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                           Taiwan house

 ugly, but more expensive than Japan Tokyo's

New York Times, 2024-4-4:  The government had also helped reinforce private apartment buildings over the past six years by adding new steel braces and increasing column and beam sizes, some of the older buildings that had been retrofitted in this way survived Hualien's quake Taipei 101, once the tallest building in the world, still, some experts say that more needs to be done to either strengthen or demolish structures that don't meet standards, and such calls have grown louder in the wake of the magnitude-7.4 earthquake.   nytimes.com/2024/04/04/world/asia/taiwan-hualien-earthquake-prepared.html

CNN, 2024-4-1: Taiwan shaken but unbowed as biggest quake in 25 yearsWhen the earthquake struck in 1999, Taiwan was very unprepared, citing corruption in the construction industry, the lack of building regulations, and inadequate coordination in rescue efforts.  What we've seen since then are massive upgrades across the board, from the top down, the government strengthened disaster management laws, improved coordination for rescue and relief, and enforced stricter building codes for earthquake resistance.


WSWS.org, 2024-4-6: Japan Timessays some developers were still cutting corners. “The focus when it comes to development is still the lowest price, so in that case you can't have the best quality”.   The areas of Taiwan's Hualien city worst affected are most likely to have been in poorer areas where older buildings have not been strengthened and newer shoddy ones have been constructed by developers cutting corners. An earthquake in one area of the island has the potential to destabilise faults in other parts. One area of particular concern was Chiayi County in southern Taiwan, where the Meishan Fault is nearing its once-in-a-century activity cycle

wsws.org/en/articles/2024/04/06/cyab-a06.html   Peter Symonds

Financial Times, 2024-3-11:  one of the main headaches for Taiwan is a boom in high-end housing. Executives heading back from mainland China have pushed up prices.

Bloomberg, 2024-1-11: The government has estimated 2023 growth would be the slowest since the 2009 global financial crisis. It costs 16 years of annual income to afford a home in Taipei — one of the highest such ratios globally.    uk.news.yahoo.com/taiwan-voters-head-polls-ties-220000046.html

CSIS.org, 2024-1-19: Yet recent volatility and some chronic problems—housing costs chief among them—made the economy's performance a central issue in the elections...  A key concern for voters is the cost of living. Though some blame high interest rates, the cost of housing in Taiwan’s main cities is high by international comparison. Inequality in Taiwan is still low compared to elsewhere, but it has crept up the last decade. csis.org/analysis/taiwans-2024-elections-results-and-implications   Brian HartScott Kennedy Jude Blanchette and Bonny Lin

China Times (中國時報), 2024-4-7: "housing safety" is more important than "the right of adequate and affordable housing"  Taiwan has 9.04 million houses with average age 32,  51% houses are aged  over 30 years.  The average age of Taipei houses is 36.8 72% of Taipei's houses are aged over 30 years 14% of them are aged over 50 years.   chinatimes.com/opinion/20240407002867-262101?chdtv

United Daily (聯合報) , 2024-4-8:   Some red-ticket and yellow ticket houses being reinforced were still deemed impossible to save.   There are so many old houses crowded together in Taipei have bad seismic resistance.  Taipei got serious soil liquefaction issue,  besides, the basins and flatlands in YiLan, Taipei and Hualien, are basically "a big bowl of loose sediment" that can amplify movement


New York Times, new briefing, 2023-12-5: many voters, especially those in their 20s and 30s, say they are weary of geopolitics and yearn for a campaign more focused on their concerns, like rising housing costs, slow income growth and narrowing career prospects.  Whom young people ultimately vote for — and how many vote at all — could be a crucial factor in deciding the presidential election.

L.A. Times, 2024-4-4:  Some Taiwan's residents voiced concerns about the earthquake alert system because not everyone was notified.

economist / The world's most liveable cities in 2023
City liveability index, Mar. 2023   -   Taipei ranks world No. 65, Asia's No.14


cities in Asia

90+ Melbourne, Sydney, Aucland, Adelaide, Osaka(Japan), Perth, Tokyo(Japan), Brisbane, Wellington, Singapore
 80-90 Seoul(Korea), Hong Kong(Chn),  Busan(Korea), Taipei (Taiwan), Kaohsiung, Taichung
60-80 Noumea, Nantong, SuZhou, Beijing, ShenYang, Shanghai, etc
top 5 cities: Vienna 98.4,  Copenhagen, Melbourne, Sydney, Vancouver ... No.10 Osaka, Aucland 96
Score out of 100*  five categories: stability, health care, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.





pic. : No.1 "comment Taiwan housing" on Yandex Russia 2024-5-17, 2024-4-6, 2024-3-12, 2024-1-6, 2023-5-20; No.2 at 2023-12-4


pic.  : No.1 "comment Taiwan housing" on Microsoft  Bing, 2024-3-12, 2023-5-26. 2023-5-21, 2023-1-24, 2022-9-22, 2022-6-25, 2022-6-13, 2022-5-5, 2022-1-22, 2021-11-30, 2021-10-8, 2021-7-8, 2021-1-24



pic. : No.2 "comment Taiwan housing" on US Google, 2024-4-6, 2024-3-12, 2024-1-6, 2023-12-4, 2022-1-22; No.3 at 2024-5-17

United Daily (Taiwan), 2024-5-17: The surge in the stock market and real estate market has mainly benefited the rich and capitalists. The Tsai administration has never carried out meaningful financial or fiscal and tax reforms. It only makes the rich "get richer and richer" while the disadvantaged classes are increasingly trapped in an environment of deprivation. A recently released survey of household income in Taiwan shows that the gap between the top and bottom 20% is as high as 66.9 times, which is a serious deterioration compared to 16.8 times 30 years ago.



★  Taiwan VS. world least affordable housing market

The Least Affordable Housing Market,   2023-9-29

RANK Metro. Market Median Multiple
(median house price / median household income)
1 Hong Kong, China    (most expensive) 18
  Taipei, Taiwan (2023 Q2 ) 15.5
2 Sydney, NSW, Australia 13.3
  New Taipei , Taiwan (2023 Q2) 12.9
3 Vancouver, BC, Canada  12.0
4 Honolulu 11.8
5 San Jose  11.5

SCMP (2024-1-6): Government statistics show the minimum living cost in Taipei is around NT$24,000 (US$780) per month- excluding rent, which can easily reach at least NT$15,000 (US$480) for a small one-person flat, or NT$30,000 (US$960) for a two-room flat.   UDN (聯合報), 2023-12-14: The Median number of monthly salary in Taiwan is about NT$43,000.

★  Real Estate Asia, 2023-11-27:  Taiwan real estate transaction volumes hit 5-year lows

Property investments plummeted by 60% in Q3 2023.  The market momentum in Taiwan’s real estate sector turned weak in the third quarter of 2023 with transaction volumes recorded at NT$15.4 billion, down 72% QoQ and 60% YoY, the lowest level in the past 20 quarters  msn.com/en-xl/news/other/taiwan-real-estate-transaction-volumes-hit-5-year-lows/ar-AA1kDViQ

★  comparison Taiwan's cities with world metropolitan

Demographia / Major Housing Market Ranked by Affordability,   2022 Q3

World Rank Metro. Market Median Multiple
94 Hong Kong, China 18.8
  Taipei, Taiwan (2022 Q4, pip.moi.gov.tw/v3/e/scre0105.aspx) 15.77
93 Sydney, NSW, Australia 13.3
  New Taipei , Taiwan (2022 Q4, pip.moi.gov.tw/v3/e/scre0105.aspx) 12.68
92 Vancouver, BC, Canada 12.0
89 L.A., USA 11.3
  TaiChung , Taiwan  (2022 Q4, pip.moi.gov.tw/v3/e/scre0105.aspx) 11.11
87 San Francisco, USA 10.7
  City average, Taiwan  (2022 Q4) 9.61
83 London , UK 8.7
47 Singapore 5.3
demographia.com/dhi.pdf      Taiwan gov. pip.moi.gov.tw/v3/e/scre0105.aspx


globalpropertyguide.com   Residential Real Estate Market Analysis 2022 2022-12-6
Taiwan's house price growth continues to accelerate, amidst robust demand buoyed by the ultra-low interest rate environment.  Lutheran home price index rose strongly by 14.77% (10.79% inflation-adjusted) in during the year to Q2 2022,  the biggest y-o-y growth recorded since Q4 2013.
Taipei is one of the world's most expensive cities. Taipei's house price-to-income ratio has risen sharply from just 6.4 in 2004 to about 15.8 in 2021– higher than most world metropolitan (except Hong Kong)


Demographia / Major Housing Market Ranked by Affordability   2020 Q3

Rank Metro. Market Median Multiple
92 Hong Kong 20.7
  Taipei 15.8
91 Vancouver, BC, Canada 13.0
90 Sydney, NSW, Australia 11.8
85 San Francisco, USA 9.6
83 L.A., USA 8.9
82 London , UK 8.2
50 Singapore 4.7
demographia.com/dhi2021.pdf     Taiwan gov.   pip.moi.gov.tw

Unmonitored speculation, low housing supply, and a long tradition of homeownership pushed house prices in Taiwan, particularly in the capital city, and particularly on high-end properties.   buying a home remains unaffordable for most young Taiwanese, a situation we don’t expect to change in the medium term,” said Emily Dabbs of Moody’s Analytics. An average household in Taipei needs to pay two-thirds of income for a mortgage loan, far above the affordable limit of 30%.
Taipei now vies with Monaco for the lowest yields in the world. Taipei is not a happy place to be a landlord. Currently, average rental yields in Taiwan hover around 1.5%.  Paradoxically Taiwan has one of the highest home ownership rates in the world at 87%, while social housing accounts for about 5% of households. And the trend towards home ownership is increasing. Because of this, Taiwan's rental market is quite small, around 8% of around nine million households.


Numbeo Property Prices Index by country 2023
comparison among Asian countries


world rank country Price to Income ratio Gross Rental Yield City Centre Affordability Index
3 Hong Kong 44.9 1.7 0.1
5 China 34.6 1.6 0.4
11 S. Korea 26.0 0.9 0.5
16 Taiwan 20.1 1.5 0.8
32 Singapore 15.5 3.3 1.0
72 Japan 10.3 2.5 1.7


  comparison among Asia's cities

city Price to Income ratio Price to Rent ratio city center Loan Affordability Index
Taipei 29.68 87.01 0.57
New Taipei City 35.45 37.11 0.48
Taichung 17.77 53.61 0.95
Kaohsiung 12.49 47.37 1.28
Tokyo (日本) 12.65 32.18 1.41
Singapore (新加坡) 15.73 29.11 0.96
Shanghai (大陸) 47.11 60.75 0.27
Beijing 46.06 61.61 0.27
Seoul () 30.40 90.68 0.47



House Prices/GDP per Capita in Taiwan compared to Asia




1 Cambodia  139.08x
2 India 93.39x
3 Philippines 92.29x
4 Vietnam  50.94x
5 Taiwan  48.70x
6 Hong Kong  45.19x
7 China 42.79x
8 Thailand 37.36x
9 Japan 23.63x
10 Indonesia 20.05x
12 Singapore 17.69x
13 Malaysia 13.25x
Taiwan does not publish official house price statistics. Sinyi Realty has quarterly and monthly house price indices. 


  China Daily , 2023-5-26: Taiwan people unhappy with DPP, polls show  Taiwan's residents are disillusioned with Tsai Ing-wen's performance and the DPP administration's reluctance to address important issues such as the income gap, affordable housing and unemployment.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202305/26/WS646fc82ea310b6054fad5234.html


  United Daily 經濟日報, 2023-5-20: The price index of houses in Q4, 2022 reaches 127.5, which increases 28% since Tsai Ing-wen took office in 2016The prices of pre-sale houses increase even much more ( 87% )  The young people cannot afford buying a house, therefore more and more choose not to get married and not to have baby, which is called national security crisis (risk).  udn.com/news/story/7338/7177628?from=udn_ch2cate6643sub7338_pulldownmenu_v2  
  China Times , editorial , 2023-5-21: When Tsai Ing-wen took office in 2016, the house price-to-income ratio is  9.32, Mortgage Burden is 38.34%,the house price-to-income ratio in Q4 2022 is 9.61,Mortgage Burden is 40.25, showing an obvious upward trend.  As of April this year, the supply of new housing projects in the metropolitan area has decreased by about 10% compared with the same period last year, but prices have even continued to rise Given the low wages of young people in Taiwan, what kind of price and area "suits young people's ability" as Minister of Interior said? Single renters in Taipei spend an average of 35% of their monthly salary on renting a suite. How can they save some money to buy a house? The current unemployment rate among young people aged 25 to 29 is as high as 6.13%. Young people can't even find a job, let alone buying a house?   chinatimes.com/opinion/20230520003246-262101?chdtv   

  China Times , editorial , 2023-5-19: According to governmental statistics, nearly 80% of young people's salary is to pay home loan, how can they have enough money to live ? DPP's 2024 presidential election candidate Lai (賴清德) gave a wrong saying to youngsters "house price is dropping"Minster Lin (林右昌) gave a tricky word : Young people can buy a house if they make planning or not to pick "high-price location".  chinatimes.com/opinion/20230519004400-262101?chdtv

  Taipei Times ,  2022-12-13:  Soft landing possible for housing in Taiwan /   The property market might need more time to assimilate the previous three rate hikes, which were intended to tame inflation but help cool property transactions, "A drop in transactions usually precedes price corrections" central bank Governor Yang Chin-long (楊金龍) said; Unaffordable housing is the public’s biggest complaint, especially among young people, surveys have shown.The number of housing transfers in the nation’s six special municipalities shrunk by double-digit percentage points in the second half of this year, with the pace of retreat accelerating each month, government statistics showed. .taipeitimes.com/News/biz/archives/2022/12/13/2003790598


  National Interest ,  2022-7-9:   Taiwan faces many internal problems. First, low wages and high housing costs are affecting the marriage rate and leading to decreases in fertility.    nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/why-china-cant-afford-attack-taiwan-203504


  New York Times ,  2022-1-21: At the time of the fire, the deadly "ghost building" had suffered years of neglect ... Piles of garbage had accumulated on lower floors and in the stairwells, which fire officials said had accelerated the fire’s spread and impeded rescue effortsThe blaze also highlighted the lack of support for poor and older people who are desperate for housing and often have no choice but to live in dilapidated buildings.   nytimes.com/2022/01/21/world/asia/taiwan-fire-ghost-building-suspect.html


  VOAnews ,  2022-4-1: Taiwanese investigative magazine Commonwealth reported last year that Taiwan is undergoing its biggest real estate boom since the 1980s. Today, even small housing units in Taipei can command prices exceeding $1 million,...housing prices across six cities including Taipei rose more than 30% between 2019 and 2021.  Much of the inflated prices in housing is fueled by the long running problem of property speculation in Taiwan and very little social housing.    voanews.com/a/survey-shows-young-taiwanese-lack-savings-are-highly-indebted-/6510937.html


  經濟日報 United Daily editorial, 2022-10-2:  The government praising real estate industry is  "the shield to protect the country"(「護國群山」)" the engine of economic development" (「經濟發展的火車頭」) triggers anger of law-makers, scholars, and civil communities.  Taiwan's Ratio of house price to income (房價所得比) in 1st Qtr. rises to 9.58 which is 8.97 times of that in 2nd Qtr. 2016, and hits record high in 20 years. Mortgage Burden (房屋貸款負擔率) hits record high as well.  Besides, the housing rental index (住房租金指數) reaches 106.64  udn.com/news/story/7338/6655387?from=udn_ch2cate6643sub7338_pulldownmenu_v2   brief

  經濟日報社論 ,  2022-11-26:  "Cold winter" is coming  (房市量比價先行 寒冬將近)    udn.com/news/story/7338/6793835?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2

  United Dailyeditorial, 2022-4-6:  Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen reneges on her main policy,  housing justice - failures on building social houses, and the housing price has been rapidly soaring...    udn.com/news/story/7338/6217258?from=udn_ch2cate6643sub7338_pulldownmenu_v2


  New York Times ,  2021-10-16: The Kaohsiung building (46 killed in a fire) is one of many aging structures across the island that have fallen into severe disrepair as a result of weak management and government neglect.  Skyrocketing housing costs in Taiwan’s cities — and a rapidly aging population — have exacerbated these issues in recent years and have outpaced the government’s efforts to resolve them...  the lack of support for Taiwan’s rapidly aging population... older buildings that had been constructed under outdated safety guidelines were often overlooked   nytimes.com/2021/10/15/world/asia/taiwan-building-fire.html


  OECD,org . United Daily 2022-4-9: 

The percentage of social housing representing all dwellings

Singapore 80% Holland 34.1%
Hong Kong 30.4% Denmark 21.4%
UK 16.7% S. Korea 8.9%
EU 7.5% Taiwan goal: 2%



Biggest movers down the ranking in the past 12 month

Taipei (Taiwan) ranks world No. 53  

  City Location World Rank Index Rank Move Index Move
1 Wellington New Zealand 50  85.7  -46  -8.0
2 Auckland New Zealand   34  89.2 -33  -6.8
3 Adelaide Australia 30  90.7 -27 -3.3
8 Taipei Taiwan  53 85.1 -20  1.2


   United Daily  經濟日報   editorial, 2022-6-25:  From Jan. 2021 till March 2022, the average housing price rose 11.5% ( TaiNan 21.7%,TaiChung 18.9%, Kaohsiung 13.3%)the most important factor is low interest rate in recent years...   udn.com/news/story/7338/6413909?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2


  聯合報  United Daily2022-9-23: The government has not been very active on Tsai's political views declared during running for president - social housing construction  (1) electoral considerations,  not to offend the builders. (2) Encourage house purchasing (3) Not to spend money on “charity” (4)  Government values ​​entrepreneurs over civilians  udn.com/news/story/121823/6634051?from=udn_ch2cate6643sub121823_pulldownmenu_v2  


  New York Times ,  2021-10-15:  At least 46 die in a Taiwan apartment fire...alarming safety conditions inside the building, including exposed electricity cables, corroded water pipes and heaps of detritus obstructing dark stairwells...Taiwan has a spotty record when it comes to fire safety. The tragedy on Thursday was Taiwan’s deadliest building fire since 1995, when a blaze broke out in a karaoke club in the central city of Taichung, killing 64 people... to raise questions about whether the self-governing island,... had overlooked basic safety concerns in the rush to develop nytimes.com/2021/10/14/world/asia/taiwan-apartment-fire.html


  《 Bloomberg》 ,  2021-7-1 (bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-07-01/taiwan-s-red-hot-housing-defies-challenges-from-covid-to-china?srnd=prognosis) : Taiwan’s Red-Hot Housing Defies Challenges From Covid to  the constant threat of invasion from China / Prices defy sale curbs, falling population, high vacancy rate, Covid outbreak slows deals, but low rates drive prices higher.   Taiwan home prices jumped the most in six years in the first quarter and may reach new highs by the end of the year, residential and office deals in Taiwan’s six largest cities surged 27.9% in April from a year earlier, smaller families are creating new demands, such as for small- and medium-sized apartments....The government is not bringing its ultimate game to fight the overly-hot market.  “The real solution for restraining prices lies in raising property taxes.


pic. : No.1 "comment Taiwan housing" on Yahoo Taiwan,2022-9-22, No.1 "comment Taiwan housing" on US Yahoo, 2022-6-25, 2022-6-13, 2022-5-5, 2022-3-21, 2022-1-22, 2021-11-30, 2021-10-8, 2021-8-22


 No.3 "comment Taiwan housing" on US Google, 2021-11-30, 2021-11-1





  <United Daily > editorial, 2022-3-27: In a seminar in National Cheng Kung University, 41% students chose to embrace  ‘Lying Flat’( lie around like a couch potato)...Soaring housing prices have become the biggest pain for young people...the real wage is pretty low...The central government is reluctant to promote the Taxes on Housing Speculators , and is passive and perfunctory to adjust the housing policy    udn.com/news/story/7338/6194409?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2


  China Times, 中國時報 editorial , 2022-1-31 To solve the lowest birthrate (world lowest "Fertility Rate", 1.1, by The World Fact Book (cia.gov/the-world-factbook/field/total-fertility-rate/country-comparison) ), the first thing is to reduce the financial pressure of the common people; and the most important among all is housing prices or rent price.  However, the more new restrictions by the Central Bank to curb rising housing prices, the higher the housing prices rise.  chinatimes.com/opinion/20220129003035-262101?chdtv


  China Times, 中國時報 editorial , 2021-10-15 Behind the fire sea in Kaohsiung building (城中城) is the government's discrimination and indifference to those underprivileged group who can not afford buying fire-fighting equipments, the Kaohaiung city hall was not intend to purchase the equipment for them, and just gave them up and let them live their own lives.


  United Daily 經濟日報 editorial  , 2021-10-19The Kaohsiung apartment fire reflects not only the tragedy of the elderly living alone and low-income households but also the real estate marketing failure (The housing market is clearly oversupply, but the housing price-to-income ratio has risen ) and  gov's   not imposing house taxes, not establishing a sound leasing system, not working well on urban renewal,  not  revising the housing law, not imposing house tax version 2.0, and failures on social housing , apartment building management, land use zoning  control, housing justice, population policy, etc   


  United Daily 聯合報 ,  special report,   2022-1-31  opinion.udn.com/opinion/story/120626/6056006?form=udn_ch2_common3_cate    opinion.udn.com/opinion/story/120626/6056133?form=udn_ch2_common3_cate   

Since 2014, fire accidents similar to Kaohsiung ghost building tragedy have occurred almost once per one to two years. In the past seven years, there have been 67 deaths in fire accidents ....without more active resources from the central government and the stronger determination from local governments, the poor and homeless still have no place to stay...

Those homeless tramps from the lowest stratum of society wander from one district or one system to another, become un-welcomed "soccer balls" kicked by various bureaucracy governments. (在中央角色薄弱、地方各自發揮下,底層貧窮者則在系統間流浪,成為被官僚體制拋接的人球。)


  China Times, 中國時報 editorial , 2021-11-29Since the assessed land value (officially announced land price) is much lower than the actual market price, the "effective tax rate" for  tenancy (real estate) in Taiwan is only about 0.1%, which is about 1/10 of that in the US, 1/4 in UK, 1/2 in Japan, or Singapore.  The number of Non - occupier owner (nature person) for real estate speculation increases 7%.   


  中國時報 2021-12-17The price of house may continue to rise in 2022.  The Central Bank does not rule out the possibility to target the hoarders and take measures to control the situation  ( 央行不排除再出手管制 瞄準囤房族 第3戶房貸降至4成)  chinatimes.com/newspapers/20211217000456-260110?chdtv


  Chinese Public Television  公視 南部開講 , 2021-10-15: youtube.com/watch?v=BUQQwU4UHew

pic.: The Real estate price index of TaiNan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan in recent years pic.: The Real estate price index of TaiPei, Tai-chung, TaiNan, Kaohsiung
  經濟日報 社論 , 2022-1-26: 金融市場流動性太高、人們預期心理與興建成本太高等,台灣房價上漲的幅度遠遠高於物價漲幅,充分顯示房市熱絡情況。房價大漲主因:一,疫情下的貨幣量化寬鬆政策。  二,電子產業股價大幅上升使對不動產需求大增。三,台積電帶頭投資。 四,全球原物料大漲,建商不調整價格都很難。udn.com/news/story/7338/6060732?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2

  China Times 中國時報 editorial , 2021-10-9:  The Real estate price index of all cities except Taipei in Q2 hit new high;  in recent 5 years the index of Taiwan rises 11+%, TaiNan city even rises 22%, Taipei 6.5%,Taipei's ratio of housing prices to income (Q2) reaches 15.79,the ratios of TaiwanNew Taipei City are one among top of the world Taiwan president wrote a bad check about "building 200 thousands of social housing within 8 years".   brief : chinatimes.com/opinion/20211008004276-262101?chdtv


House Prices/GDP per Capita in Taiwan compared to Asia
The formula is: (Price per square metre / GDP per capita)*100

rank country ratio
1  India 627.55x
2 Cambodia 227.93x
3 China 145.62x
4 Philippines 135.02x
5 Vietnam 104.97x
6 Thailand 89.22x
7 Indonesia 72.00x
8 Hong Kong 65.59x
9 Taiwan 46.11x
10 Japan 41.98x


  United Daily 聯合報 , 2021-10-8Taiwan's housing prices continue to rise,  the ratio of housing prices to income has risen for three consecutive years, making it one of the top nine in the world.

udn.com/news/story/7340/5801156?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2   by 馬凱


  TTV news 台視 , 2021-10-1:  Taiwan's house prices rising is unstoppable,  Q2 index hits record high


  Taipei Times , 2021-8-25:  Luxury house prices in Taipei last quarter increased 14.9 percent year-on-year, the 10th-highest rise globally, as upscale housing around the world recovered amid monetary easing and a surge in safe-haven purchases, a survey by London-based property consultancy Knight Frank LLP showed.  taipeitimes.com/News/biz/archives/2021/08/25/2003763171


  China Times , 2021-8-19:  House price in entire Taiwan is rising "crazily", particularly, Taipei city, New Taipei city, HsinChu city (新竹市) hit  top ever。 chinatimes.com/opinion/20210818003931-262104?chdtv


  《 Global Property Guide》 ,  2021-8-2 :  Taiwan’s house prices are surging again, buoyed by a strong economy and ultra-low interest rate environment.


★  numbeo.com/property-investment/country_result.jsp?country=Taiwan

city Price to Income ratio Price to Rent ratio city center Affordability Index
Taipei 32.09 72.56 0.53
New Taipei City 21.48 63.59 0.77
Taichung 21.07 64.02 0.79
Kaohsiung 13.61 39.95 1.20

United Daily, Economy Daily (經濟日報) , 2021-7-15, editorial: Low interest rate keeps rising housing price.   5.66% yearly growth rate runs faster than the growth rate of retail price and growth of salary, deeply influence the marriage willing of youngster generation.   udn.com/news/story/7338/5602301?from=udn-relatednews_ch2

China Times (中國時報) , 2021-4-18, opinion: The crucial reason that young couples are not willing to and do not dare to have baby is high housing price.  The legislative measure "tax version 2.0 (房地合一稅2.0)" was once called "nuclear bomb to high housing price", but actually promoted the price of pre-sold house and newly built house in Northern Taiwan (北台灣第一季新成屋、預售屋平均成交價全面走揚,基隆、新竹改寫歷史新高價,台北、新北及桃園則創下反彈以來最高點,北市每坪均價更暌違5年重返9字頭)。The point is driving interest rate down leads to higher housing price.   chinatimes.com/opinion/20210417003637-262101?chdtv

finance.yahoo , 12-30-2020, (finance.yahoo.com/news/retire-taiwan-costs-visas-more-215449948.html), SmartAsset  (smartasset.com/retirement/retire-in-taiwan) 

       purchasing an apartment in Taiwan, is significantly more expensive than in the U.S. An apartment in a city center in the U.S. will cost an average of $292 per square foot, according to Numbeo. In Taiwan, it costs an average of $761 per square foot to purchase an apartment in a city center.   When it comes to renting, Taiwan is still significantly cheaper than in the U.S. In the average city center in America, a one-bedroom apartment costs an average of $1,346 per month. In Taiwan, the same apartment costs about $485 per month. If you were to choose a three-bedroom apartment, it would cost $2,156 in the U.S. and $1,132 in Taiwan.

《SETN news》,  1-1-2021 :

Ratio of house price to income The "Ratio of house price to income" (Q3, 2020)
rises again !

"Ratio of house price to income" of Taipei, 15.29,
means you should save every penny of your salary, and
spend nothing for 15.29 years
 to buy a house
in Taipei city

 Taiwan 9.19
Taipei (Taiwan) 15.29
New Taipei City (Taiwan) 12.16
Tai-Chung 9+
Chang-Hua 9+

《United Daily - Economy Daily》editorial,  Dec. 7, 2020 : https://udn.com/news/story/7338/5071620

Ratio of house price to income Low interest rate environment is core factor to
drive Taiwan's housing price higher and higher



"Ratio of house price to income" of Taipei, 14.39,
means you should eat & drink nothing for 14.39 years
 to buy a house
in Taipei
 Taiwan 8.66
Taipei (Taiwan) 14.39
Kao-hsiung (Taiwan) 7.27
Tokyo (Japan) 5
Singapore 4.5

《 SET i News》 Dec. 4, 2020 :

world top 5  -  House price grows % world top 3  -  office & commercial building  rent grows % 
No. 1 Taipei Taiwan (台北) 3.4% No.1    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (胡志明) 1.0%
No. 2 Seoul Korea (首爾) 2.3% No.2 Taipei  (台北) 0.6%
No.3 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (胡志明) 0.8% No.3  Seoul Korea (首爾) 0.2%
No.4 Osaka (大阪) Japan  0.7%, No.5 Shanghai 0.5% rent drops most - Hong Kong, New York

  《 United Daily》, 2021-6-17:  udn.com/news/story/7340/5537697?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2  medical expert 楊志良project found out:  under the circumstances of low salary and high housing price, it will be less and less marriage and child born。

《 China Times 》 Dec. 5, 2020:  editorial Taiwan's lawmakers can not give Residence Justice
       Taiwan's lawmaker
s have close relationship with construction companies.  Now those companies have been trying to rolling up housing price by all sort of means, the government's measures to cap rising housing-price (such as 「預售屋納入實價登錄」、「揭露售價至門牌」、「增加查核權與罰則」etc ) won't work as long as those lawmakers give slight influence to the issues. (brief)  https://www.chinatimes.com/opinion/20201204005012-262101?chdtv

《 中國時報》 12-19-2020:  editorialTaiwan's government the more to cap rising housing-price, the higher the housing-price rises  (打房 為何越打越漲?)  https://chinatimes.com/opinion/20201219003613-262101?chdtv


《United Daily - Economy Daily》, editorial,  Dec. 18, 2020 : immediately reform the Taxes on Housing Speculators !    https://money.udn.com/money/story/5628/5101686


遠見 Dec. 2020:  Taiwan's house price is growing, if the government will not modify the tax system,  those measures (e.g.,「實價登錄2.0」) to cool off the housing market or to reduce property speculation,are nothing but "cure the symptoms, not the disease", the administration's policy becomes a "paper tiger" 。www.msn.com/zh-tw/lifestyle/other/房市買氣六年新高-行政院打擊炒房五大招-恐淪為紙老虎/ar-BB1bCCvk?ocid=msedgdhp


China Times 12-5-2020:  Government's 'phony' measures to blasts real estate speculation should focus on Property Tax, otherwise the administration's policy in this time is just a propaganda https://www.chinatimes.com/opinion/20201204005133-262105?chdtv周信佑》"政府打房 只是打太極"


《Apple Daily》editorial,  Dec. 7, 2020 : Try to get an balance between "residence justice" and marketing mechanism.  The sharply rise of Taiwan's house recently is because the foreign money and the hot money have kept flowing back into Taiwan to hit history top.    https://tw.appledaily.com/headline/20201208/SPFEDEHQCBEVJAFQXESCWJW4JU/


《Apple Daily》editorial, Dec. 9, 2020
Rising housing price recently will make the rich are richer, but those youngsters struggling minimum wage even do not dare to have housing dream... today's Taiwan has been polarizing the differences between the rich and poor, the middle class is moving downward, not to mention the situation of service industry's
urlough and being jobless is getting worse and worse.   tw.appledaily.com/headline/20201209/KPGCQUPML5FAXIRHL3ZDRXXPGY/



world's most livable cities  ... include Taiwan's ?

Till 2020, Taiwan has not been included in the top ranking list of the world's most livable cities  

world's most livable cities
world best surveys Taiwan's rankings
in top list
comparison with
other Asia & Pacific countries
 The EIU's Global Livability Index Ranking   2019  failed in the top 50 No.2  Melbourne,  No.3  Sydney,  No.4 Osaka (Japan), No. 7 Tokyo,  No.10  Adelaide,  No.12 Auckland (NZ),   No.15 Wellington (NZ),   18 Brisbane  (Aus) ,    No. 38 Hong Kong,  No. 40 Singapore,   No.57  Seoul (Korea),  Taipei behind   
Safe Cities Index (SCI)  2019,   EIU (Economist UK), NEC failed in the top 20 No.1  Tokyo, No.2  Singapore, No.3 Osaka (Japan),  No.5 Sydney (Aus), No. 8 Seoul (Korea), No10 Melbourne, No. 20 Hong Kong  
ArchDaily / The World's Most Livable Cities in 2019 failed in the top 20 No. 3. Auckland, New Zealand, 11. Sydney, Australia,  No.15. Wellington, New Zealand , No.17. Melbourne, Australia  
 The EIU's Global Livability Index Ranking   2018  failed in the top 50 No.2 Melbourne (Australia),  No.3  Osaka (Japan),  No. 7  Tokyo (Japan) ,  No.10       Adelaide  (Australia),   No.12 Auckland (NZ)    Wellington (NZ) ... ... (omitted),  Taipei 58
 The EIU's Global Liveability Index Ranking   2017  failed in the top 50  No.1  Melbourne,  No. 5  Adelaide,  No. 7  Perth,
No. 8 Auckland (NZ),  No.11 Sydney,  No.13  Tokyo,  No.  14  Osaka,  No.16 Brisbane,   No. 20 Wellington (NZ),  No. 35 Singapore,  No.45  Hong Kong,  No.58  Seoul (Korea),  No.60   Taipei  

EIU (Economist UK)'s  Global Liveability Index evaluates stability, healthcare, culture&environment,  education,   Infrastructure




《 United Daily 聯合報》 8-8-2020 editorial: Taiwanese government most welcomes international architecture works, but its double standard angers local architects.
Chinese text: 國際競圖原意是希望帶動台灣建築師創作力,但後來在執行面出現不少問題,最普遍的就是國外建築師不熟悉台灣歷史、地理,就把既有想法塞進來尤其,國際競圖機制往往埋著國內建築師與國外相比的兩大不平等條約。各級政府國際競圖時,為吸引國外建築師,將設計費率提高二、三倍至百分之十三起跳,更可議的是,近年又冒出「變相國際標」,鼓勵國內建築師事務所找國外建築師設計,若獲選,設計費就可從原一般造價費的百分之四到五,略增到百分之六點二,評分總分還可加分。建築界痛批把國內建築師當「文化買辦、仲介」。)


《 United Daily 聯合報》 4-12-2019 headline news -  Lancet Planetary Health (April 10, '19): "The 4th worst for rate of kids getting Asthma from traffic air pollution" 中國時報 China Times》, Taiwan,  4-12-2019 : the government was criticized that lacking intention to improve air pollution.


《 United Daily 聯合報》 9-6-2019:  "the root of all evil - high real estate price", Taiwanese politicians kept trying to earn sudden huge profits by their secret weapons - distorting tax rates, land-value assessing,    changing land category, and wrongly using political power (在稅率、估價上,行種種遷就現實的扭曲,成為炒作地價法寶,配合變更地目千倍差價,借助公權力圖謀暴利,乃成大小政客的聚寶盆 ... / 馬凱)

Apple Daily 蘋果日報》, 9-28-2019:  "the root of all evil", the biggest injustice : land trades ( 台灣萬惡之源、台灣最大的不公不義: 土地交易... 很多避稅手段) , in the past decades, the richest Taiwanese earned huge fortune by land-trades.

《United Daily 》Taiwan,  7-2-2019   The Implementation of registering the "Actual Selling Price" of Taiwan's houses is still just a "gossip", giving little influence to the transparency of Taiwan's real estate price.


Apple Daily》, Taiwan,  4-3-2019  It's difficult for people earning less than NT one million (USD33 thousands) per year to buy a house in Taipei city.


《United Daily 》Taiwan,  8-26-2019,  headline news   "can't afford buying a house, salary remains, no solutions yet  since 1989"





  pic.: UDN, headline news, 8-26-2019: still can't afford a house, salary remains the same as 30 yrs ago,


China Times》, Taiwan,  4-11-2019  Home ownership scheme to slow down "fewer babies born" .


  <SETN, Taiwan, 三立新聞網>, 1-30-2019  "Chinese tourists :How lousy is Taiwan's housing ! (台灣人住好差) "

... Many Taiwanese live upstairs above loudly and messy night markets, even dirty traditional wet markets, most Taiwanese live not in a community with parking lots,  parks, and environmental greening designs,  it's, overall dirty and messy ! (「整個很髒亂」), very bad quality of living, very similar to backward towns in communist China.

  <The New York Times>, 2-27-2018

     Taiwanese are "in a near panic" over shortage of tissue paper, which highlights high price sensitivity, Taiwanese wages stagnated for years, but housing prices went up. (brief)

Apple Daily》, Taiwan,  9-23-2018
"Are Taiwan's architectures ready for soil liquefaction ??"   /  賴明煌
Those congested area in Taiwan's western corridor along the coast, such as 彰雲嘉南, about 20~30% of them are on high-potential liquefaction area...... and Taipei ――  located at high ground water level aggrading lake basin ...

Apple Daily》, Taiwan,  7-18-2018
        According to gov. rpt., Taiwan's vacancy rate (house) is 10.22%, the rate is too high since 2008, the normal rate of a country should be about 5%.  The ratio of House Price to Income (Taipei) is 5.8 in 2002, 15 in 2016, which means if your annual income NT 1.6 million (about USD 55000), and don't eat anything for consecutive 15 years, thus you can afford a new house (30 Ping, USD27000 per Ping, 1 Ping = 3.3057 sqr feet) .

《UDNApple Daily》Taiwan,  2-8-2018  The government has not well taken its fundamental responsibility of protecting the safety of people's life and property - why are there so many tall buildings located on the fault-zone? why are poor architectures everywhere on bad geologic grounds ? why are those shit-hole politicians doing nothing and ignoring urban renewal so as to risk millions of old houses and human beings? (ps: may face death in 6 magnitude quake)    (full text: https://udn.com/news/story/11321/2974813 聯合報社論/斷層帶上何以建了那麼多高樓?  2-8-2018,  https://udn.com/news/story/7338/2977079 勿讓軟腳樓成坑殺人命陷阱 2-9-2018,  https://tw.appledaily.com/headline/daily/20180209/37928659花蓮 都更 爛政客   2-9-2018)

《The Economist Intelligence Unit》, UK
Taipei ranks No. 58 in the 2018 survey "The world's most livable cities".  
       "The 2017 global least and most stressful cities rankings" shows Taiwan's "gender equality" No.113, "race equality" No. 78, "green space" No. 115, "social security" No.140,  "physical health" No.15, "mental health" No. 96, "air pollution" No. 92, "noise pollution" No.110,  "Density", No. 127, "public transport" No.2,  "Debt per Capita" No. 43, etc.  ref to https://www.zipjet.co.uk/2017-stressful-cities-ranking
,《聯合報》, 10-3-2018

 Forbes , 3-5-2017,  "3 Things Chinese Tourists Are Surprised To Find When They Travel Abroad To Taiwan" : "It's not very modern !",  " the wealth wasn’t invested in architecture.   So the cities are full of decayed apartment blocks.... the housing isn’t as good.”. 

Apple Daily》Taiwan,  4-18-2017   headline news

        It's the hardest ever time in Taiwan's history for citizens to buy a house ―  40% of their monthly salary is used for loan/mortgage.

《UDN》Taiwan,  7-13-2017  

        Nobel laureate professor Robert Shiller stated Taiwanese's 3 annoying things (1) high housing price  (2) disparity  between the rich and the poor  (3) tech replaces human labor .

Apple Daily》Taiwan,  7-9-2017   editorial  <建築的文化殖民地>

       Taiwan's architectures are nothing but cultural colony...  http://www.appledaily.com.tw/realtimenews/article/new/20170708/1156471/

China Times》,《United Daily》of Taiwan,  7-7-2017  

        Latest study shows rich Taiwanese ( with property more than USD30 million ) invested 39% of their money on real estate ― owned 4 houses in average,  which is ranked world no.2.

《The Liberty Times》Taiwan, 2-24-2017  

        Keep eating nothing and drinking nothing for 33+ years to buy a new house in Taipei !    Taipei's  Ratio of House Price to Income  is 33.3, New Taipei city is 20.25.

《IMF - International Monetary Fund, Global Housing watch 9-12-2017  

        Real house prices increased over the past year / 2017:Q1, annual % change : Taiwan ranks No.42  http://www.imf.org/external/research/housing/images/housepricesaroundtheworld_lg.jpg

<CTS HD>, 5-23-2016 1:25pm, "華視新聞雜誌"
    17 million Taiwanese people ( totally 23 million population) live in "potential danger" (潛在危險) houses, according to <遠見>study, Taiwanese people gave a "failure" score (53.5) on "living safety".


 Amnesty International (The London-based organization), 2-25-2015

The organization concerns Taiwan’s inhabitation (housing and land) rights issues, in addition to several other issues, e.g., prison conditions, the freedom of peaceful assembly, continued use of capital punishment, and gender discrimination.

<Lloyd's >, 9-17-2015

 Lloyd's City Risk Index 2015-2025 analyses the potential impact on the economic output (GDP risk) of 301 of the world's major cities, Taipei was ranked world No.1 - within the next 10 years, Taipei is estimated to loss 45% of GDP, about USD18120 billion, 44.78% of them is for typhoons, 16.38% earthquakes, 15.77% (global) financial markets are volatile .  

Liberty Times》Taiwan, 12-19-2015


Misery!  Nearly 90% Taipei's families can't afford Taipei's house price, according to Taiwanese government's latest research "Buying house opportunity index".


Liberty Times》Taiwan, 1-24-2016


    90% of Taiwanese landlords refuse to rent their house to the elder living alone.


Liberty Times》Taiwan, 8-4-2015

Keep eating and drinking nothing for 16+ years to buy a house in Taipei !

5 major cities' (Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiiung ) the Ratio of House Price to Income and house load affordability rate (房貸負擔率) all reach new high since Taiwan's first-time survey being conducted in 2002.  Besides, Taiwanese payroll (compensation level薪資) retreated, so it's even harder (higher misery index) for citizens to buy a house.

Ratio of House Price to Income (times) and house load affordability rate (%) of major cities in Qtr.1, 2015 : Taipei 16.16, 68.63,  New Taipei City 12.78, 55.27, Taoyuan 7.17, 30.44, TaiChung 8.53,36.22 ,TaiNan 6.69, 28.42, Kaohsiung 7.88, 33.46, all these are higher than the number published in 5-12-2015.

Asian City  the Ratio of House Price to Income
Hong Kong(Chn) 17
Taipei (Taiwan) 16.16
New Taipei City (Taiwan) 13.02
Tokyo(Japan) 11.79
Seoul首爾(Korea) 7.85
source: annual Demographia International Housing Affordability

The Misery Index is bit slow down - still take 15 years without eating and drinking to buy a house in Taipei / Liberty Times 9-6-2016


《Liberty Times》Taiwan, 5.12.2015 
           ps: Taipei's "the Ratio of House Price to Income" of Q4, 2014, 15.73, is higher than world No.1 Hong Kong's ratio 14.9 in 2014!

 Keep eating and drinking nothing for 16 years to buy a house in Taipei !

Taipei's the Ratio of House Price to Income 15.73 reach top since Taiwan's first-time survey being conducted in 2002

Ratio of other cities in 4th Qtr., 2014 :  New Taipei City 12.78, Taoyuan 7.11, TaiChung 8.35, TaiNan 6.54, Kaohsiung 7.72.

Asian City  the Ratio of House Price to Income
Hong Kong(Chn) 17
Taipei (Taiwan) 15.73
New Taipei City (Taiwan) 12.78
Tokyo(Japan) 11.79
Seoul首爾(Korea) 7.85
source: annual Demographia International Housing Affordability

The China Times, 9-21-2015

        Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.  published rankings of OECD (2015), Taiwan's environmental quality was ranked No.35 within 37 countries, Taiwan's air pollution index, particulate matter - PM10 being up to 41 ug/m3, already was ranked No. 36 for consecutively 2 years.   Besides, a drinking water survey conducted by Taiwan's government last year found 57.2% of Taiwanese complained their water smelling stinky, or/and like liquid-medicine, 54.1% complained water containing precipitate, impurity and something else, 29.1% complained bad taste,  22.3% complained their water with color or turbidity,  5.6% don't even trust water quality.

The China Times, 10-12-2015

        Taipei's High house price led to extremely low (超低) fertility rate in Taiwan.

The China Times, CTS, SETN, etc ,  4-16-2014

According to annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey (USA), Hong Kong (14.9) tops the Ratio of House Price to Income in the world, the 2nd highest metro city is City of Vancouver, Canada (10.3), the 3rd is S.F., USA (9.2), 4th is Sydney, Australia (9.0) .

Taiwanese government just reported at April 15, 2014 that Taipei's Ratio of House Price to Income is 15.01, New Taipei city is 12.67, Taiwan's scholar (莊孟翰, Tam-kang university ) pointed out both cities should rank world No. 1 and No.3 if  Demographia's survey included Taiwan.    The meaning of the ratio number is how many years in average a resident of certain metro-city takes to have a house, so, a citizen of Taipei City needs to take 15.01 years without spending a penny on eating and drinking, anything, during that period to own a house.   The ratio of Taipei city is 6 times larger than that of Seoul Korea.

The ratio number of other Taiwan's major cities are: Pon-Ho 8.65, Tai-chung city 8.14, Hsin-Chu 7.62,  Kaohsiung city 7.34,  Hsin-Chu City 7.30, Hua-Lien 7.16, Kee-Lung 4.84, Pin-Tong 4.51.


       World's best places to retire in 2015, see  http://internationalliving.com/2015/01/the-best-places-to-retire-2015/   , which includes Asian countries like Malaysia, New Zealand, Thai, Phil, Vietnam, but Taiwan is not included in there.

  ECA international

     According to 2009 ECA int'l "the Best Place to Reside", Taipei ranks No.57,  Asia top 3 are Singapore 、HK、Tokyo( both world No.15)。  2010 rank :  Taipei No.55、 Singapore is still global No. 1.

    Taiwan is not be included in top 30 countries in <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> from 2011 till 2015, In 2015's report, Japan No.9, Singapore 11th, HK 13th,  China No.17 ; 2011 ranking - No.10 Singapore, no.12 HK, no. 13 Australia, no. 19 New Zealand, no.22 Japan, no.32 Korea, no.35 Malaysia.

Taiwan's National Chung Cheng university survey, 1.27.2014

Is Taiwan or Taipei a living safety place? Low personal risk is the most important factor of criteria by The EIU's Liveability Ranking ( the Economist Intelligence Unit global “liveability” study), Monocle's Most Liveable Cities, Mercer Quality of Living Survey.  According to Taiwan's National Chung Cheng university survey (1.27.2014), nearly 70% Taiwanese people are not satisfy Taiwan's society security/public order (criminal rate,"治安狀況"), 50.4% Taiwanese worry becoming next victim in criminal/security cases("遭侵害"), which reach a new high within recent 5 years (<Apple Daily>, 1.27.2014). 

  PS 1:  Taiwan's architectural designs

  Taiwanese architects were forced to be "construction supervisors" instead of "designers" by the government's policy,  this  finally rouse architects' angers after enduring 10 + years,  most major public architecture projects went to international architects for "unjust treaties" made by the administration. / head-line news of The United Daily, 7-17-2017


  pic. United Daily : Taiwanese architects protest "unequal treaty" which benefits foreigners



  PS 2:  Taiwan's architecture pricing  /  7-20-2017   Apple Daily


       Knight Frank Active Capital study found :  

       Pricing for skyscrapers in Hong Kong has reached $8,000 per sq ft, over 60 per cent higher than tall buildings in Tokyo, where pricing is estimated at $4,900 per sq ft. Mumbai commands $600 per sq ft

       Pricing No.1 HK, No.2  Tokyo,  No. 3  NY, No.4 SF, No5 London, and then  Sydney, Singapore, Boston, Taipei (No.9).




     PS 3:  Taiwan's architectural designs
 comment Taipei 101 tower :   http://intlHumanRights.com/taipei_101_comment.htm









pic: The sites were ranked both No.1, 2
by "comment Taipei 101" on Bing, 7-16-2017

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pic: The sites were ranked No.1, 2 ,3
by "comment Taipei 101" on Yahoo, 7-16-2017

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pic: The sites were  ranked both No.1,
by Chinese keyword "comment Taipei 101" on Bing, 7-16-2017


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pic: The sites were  ranked No.1
by  Chinese keyword "comment Taipei 101" on Yahoo, 7-16-2017