Taiwan Larceny, Theft
How Taiwan police, insurance company deal with theft  - a case study
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 ♦  police investigate theft (case study as below)  insurance co reject the claim   ♦  theft / political persecution  ♦ larceny laws  ♦ statistics

Statista 2022-11-18 (statista.com/statistics/1103848/taiwan-number-of-crimes-by-type/ ) :  Number of crimes committed in Taiwan in 2021, by type

Statista /  Number of crimes committed in Taiwan in 2021, by type

Rank crimes by type number
1 offense against public safety 42001
2 offense against narcotics hazard prevention act  38644
3 Larceny 35067

Larceny is the third most crime in Taiwan.
Taiwan police defines a grand larceny (serious larceny) as
 ──  the property stolen was in the safe box and worths more than NTD 100,000. ...


Case Study:
The Liberty Times (
自由時報):  Taiwan's former Education Minister (黃榮村 Jong-Tsun Huang, current President of the Examination Yuan  ) experienced a crime of larceny   ──  lost cash in the amount of USD 1400, and part of his golden jewelry  ──   without lock damage,  without being rummaged through all the drawers.  
My larceny case is about the same, but even more weird, lost more valuables.   Can Taiwan's
Sherlock Holmes beat that bad "Arsène Lupi"(s) ??

Theft case of Omega watch and antique coins

A few days ago my Omega watch and a box of very old coins (meaningful inheritance) in my safety box were stolen I reported theft to a local police station.

Some issues related to residents'  legitimate rights and interests need to be discussed.



No.1 "Taiwan larceny" on Bing,
2024-5-5, 2023-8-22, 6-10, 5-25,  4-19;

No.1  "Taiwan theft"
on Bing, 2024-5-5, 2023-8-22, 6-10, 5-25, 2023-4-20


Escape locked room

n  locked room mystery    The police officer asked me at the very beginning "Is any window or door broken"?    Having my answer "No", he laughed "locked room mystery is making suspenseful come-back" ("密室"案件) .    I wrote an article commenting best known Japanese whodunit manga series <Detective CONAN> (名探偵コナン   en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Case_Closed ) 20 years ago, till now it still ranks No.1 on US Google as well as Bing. (Detective 柯南).    My case obviously is not a classic "escape locked room game", instead, it should be an expert opening my lock with special keys and possibly applying high tech.  ──   being so fearless of all security cameras inside the building.   In a broad sense, it may be regarded as a "locked room mystery" , but how did the police officer know it's a high-tech. case in the first place.  

 privacy   Hearing no door or window broken, a very young female police doubted my memory is failing or sort of dementia   ──  she grabbed my telephone book without my permission to prove her assumption by asking my cousin, she kept scanning that tel. book and didn't give it back to me after dozens of minutes, until I said my article "comment Taiwan police" (Chinese version 警察 ) has been ranking No.1 or top on Google, Bing, even Yandex of Russia, Yahoo Japan.    

n  suspect's face   I requested police intervention to examine finger-prints and to view video of break-in from neighbors' monitor cameras, the building committee might also installed secret cameras somewhere.  However, the police officer in charge said everyone there was busy, the finger-prints are "organic compound", "not always exist there" ... 
Eventually, a young policeman was sent to do
 inspection of the scene of the crime;  he replied by cell phone that two cameras at both sides of the corridor are too far to see my door, it should be installed right on my door.   
But, it's a lot helpful to see the suspect's clothing first, then catch his face by elevator's cameras

n  lying  That police said he asked residents' committee of our apartment building.  But they were closed at Saturday.  He changed his phrase -  asked security guard in first floor. 

n  bureaucratic   The police officer in charge neither informed Forensic officer, nor to give me a "report theft crime" document (刑案受理證明單)   ──   because he has not considered this a theft case



pic.: No.1 "Taiwan theft insurance" on Bing, Yahoo Taiwan, 2024-5-5, 2023-8-22, 2023-6-10, 5-6

No.1 "Taiwan larceny" on MetaGER Germany, 2024-5-5, 2023-6-1, 5-8, 2023-4-29


Against all odds

n  Nice advice   On early Monday morning, another Taipei's police station in Zhongxiao W. Rd showed me a clear way ── to dial 110  to report an Offense of Larceny/Theft  ──  they will send policemen to view security cameras, and to take finger-prints.  Soon two policemen like college graduate students in look showed up, saying the right side neighbor already told them the monitor camera was not operated (maybe an excuse, to avoid any trouble) , policemen said they don't have "enforcement" to view images on her camera.


n  Abuse of police authorities ?   Differ from Education Minister's home, our building installs lots of cameras.  The left side neighbor's camera suppose covers at least 2/3 of the corridor if not including my door, therefore I suggested that any one of few visitors walking to near the end of the corridor and remaining in this floor too long for doing nothing that morning might be the prime suspect, cameras in entrance hall and elevators can prove how long visitors stayed.    But policemen said they can't do anything to him even it is him.    I am not sure about their pro. words  ──
(1) A few years ago, a police team stopped and
check & interrogated Culture Minister (李永得
) just because of his suspicious move or unusual look ("形跡可疑,狀似匆忙").
The Criminal Code of ROC Taiwan, Article 306 (law.moj.gov.tw/ENG/LawClass/LawAll.aspx?pcode=C0000001): A person who without reason conceals himself in the property (a dwelling house or structure of another, or the adjacent or surrounding grounds... ) breaks the criminal law.   From my viewpoint, it's“objectively reasonable”to check the prime suspect. 


n Weird   Later on, Criminal Policemen  ( fingerprinting technicians ) came They searched everywhere around bed room and doors, but failed to find any finger prints ──  weird thing is  ──  they can not even find my fingerprints  I gave them some imported padlocks which being used in recent days after the theft incident  ──  they still found nothing on padlocks  More weird is  ──   they used a very strong lighting to examine and/or take picture of my new lock installed after the larceny, instead of checking or identifying the most elusive evidence on old lock that thief opened

n Bizarre   Criminal policemen wondered :
(1) Why the thief (thieves) did not
leave house cluttered, for searching valuable objects.  
(2) Why did the thief know there was a safety box in bed room?
Strange question !  What the thief needed to know is where the valuable were
  ──  According to Taiwan's courthouse written judgments, many thieves went bed room (most private in home) first;  jewelry box, necklaces, bracelets, watch are usually there.   Besides, the door of my bed room installed a lock, which suggests its "importance".   The thief saw a large safety box in there, drawers certainly were not his first choice, assuming the risk in limited time.   Keeping the house neat might misdirect police and largely delay the house owner discovering and reporting a theft incident.   Nothing is impossible  ──  CNN (2019-5-23): an intruder broke into a house, cleaned it and left.   These must be over criminal police's head.  

Taiwan criminal police failed to
have suspect's fingerprint


Court verdict written judgments proves many crimes of theft occurred in victim's bed room : 臺灣高雄地方法院刑事判決112年度審易字第67號判決宜蘭地方法院 112 年度易緝字第 6 號刑事判決 臺北地方法院刑事判決110年度易字第184 雲林地方法院刑事簡易判決112年度簡字第48號 臺灣高雄地方法院刑事判決111年度訴字第427號士林刑事判決112年度審易字第106號 臺灣高等法院臺中分院刑事判決111年度上易字第1100號雲林地方法院刑事簡易判決111年度簡字第284號臺灣彰化地方法院刑事判決111年度易字第1227  etc  ...   Besides, many Taiwanese are superstitious, in 2019's TV program <風水有關係>,  "Feng Shui" expert team suggested putting home safe, a private object, in the bed room.


n Thinking outside the box?   Criminal policemen said : from a pro. perspective, it's rarely (這很少見) to see a theft incident without breaking door or smashing window.  But court's written judgments show it's not rarely, such as 新北地方法院 106 年度審易字第 716 號刑事判決新北地方法院 105 年度審易字第 4723 號刑事判決臺北地方法院 110 年度簡字第 367 號刑事判決新北地方法院 109 年度審易字第 1993 號刑事判決南投地方法院 93 年度易字第 468 號刑事判決 etc (for full details pls. see table below)
When I was
locked out of my Pontiac sports car in the US long years ago, a policeman easily unlock my car door without breaking my window.  Taiwan's TVBS news says lock-master can unlock a toughest door lock within 2 minutes.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ps1RrnR2kI0    In Taiwan's Education Minister (黃榮村) theft case, the thief broke into his house without damaging any lock, any window, or any door, therefore the police focused on investigating career criminals.   The criminal policemen in my case need thinking outside the box. 


n reward to booster moral   Transparency International, Germany - Global Corruption Barometer, released in 2022 (transparency.org/en/countries/taiwan) : The percentage (67%) Taiwanese people paying a bribe to police is much higher than that in red China, Japan, S. Korea and Malaysia.   I was willing to offer reward (donation, not bribery) for breaking the case, but that very young policeman said they can not take it in that way.


n a big hope   Near noon, a policeman was excited and said one neighbor's security camera can get my door caught, neighbors will view the images while in spare time.  However, in the next day police said that camera covered nothing, and they seemed not willing to go any further. 




No.1 "Taiwan larceny", on Ecosia Germany2023-8-22, 2023-5-13, 2023-4-23, 4-20; No.1"Taiwan theft", 2023-5-11, 4-20

No.1 "Taiwan larceny" on US Yahoo, 2023-5-25, 5-8, 4-24;  No.1  "Taiwan larceny"on Lycos, 2023-5-20, 4-23; No.2 "Taiwan larceny" on US Yahoo, 2023-6-9



   1. criminal case

Taiwanese police seldom got run-away foreign laborers (in total tens of thousands) caught, but they can arrest one infected with CovID within five hours.
I need to poke the police to speed up cracking my theft case.  Sorry ~
The suspect must be some hardened thief(ves)  or  lock experts speculating on what the top ranking might be thinking.


   2. political persecution case

This might be a political case too.    The police won't solve the crime if their theory is the criminal is in black mask with a loot bag.   Things might not appear within reasons if the criminal's "mens rea" is political, instead of benefitial.

My website commenting Taiwan has been interfered by unknown hackers again and again - the font and color of some characters were changed,  some lines were automatically moved to some other places (e.g., Taiwan judiciary), and so on.
My international mails were missing again and again - The International Journal of Comic Art (USA) with my article needed to be mailed to SHU chair professor in Taiwan and then he handed it to me in person.  The latest case is my press card
from Europe was missing twice till now, and might be three times soon.   The Post Office told me some other units can touch posts too.


In this larceny case, the suspect seemed to know in advance that all security cameras won't do any good to catch him (them).

The possibility of state apparatus getting involved in the case can not be ruled out at all.  

With high tech., bad guys can create a perfect crime or even frame a nice guy.




No.1  "Taiwan larceny"on Yahoo Taiwan,
2023-8-22, 6-10, 4-23; No.1  "Taiwan larceny"on Duckduckgo, 2023-5-6; No.1 on Ekoru (New Zealand), SearchEncrypt, Hotbot, Oscobo, 2023-5-24, 5-1No.1 "Taiwan larceny" on Yandex, 2023-8-22, 2023-6-10, 5-20 ; No.1 "Taiwanese larceny" on Yandex of Russia, 8-21, 6-10,  5-7



   Insurance co. rejects the claim


Theft  VS.  property missing

Yahoo and  the China Times' CTwant (2022-1-2) reported that 安達 insurance company rejected a client's claim, in spite of police station giving  "Case Handling" document (<案件處理證明單>) which prints out a missing property  - a newest mobile phone. 

police station in Zhongxiao W. Rd told me via phone that they will print all lost items for a "missing property" case , but not for "Offenses of Larceny/Theft" case.  Items stolen are only written in the "questioned by police" document (筆錄).

That ins. company seemed to treat it as a "property missing" case so as not to do anything about the claim ?  (tw.news.yahoo.com/掉漆失竊險1-買iphone13半個月被偷-2年前賠過-竟成拒賠理由-220000533.html)






larceny  ──   damaging door or window


 ☉The China TimesTaiwan's gov., Financial Supervisory Commission (金管會) declared that without an adjustment in premiums, dwelling fire insurance coverage is to expand - theft is covered by the policy.   Attempt to obtain illegal benefits through theft, the thief damages residential doors, windows, walls, or other security equipment, to invade a house to steal or snatch movable property.  Each theft accident can be compensated NT 100,000,  deductible of NT 5,000 . The theft insurance does not need to be premised on the occurrence of a fire accident. 

tw.news.yahoo.com/住宅火險放寬-竊盜損失也賠-215045524--finance.html  Sept. 2014 



But the issue is many criminals can open the door lock within a short time without causing any damages to door or windows.  How the insurance companies implement government's "benevolent rule" needs further observation.


(Chinese version : 金管會表示,被保險人及配偶或其家屬等人以外的任何人,企圖透過竊盜獲取不法利益,進而毀損住宅門窗、牆垣、或其他安全設備,並侵入屋內竊取或搶奪動產,每一事故可賠10萬元,但須先行負擔自負額5000元。 金管會強調,竊盜保險不需以發生火災為前提,只要有因竊盜而損失屋內動產,都可提出理賠

保險所認定的竊盜事件,通常必須是歹徒企圖獲取不法利益,「毀越門窗、牆垣、或其他安全設備,而從事竊取、搶奪或強盜行為」,才屬於理賠的範圍,且被保險人應於標的物失竊後的24小時內盡速通知保險公司,並於7日內提供損失清單 、賠償申請。)


The procedure that Taiwan police deal with "report theft crime"hchpb.gov.tw/hchpb02/index.php?catid=79&id=45ˉcid.police.gov.taipei/cp.aspx?n=DCEA17B49AF5A93B







precious objects   ──   exclusions


New York Times (2021-4-12):  Insurance is a good idea. “Watches and jewelry are easy to steal.”Covering the timepiece in a general homeowner's or renter's policy could make sense.  

But some of Taiwan's theft insurances (including my ins. co.) do not cover watches.  V
aluable items such as jewelry,  necklaces, bracelets, gemstones, gold and silverware and leather goods, medals, antiques, sculptures, manuscripts, rare books, design/patterns, commodities, paintings, stocks, coins, banknotes, stamps, account books, certificates... usually are exclusions in Taiwan's larceny insurances
.  Even you specifically prescribed certain precious items like jewels, necklaces, bracelets, gemstones, gold and silverware,  leather goods in the contract, the limit probably is NT$ 10,000 (about US$ 330) for each.  

By contrast, according to
Insurance Information Institute (III), in the US,
a standard homeowners policy includes coverage for jewelry and other precious items such as watches and furs, these items are covered for losses caused by all the perils included in your policy such as fire, theft and vandalism.  Certain types of property like jewelry can be easily lost or stolen   ──   its coverage limits often are capped at US$1,000 or $2,000.   You may schedule your jewelry with a floater, or jewelry protection insurance, the limit will be Appraised value.


In Taiwan, the insured are advised to read the fine print in their policies before taking out any insurance.



Larceny laws



 Criminal Code of ROC Taiwan   ──   Larceny


Article 320 


 A person who for purpose to exercise unlawful control over other’s property for himself or for a third person unlawfully takes movable property of another commits larceny and shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than five years, short-term imprisonment, or a fine of not more than five hundred thousand dollars.
A person who for purpose to gain unlawful benefit of himself or of a third person unlawfully occupies the real property of another shall be punished in accordance with provisions of the preceding paragraph.
An attempt to commit an offense specified in one of the two preceding paragraphs is punishable



Article 321




A person who commits any one of the offenses specified in paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 of the preceding article under one of the following circumstances shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not less than six months but not more than five years; in lieu thereof, or in addition thereto, a fine of not more than five hundred thousand dollars may be imposed.
1. Intruding a dwelling house, a structure used as a dwelling house, or a vessel, or concealing himself therein.
2. Damaging and breaking into a window, a door, a wall, or other protective features.
3. Carrying a dangerous weapon.
4. Forming a group of three or more persons.
5. Taking advantage of fire, flood, or any other disaster.
6. Committing the offense at a station or a wharf, an airport or within other vehicle, vessel, or aircraft for public transport on water, on land or in the air.
An attempt to commit an offense specified in the preceding paragraph is punishable



Article 323

Electricity, thermo-energy, and other energies shall be considered a movable property within the meaning of this Chapter



rticle 324

If an offense specified in this Chapter is committed among lineal blood relatives, between spouses, or among other relatives who live together and share their property, the punishment may be remitted.
Prosecution for an offense specified in this Chapter committed among the relatives specified in the preceding paragraph, blood relatives within the fifth degree of relationship or relatives by marriage within the third degree of relationship may be instituted only upon complaint



Article 306

A person who without reason enters a dwelling house or structure of another, the adjacent or surrounding grounds, or a vessel belonging to another shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than one year, short-term imprisonment, or a fine of not more than nine thousand dollars.
A person who without reason conceals himself in the property specified in the preceding paragraph or refuses to leave upon request shall be subject to the same punishment



Offenses of Embezzlement 


Article 335

A person who has lawful possession of property belonging to another and who takes it for purpose to exercise unlawful control over it for himself or for a third person shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than five years or short-term imprisonment; in lieu thereof, or in addition thereto, a fine of not more than thirty thousand dollars may be imposed.
An attempt to commit an offense specified in the preceding paragraph is punishable



Article 336

A person who commits an offense specified in the preceding article with respect to a thing of which he has lawful possession because of his public fiduciary duty or for public interest shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not less than one year but not more than seven years; in addition thereto, a fine of not more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars may be imposed.
A person who commits an offense specified in paragraph 1 of the preceding article with respect to a thing of which he has lawful possession resulting from his occupational fiduciary relationship shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not less than six months but not more than five years; in addition thereto, a fine of not more than ninety thousand dollars may be imposed.
An attempt to commit an offense specified in one of the two preceding paragraphs is punishable



Article 337

A person who for purpose to exercise unlawful control over other’s property for himself or for a third person takes a lost property, wreck, or other thing not in the custody of the owner shall be sentenced to a fine of not more than fifteen thousand dollars



PS: Embezzlement and larceny are both types of theft. 



Larceny case studies  (Chinese version)


 Many thieves do not break window or door to break into house    
Taiwan courthouse written judgments in recent years


臺灣新北地方法院 106 年度審易字第 716 號刑事判決    民國 106 年 03 月 14 日

見四周無人之際,認有機可乘,意圖為自己不法之所有, 以自備之萬用鑰匙(未扣案)開啟上址大門鐵門門鎖( 起訴書誤載毀壞鐵門門鎖

♣  臺灣新北地方法院 105 年度審易字第 4723 號刑事判決   民國 106 年 01 月 24 日

全世明以自備之萬用鑰 匙開啟該址0 樓大門後,進入楊善丞位於上揭公寓4 樓之住 處,竊取楊善丞所管領如附表所示之財物,得手後將之放入 其竊得如附表編號11所示之白色塑膠麻布袋內,李泓逸則在 屋外負責把風接應並將竊得之物搬運上車,


♣  臺灣高等法院 90 年度上易字第 360 號刑事判決    民國 90 年 04 月 27 日

警訊筆錄;我於八十九年一月 二十一日早上六時發現家中大門遭開啟,並未破壞門窗,有十餘張客人開給我之 票據,因為我不知道遭竊多少張,故掛失五張        到庭結證稱:我八十九年一月二十 一日早上六點中發現家裡失竊,門窗都沒有毀損,今年一月十九日被告沒有來我 們家,我們的票從來都不借給別人,


♣  臺灣臺南地方法院 106 年度易字第 670 號刑事判決   民國 106 年 07 月 13 日

基於竊盜之犯意聯絡,於同日 21時許,以上開竊取之萬用鑰匙開啟謝金賢位於臺南市○ 區○○路○○○號3樓3之1號房住宅之大門後,無故侵入該處竊 取謝金賢所有之皮包1個


♣  臺灣臺北地方法院 110 年度簡字第 367 號刑事判決    民國 110 年 03 月 29 日



♣  臺灣新北地方法院 109 年度審易字第 1993 號刑事判決   民國 109 年 11 月 17 日

先以萬用鑰匙開啟上開社 區大樓大門,侵入該社區之樓梯間,再至該社區地下室,持 其所有客觀上足對人之生命、身體、安全構成威脅


♣  臺灣南投地方法院 93 年度易字第 468 號刑事判決   民國 94 年 02 月 17 日

同日十二時 許期間內之某時點,在未破壞門窗之情形下,以不詳方式,侵入甲○○位於南投 市○○路○○○巷○○號十二樓住處


♣  臺灣高等法院 臺南分院 111 年度上易字第 315 號刑事判決    民國 111 年 10 月 31 日



♣  臺灣臺中地方法院 99 年度易字第 2408 號刑事判決     民國 99 年 08 月 25 日

前往臺中縣○○鄉○○路○ 段○○○ 號丁○○住處,以不詳方法侵入屋內(未破壞門窗, 且侵入住宅部分未據告訴),徒手竊取客廳桌上之電腦螢幕 1 台。得手後


♣  臺灣新北地方法院 105 年度審易字第 1551 號刑事判決   民國 105 年 06 月 28 日

再共同前 往上址4樓,並以萬用鑰匙打開如附表所示之房間,侵入附 表所示承租人之如附表所示之住處(侵入住宅部分未據告訴 ),徒手竊取如附表所示之財物


♣  臺灣基隆地方法院 111 年度簡上字第 112 號刑事判決    民國 112 年 03 月 28 日



♣  臺灣臺南地方法院 105 年度易緝字第 34 號刑事判決     民國 105 年 11 月 30 日

李瑞豐在旁把風,郭俊賢則以萬用鑰匙開鎖 ,並以筆記型電腦、連結器複製空白晶片鑰匙後,將該車竊 取駛離現場完成竊盜。得手後


♣  臺灣桃園地方法院 110 年度壢簡字第 147 號刑事判決    民國 110 年 04 月 28 日

先持 萬用鑰匙1 把開啟告訴人曾傳宏所有之車牌號碼00-0000 號 自用小客車之車門後,再持該萬用鑰匙欲發動電門竊取上開 車輛,


♣  臺灣臺中地方法院 110 年度交訴字第 7 號刑事判決   民國 111 年 06 月 14 日



♣  臺灣高等法院 臺南分院 107 年度上易字第 587 號刑事判決   民國 107 年 12 月 27 日

本件被告 竊盜之際,並未破壞被害人大門或窗戶等安全設備,且依被 害人所述遭竊情況,被告應係持用租處鑰匙或萬用鑰匙之類 似工具開啟被害人租處大門進入行竊,


♣  臺灣高雄地方法院 107 年度簡上字第 346 號刑事判決    民國 108 年 03 月 26 日

,考量能開啟機車電門之物品 甚多(如萬用鑰匙),非僅有質地堅硬之兇器方能為之,

♣  臺灣高等法院 110 年度上易字第 117 號刑事判決    民國 110 年 04 月 07 日



♣  臺灣臺南地方法院 111 年度簡字第 2236 號刑事判決    民國 111 年 08 月 04 日



♣  臺灣桃園地方法院 105 年度簡上字第 252 號刑事判決    民國 105 年 10 月 31 日

其犯罪手段顯然較一般以和平方式竊取機車之 情形(例如使用萬用鑰匙、乘他人疏未取下鑰匙等)更為惡 劣。


♣  臺灣新竹地方法院 111 年度易字第 156 號刑事判決   民國 111 年 04 月 08 日


♣  臺灣高等法院 108 年度上易字第 2165 號刑事判決    民國 109 年 02 月 25 日



♣  臺灣士林地方法院 108 年度簡上字第 141 號刑事判決    民國 108 年 12 月 27 日

卓峻羽在巷口把 風,吳明輝則持萬用鑰匙竊取陳水源所有之車牌號碼0000-0 0 號自用小貨車,得手後


♣  臺灣高雄地方法院 108 年度易字第 351 號刑事判決    民國 108 年 11 月 18 日

趁無人注意 之際,持店家公用之萬用鑰匙打開彭嘉燕所承租之格子櫃, 徒手竊取如附表


♣  臺灣嘉義地方法院 109 年度易字第 255 號刑事判決     民國 109 年 06 月 30 日

黑色手提袋內扣得犯罪工具 一批(萬用鑰匙12支、


♣  臺灣高等法院 臺中分院 99 年度上易字第 1159 號刑事判決    民國 99 年 12 月 14 日

本件自應再查明有無其他證據得以證明被告得 在未破壞門窗情形下,持有該臺中市○○路○段○○號「中 屋綠邑大樓」社區門禁感應磁卡或以其他破解方式自由出 入偷竊,


♣  臺灣臺中地方法院 110 年度易字第 2381 號刑事判決    民國 111 年 03 月 16 日

已經扣案並發還告訴人(被害人)之犯罪所得    犯罪事實二㈥   萬用鑰匙1串


♣  臺灣桃園地方法院 109 年度易字第 1337 號刑事判決  民國 110 年 06 月 25 日

持自備鑰匙插入鄭照城所管領而停放在該處、車牌 號碼0000-00 號自用小貨車(下稱A 車)之電門後發動引擎 駕駛離去。

巷口以不詳方式竊取張永 華所有而停放在該處、車牌號碼00-0000 號自用小貨車(下 稱B 車)。

頭戴鴨舌帽、身著 深色外套之男子持萬用鑰匙開啟畫面中深色自小客車(即D 車)車門,並駕車離去,


♣  臺灣臺北地方法院 112 年度簡字第 17 號刑事判決    民國 112 年 01 月 31 日


♣  臺灣雲林地方法院 111 年度簡字第 266 號刑事判決    民國 112 年 03 月 07 日



♣  臺灣屏東地方法院 111 年度簡字第 1583 號刑事判決    民國 112 年 01 月 31 日



♣  臺灣彰化地方法院 111 年度簡字第 2372 號刑事判決    民國 111 年 12 月 26 日



♣  臺灣新竹地方法院 112 年度竹簡字第 288 號刑事判決     民國 112 年 03 月 22 日



♣  臺灣高雄地方法院 111 年度簡上字第 174 號民事判決     民國 112 年 02 月 20 日


♣  臺灣高雄地方法院 111 年度簡字第 3752 號刑事判決    民國 112 年 02 月 10 日


♣  臺灣新竹地方法院 111 年度竹簡字第 1077 號刑事判決    民國 112 年 03 月 21 日



♣  臺灣士林地方法院 111 年度審易字第 1573 號刑事判決   民國 112 年 01 月 30 日


臺北市○○區○○路00號選物販賣機店,並以萬用鑰匙開鎖後,再以附表一所示之分工方式,竊取附表一編號1 、2 所示之娃娃機臺零錢箱內如附表一編號1 、2 所示之金額,得手後即共騎乘上開機車離去,


♣  臺灣高雄地方法院 112 年度聲判字第 3 號刑事裁定   民國 112 年 02 月 24 日



♣  臺灣新北地方法院 89 年度易字第 980 號刑事判決    民國 89 年 10 月 06 日

告訴人林兆榮之指訴及被告乙○○於偵查中坦承其曾 與被告甲○○行竊,能在未破壞門窗之情形下侵入住宅,與告訴人所指其門窗未 遭破壞之情節相符等節為其依據。


♣  臺灣高等法院 112 年度上易字第 17 號刑事判決    民國 112 年 03 月 30 日



♣  臺灣宜蘭地方法院 106 年度易字第 602 號刑事判決     民國 107 年 01 月 04 日

一竊賊未破壞門窗入內行竊,僅竊取主臥室床頭櫃部分金 飾

♣  臺灣高雄地方法院 101 年度易字第 812 號刑事判決     民國 101 年 08 月 31 日

經該處防閑設備鐵捲門之小洞,穿入而刺往店內之電動 鐵捲門開關,藉此之方式打開鐵捲門,進入後即竊取王英振 所有之現金7,809元


♣  臺灣宜蘭地方法院 105 年度 易 字第 539 號刑事判決(8K)輛機車非常老舊,我也不是鑑識人員,我看起來沒有明顯的破壞痕跡」(見本院卷第64頁),故依員警證述,雖能判斷可能是用六角扳手磨製之萬用鑰匙或一字起子行竊,但無法確認是用何種工具







n Statista 2022-11-18 (statista.com/statistics/1103848/taiwan-number-of-crimes-by-type/ )

Statista /  Number of crimes committed in Taiwan in 2021, by type

Rank crimes by type number
1 offense against public safety 42001
2 offense against narcotics hazard prevention act  38644
3 Larceny 35067


Statista /   Number of Larceny in Taiwan in 2021, by type

Rank Larceny by type number
1 General Larceny 30040,   85.66%
2   Motorcycle theft 4190,   11.9% 
3  Automobile theft 821
4 serious Larceny  16

Taiwan Police workbook for crime investigation (台灣 警察偵查犯罪手冊)


Serious Larceny : (1)  property with a total value of more than NTD 500,000. (2)  property in the safe box with a total value of more than NTD 100,000. (3) Stealing arms, guns and ammo, explosives, or important facilities and equipment for national defense, transportation, and academics. (4) The victim is a foreigner with diplomatic status, or a visiting foreign guest. (5)  Theft of important instruments, documents, etc., which affect the national security and social security, the circumstances are serious offense.

重大竊盜案件: (1)失竊物總值五十萬元以上竊案。 (2)竊盜保險箱、櫃內之財物總值十萬元以上竊案。 (3)竊盜槍械、軍火、爆裂物,或國防上、交通上、學術上之重要設施、器材。 (4)被竊人員係具外交身分之外籍人員,或來訪之外籍貴賓。 (5)竊盜重要儀器、文件等影響國家與社會安全情節重大之竊案


In the US :  newyorktheftandlarcenylawyers.com/grand-larceny-felony-theft.html



Taiwan Police (2021-4-21 警 政 統 計 通 報): The Clearance Rates of theft in recent 5 years are 84+%.   The Administration (行政院), 2022-1-17 (dgbas.gov.tw/public/Data/211795613198HDY1K.pdf): Theft accounts for 14.4% of all criminal casesThe Ministry of Interior report (內 政 108 年統 計 通 報): Theft accounts for 48% of crimes in convenience stores

The Liberty Times (news.ltn.com.tw/news/local/paper/1101396) Taoyuan City council member questioned the Clearance Rates of theft seem to have been prettified - the number of report theft includes not the dark figure of crimes.  Thieves are still rampant, the gap between the perception of the public and the police statistics is too large.


More theft ~
The Liberty Times : https://news.ltn.com.tw/topic/竊盜