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd. (PERC) >  Mar. 21,

According to PERC, Taiwan's corruption grade (5.45) is behind Asia&Pacific No.1 Singapore (0.67)、No. 2 Australia(1.28)、No. 3 Japan(1.90)、No. 4 USA(2.59) 、Hong Kong(2.64)、Macau(2.85), Taiwan (5.45) ranked No. 7(same as 2011), then No.8 is Malaysia(5.59)、No.9 Thailand(6.57)、 No.10 Lau柬埔寨(6.83)、No.11 S. Korea(6.90) 、No. 12 China(7.00). The grade 10 is worst, 0 is best.

<Apple Daily News>,  Taiwan,   Dec. 5, 2012
Acording to "2012 Taiwanese Human Rights index survey" (conducted by 中華人權協會), 17.9% Taiwanese think Taiwan's overall human rights in progress, 36% think it is in retreat, 25.8% Taiwanese think Taiwan's political human rights in retreat, 17.1% think it is in progress, 38.4% Taiwanese think Taiwan's judiciary human rights in retreat, 13.1% think it is in progress.

<Taiwan News>,  Dec. 5, 2012 according to "2012 Taiwan Human Rights Indicator Survey", about 53.5 percent of the respondents gave the protection of judicial human rights a negative rating, compared with 21.4 percent who rated it positively.

<Taipei Times>,  Taiwan,   Dec. 8, 2012

Public feels human rights deteriorating

DISSATISFACTION: Official corruption, the government’s inability to fill people’s needs and media independence were top public concerns, according to a survey of public opinion by the government-affiliated Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (conducted by Shih Hsin University),...
Corruption was the target of the greatest public dissatisfaction, scoring 1.9 points. It was followed by the government’s ability to respond to people’s needs, which garnered 2 points, and external interference in judicial rulings, at 2.1 points.

  <Transparency International>, Germany,  Dec. 1, 2011        

Taiwan ranked 32 on the corruption perception index ranking released by Transparency International, but still lagged behind some of its more economically advanced neighbors, such as Japan and Singapore.

Taiwan received a grade of 6.1 [on a scale of one to 10] on the corruption perception index ( Asia's ranks : New Zealand 9.5, Singapore 9.2 , Hong Kong 8.2, Japan 8.0).

To improve Taiwan's rank, the government must launch a long-term education campaign to raise citizen awareness of the values of clean politics and governance, besides, the government and the legislature must be more cautious in handling issues related to government officials' special allowance funds, etc.

ps: Editorial <Apple daily news> : ... but, dirt still hide in local engineering cases ... very hard to catch...

  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, April 8, 2011

       There were still problems with corruption ( police corruption's limited but still a problem )

★  Amnesty International, London, UK,  annual report The State of the World's Human Rights 2011, May 13, 2011

        Taiwan was criticized over issues to do with the death penalty, freedom of expression, justice ( also voiced concerns over the slow progress to enact a judges' act to address corruption scandals involving high court judges and over the working conditions of migrant workers.) and migrants' rights.


 <The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal>, USA,   Jan. 12, 2011

        Taiwan's "Freedom from Corruption" scores 56  ( which is worst since 2007), Taiwan's economic freedom score is 70.8,  ranked 7th in the Asia–Pacific region.

score 5.9







score 5.5




  2001    2002    2003    2004   2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010     

Taiwan's corruption index by year, Transparency International, Germany


pic. above: Taiwan's human rights - corruption records are better in 2001, 2005, 2006 than records recently.

<Transparency International>, Germany,   Dec. 10, 2010

     Taiwan's corruption sorting list:  worstPolice: 3.9,  Parliament/legislation: 3.8,  Public officials/civil servants :3.8,  Political parties : 3.5,  military: 3.4,  judiciary3.3 ,  Media , Education systems : 3.2

   ps: Taiwan's news media in Dec. 10, 2010
       <Liberty Times> seems to report all fields, but skip Public officials/civil servants, military and education systems;
<United Daily News> only reported the worst field ― police;
<China times> reported worst 4 fields.

   World Corruption Index: Singapore No.1, Australia No.8 (score 8.7), HK No.13 (8.4), Japan No. 17 (7.8),  Qatar No.19 (7.7), US No.22 (7.1),  Taiwan No.33 (5.8)

    Taiwanese people think in the past 3 years Taiwan's corruption:  stayed the same 35%, increased 42%,  decreased 23%

   ps: <the Liberty Times>:  Increased & Stayed the same about 77%  ......  Taiwan's corruption is still serious ...

<The Economist> UK,  July 22, 2010

 The article under the theme of (Corruption in Taiwan--Confirming the worst suspicions) reported : 

 Three high-court judges and a prosecutor had been detained amid allegations that they took bribes to fix the outcome of a high-profile case, has brought public outrage to boiling point.

 The case is Taiwan’s biggest judicial-corruption scandal in over a decade.

“The significance of this case is that it makes all the rumours a reality,”

 The country's president, announced the formation of a new commission to battle corruption and vote-buying.

 Such talk is ... drawing comparisons to Singapore’s Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau and Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption. But, unlike those bodies, the    Taiwanese commission will not report directly to the president, but only to the justice ministry, where tangled bureaucracy and civil servants who are deferential to their political bosses could limit action.

 In any case, complains the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), and various experts, such a commission will be toothless as long as it is nearly impossible to sack bad judges and prosecutors. An act calling for such a mechanism has long been stalled in parliament.

<USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices>    March 11, 2010

 One out of 4 major Taiwan's human rights problems  :  Taiwan's corruption by officials

<The Economist> UK,  Jan 22nd 2009      "Political corruption in Taiwan"

Taiwan expert at Monash University in Australia, points out that recent corruption investigations have mainly been aimed at opposition politicians; prosecutors seem far less interested in investigating KMT (Taiwan's 'Chinese Nationalist Party' )  figures.

< Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd. (PERC) >  

 2009 :   The corruption of Taiwan is more serious than that of China.

 March 2010 : 

 Taiwan's corruption grade (6.28) is behind Asia&Pacific No.1 Singapore(1.42)、No.2 Australia(2.28)、 No.3 Hong Kong (2.67)、No.4 USA(3.42)、No.5 Japan(3.49)、No.6 Macau or Macao (4.96)、No.7 South Korea(5.98) , China's grade 6.52

 Inside Taiwan, national political leader's grade  8.07,  metro & local political leader 7.53, central officials 5.4, local officials 4.49  (translation from Chinese newspaper)

March 22, 2011 :

Taiwan's corruption index : among Asian & Pacific countries, Taiwan is behind Singapore (No.1), HK, Australia, Japan, USA, Macau (Macao)


POLITICAL & ECONOMIC RISK CONSULTANCY LTD (HK based), March 22, 2011 (1) Founding that : most serious corruption lies in Taiwan's top-position leaders and government's metro./city reconstruction units. 

(2) Taiwan's reform against corruption remains no good.

 reported by Taiwan's Apple Daily, Mar. 23, 2011

<New York Times> USA  

 July 27, 2009

Beijing officials have viewed Taiwan as a renegade province ever since the Nationalists retreated to the island upon losing China's civil war to the Communists in 1949. The reunification of mainland China and Taiwan has long been the mainland's top goal in relations with the United States, Taiwan's closest ally.  ......

But his party (KMT) has a history of corruption and thuggery so ingrained that when Mr. Ma tried to investigate illegal deals while justice minister in the mid-1990s, he quickly lost his job and temporarily had to leave politics......

<Transparency Org. Taiwan >    Dec 9, '05

Taiwan Corruption Index :
Parliament 78%, political parties 69%, Custom 61%, Military 48%, Police 45%, Legislative 43%, Power & Water 41%, Taxes 35%, Medical 32%, Education 25%, Media 19%, Religion 16%, etc  (Taiwan corruption is lousy, Gallup 2006, Transparency Org. 2007  )


No.2 "corruption in Taiwan" on google, 9-12-2017;
No.1 in google, test on Jan. 11, 2015, Sept. 14, 2010, East time




No.1 on Google, test on Jan. 11, 2015, Dec. 15, 2013,
Dec. 4, 2012, Jan. 11, 2012, Feb. 14, 2011,  Sept. 14 &  Nov. 22,  '10




<Apple Daily News >, Taiwan

◎   Editorial :"Hope 期待廉政署公正嚴厲 , July 19, 2011

       ... Anti-corruption Commission's ranking is comparatively too low, ...  most likely will become a tool for political struggles, ... particularly during important political election campaign period ...  without a reform/'revolution', we can not root out thousands years' Chinese corruption culture ...... first of all the new commission will investigate the police and judiciary......

◎   Comparison with Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption.     July 30, 2010(趙少康)

The Last British leader of Hong Kong's <Independent Commission Against Corruption> (before 1997) stated HK's experience:

(1)  To establish public confidence    first of all, take a hard-line to strike biggest target, i.e., select the leader of police in HK (UK).

(2)  24 hrs hot-lines, accept anonymous denouncements as well.

(3)  To enlighten people with anti-bribery education.

◎   " new commission looks pretty, but useless"  July 21, 2010

According to successful experiences of HK as well as Singapore, New Commission will functions well under 4 conditions as below :

   (1)  New commission is affiliated to Taiwan's president, ....

   (2)  New commission employs new-blood members ...

   (3)  High conviction rate  ...

   (4)  New commission can take the initiative in judicially investigation officials' origin of the surplus money, as long as their property are more than normal.

 The New Commission will leads to chaos or will be useless, so, just forget about it, we don't believe this solution.

◎  President doesn't quite know Taiwan's corruption   July 17, 2010

     The reasons Taiwan had not really held a large anti-corruption campaign include :

   (1)  political factor:  anti-corruption may affects political elections, or just set some examples, all depends ...

   (2)  benefit factor:  The arrestee may leaks out many other officials implicated in the case, particularly in the case a group of officials involved are accomplices (joint offenders).

◎  Taiwan's untruly reform      July 22, 2010

Anti-corruption campaign is working only on the condition of :

1.  New commission is affiliated to Taiwan's president, must be in high place.

2.  independently.

3   members are outsiders of old bureaucratic system.

4.  can check the origin of the surplus income.

New commission has none of the above.

◎  One more fat rat     July 21, 2010

 a cute picture : Taiwan's police rides bike to collect bribery money , The Investigation Bureau drives car to collect money,  high-court judges collect money by earth-movers,  ... as for the New Commission, will drive a container truck to collect money ...

Moreover, maybe no one dares to sneer New Commission's weirdo things in the coming future ...


< the China times  >

◎  Aug. 26, 2010

      We sincerely hope Taiwan's politicians no longer take legislation as tools or even sacrifice/compromise legislation for political struggle/conflict.  

◎  Taiwan's fighting against corruption ... far behind Taiwanese people's expectation.       August 11, 2010

◎  Key-point is resolution, not one more commission      July 30, 2010

In the past 20 years, Legislative Yuan ( the national legislature ) etc worried New Commission will be a big trouble for them, scholars/experts questioned New Commission is just a duplicated unit, which will be used for political struggle/conflict or not working at all.   

... officials give covers to officials each other ......  money is the greatest value of them ...

◎   We give you a <New commission>, you give us  judicial reform   July 30, 2010 【劉孔中】

Setting up a new Commission is just the 1st step, it must follows with a judicial reform, this is almost a consensus nationwide.

While DPP government days, KMT (Chinese Nationalist Party of Taiwan) was against setting up a <new commission>, now it's KMT time, KMT changes their mind and plans to set up <new commission> .......

◎  new Commission,  a "tool", or just a false reform        July 21, 2010  

President has been announcing several times Taiwan urgently needs a reform bill  ―   investigation into officials' foggy income/property, but Legislative Yuan has not passed it till now.

The key to succeed the anti-corruption campaign is (1) passing a reform bill (2) making close investigations  (3) a good watchdog mechanism  

Taiwan government needs downsizing, but now Taiwan is planning to create a new commission ... it's contradictory .... 

◎  a clean HK (UK), but not any more      July 25, 2010

Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption is no longer working excellent since HK's hand over to communist China.


< The United Daily News  >, Taiwan

the key-point is short of public confidence    July 21, 2010

The Investigation Bureau has been under political control/influence for a long time.

The leader of Investigation Bureau or prosecutors is not unbiased ( not admirable ) ...  how are Taiwanese confident on or give credence to them ?

◎  Eager for a clean government          July 20, 2010

Singapore people respect their government, but Taiwanese have been criticizing Taiwan's government for a long time.

◎   Aug 1 , 2010
We may need jury system (of the US., UK, France).  

◎   July 9 , 2009
Officials taking money is not guilty, what is
Legislative/judicial system trying to say ??

< the Liberty Times  >, Taiwan 

Aug. 26, 2010
◎  L
egislative/judicial reform must start from the government leaders,  first of all,  move political dirty hands away from legislative circles ....

July, 2010
  Many confessions or pleading guilty are done by tricks or other black-heart measures ... we hope no more victims in the future.

 If Taiwan government really wants a clean country this time, they should investigate into CTV etc cases (Chinese namely,中廣、中影、中視等「三中」案) .

◎   Legislative Yuan (the national legislature) must respects and supports budgets for the New Commission.

< Taiwan News  July 30, 2010  ( Johnson Chen )

It's a cheap-copy of Hong Kong's <Independent Commission Against Corruption>.

Three similar-function "commissions" will struggle, confrontation and conflict each other.

  Taiwan's Corruption lies in major fields : Parliament 78%, political parties 69%, Custom 61%, Military 48%, Police 45%, Legislative 43%, Power & Water 41%, Taxes 35%, Medical 32%, Education 25%, Media 19%, Religion 16%, etc  (Corruption index by Transparency Org. Taiwan couple years ago)




Taiwan corruption

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World Media viewpoints on
Former President of Taiwan Goes on Trial for Corruption

<Washington Post>, <Newsweek> USA 

Democracy and Dirty Money in Taiwan    August 18, 2008

You have to love what's happening in Taiwan. Yeah,  .....  the former President of Taiwan, Chen Shui-bian, has just been banned from leaving the island and the Swiss are investigating a bank account that contains $20 million.
Chen, the first opposition candidate to become president of Taiwan, came into office promising to clean up what is known on that island as the culture of "hei qian" or dirty money. Hmmm.

...... The Taiwan story is remarkable, however, not just because it involves the fall of failed president but because it is happening at all. It underscores the fact that Taiwan's democracy, while still plagued by corruption, is trying to keep it house clean. As such it's good news for Taiwan and, who knows, perhaps good news for the many Chinese on mainland China who look to Taiwan and its political system with some hope and maybe a little admiration. Could this happen in China, too?

<New York Times> USA

Former President of Taiwan Is Detained in a Corruption Inquiry November 11, 2008


The former president paused briefly before television cameras, raised his arms and defiantly shouted, “Long live Taiwan!” and “Political persecution!”

Mr. Chen, one of Taiwan’s most controversial political figures, ...

Mr. Chen has suggested that prosecutors are focusing on him to win favor from Beijing.....  (By DAVID BARBOZA)

<New York Times> USA

Taiwan’s Former President Goes on Trial for Corruption    March 26, 2009  

But Mr. Chen ....  has maintained the charges are a plot by Taiwan’s current president, Ma Ying-jeou, to win favor with China’s government.
...“In order to win favors and protection from Beijing, the KMT”......

Although the evidence against Mr. Chen is strong, some analysts say the government’s handling of the case has been less than deft. Prosecutors were criticized after they participated in a skit before Justice Ministry officials that clearly mocked Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen has won sympathy by claiming that his detention without bail — and, at first, without any contact with his family — has been unjustly harsh.

“The prosecutors have been going a bit wild, and how this trial is conducted will be critical,”...... “This is an important landmark in Taiwan’s whole process of democratization.”  ( By MICHAEL WINES )


< The Times> UK

<New York Times> USA      Sept. 11, 2009

...... Mr. Chen blasted the proceedings as a "tool for political suppression and persecution" by his successor......

Mr. Chen was the first politician outside the Kuomintang to become president of Taiwan, after he helped lead a pro-democracy movement that opposed martial law and other strict measures put in place by the Kuomintang. Martial law was not lifted until 1987, and the island's first multi-party elections held in 1996. Mr. Chen had strongly campaigned against the corruption that many Taiwanese saw as widespread within the Kuomintang, which retreated to Taiwan after losing the Chinese civil war to the Communists in 1949.    

 (Michael Wines)


<TIME> USA,   2009     

Chen (former president of ROC Taiwan) insists his case is one of political persecutions by the new Kuomintang administration, which has been forging closer ties with China since coming into power ......

In some ways, Chen's  trial is a positive sign that the justice system is alive ...


Taiwan court rejects Chen Shui-bian corruption appeal     

... He denies the charges and has said he is being punished by the pro-Beijing government for his independence views ...

His supporters say the current Taiwanese government - which favours closer relations with China - is persecuting the former president for upsetting Beijing by pushing for formal independence while he was in office.

... The government has insisted Chen's case is being dealt with according to the law, says our correspondent.

Taiwan has been ruled separately from China since the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949, ...... But Beijing sees the island as a breakaway province which should be reunified with the mainland, by force if necessary.

<New York Times> USA

Corruption Scandal at Top Tests Taiwan's Democracy     November 25, 2006

At times, Taiwanese politics is a blend of opera and blood sport, and this is one of those times. Scandal and outrage, lying and humiliation -- all of it messy and delivered in a loud, public fashion -- are consuming political life here, as a virtual death watch has settled over the second term of President Chen Shoo-in.

''In 10 years, when we look back, this could be a turning point for Taiwan's democracy to become mature,'' ...... ''Right now, it is a disgrace, and it is quite humiliating. But once we get past this, I think Taiwan's politics will get a lot cleaner.''

Politically, Taiwan's symbolic power has always been as a democratic counterpoint to China. But democracy in Taiwan remains a work in progress that has been repeatedly challenged during Mr. Chen's tenure. The pivotal recent event occurred Nov. 3 when a prosecutor in Taipei, the capital, indicted the first lady and also announced that Mr. Chen, immune from prosecution as president, could face charges after he left office. For a judicial branch regarded as a weak constitutional pillar, it was a historic moment.

''This is very hard evidence that at last we have a fair and independent-minded judicial branch,'' ...... ''The principle of separation of power has taken root in Taiwan.''

  <The China Post>  Taiwan

Problem with corruption is scarring Taiwan's democracy    August 9, 2010

A former president jailed for graft, a retired head of military police indicted for embezzlement, three top judges accused of taking bribes — the list goes on. Taiwan has a problem with corruption.

"Social values are distorted to the extent that being clean has come to count as a plus for a civil servant rather than a basic requirement,"  said George Tsai, a political scientist at Chinese Culture University in Taipei.

“It takes time to eradicate corruption but people's patience is limited and they are demanding quick results.

“Corruption in Taiwan is at a critical junction and the government and people have to do more,”

“Otherwise, politically how can Taiwan say to the world that its democracy should be followed by others, especially China,” he said.

“Has Taiwan democracy solved the corruption problem? No, and Chen Shui-bian is the best proof of that,”.... 

“But if we look at Singapore and Hong Kong, they prove that even without western-style democracy Asian regimes can establish good governance.”
   (By Peter Harmsen, AFP)


PS: All above are abstractions from original articles in int'l media.
 For precise meanings pls refer to Chinese version article.



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