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comment Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen
the part you may not know






 The Tsai Ing-Wen government values politics and money above human lives


Economist at 2022-11-29 reported many Taiwanese are tired of squabbles over national identity, especially after president Tsai's refusal to accept an offer of much-needed vaccines from China during a severe coronavirus outbreak.   Guardian, 2021-7-12: Taiwan has rejected China's offers as fake altruism. ... putting politics above its people

The Guardian, 2021-6-14:  it still seemed “in the DPP’s electoral interest not to get any China vaccines". "It would be foolish to say no".


  New York Times, 2021-9-2: Taiwan released a statement announcing that the BioNTech vaccine would be prioritized for those between the ages of 12 and 17, with leftover doses administered to those between 18 and 22, the island has fully vaccinated just under 4 percent of its population.    Associated Press , 2021-4-8: seniors are between 1,300 and 8,700 times more likely to die of COVID-19 than those 5-17.    But, Tsai Ing-wen's government gave older people (aged 60) lower priorities to get inoculated.   The gov. eliminated senior citizens aged 65-75 from vaccination list from very beginning, later gave those aged 50~99 and weak people with severe illness 10th ~ 6th low priorities to get vaccinated.   United Daily (2021-9-18): electoral consideration decide who has priority to get jabbed.  Taiwan's death rates were very bad. 
 CGTN, 2021-8-29: The local authority... jeopardizing people's lives with a chaotic sluggish vaccination schedule.   


TIME, 2021-7-25: Taiwan's president Tsai blamedthe vaccine shortage on interference from Beijing, which didn't stop her popularity from plunging...Terry Gou became Taiwan’s vaccine hero, he volunteered to buy five million doses of Pfizer-BNT vaccines for Taiwan —but the government took nearly a month to allow him to begin the process.

New York Times, 2021-7-12: China’s Taiwan Affairs Office also praised the agreement, though ... if the island’s government “had considered the life, health and well-being of Taiwan compatriots, this issue could have been resolved sooner.”   

Global Times, 2021-7-11: The successful purchase has met the long-held expectations of the Taiwan public.... a new round of public lambasting against Tsai Ing-wen's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authority for putting political interests above public health

The Guardian, 2021-6-14: Drew Thompson (a former US Defense officer) said there were scientific and transparency concerns about China’s vaccines, but if the Fosun offer is legitimate, refusing it is “entirely political”. “Pfizer and BioNTech have a huge incentive to ensure that the Fosun product is equivalent, so I would think there is no concern,” he said. “There’s no reason not to take it.”

Fortune, 2021-7-12: Fosun Pharma (China) is currently importing German-made BioNTech doses to distribute in Hong Kong and Macau—not manufacturing the doses itself—but Taiwanese officials have said that buying vaccines from the mainland Chinese firm raises concerns about “security, efficacy, and legal issues.”


Bloomberg, 2021-7-26  : The high fatality rate in Taiwan is due to the virus wave hitting older people, with 90% of deaths occurring in those aged 60 or older .  Taiwan's CDC said 97% of those who died of Covid-19 were over 50 (2021-7-4)  New York Times, 2021-8-24, warne"the vast majority of people dying from Covid-19 are people who are older and unvaccinated".  "Americans over 60... not vaccinated, are at extreme risk"


UDN (2021-6-7) : It's hard for severe CovID patients to apply for having Remdesivir (medicine).   WSWS (2022-12-1):  Taiwan in the top ten in the world for CovID cases per million people. It also currently has the second-highest deaths per million.


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national security

Spiegel Germany
:  Tsai Ing-Wen won presidential election under the slogan "resist China, defend Taiwan"(“抗中保台”)

But the truth is :
Tsai Ing-Wen values votes above "defending Taiwan". 


  knowing that China might attack at any time, Tsai Ing-Wen did nothing about military reform.

 Washington Post, 2023-1-9: Taiwan FM:  "China might attack at any time." most of leaders have awaked to the danger
 New York Times, 2022-6-13:  former defense minister of Taiwan:  "who knows when the P.L.A. might choose to invade Taiwan".
  National Review: 2022-9-29: Taiwan FM: "It's going to be very hard to guess when that will happen (invasion)"
 Wall Street Journal, 2021-10-27: The Fight for Taiwan Could Come Soon.
 Global Times, 2021-10-26: If cross-Straits war breaks out, sudden surrender of Tsai authorities is expected

  Tsai Ing-Wen kept postponing mobilization and extending compulsory military service
◆  Financial Times (UK), 2021-9-15 : Washington keeps scolding Taipei over its supposed lack of preparation against an ever mightier Beijing. 

◆  Washington Post (2022-11-23): "To mobilize for its own defense, or submit to a fourth round of imperial subjection, this time by China’s Communist Party"! 

  Financial Times (UK), 7-12-2020 : Politicians in Taiwan are even afraid to discuss these issues with the public because they believe Taiwanese are not willing to sacrifice...

  New York Times, 2022-6-19:   ...politicians have electoral considerations. Extending military conscription, would probably not be very popular   
◆  Breaking Defense, 2022-3-11 :  Until recently, President Tsai has appeared reluctant to discuss how Taiwanese citizens can help defend their country.

  VICE, 2022-9-28:  president's prescriptions have been piecemeal, for years, security specialists have urged Taipei to emulate countries like Israel and Finland, with their whole-of-country defense efforts

  New York Times, 2022-6-13: Taiwan’s defenses are, by many accounts, ill-equipped and understaffed. The mandatory military service is seen by many as too short...

  Global Times,  2021-10-26 :If the DPP authority has the determination to fight until the end, they could change Taiwan's military service system by making it mandatory to serve in the military for all men, like Israel... The DPP authority holds the illusion of realizing "Taiwan secession" by simply relying on US and Western opinion. They are daydreaming.



 Eventually, in Dec., 2022, Tsai Ing-wen extended mandatory military service to one year.   ──   But it's very late.
Financial Times, 2022-12-27:  The conscription reform follows years of increasing US pressure on Taiwan to strengthen its defences.
Asia Nikkei, 2023-1-6:  Taiwan has finally taken the long-overdue step of extending its military conscription period for young men


  Tsai Ing-wen was full of praise for Ukraine's readiness  (FoxNews, 2023-1-9:  Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen pointed to Ukraine holding off the might of the Russian military for more than 300 days, ... due in no small part to Ukraine's readiness.   But she has not beefed up Taiwan's military after 6 years.  Tsai Ing-Wen might be responsible for a disastrous delay.

◆  Economist, 2022-3-5:  Taiwan's sloth in reforming its defence capabilities ...
 Asia Nikkei, 2023-1-6:  Its reserves, supposedly 2 million strong, are a paper force
  New York Times (2017-5-18): The nearly two million reservists exist in name only...
 Foreign Policy, 2020-8-20 : Their underlying thinking is that PLA has grown to be too strong for us to fight militarily anyway... Taiwan should just focus on putting up a good show of being tough, buy enough U.S. weapons for display, and pray that Americans come to our rescue

 New York Times, 2022-6-13:  the reservist program, insufficiently rigorous.

◆  VICE, 2022-9-28: president's prescriptions have been piecemeal, and there is no national plan to overhaul the military.


Foreign Policy, 2020-10-19 :  Given these electoral realities, Taiwan's leaders have gravitated toward military showpieces — while hoping that the United States will save the day if China ever attacks.   It could take a decade to retool the Taiwanese and U.S. militaries to mount an effective defense of the island.... With China's rapid military buildup, that may be time that Taiwan does not have
◆   Global Times (2021-10-26): The Tsai Ing-wen's DPP authority holds the illusion of realizing "Taiwan secession" by simply relying on US and Western opinion. They are daydreaming.

   WSJ (2022-11-23):  Taiwan Is Not Preparing for a Real Fight. The persistent fecklessness of their government’s defense policy, whose bottom line is that the island should be defended by others while Taiwan’s youth can continue to play video games

  WSJ (2021-10-25). Poor preparation and low morale are pressing concerns for Taiwan's armed forces

◆  Economist, 2022-4-23: The infantry's strongest skills,... are “painting walls, picking grass and falsifying documents”...

◆  Financial Times, 2023-1-2: Taiwan’s government has announced plans to upgrade its military training, but it still lags far behind China’s PLA in strength and sophisticationTaiwan’s move to extend military conscription is little more than an emergency measure, and will not address broader strategic shortfalls
 Washington Post, 2023-1-9:   most of their leaders have awaked to the danger DM: It won’t be ready overnight. It could take another five or six years.”




New Yorker (2022-11-21): 

When the Chinese test-fired the ballistic missiles, Tsai Ing-wen didn't tell the public that they flew over the island; that became known only after it was announced by Japanese leaders. When a Chinese drone flew into Taiwan's airspace, Tsai Ing-wen's government reacted with similar reserve...

 the government looks like it doesn't know what it's doing,” “The attitude is ‘Don't look up'."

In Dec., 2022, Tsai Ing-wen extended mandatory military service to one year,  eventually .   ──   But she denied the decision was made under US pressure.
Financial Times, 2022-12-27:  The conscription reform follows years of increasing US pressure on Taiwan to strengthen its defences.
Asia Times,  2023-1-7: Biden has also sent word to Taipei that the period of four-month active duty for conscripted soldiers is too short.
Global Times, 2022-12-27: a deplorable decision’ made under US pressure - the US pressure on the DPP is hard to resist. "With the US meddling in Taiwan's military preparations, including arms sales, Tsai has no say but to obey the US and push the Taiwan people to the brink of war, which is deplorable." 
Articles in local media criticized Tsai Ing-wen did not speak the truth prof. 陳一新 


Financial Times, 2022-12-27: Taiwanese politicians’ reluctance to openly discuss the danger of Chinese military aggression out of fear of losing public support  ( Tsai's slogan "resist China, defend Taiwan" is phony because she did little to bolster Taiwan's military in the past 6 years)


  Breaking Defense, 2022-3-11 : In the first days of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, President Tsai described comparisons between Ukraine and Taiwan as “cognitive warfare” aimed at damaging Taiwanese morale.


TIME, 2021-7-25: Taiwan's president Tsai blamed the vaccine shortage on interference from Beijing, which didn’t stop her popularity from plunging...Terry Gou ...volunteered to buy five million doses of Pfizer-BNT vaccines for Taiwan —but the government took nearly a month to allow him to begin the process.   brief from  

Reuters, 2021-7-11: Foxconn founder Gou said Beijing did not interfere in the talks


Washington Post  (7-22-2020):  In a major speech in January 2019, Xi offered an ultimatum to Taiwan to come to the table for unification talks or face annexation by force. But as a precondition for talks, China demanded that Tsai acknowledge the “one China” principle.  (PS: However, I did not hear Tsai announced China's ultimatum.)   Then, in Mar., the PLA warplane crossed the Taiwan Strait "median line" that has served as a "de facto border" (Newsweek, 8-11-2020) or "the de facto cease-fire line" ( Japan's asia nikkei review, 8-13-2020) for the first time since the end of Chinese civil war in 1949 (Newsweek, 8-12-2020).


britannica: Tsai Ing-wen promised she would maintain cordial relations with the mainland.   
Reuters (   December 24, 2021, 8 a.m. GMT  ): former chair of the KMT Johnny Chiang says to Reuters relations between Taiwan and China have “gone backwards” under Tsai's watch. Diplomatically, politically “and in the Sino-U.S. relationship, the two sides are at war,”,“This has not benefited Taiwan".