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       Taiwan massage

porn are porn, pure are not all pure

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Telegraph (UK), 2023-5-15: Everywhere you look there are hair salons offering shampoos and head massages for a handful of New Taiwan dollars, while reflexology and back massage for NT$10 can be had on almost every street corner.   telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2023/05/15/war-taiwan-residents-seemed-in-blissful-denial/     (PS: massage in regular hair salons is cheap, tips may be free, and massage time is short; but massage in massage parlours usually cost you NT1,000~2000 for two hours)
New York Times, 2021-3-21:
In Asia, massage is legal, normal and necessary. In America, it’s stained by sexism, imperialism and sex trafficking.  “Aren’t they all sex parlors?”  (nytimes.com/2021/03/21/opinion/atlanta-shooting-asian-massage.html?_ga=2.4229488.2143597131.1619676290-916182465.1606396806)  

However, in Asia's Taiwan, erotic/porn massages or
rub-and-tugs are everywhere, even including some blind massage (worse in 10 years ago).   US state government - Trafficking in persons report, Jun. 2023, July 2021 and Jun. 2020: Taiwan traffickers also exploit persons with disabilities in sex trafficking.   BBC, 2021-5-20 named Taipei's WanHua district "Taiwan's red light district, home to tea houses and massage centers"   (news.yahoo.com/covid-19-went-wrong-singapore-232207544.html)  TIME, 2021-5-20:  a Little Secret Tea, Broke Down Taiwan's COVID-19 Defenses. "a little secret" implies tea houses and massage centers are legal and normal on surface, but are secret porn business  Even in some regular traditional massage businesses, some masseuses or female therapists rub customer's groin area (they use the term "海邊", "Hi-bian") while giving full-body massage, some go further to offer "happy ending" for tips.  So, you better select a place with reputation, e.g., "六星集" ( http://www.footmassage.com.tw/)  or 5 star hotel's massage salon / barber shop.


WebMD:  Used as a complement to traditional, Western medicine, massage can promote relaxation and reduce cancer symptoms or side effects of treatment. It may help reduce pain, swelling, fatigue, nausea, or depression, for example, or improve the function of your immune system. Massage helps relieve depression and anxiety.
Michigan State University : Ancient foot massage technique may ease cancer symptoms.  Reflexology is based on the idea that stimulating specific points on the feet can improve the functioning of corresponding organs, glands and other parts of the body.
FoxNews: Cancer patients feel less distress after massage therapy, study finds.    
America Cancer Society: While massage appears promising for symptom management and improving quality of life, available scientific evidence does not support claims that massage slows or reverses the growth or spread of cancer. A growing number of health care professionals recognize massage as a useful addition to conventional medical treatment.
Harvard University  : Frequent Ejaculation May Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk



pic. :  No.1  "Taiwanese foot rub" on Yandex at 2024-4-4, 2024-2-12, 2023-11-29, 2023-6-1, 2023-1-27;  No.1 "Taiwan's foot rub " on Yandex of  Russia, 2024-4-4, 2024-2-12, 2023-11-28, 2023-6-1, 2022-6-13, 2022-2-13, 2021-12-28, 2021-7-23, 2021-5-22; No.2 at 2021-10-19; The web-sites group was ranked No.1 "Taiwan foot rub", "foot rub in Taiwan"  on Yandex at 2024-4-4, 2024-2-12, 2023-6-1, 2023-1-27 


pic. :The web-sites group was ranked No.1 "Taiwanese massage" on Yandex of Russia at 2024-4-4, 2024-2-12




pic. :The web-sites group was ranked No.1 "Taiwan massage" on Yandex of Russia at 2024-4-4, 2023-6-2



pic. :The web-sites-group was ranked No.1  "Taiwan's foot rub" on Bing, 2023-1-27; No.1 "foot rub in Taiwan","Taiwan foot rub ", "Taiwanese foot rub" on Bing, 2022-6-13, 2022-2-13, 2021-12-28, 2021-10-19, 2021-7-23, 2021-5-15











April 2024, Feb. 2018

  Massage is popular in Taiwan.  pic. is survivors from huge earthquake having massage in temporary shelter



What's NEW in todays' Taiwan massage ecology?


Blind massage/  Visually-Impaired massage (視障按摩)  

In a chain store, I chose a 75-year-old masseuse (with 50 years of experience, maybe the oldest in the field).  Her muscles were still good.  She said her monthly income was less than NT30,000, another one said probably about NT20,000 (USD700).  They used to earn extra cash by doing massage in hotel room upon call - not any more.   Recently, it is difficult to call blind massager in Taipei's small hotels, but grand ones such as EverGreen Hotel still call blind massage for their customers staying overnight.
信安 (Xin An)> tripadvisor.jp/Attraction_Review-g13806451-d16882545-Reviews-Xin_An_An_Mo_Zhong_Xin-Datong_Taipei.html
is the most well-known blind massage chain stores.  One store in the west quarter hires several normal vision female therapists from China - the one I chose pressured hard, she said the store was interviewed and reported by a famous Japanese TV station.
These "blind" massage shops have a special selling point - massaging the lower body for half hour for NT400.   

US State Government  
2023 trafficking in persons report (2023-6-16):
Taiwanese traffickers also exploit persons with disabilities in sex trafficking.  


Traditional massage (傳統按摩)  
Generally speaking, masseuses from Mainland China are powerful and can pressure really hard;  before getting married to Taiwan, many of them were peasants, fisherwomen or seaside workers.  Most masseuses in foreign ​​tourists-areas XiMenDing (西門町) and Taipei Main Station are Taiwanese  (e.g., <足強> Simon Massage shop or <滿足> shop), because, one Chinese masseuse told me, tourists usually don't like hard-pressure massage, especially Japanese - they like soft or gentle massage.   The Chinese massage girl also told me, Taiwanese masseuses have power too, but it depends if they are willing to spend full energy on it.
The price of a traditional massage is about 1,300 for two hours.  <
李炳輝 (Li BingHui)> massage chain shop, a popular one,  borrows the name of (Wikipedia: "借出名稱站台") a senior blind singer 李炳輝 who also played a role as celebrity endorsements for the shop ,  but Mr. Li doesn't have any position in the shop, he lived in poverty, according to media reports,  Li only earned little per month and needed friends' donations to make living  73歲李炳輝現況曝光!穿單薄外套市場旁賣藝 畫面惹鼻酸 (yahoo.com) ;  by contrast, a mainland female massager of Li BingHui shop said that she can earn NT 90,000 per month if working harder.   In traditional massage field, the oldest ones are aged over 60 , almost all male massagers are Taiwanese - Traditional massage in Taipei's 5-star hotels are different -  rarely see a male massage therapist,  if you want one, the hotel may do special arrangement for you.  

Taiwan's massage crimes never end, they occurred in famous shops,  even top hospital (Cheng Hsin General Hospital) ... some very popular massager was sexual assault criminal


in recent half year, media reported several crimes including :

United Daily, 2024-1-24 https://udn.com/news/story/7317/7730293    CTS News (2023-11-3)   按摩店遭色狼性侵 女子崩潰控訴偷拍|👍小編推新聞 20231103 (youtube.com)   SETN(2023-11-2) .setn.com/news.aspx?newsid=1377425   ; Liberty Times (2023-9-25)  https://news.ltn.com.tw/news/society/breakingnews/4439098

 China Times ,2024-4-26扮按摩師性侵女大生「她有呻吟」 超慘下場



Thailand style massage (泰式按摩)  

Taiwan police usually keep one eye closed on these parlors.  Unlike traditional massage, Thai. style massagers or , say, servants don't sit in rows in the lobby for your selections.  The counter usually take customer to a private room, then the girl (actually, woman aged 30-55 or older but they won't let you know) shows up in darker or dim light, they usually don't look like normal house wives or neighbor girls, instead, some look just like prostitutes,  some may argue a lot for tips if you allow a grey-zone at the beginning.   The regular massage price is about NT800~1000 for one hour and 1,300 for 90 minutes, extra service fee not included.  They pressure very soft, usually.   Few Thai. massage parlors with excellent decoration don't offer erotic massage (but some girls may cross the line), Thai. massage (usually) doesn't pressure as hard as (Chinese) traditional massage.


Spa massage (視聽理容會館)

High-end massage.  Each private room is equipped with TV, audio, excellent air condition, hair-cutting chair, and provides with nail-care, face-care options;  some Spas have a jokingly name「手工, which means some girls may finger you and offer jerk off service (even 'take-out' service for extra money).  Media reported a widely-known council member was a customer of a spa in NanJing E. Rd.    Spa shops have girls younger than Thai. massage parlours. 
Spa's price is about double the traditional massage's. 
For instance, <京華城> NT1300 per hour2600 for 2 hours, <Sakura Spa> NT3200 (USD100) for 2 hours, both are cheaper than those in 5-star hotels.    Due to CovID-19,
<溫莎堡> chain shops with foreign tour groups as their main marketing objective was closed.


A few years ago, the price of traditional massage in Japan was about 50% off
cw.com.tw/article/5101785 )NT620 per hour was cheaper than those in Taiwan.  China's price suppose even lower.   Considering the average monthly income in Taiwan (Wiki. Jul 2023:  USD 1,282 ~1,407) is only about half of that in Japan (DeskTrack Nov. 2023  3,794 USD), the massage price seems still too high for Taiwanese public.

April 2024



Wikipedia's interlink WikiSexGuide, April 2021  wikisexguide.com/wiki/Taipei  "Most of the prostitutes in Taiwan are working in innocent looking massage parlors, salons, spas, night clubs, dance halls, even tea houses" http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Taiwan ( Dec. 2018  ): "One can find prostitutes in massage parlors, spas, salons in Taiwan".
Apple Daily , 2021-2-17 The hidden rule for workers in sex-related circle (including massage parlous, etc) is the law is hard to protect their rights and interests if encounter some risk such as rape (sex without money), sexual harassment etc while "working".     tw.appledaily.com/local/20210217/O2GPTL5QTZAEPAFAS3TNAXCZAQ/
Apple Daily (蘋果日報), 12-25-2020

To have fun at erotic or porn massage parlors, you may need regular (or repeat) customer to lead the way, otherwise the shop definitely will deny everything, even kick you out. Those parlors in ZhongShan district usually use secret code "0.3、0.5、1" to name their service, "0.3: means NT3000 for hand job, "0.5" means NT5,000 for blow job, "1" is NT10,000 for (S) sex service, some pure traditional massage or SPA shops also offer hand-job service, to get NT2500 a lot easier than hard-work massage. https://tw.appledaily.com/local/20201225/G5X6NBZAPJDINEDLPZKHFDVE5E/     https://tw.appledaily.com/local/20201225/KF6JYZ247ZDPNGGSDW5PMHAU5U/

Apple Daily , 11-9-2020 even a physical therapist​ of Cheng-Hsin General Hospital (Taipei 振興醫院), a famous hospital, committed a crime of sexual harassment (made a pass at her private part, etc) while giving massage upon a female patient. tw.appledaily.com/local/20201109/6J43CZ653VBS3PZZKDBA4FK3XA/
Hong Kong best film nominee <金雞>('02) Hong Kong masseuse in a normal traditional massage house "peddles" her hand job after regular massage service.  Another HK film also mentions female massagers like to do hand job for their customers.  In Taiwan, many masseuses, even blind or visually impaired ones,  are willing to do this for money.  Some will do it if you have connection with her regular customer or friends.
 BBC,  6-3-2020 “knife therapy”, is believed to have physical and emotional healing powers and is a form of Chinese medicine that is thought to be more than 2,000 years old.

Taiwan's phony crackdown on prostitution :  prostitution !  

      understand Taiwan   in 1 minute  !!       TAIWAN            review Taiwan          comment Taiwan     !   

Basically, there're 3 types of massage services in Taiwan : traditional massage, barber shop massage, and Thailand (or some South-east Asia countries) style massage parlors.  The latter two are more erotic.  Traditional massage could work out your tension, increase circulation, activate the right energy points (穴道), and alleviate pains, if you get the right masseuse,  some massage workers in traditional massage shops offer "extra" service for easy money.   Having massage in Taiwan, pls. note :

health vs. fraud  / A story in Washington Post, 2021-3-31, said in the US a very poor neck massage - physical therapy referred by physician costs over two hundred US dollars for 45 minutes.  Taiwanese masseuse costs you only about 1/10.  United Daily News (8-23-2018) reported that, according to the law, any Taiwanese masseuse without MD license declaring they offer "therapy" instead of massage, or what they do have curative effect (e.g., lymphatic detoxification, cure plantar fasciitis, pathological massage) will get penalty fine.   EBC TV (東森電視, 靖天育樂,  9-30-2018, "Hello Doctor"):  There's one case scraping (刮痧) improperly caused paraplegic problems ......  massaging improperly may cause LDH, Erectile dysfunction, Gatism, stroke.......  Taipei City Hospital (Renai branch) 's M.D. in 康健 Magazine (12-4-2017) said the main difference between massage-naprapathy in medical clinic and various style massages in massage shops is that the clinic will find out your pathogeny (cause of disease) and give right treatments.  CTS, 5-4-2018, reported a Taiwanese person with hyperglycemia/hyperlipidemia/ hypertension almost die for having massage in Taiwan.


crime  / BBC 12-13-2019: The back-cracking Thailand massage has been added to intangible cultural heritage list by UNESCO, however, the form of Thai. massage in Taiwan is different.  Mirror (鏡周刊) 5-14-2019: Recently, lots of East-South Asian young girls entered Taiwan to be prostitutes ...  you may see them in Thai. massage parlors, as well as in some traditional massage shops.  Some underworld (gangsters) own both erotic Thai. massage and traditional massage business which may do something as well.    

       Yahoo headline 11-27-2017 ( and Chicago Tribune, CNN, USA Today, etc) : Massage Envy, a behemoth in massage therapy, is facing hundreds of sexual assault allegations, because massage has "built-in risk" , "just like there was opportunity in the priesthood, there's opportunity in the massage room... your guard is down completely".   Washington Post (11-27-2017): "ONE incident is too many".   CNA, 2021-4-23 (cna.com.tw/news/asoc/202104230056.aspx) reported a male massager fooled a young girl client that there are some energy points (穴道) in breast and private part, then successfully sexual assaulted her.  Liberty Times, 2021-4-16 (news.ltn.com.tw/news/society/breakingnews/3502055): an old (age 57) masseuse lured a male client in about same age as her son into sex transaction.   Taiwan's CTV(中視), 2021-5-13, 7:20am: a good-looking masseuse's throat was cut by a sharp knife...  .    CTV、CTS(華視新聞) TV News at 9-3-2019: a girl college student was separated her legs and was sexual harassed while having massage in tourist-site Xi-Mun-Din area,  TVBS News reported a similar case, suspiciously, was found in a  famous brand李炳輝第二代』("疑爆猥褻性侵" for details - https://news.tvbs.com.tw/local/353431).   Apple Daily (蘋果日報) 12-16-2019 : a masseuse in Xi-Min-Din (西門町) foot massage shop did "kiss" "outrageously" a lady-customer's private part when she was sleepy during the session, the high court can't give him heavy penalty for lacking of evidences CTV (中視新聞) evening news, 5-19-2017, 19:07:  a female customer was hurt and was drew blood by a masseuse's "needle" .   The Liberty Times (1-8-2016),  a masseuse in a popular night market (RaoHe Street) did sexual assault (by fingers, and kissing) to a cute house wife...  I personally have unusual experiences of " doze-off " during a massage session -  in an obscure storefront.
Hence, please keep in mind to select 5 star hotel's or best-reputation massage shops for your perfect safety, the popular or crowded ones may not be clean ones.   Besides, having body massage in a private room is much more risky than foot massage in an open space.    For similar reason ( poor Taiwan administration),  Taiwan's most famous Toxicology expert & professor Yin M.D. (顏宗海, U. London ) advised that "Minimize the times of dining out to protect your health ! Taiwan's massage costs you more than all-you-can-eat buffet in 5 star hotel like US Sheraton or Shangri-La's, about NT1000 for 2.5 hours' lunch.  (Taiwan's traditional massage asks about NT800 per hour, Barber massage NT1100+ per hour, Thai massage is cheaper, usually NT1000~1200 for 2 hours, but tips NT500 ~ 2000+ for "extra service", by contrast, massage price in Thailand is about NT200 per hour, in China may even cost you less;  Some barber massage shops near Westin hotel, Sherwood hotel, EVA hotel were closed in recent years,  in Oct. 2018, two massage shops next to Sheraton hotel was closed )  uneven ps1: the female masseuse might naturally touch customer's groin near end of massage therapy,  and provides 40 minutes "service" starting from Japanese $7000.


Ecstasy in massage ?  particularly full body massage in a private room

CTV (中視)Taipei2022-7-7,  youtube.com/watch?v=-2h7dcrc19Q

The ecstasy method is constantly updated,  be careful !
M.D.劉伯恩 says, at least three different kinds of ecstasy:

1. Rapidly volatilizing liquid Armonia :  In high concentrations, it will cause an instant nervous system response. Rapid volatilization affects the central nervous system, causing loss of memory or temporary loss of some control, and even fainting
2. Liquid anesthetic (液態麻藥): it will only numb the part, not dizzy

3. Gaseous nitrous oxide(氣態笑氣): it has the same effect but currently cannot be transformed to a liquid
n Police advise:  should you encounter this situation, move the medicine to toilet paper or towel, then enclose it in a paper bag, and hand it over to the police... not  in plastic bags as it may be corrupted
n solution:  in the first place drink a lot of water or inhale pure oxygen to help metabolize poisons


PS: The possibility of having massage by illegal or immoral masseuses can not be ruled out.


business is down -  even before CovID-19 broke out.  EBC(東森) TV News at 8-2-2019 reported that many massage businesses in must-see tourist-site Xi-Mun-Din, such as <足強/ Simon massage><皇家峇里 / royalbali>, etc prove keen competitions in the field,  in the past years 70% of customers were Korean and Japanese tourists (next were from HK, Singapore and local people), now drop about 50%.  Taking low-price strategy only leads to destructive competition, or useless at all, because there's no crowded visitors to come. Around end of 2019, top brand <6-star Foot Massage Villa Spa> (六星集, http://www.footmassage.com.tw/)  on Chuan-Ann E. Rd. was closed already......  All these most likely proves previous strategy, so-called "premium services" not working well  ――   CTS evening news (2-15-2019 19:15) reported that Taiwanese massage business are leaping at the chance to attract Japanese customers by upgrading to premium services  ――   Apple Daily (12-28-2018) reported that the number of Japanese tourists to massage shops is going down, because of a sudden dramatic decline of massage price in Japan, even cheaper than Taiwan's price.   Besides, according to TradingEconomics, the average amount of Japanese net salary in Nov. 2018, NTD91,109.27, is about double that of Taiwanese, NT46,542.   In earlier years, three main attractions for Japanese tourists were National Palace Museum, steamed bun and cheap massage, according to a Japanese writer's essay in Apple Daily at 12-28-2018. 


Porn   /  
The Guardian 2021-5-16 (theguardian.com/world/2021/may/16/lockdowns-and-panic-buying-in-taiwan-as-covid-cases-rise): ...the district of Wanhua, where a cluster of at least 100 cases so far has centred on hosted bars and teahouses connected to the sex work industry.  But,  Next TV news 2021-5-18:  Many foreign laborers from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, etc entered Taiwan by the name of care-taker but actually illegally worked at these porn parlors in Taipei's Wanhua district, now have escaped to their boss places in southern Taiwan to avoid corona-virus test... some massage parlors ignored ban placed by gov. and still run business.  UDN 12-2-2018: Taiwan's New Southbound Policy results in "fake tourists, true prostitutes", the number of foreign prostitutes hits top ever, some of them 'work' for massage parlors (some use sound-translator to communicate with customers).   (2018-10-28): young Vietnamese work as skin-care masseuses at day time, as street girls in 桂林 road & lanes after 11 pm.    According to The United Daily News (7.27.2014) and Apple Daily News (4.12.2014), many massage parlors in Taipei  run porn business.  Prostitution in Taiwan are, firstly, Thai massage parlors (「掛羊頭賣狗肉」的按摩店(或養生館)), second, call-girls controlled by agents, thirdly, individual working studio or so-called one-woman brothel (「一樓一鳳」).    Some massage business set their market-positioning to be Thai. massage parlor as well as Traditional massage shop, so as to earn one way or another, hence some refine young house wives made more than NTD 100 thousands per month.     at 5-5-2016 reported "nude massage" advertisement  Apple Daily News (April 12, 2014) , according to what the reporter saw -  massage girls in Taipei all do prostate-care sort of half-package sexual service  (會從事被稱為「攝護腺保養」、「淋巴排毒. 」等半套性服務). Most girls in Thai. massage parlours and erotic luxury barber-shop (or namely, "massage fashion center", "spa massage", "audio-visual massage", "skin care studio", etc, or in Chinese "視聽理容, 時尚紓壓會館" ) might offer some manual stimulation or whatever release the most tension, a happy-ending for customers.  Some masseuses in traditional massage businesses will rub your upper inner thigh muscles, and might go further for tips or for routine customers.

The China Times (1.19.2014)  : The massage became most popular business in Taiwan,  this sort of salons were opened  more and more in recent years for Taiwan's bad economic.  The China Time Weekly (6-2-2016): The 1st floor of Taiwan president Ma's apartment is a traditional massage shop.   Apple Daily news (Dec. 25, 2014) reported a scholar's study ―  the reason that barber shops and massage parlors in Taiwan offer "something extra" to "horn it up"  is Taiwanese people's sexual repression and men's "needs"/hormones (ps: but many Taiwanese customers do it just for "entertainment" and casual fun-fun - ref. to Next magazine 2015, No.722  ).  Most masseuse in Thai. massage parlors are mainland Chinese women, they are more powerful and more "open" than Taiwanese women.   If Taiwan's Thai massage parlors all get together in one street, that'll be a "China Town" in Taiwan ―  definitely the most special China Town on this planet.

Some massage houses are so popular (e.g., Foot-Massage Spa Villa) that customers flock to it, you may need a reservation in advance (just like Michelin one star restaurants in New York ), otherwise will be in a queue for service.   
Taiwan's media equated Taiwanese (foot) massage with National Palace Museum (exhibiting ancient China's treasures)
both are Taiwan's major attractions,  therefore, "Taiwanese massage" certainly deserves to be explored and studied - on the web-pages following top-rankings records below. 


pic. left: This sites-group was ranked No. 1 on China's Baidu by "Taiwan massage" , test at 8-3-2019, No. 5 at 2022-6-13

pic. right: This sites-group was ranked No. 1 on China's Baidu by "Taiwanese massage" , at 6-20-2020, 7-12-2019, , No. 5 at 2022-6-13




Basically, there're 3 categories of Taiwanese massage:

(1)  barber-shop (Spa) massages:  

         1-1.   high end /   Taiwan’s democratically elected representatives came


They, also namely "massage fashion center", or "spa massage", "audio-visual massage", "skin care studio", etc, or in Chinese "視聽理容, 時尚紓壓會館", offer good quality of massage as well as luxury environment and atmosphere -  customers have private room, comfortable barber-chair, heart-delighted music, freezing air-condition, and a cable TV,  basic price for pure massage is about NTD1000~1300 per hour, other services including nail care, pedicure, hair-cutting, expert foot massage, etc cost you more.  You can select pretty massage girls aged 20+ (very few under 20), or senior masseuse usually with better massage skills and stronger muscle, energy, to do Zhi Ya (指壓) You may experience pampering and motherly energy in here, but, most of luxury barber shop massage businesses are belong to "erotic massage" category.


  "Zhi Ya" means "Acupressure",  is manual pressure applied to a specific slightly depressed point (pressure points) on the body with fingers/hands.  However, only a few or very few massage female are willing to do acupressure and squeezing/rubbing guests'  muscles harder solely by their fingers for the whole session, instead, they elbow customers' muscle, or even foot-step on guests' back and legs, to save their own energy.  To my experience, they still are better than the blind masseuse called by 4 star or 5 star hotel (reception counter).  Please note, some masseuse may try to twist your neck like Turkish bath way, inexperienced masseuse may hurts customer.    

In Taipei City, basic massage expense range is NT1000~1300 (USD35~40) per hour, USD70~80 per 2 hrs., tips optional. (New Taipei City is cheaper, about NT400 for half hour)    In most barber shops, the customers, may just like an ancient emperor, having several girls around to serve you
  e.g., one or 2 masseuse do zhi-ya on your body & foot, another one does facial treatment and a manicurist does nail care, etc for you.   In this sort of barber shops, customers usually lie supine ( in contrast, traditional massage usually start from lying face-down ) on the barber-bed for being massaged, so that some evil masseuses are harder (still possible) to do anything tricky (e.g., daze customers by chemical ... for a moment) "after you".    Better select a shop with reputation for your personal safety.


According to ETTV news ("東森", 9-10-2014) and The China Times' <Want Weekly< ("周刊王", No.041, 2015), the daughter in law(蔡依珊) of Dr. Lien Chan (連戰1936-), former vice-president and chairman of Guomintang (or say KMT - ruling political party of current government), loves Sakura barber-shop massage house located by Dun-Hua Ren-Ai circle,  ETTV news also reported that  lots of very influential VIPs, glitterati, love coming here, many BMW and Benz (worth many billions dollars) are parking at the front ,  TV stars like 天心、侯佩岑 was here, etc, however, my Sakura experiences in last year were just OK, not perfect.  Their price is just little bit higher than other barber shops, NT1300 for 60 min.,  NT1950 for 90 min.,  NT2600 for 2 hours, doing a facial( 做臉)costs you NT1400、hair-washing (洗髮) NT500Foot cuticle repair(修腳) NT500ear-pick(挖耳) NT450shoes-polishing (擦皮鞋)NT150、 hair-cutting(理髮) NT600manicure (修手) NT350.   Massage salons in 5 star hotels (see section 3 below) cost you much more.  A massage girl told me Sakura is a "higher class" place.


In recent years more and more red Chinese girls have been 'imported' to massage businesses in Taiwan.   More likely there're 'something' (out for a drink, etc) you can talk about with some masseuses  ...  The client may bit paw some masseuses while massaging.  The Liberty Times reported at 3-17-2008:  The module of sex trade in here is client buying masseuse's hours (paying take-out fee to the massage center) in advance, then take the girl out to hotel for love hog things.   The paper of Central Police University (Hsu S.Y., 2009) or Chung Hua University (professor Liao YihHsing,  2012) : The price of "take-out 2 hours" is about NTD 800,   the price for "vanish the cane" is usually NTD3000 One masseuse told me they don't have good reputation, but some of them still married a right guy (usually means a rich man).



  The Huffington Post:  

An erotic massage is both healthy and sexy

Breast Massages May Prevent Cancer, Study Says


It's time to get hands-on.

An erotic massage is both healthy and sexy — making it a win for you and your partner.

A revelation in science suggests that a simple squeeze of the breasts may help prevent malignant cells from triggering breast cancer. How, you ask? This is because the physical pressure helps regulate the cells back to a normal growth pattern.


Wikipedia: In July 2012, The Huffington Post was ranked #1 on the 15 Most Popular Political Sites list by eBizMBA Rank.


Taiwanese barber massage chair



This web-page Ranking No.1 on Google by keywords
 "Taiwanese massage", test at 6-6-2015, 2-4-2015,
No.1 "Taiwan massage" in Chinese, test at 6-17-2017, 9-9-2016, No.2 at 3-5-2018,



 another popular barber shop massage, Gin-Hua Town (京華城時尚館), was just reported by <Want Weekly> ("周刊王", 10-21-2015) that in some evening a married city-councilor, Dai Xi-Qin (市議員戴錫欽), stayed in there for 3 hours.  <Want Weekly> also calls it a "manual stimulation" (手工), or porn (情色) shop, but was rarely investigated or/and caught by police since opened in 1994, Taiwan's police chief Chen Guo-Ann (陳國恩 '17) was the police chief in charge of Song-San District where Gin-Hua Town massage parlor was under his jurisdiction.   Want Weekly reporter also saw some gorgeous girls often walking around the lobby, but not every woman in there offers sex service for money.    ps: photo of the chief of Taiwan's National Police Agency, Chen Kuo-En / http://www.npa.gov.tw/NPAGip/wSite/ct?xItem=76136&ctNode=12850
pic. above: Taiwanese style barber massage chair (very exotic and very Taiwanese style) - pic. taken in Gin-Hua Town / Metro Massage resort house (京華城/大都會Comfortable Internal Relax), Nan-Gin E. Rd., sec. 5., 118.     
According to academic paper of Central Police University(中央警察大學研究所 2009 )or  paper of Chung-Hua University (中華大學 2012):  the take-out fee for the massage house is NTD800 (USD27) for 2 hours,  price for boink ― negotiate with the girl, usually NTD3000

  Major majestic barber shops for massaging in Taipei  : 

 ●  Sakura健康生活館 :   Esquire Building, round-about traffic circle (rotonde) Ren'ai Rd. ●  Windser Bur Massage Shop -  25-12, Sec.1 , Min-Seng E. Rd., Taipei  (Lots of foreign tour groups are here)
 ●  京華城( Metro 大都會) Comfortable Internal Relax - 118, Sec. 5, NanGin E. Rd.  Taipei  ●  Kai.Yeh.com.tw (KaDerLy)  - 140, Sec. 2, Nan-Gin E. Rd., Taipei  
 ●  White House Massage & Barber Shop -  B1, 294, Sec.1  Dunhua S. Rd. Taipei  ●  Kai.Yeh.com.tw (Cardia)  -  100, Lin-Sen N. Rd. , Taipei
 ●  ShangHai in the Night (夜上海)Spa: 25, Sec.3, Nan-Gin E. Rd., Taipei  ●  Pleasure Body Works Spa (悅華)  -  96, Sec.3,  Nan-Gin E. Rd., Taipei   (closed, early 2015)
 ●  Kai.Yeh.com.tw (Triumph arch)  - 53, Sec. 3, Min-Seng E. Rd.,Taipei ●  Time (時代)  -  103, Sec.2,  Chuan-Ann East Rd., Taipei  
 ●   Price Town 太子城 Spa -  ZhongXiao E. Rd. and Guon-Fu S. Rd., Taipei ●  冠天下 healthcare   -  38  Sec.2,  Nan-Gin E. Rd., Taipei 

 ●  晶華首席:   21, sec.1 Chuan-Ann E. Rd., Taipei

●  溫莎堡 Windser Bur Massage Shop - sec.1 Chuan-Ann E. Rd., Taipei (opposite side of 晶華首席)
 ●   Beautiful Environmental (美儷新境):   285, Sec. 5, NanGin E. Rd.  Taipei  ●  Broadway (百老匯) - cross way : Nan-Gin E. Rd. and Yi Jiang Street (moved to Sin-Sen bridge & renamed 5'16)
 ●  186 fashion salon : 186, Sec. 4, Nan-Gin E. Rd., Taipei  (only 2 hr session available)   ●   Day Spa太子城 - 330, sec 4, ZhongXiao E Rd, Super star  Ti-Ko-Liang 豬哥亮was there overnight many times


Apple daily (蘋果日報), 2020-12-25      Porn massage needs regular client lead the way, otherwise the shops might deny selling sex,  those in ZongShan district (中山區) usually use secret code "0.3"、"0.5"、"1" "0.3" means to engage in masturbation for NTD3000 (USD100),"0.5" means NTD5000 blow job, "1" is NTD10,000 full service, Some pure traditional massage parlors and SPA also provide with jerk-off job asking NTD 2500, those masseuses prefer easy-money NTD 2500 rather than hard-work earning much less.

https://tw.appledaily.com/local/20201225/G5X6NBZAPJDINEDLPZKHFDVE5E/     https://tw.appledaily.com/local/20201225/KF6JYZ247ZDPNGGSDW5PMHAU5U/



   prostitution !  The percentage of Taiwanese prostitutes in 1,000 population ranks No.1 in Asia, the percentage of clients paid for sex ranks No.1 in the world


pic. left: Zola Zu's cartoon, exhibited in Japan, Israel, and Taiwan (originally prt. in the China Times)

pic. right: a Zola Zu's cartoon using foot-massage sign




        1-2.   low end /       Older fellers, not the classics.         

Recall a kinda "out-of-bounds" film <American Pie - Book of Love> , a very experienced prostitute, elderly Monique, dies while performing fellatio on a high-schooler.   In Taiwan, you got a lot of chances to try a Cougar in out-of-date barber shops.   The age gap might be a lot bigger than that of Trump couple. 


Some barber shops having large black or almost opaque or obstructive door-height windows as front facade (to prevent viewing what's going on inside or how massagers look) offering sex transaction are hard to survive in Taiwan, there're only some (about 10+) "old fashioned" barber-shops in Taipei, e.g., around Yan-Ping S. Rd. & Han-Kou St. (and in Kun-Ming St. , Bo'ai special district "博愛特區" -  Taiwan Presidential Palace zone -  by contrast, erotic massage studios in the US,  typically, are not found on main throughfares, but in out of the way locations ),  doing pure massage for NT700~800 per hr., or/and do "half-package" ("half"  means 'hand job', "full service" means going all the way) for about NT1000/hr. ~ NT1600/90 min. ( price varies,  taking-out "full" service price bargains) by middle-aged (usually 40, 50+ some even outdated up to 70+) Taiwanese ( some are house-wife style, some others are terrible-looking floozies with fully made-up or even a belly-bag) and by chance a few red Chinese "house wives", few aged 30 ones (Mar., '15, Fall, '18), in small-sized barber-chairs of a preserved-in-time cramped working unit separated by a sort of office furniture screen, or cotton curtain, or a window door ― the darkness builds an invisible wall for protecting each couple's little privacy,  these sort of nostalgic (since 1970+) barber shops transport older guests back to their younger age, but still are less competitive than Thai. massage parlors.   In Sept., 2018, an old-brand barber shop namely "群爺" in Xi-Mun Din  ("西門町", a popular tourists district) was closed.  For bad business, some old style bright-light barber shops in Bo'ai special district offer dry-humping or even more.    

TVBS 3-17-'08 reported, the prosecutor thought there's no wall and door to separate each barber chair, so it's hard to conclude there was any sexual intercourse done in front of many people probably over there, and therefore no one was charged. (news.tvbs.com.tw/local/163408) He 'forgot' something dim lit or even dark light for the desired effect However, the Liberty Times reported at same day that a customer had sex with a massager on a small barber chair, their 'room' was separated by just some cotton curtains.  Apple Daily reported at  6-6-2003,  some porn barber shops are close to Taipei police station (within 100m), their massagers are older than their mom, price is NTD 1500 for half package, NTD 2000 for full service. 


In old style dancing halls you might find a lot of older women too.

pic.:  the main difference between Thai. massage parlors and dark barber shops is the latter one has more older Taiwanese massagers looking like passing through all odds or vicissitudes, and a barber pole at front of the shop, their regular clients probably are older men.     In contrast, prostitutes in some legal places (e.g., 14 houses in TaiNan City 台南東豐路、新營廠前街) aged 30+, NT 800 for 20 min., 500~1000 for 30 min. ( ref to Apple Daily 蘋果日報2-13-2019) are cheaper and, maybe, safer.


(2) Thai. body massage parlors:      eXotic + eRotic 


Thailand massage, or namely, Vietnam, Cambodia ... such some South-East Asia countries.  Thai. massage parlors have long had a reputation as fronts for prostitution, most, if not all, of massage girls are sex-workers.  

     Wikipedia's interWiki  wikisexguide.com/wiki/Taipei (April, 2021): There are Thai. massage places all over Taipei and in most massage salons you do have a good chance to find extra services. Wikipedia's interlink WikiSexGuide points out ( Mar. 2015) that there are Thai massage places all over Taipei and most places you have a good chance to find 'extra services'.   In contrast to so-called "astonishingly affordable" price USD 50 plus tips per hour in N.Y. (New York Times, 2021-3-21), about USD25 per hour in here ―  tips for "extra service" is not included.


The China Times (Jan. 13, 2015) analyzed those massage parlors without room-door-locks are not running erotic or porn business, but if this news-report is correct, probably there is no erotic-porn massage parlors in Taiwan.   The truth is Taiwan's massage parlors were very aware of the legal boundaries, and already exploited a legal loophole to run business ―  keeping each private massage room's sliding (side-pull) door closed but unlock (or set a small window on the room-door), so as to be in a legally "public area" status, in practice, no one passing by will open the door to disturb "business" inside.  Taiwanese police and prosecutors certainly can see all these tricks even with an eye blind,  they just play deaf-mute on porn trade.  UDN (3-16-2016) : recently, Taiwan prosecutors less likely charge the crime "Offenses against Morals" to strip teasers inside a room with door locked or just closed.  A widely known prostitute (官秀琴, eventually she killed herself ) blamed that Taiwan's officials only deal with tiny little fishes, and let go sharks with connections ("柿子揀軟的吃"), this reminds me Taiwan's official propaganda commercial to the U.N., using the analogy of a tiny-little-fish-sized whale in a dollar-fish bowl to a poor isolated Taiwan.

     Typical Thailand style massage suppose applies deep pressure, and pulling, bending, stretching the body, and manipulating body into a variety of yoga poses.    The major difference between Taiwan's traditional barber shops and Thai. massage parlors in Taiwan is Thai's cheaper decoration and cheaper price     NT900~1300 (about USD35) for about 2 hours (about NT600~800 for 1 hr) on a tami style, very thin flat mattress on the floor in a single room (a little tiny cubby hole couldn't be tighter) doing body massage (Zhi Ya),  or about NT1200+ for 2 hours on just a hard bed of a single room doing "Essence Oil Massage"/"Aromatherapy"(油壓).     New Taipei City costs about same as Taipei City's.  Some Thai. parlors around Hua-Xi St. cost bit more, NT1300 for 100 min.  , they provide massage by Vietnamese girls.   

    Most massage-girls in Thai. massage parlors came from China (mainland),  particularly Fujian province (Fukien)       it's something weird, because according to statistics equal distribution     suppose be equally allocated to 20+ provinces of China.  Do Fukien specially love this job?  Workers usually are widows (married to Taiwanese) or a wife of bogus/sham-marriage ( aged 30-45, few are aged below 30),  some others came Taiwan by using the law, e.g., in the name of "Principle of Dependence on Relatives"  or by using legal loopholes, e.g., short term travels in the name of doing aesthetic medicine, minor cosmetic/plastic surgery, stow-away, etc.  Most Thai masseuse have rather plain (or worse than plain) look, you (very) hardly find anyone of them being as refined (or pretty) as the massage girl Shiao-Maam ("小蠻") or blind massage girl Do-Hong ("都紅") in the communist Chinese-French film <Blind Massage> which swept Taiwan's 2014/2015 Golden Horse movie awards  (ps: lots of Taiwanese blind female masseuses called by motel/hotel offer hand-job or even "hard-core" sex service),  Comparatively speaking, these red Chinese in Thai parlors are (far) less pretty-looking, worse breeding(教養), less feminine temperament(溫柔女質) (some are not only men-like tomboys but also sort of shrews) than those Taiwanese chicks and compensated dating  (援交) working girls being kicked out of Taipei's sex industry by former president Chen about 20 years ago.  Their best interest to serve is money itself.
      Only a few parlors attract or solicit customers by aged 20+ communist Chinese girls (e.g., rear of Taipei mainstation, Min-Sen W Rd. cross Sin-Sen N rd.), or by young cute Vietnamese girls - most are younger ones (e.g., Yan Ping N. Rd.,  or around Hua-Xi St. ), or by quite young Cambodia girl (e.g., Gin-lin Rd. cross Min-Sen W Rd.), etc (data Dec. '14),  or Ba-Da Rd. near  RaoHe market (Aug. '18) ,  or even by the poofter masseuses  (e.g., near Nei-Chiang St. cross Kun-Ming St. / running their business by keeping a low-profile
without a signage board at front-door so that passengers hardly find them).   The largest erotic-massage base filling with Vietnamese women is in Da-Li district and Tai-Ping district of Tai-Chung City (middle Taiwan).   Many parlors in Wan-Hua Dist. hired more or less Vietnamese aged 30+ ( Aug. 2015).

     Generally speaking, Thai. parlor's massage skill / performance is worse or much worse than Taiwanese barber-shop girls'.   Most of them can not or just don't want to spend too much energy on doing hard work by their fingers, some of them said Zhi Ya too hard may causes dim-sighted or Uterine Prolapse (20 years ago, a major news reported mainland Chinese masseuse is so "professional dedication" that eventually caused Uterine Prolapse, but probably not any more in Thai massage parlors nowadays! ),  they prefer to earn easy money-tips by "half-package" (hand job) services (another benefit for them is some guests may leave sooner) usually ask NT500~1000 depends ( full package - sex service, about NT2,000-3,500 ).   They usually don't seduce customers by rising lips, a tender half-smile or  flirtatious glance.  Adjusting dim light 50% turns all the masseuses into beauties, their octopus fingers and hot body language (or direct randy words), are their well-trained skills to boost clients' "demands", then the "preys" are blinded to make a pass at them then toy with them.    Those female seem to be totally "women's liberation" - not bound by old school, one university-graduate girl was waiting in lobby for her mother has "job" done (just like Japanese film < Muddy River泥の河> ), that mother later tried to persuade her daughter to do the "job" for the customer.

     This sort of parlours are everywhere in Taiwan, in Taipei, most of them are located in Zhongshan District (around Min-Sen E. Rd. (Sec.2), Min-Sen W. Rd., Min-Chuan E. Rd., Chang-chun Rd.,  Gi-Lin Road, etc) , Da-Tung District, WanHua Dist. (Kun-Ming St.), also you can easily found some in sec. 4, Ba-de Road and sec. 5, Nan-Gin E. Rd. , Hua-Shi Street night-market tourism area...... (Tea houses in  lanes connecting Hua Xi St. offer different kinds of sex transactions )


      Few massage parlors advertising themselves "ancient/traditional Thailand (medical) massage therapy " are decorated with Thailand stuffs and some specialist/expertise diplomas, the Thailand aroma smell greeted customers since customers went through the entrance door.  Their women masseuses spend bit more efforts and energy than erotic Thai parlors',  they all (almost all) look like middle-aged next-door house-wife's stereotype      bit fatty shape and not pretty face, even man-like old "tom-boy", in spite of their unattractive condition, some of them still are willing to offer more or less "extra service" for tips, or give customers their phone number in a dim light room, for instance, a parlor in Min- X. Rd .   Most of them are mainland Chinese or immigrants from communist China, maybe few of them are Thailand skilled teachers, multi-racial girls.  

     If you like new experience, very few massage shops  (e.g., Min-Zu W Rd cross Da-lun St.)  use hard-working Vietnamese (both Northern and Southern Vietnam) only, most of them are middle-aged, skilled masseuses. 
     The name "Thailand" seems has already been
stigmatized in massage field,  but,  few Thai. massage shops solely hiring Thailand middle-aged women are de-stigmatizing toward the dirty name.  In there, most Thai women do massaging with more forces, more mechanical without an emotional hand, and are proud of their "well-trained professional tech." .  These shops usually don't offer sex service, and don't have private room for individuals, instead, a large room separating with long cotton curtains.   However, Thailand masseuses love to talk each other loudly in their own Thai. language while working, so sometimes or most time you may need an ear-plug to keep a peace of mind.   This sort of shops are located in, e.g.,  Shin-Sen South Rd. cross Jen-Ei Road(仁愛路), Nan-Gin E. Rd. cross Jien-Guo North Road (Section 2),  Min-Chua E. Rd. cross Son-Jian Rd. , the one in Shi-Choun St. (WanHua Dist.) has few private rooms for zhi-ya service (closed '18) .


Taiwan travel advertisement


pic. : Taiwan's travel advertisement in middle East, a phony or inappropriate piece?

1) Even massage parlors in Taipei's 5 star hotels are not greenish at all,

let alone enjoying

being purified by the forest's unpolluted atmosphere, besides,  u probably won't see Buda-arts

 decorations appeared in many Western hotels.
2) If "full if green" functions analogical juxtaposition as adjective/adverb

 (e.g., studies show

  forest bathing strengthens the immune system), it's an ad for massage itself

(not exactly for TW),

  tourists' 1st choice will be "leading brand" in massage field.  Most Taiwanese massage

 parlors got tiny & crowded space, some basement smell ... or maybe some gas radon

 or sweet germs inside? not know how often they clean the filter of air condition?
3) probably not too easy to do "Buddhist meditation" there because next room

may be noisy. 
4) Nude body to appeal tourists? NCCU professor in Middle East advised it's no good.

 Gov. expressed Dubai chk the pic. already.
5) Not a clever or creative design just like almost all ads made in Taiwan.


ps: pic courtesy UDN 5-5-2016 http://udn.com/news/story/7314/1673634-%E6%8C%89%E6%91%A9%E8%BE%A3%E5%A6%B9%E5%90%B8%E4%B8%AD%E6%9D%B1%E5%AE%A2%EF%BC%9F-%E8%A7%80%E5%85%89%E5%B1%80%EF%BC%9A%E6%9D%9C%E6%8B%9C%E5%AF%A9%E9%81%8E



pic : a street view, an ad. of Thai Massage parlor  in Taipei (泰尚皇)


Taiwan massage


Taiwan prostitutes in massage larpors, spas, salons  

pic. left: This massage parlor near tourist site Taipei Circle (圓環) and police station make a large board advertising ( metaphor phrases like "sexual happiness"(幸福), "coquetry", "flirtatious"(風情) )  and a red lantern being hanged at front door (pls. ref. to world famous Chinese film "Raise the Red Lantern") to hint it may be a porn business.  However, police seem ignore those signs, have they ever check what's going on inside?


Wikipedia's interlink WikiSexGuide (Dec. 2018):  One can find prostitutes in massage parlors, spas, salons in Taiwan.  Although prostitution remains illegal in Taiwan, over 100,000 prostitutes are working, and over 2 million clients pay for sex.   Apple Daily 12.25.2014: the percentage of porn clients of all Taiwanese adults ranks world No.1. 


How's Taiwan's prostitutes ranking? Are they pretty enough to turn u on?  Most working females in massage parlors are "dama" (middle-aged aunts) from communist China.  In China, clients can have very young (aged 20+-) and fresh prostitutes in the price of USD30 or so, which is a lot cheaper.   


   HOT !       Taiwan travel     food     hard power      soft power    democracy     Intro to Taiwan     Taiwan personality      bully       persecution
CovID-19 news:  news: Holland's red-light district was closed for CoronaVirus, in contrast, Taiwan's "entertainment" business are still open, SET iNews (三立新聞) 3-19-2020: all "entertainment" businesses (including massage parlour) has been low down 30%, girls in night clubs don't wear face mask, the customers were check temperature before getting in.   SET (三立新聞) 3-11-2020: Due to CovID-19, 4 massage houses in 信義district have bad business (1/3 compared to before).  GlobalNews(寰宇新聞) Taiwan, 2-26-2020: Facing CoronaVirus, massage houses in Yong Kang St. area (永康商圈) only have 1 customer per day. 



(3) Traditional massages:     hard-work massage, suppose

       Traditional massages usually do not offer naked sexual services as Thai massage parlors do,  although some may offer something additional, or even more -  according to the Liberty Times (1-8-2016),  a masseuse in a popular night market (RaoHe Street) did sexual assault (by fingers, and kissing) to a cute house wife who was naked, while doing "Essence Oil Massage"/"Aromatherapy"(油壓), another case was happened in Taichung city, a masseuse did similar things (ravaged her pubic bone and private part) to a aged 60+ female principal, and hence was charged  sexual intercourse by using power, and was sentenced to 16 months by Supreme Court (9-27-2016, Liberty Times) .  Taipei prosecutor office thinks Aromatherapy doesn't need to be total naked (Around the same time, a very popular TV soap '天真遇到現實' of Communist China made an old-fashioned country-side aunt feeling ashamed about stripping herself naked to do masseuse's Essence Oil massage as a funny punch-line ), Taipei women police office advised better coming with a friend together and choosing a female masseuse.    Besides, CTV news (5-19-2017): a woman customer was pricked by a needle for bloodletting while being massaged.     News and cases prove the quality of Taiwanese massages varies.   Having an all-you-can-eat buffet in 5 star hotel restaurant (lunch at Sheraton, Shangri-La's, etc ) costs you about NT1000 in 2.5 - 3 hours,  same money gives you traditional massage in, usually, 80 minutes, barber massage in about 60 minutes, are those masseuse women ranking  5 ~ 2,1,0 star? or do they have related diploma ?


       The number of "traditional massage" workers in Taiwan is up to 100 thousands (Apple Daily, June 2015).  Customers usually expect massage-girls functional, instead of 'ornamental'.   For your best interest, customers/clients may test the therapist or masseuse if they have basic knowledge, e.g., massaging calf (back side of lower leg) promotes blood circulation and enhances metabolism to keep us from illness, or some important body-acupoints link to which organ ? e.g., pressing san-yin-chiao may releases menstrual pain, pressing zuo-san-lee is good for our immunity system..., then you can know your massage worker is a skilled teacher or just a cheap labored coolie - who may hurts your health.    Quite some M.D.s in 長庚 hospital co-worte (May 2013) <A Manual Acupressure對症按摩圖典>, a guide book with pictures,  can be your ref. to learn pressing certain acupressure for certain illness as well as to test the massage-girl assigned to you. 
       Traditional massage's  price in Taiwan is OK, but massage in China is cheaper,
Discovery TLC Samantha Brown kept yelling too cheap when she enjoyed massage in mainland China, some city's (e.g., ZhuHai - near Macau or Macao) street-side masseuses only ask rmb20~30 per hour (brokers pass phone-card in street, massage-worker to your hotel room), some country-side girls work very hard too.  So, I always push Taiwan's masseuses press harder and harder - to keep Taiwan's competitiveness.

       5 star hotels:

          Many 5 star hotels in Taipei (The Grand Hyatt, The W Hotel, the Shangri-La, Regent, etc ) offer high class body treatments (massage) fit for royalty, e.g.,  the Shangri-La's health club is at the 6th floor,  Grand Hyatt's beauty salon is at the 5th floor, they provide many & various business items, e.g., Hyatt hotel hair care (11 items, e.g., prof. permanent, NT3000~5000), hand&feet care (5 items, e.g., foot whitening and peeling, NT1200), body treatment (8 items, e.g., full body aromatherapy, NT4500 per 2 hrs), and facial treatment (6 items).
          Beauty Salon of Hyatt Taipei has 2 small massage rooms with 2 masseuse on staff ( Taiwanese, 10+ yrs experience, not Hyatt employees, Hyatt outsource massage business to
outsider company, most 5 star hotels run massage business by the same way - outsource to a subordinate unit of cosmetic products inc, etc, ), customers are requested (optional) to wear a small paper under-pant for essence oil massage.    Today, the masseuse massaged me by using lavender lotion (free charge) imported from USA, and did not put too much pressure on my body, because, she explained, business-class Westerner travelers usually only want muscle relaxing or/and lymphatic drainage, they don't need very hard pressure on muscle or acupoint, however, the room is perfect in privacy (most traditional massage houses in Taiwan don't have very private or complete-wall room - hence lots of noises from next room ) for a completely relax/rest or a nap for their very soft music (sounds like Bandari's ) and dim light.  When my hour was up, the masseuse cleaned my body with hot towels.  No tips needed in here.   (Nov. 2014)
         If you are 5 star hotels over-night guests, usually the hotel (I tried EVA Air hotel in Tai-Chung City, ps: 2015 AirlineRating.com: EVA Air ranking world no.7, Asia no.1 ) you stay can call a blind (or
the visually disabled) female masseuse for you, with economic price.   EVA Air hotel in Taipei provides fingers pressure (between medium and hard) for whole session.     

 BBC Life Style, 2021-12-28 introduces SPA in Dubai's top hotel asking 200 pounds per 50 min., comparatively, It's lots of cheaper in Taiwan
Massage service in 5 star hotels in Taipei, Taiwan
 Mandarin Oriental  (東方文華)  hands/feet care (手足護理保養) NT 2900 ~ NT 5200, tel: 02-2715-6990, CTN 2-10-2018;  trained female masseuses , Essence oil body massage (身體按摩精油芳療療程) NT5800/1.5hour, 10% plus, no Zhi-Yi (finger) service.  (Mar. 2015)
 Westin Taipei (六福皇宮)   female massagers (masseuse on staff) at F9 spa; essence oil massage only, no Zhi-Ya(指壓) massage, NT5200 per 90 min., NT4000 per hour, NT2000 per half hour.  (May 2016, Dec. 2014)
 Sheraton (喜來登飯店)  Spa massage for over-night guests and club members only.   (Dec. 2014)
 Grand Hyatt (君悅飯店) (5th fl.)  masseuse; both essence oil massage and Zhi-Ya(指壓) massage, NT2500 per hour, NT3500 per 90 minutes.  essence oil free. (Dec. 2014)
 Shangri-La's (遠東飯店) (6th fl.)  female massagers (usually masseuse, if you don't particularly order a male masseur) ; both essence oil massage and Zhi-Ya(指壓) massage provided, NT2800 per hour, NT1500 per 30 minutes.  (Dec. 2014)
 Regent (晶華酒店)  沐蘭Spa: female massagers, Essence oil body massage(身體按摩精油芳療療程)NT4620. ( Mar. 2015)
 Sherwood (西華飯店) (20F)  essence oil massage only, NT3500 per hour, NT5200 fr. 90 min.,  masseuses aged 30+.  (May 2016, early 2015)
 Howard (福華飯店) (4F Spa)  masseuse (with certificate); both essence oil massage and Zhi-Ya(指壓) massage, NT2800 per hour, NT3600 per 1.5 hour, Germany organic essence oil (Lpold) for free.  (Dec. 2014)
 NT1500 per 60 min. for male customers in hair salon (May 2016)
 EVA Air Hotel (長榮酒店)  Bing Spa at F1, senior  masseuses, NT3300 for 60 minutes, NT4400 90 min., fingers pressure (between medium and hard, usually) for whole session, basically.  (May 2016, Dec. 2014)
 Lemeridien (艾美酒店)   no massage available. (nov. '14)

Grand Hyatt massage room
Pic above: Hyatt Hotel massage room with treatment equipments, white part is massage bed. Pic above: very soft music and dim light are good for a completely rest.

  <Royal Thai> Massage house (www.tgd.com.tw) has branches in Taipei as well as in Tai-chung city, although namely "Royal", their house is not a "palace", but a small-space apartment well decorated with Thailand flavors.   Their private-room price is NT2100 for 2 hours     doing pedicure & foot massage, royal massage, back massage & spa, relaxing massage at head neck and shoulder, full body assisted Yoga.  The major difference between <Royal Thai> and <6-star Foot Massage Villa Spa> is Thailand massage VS. Chinese massage, Thai massage likes to do Yoga style pull & bend & stretch your body/muscle tendon/sinew, Chinese style massage mostly do Zhi Ya (press by fingers) and squeezing, rubberingThis shop declared by ads. on the net that they are ambitious to break through the 'ecologic environment' of current market, and to clear masseuses' reputation (objective is to be respectable massage-girls as Euro. masseuses are ).

       <6-star Foot Massage Villa Spa> (六星集)  http://www.footmassage.com.tw/ is another widely-known massage house here in Taiwan,  the branch in Nan-Gin E. Rd. (section 5) got most number of workers - 80 ~ 100 or so, they do all kinds of traditional Chinese/Taiwanese massage items ( e.g.,  cupping therapy拔罐 Scraping - a popular treatment for sunstroke by scraping the patient's neck, chest or back 刮痧 Reflexology足疗凍甲 pedicure削腳皮) as well as foot massage, essence body massage etc,  price starting from NT200 up to NT2600+,  Whole body massage including service charge is about NT2400 per 2 hours, oil massage costs you NT3600 per 2 hours, private room (TV, wash-room, lock door, 2-4 beds, etc ) costs NT200 additional (but no reservation allowed), here suggest you make a phone-call reservation for a  masseuse, heavy-work massage girls usually work at night time.  In here all masseuse and masseur wear mask while working to protect customers.   My experience in here is : the girl is very polite, attentive, and did an excellent job for every second on Zhi Ya"/"Acupressure"  manual pressure to a specific point/ muscle  tendon / Meridian / sinew (筋络) with fingers/hands.

 Foot Massage Taiwan

      pic. above: Chinese style massage chair - Foot Massage Villa Spa,
      Best known Chinese style massage in Taiwan. (Nan-Gin E. Rd., sec. 5)
pic. above: No.1 "massage in Taiwan" on Google, test at 6-5-2015

No1. ranking by Chinese keyword "massage in Taiwan" on Google, 2-11-2016



         Hua-Shi Street (華西) tourist night market has turned "Snake street" into "Massage street", you can find cheaper-price (whole body massage about NT800 for 1 hr., NT1400~1600 for 2 hrs., one store offers min. price only NT400 per hr. - you walk out of Hua-Xi Str., turn right, about 100m. distance) traditional massage houses in there as well as lots of Thai erotic/porn massage parlors around there.   Hua-Shi Street was widely known for its very-cheap-price sexual transactions with underage/teens 20 yrs. ago, are they still up to the same old?  Most lonely ones may enter lanes around or Thai. parlors for cheap sex trade.   How about traditional massage houses?  Recently (middle '15) I randomly chose 4 samples out of 10+ traditional massage shops in Hua-Shi street,  2 of them can offer "half package" sex service (ps: try 'phenix', I saw a cute Vietnamese with reclining posture in the lobby couch for selection ),  the other 2 did something bit "extra"  to me while doing 2 hrs. body massage, most masseuse are aged 30~50 women from local and red China, usually red Chinese are more willing to work harder for more money, but both sides some workers may have work-ethics problem,  or Taiwan has not been up to int'l level yet -  they don't give full efforts by fingers, etc.  A Chinese saying: 'just one bite can tell a bad egg', however, one bad egg can tell other eggs in the box are bad too?    

   Another known tourist district, Shi-Mun Din (西門町, e.g., Kun-Ming St. etc), has many massage houses aiming tourists, a number of parlors of them looking like regular massage house, offer sex service with cheap price - about NT500 tips for half package, NT2000 for full package.

   Lee B.H. massage chain-store (李炳輝) is another masstige (mass-popular) product positioning & marketing fragmentation massage house in Taiwan ―  economic price (whole body massage NT1200 fr 1.5 hr ~ NT1350 fr. 2 hrs. / Nov. 2016 ) and worth the value policy, Gi-Lin branch (red Chinese  masseuse aged 30-56, 2~3 beds in each very simple & basic decoration room) probably is better than other branches (西門Shi-Mun headquarter has more Taiwanese workers ), however, according to my limited experiences ( with 8+ massage girls there), most of them used their elbow (or/and feet) for half (or more) session ( don't use their fingers for hard pressure),  as for service manner, comparatively speaking, is worse than that of 6-star Foot-Massage Villa Spa (just like flight attendant's service).   Others may be better, I don't know, they have lots of massage girls.

          Shih-Lin Night Market /  3 brands are in here,
               (1) Fly-Far is different from almost all other Taiwanese massage parlors in 3 aspects (middle 2015):
                     <1> Customers (unless familiar customers) are requested to pay before having massage service, so that you can't change the package ordered
 (e.g., you are not allowed to cut 2 hour massage ordered shorter, say 1.5 hour) if you are not satisfied with masseuses, the room,  noises, air-condition, masseuse's cough, etc.  This is quite different from almost all other massage business in Taiwan.
                     <2> Fly-Far owns 4 branches (very closer to each other, all in Wen-Lin Rd.) with different
positioning & marketing fragmentation, so as to earn both low-end and high-end customers.  However, customer can (may) order branch No.3's (higher price) masseuse to serve in branch No.5 (lower price, NT 1080 for 1.5 hrs. ), branch No.3's decoration is same or better than branch No.2's ( No.2's suites in 2nd floor are separated by just a simple screen, but No.3's suites are separated by wooden "wall" - although those are not  "completed" walls giving you complete privacy - you may still hear noises , cough next doors ), but No.2's price (NT2000 for 2 hrs., NT1500 for 1.5 hrs.) is higher than No.3's price (NT1200 for 1.5 hrs.).   According to my only twice experiences, the massage ways in higher-price branch is about same as those in lower-price branch.
                     <3> There's no store 4, because "4" is an unlucky number in Chinese culture, according to a masseuse's phrase.

              (2) Teacher Gee (or "Chi") 's lobby looks bit messy, particular in floor 2 and 3, Maybe that's the way to earn more money, because Fly-Far's massage girl told (may be just a joke) me some customers avoid their store No.2 or No.3 because they guess good decoration probably costs them more money, therefore they selected Fly-Far store No.1 or Teacher Gee.
             (3) EverGreen (萬年青)/ No private room, cheaper price (afternoon price : NT1000 for 1.5 hrs), some massage women are aged 60-70.
             PS: Two new shops were opened around here in June 2018.


        Shin-Ann (信安) massage house (http://www.信安按摩中心.tw/ ) is the most widely known blind massage place, with price NT600 per hour, I tried one branch in Shin-Ee Rd., the fat and strong body masseuse can not do strong zhi-yi (hard finger pressure), another one looking cool, slender was doing shoulder massage for a Westerner.  Blind massages usually can be found in large hospitals (e.g., 榮總), with same price NT600 per hr., but according to studies, lots of germs/virus were found in the air over there.

         Teacher Deng (鄧師傅,  http://teacherdeng.com.tw/s?p=sfmr&n=2 ) is another widely known chained massage store with about 20 branches in Kao-Hsiung, Tai-Nan, TaoYuan, Sin-Chu, etc, both  Zhi-Yi and Oil (oil price not included) body massages ask same price, NT2200 per 2 hours.   Being different from Lee Bin Huea stores, Deng's don't like to use communist Chinese masseuse, in their Gin-Lin store, only 2 from red China.   Their spacious hall lounge decorates traditional wooden sculpture arts, but the very bright-light massage rooms are not furnished very stylish (at least not suit my taste).

          Raohe St. Night Market ,  Taipei Circle

       At least 5 massage houses in RaoHe Street, if my memory served, the house at No.100 has very private rooms with simple locks, No.107 is blind-people massages, some others are in No.99 and No.52.  I look around (not paying too much attention) in Taipei Circle last year, I saw lots of Thai massage parlors there, and only one traditional massage.    

          TomHua St. business circle

       Around 5  massage houses in TomHua(通化) Street, totally about 8 including lanes there.  Be careful about "puncture discount" NT1000 for 1.5 hours (Nov. 2016),  you get no discount if you don't have cell-phone for some codes.  There're a few massage houses ( one blind massage) in LinJian (臨江) night market.

   6  Diao Tong  business circle : this place that Japanese tourists favored has around 10 massage shops, including barber massage and traditional massage shops.

◎       滋和堂  : Popular to tourists.  Here is filled with Japanese tourists before 16 pm, Korean tourists after 16 pm, usually.  The body massage price for int'l tourists is about NT700 for half hour, the masseuse serving me said they don't have higher income per hour because the travel agents taking some "commission", local customer price is NT1000 per hour, the masseuses are proud of having "higher class" customers (Sakura masseuses said so too), but customers wanting strong pressure may not like their fingers  -  probably they use their feet, and may not be very heavy (some are slender or skinny) .  I only tried once at Oct. 28, 2017, so, no idea about others.


             Di-Hua Street (迪化街): Knife massage reported by LA Times (2015) can be found in here, you can have 5-minutes free try, call 0938-514-588  Oct. 29, 2017

      ◎    Nom-Ann, De-Hui Street (德惠, 農安街 etc  ): this area has lots of various massage shops.

A Japanese expert in massaging, 淺井隆彥, expresses in his book <圖解油壓按摩教本> that Oriental massage emphasizes pressing by fingers, however, most masseuse I met prefer to use their elbow or even feet most of time, because, either they don't have such 'muscle' to do a heavy job or just want to save some energy to earn more money, while dealing with a stronger-muscle customer like me.  Besides, Even in some regular healthy massage center, you may have chance to get  "something" extra, but If you prefer pretty face and good shape, probably better try Taiwanese style massage barber shops, you may have more chances to see young and pretty dolls (more likely not fresh enough) in some shops there. 



erotic Thailand massage in Taiwan

Pic. : body massage (Dragon-phoenix Town Thai Parlor) ads. are everywhere in Taipei;
many Vietnamese, Communist Chinese girls/women entered this market



foot massage in Taiwan HuaXi Street















Pic. :  foot massage - Hua-Shi Street hard working girls / masseuse concentrated on customers' feet





pic:Lee (李炳輝) masseuse's bruised elbow fr. some yrs. massaging





This sites was ranked No.1 on Bing by keyword "Taiwan massage" in Chinese.  Those upper ones are ads.



barber shop massage in Taiwan

pic. black-glass-front-door barber shops offer massage/'entertainment' services by aged women looking bit like house wives, those shops being less competitive than Thai parlors most are located near Taipei main station.This shop already changed a new name after this site reported it. / Jan. 2016.






 Massage houses in
tourist districts

Shi-Mun Din,西門町
Hua-Shi Street Night Market
Shih-Lin Night Market 



Hua-Shi Street


天信堂02-23082301, etc

 Shi-Mun Din,西門町



royal bali

02-66308080, Kun-Ming St. (昆明) 82






02-23754210 (clsd '15)全方位23719677




Kome-Din Rd. (康定) 240




Kome-Din Rd. (康定) 234


Chung-Hua Rd. (中華) sec.2,  69



Shih-Lin Night Market


Fly-Far 飛來發/ pavilion 1: 02-2881-4582 (ask them the phone of pavilion 2~5)
Teacher Gee 紀老師/ cell phone 0939096688
萬年青/ 士林夜市基河路1(No.1, Gi-Ho Rd., Shih-Lin)




Thai massage Taiwan

pic above : Best-known Thai massage in Taiwan. 



Taiwanese massages really have competitiveness?

  1. Many masseuse are just Coolie doing hard manual work.   You may give a quiz to some masseuse or massagers, e.g., only one acupuncture point, but many reflex points at bottom of each foot.  One mainland Chinese masseuse told me she can't pass my examination about acupressure (Acupoint, Meridian, etc) is because she is an illiterate person (can't read Chinese language).

  2.  Mainland (communist) Chinese masseuse like to laugh or say Taiwanese masseuse can't or/and don't work too hard Indeed, most red Chinese are willing to work longer and harder, for money.

  3.  Japanese expert in massage 日本淺井隆彥's book <圖解油壓按摩教本> points out: Western massages usually use palm (手掌), Eastern massages usually use finger-tips(指尖) and finger-pulp(指腹) etc.  According to my experience, most masseuse in Taiwan, no matter Taiwanese or communist Chinese, don't use their fingers a lot, most of time they use elbow or even feet if you need harder-press.   Business Insider (June, 2015) ignores Taiwanese massage while introducing Taiwan's tourism & travel.

  4. Most or almost all traditional massage parlors (except 5 star hotel massage salons) decorated not well, or too basic, simple, crude, and not private at all, you may hear noises from next "unit" (not "room", usually units are very close, and are separated by just a cotton curtain) sometimes or most of time, not to mention enjoying oriental Zen atmosphere or Chinoiserie chic decor.

  5. Discovery TLC Samantha Brown was too happy about price when she enjoyed massaging in red China, in contrast, Taiwan's price is not so competitive, and Taiwan style massage is not as creative as those in China.  China offers too many subterfuge or "cute" selling-points, e.g., "The Secret of Honourable imperial Princess consort Yáng " in XiAnn (西安「楊貴妃 的秘密」) and various spa items, e.g., almond frosting-surface spa, fruit Punica granatum spa, Paeonia suffruticosa flower spa. (牡丹杏仁磨砂spa或石榴spa).   Taxi drivers told me Chinese tourists won't do massages in Taiwan for money's sake.   Taiwan probably is not competitive with some other Asian countries -  Asia Travel channel (亞洲旅遊台) at 3-3-2018 8:20pm introduced a massage shop in Thailand with various items and low price - about NT500 (less than USD 20) for 2 hours.

  6. work ethics in Taiwan.   besides, some masseuses had wet-cough or coughed up phlegm.     One masseuse told me they just want to survive and make money while facing politics.

  7. You want playgirls ? more choices in China, more cool and fresh looking in Korea, more expensive in Japan.  just common sense!
  8. Tourists may be confused erotic/porn parlors and traditional massage places, although Taiwan's major media reported that, unlike foreign massage businesses or barber shops, many local massage businesses  tried to add "something extra".   It probably is not too difficult to even get a blind female
massager who is willing to give or sell you a "half-package" service (~2016).


  Lots of Taiwanese famous & rich people love to enjoy massaging, e.g., former president Lee 李登輝(by 按摩師朱素心)、 former president Ma's mother ( Huang massage shop at 1st floor of his apartment), former PM Dr. Lien 連戰(朱素心)、VIP politician Song 宋楚瑜(朱素心)、 KMT politician leader連勝文妻蔡依珊(健康生活館) 、Kaohsiung mayor (now head Control Yuan) Chen 高雄市長陳菊也靠按摩復健養生(<Apple Daily>, 9.9.2014)、and other top ranking politicians like 關中(朱素心)、陳亭妃等立委與多名台南市議員及副議長(御手國醫養生會館http://www.e111.com.tw/)、 涂醒哲etc (維納斯養生館與櫻花養生館)、余政憲(明眼按摩師)等 (ref. to <Want Weekly 周刊王>,2015, No.041-page22). You Wang (王又曾) to L.A.百草堂 massage shop each week (<Apple Daily >, May 2016)


    About 20 years ago, Taiwan's current leader laughed at the US's having taken a  "hypocrite" way to treat erotic/porn business issue, nowadays, Taiwan is a  "hypocrite"  (or, suspiciously, even as an accomplice in the criminal structure) too  ―  Taiwanese government play deaf-mute on sex service everywhere.  Apple Daily News (Nov. 5, 2011) reported by its head-page:  the sex industry's annual value of production is at least NT 6000 million (USD 200 million)  2014) reported a huge prostitution base is Taiwan police station's neighborhood, but policemen gave "pass" to it, everybody got away with illegal transactions (警局旁就是大淫窟,警察也不抓) Apple Daily News (April 12, 2014) , according to what the reporter saw -  massage girls in Taipei "all do prostate-care", "Lymphatic drainage", equally half-package sexual service  (會從事被稱為「攝護腺保養」、「淋巴排毒. 」等半套性服務).         


originally written on Mar. 2015, updated May 2016. (may bit add new things later)

ps1: Taiwan's population is about 23 million, population of male between 15 and 65 is about 8.6 million, the number of person-time as sex industry patrons (whoremasters) is about 30 million per year.

ps2:  Chinese version: Taiwan massage (more precise, exact meanings)

ps3: This article writer has not visited all massage parlors in Taipei, Taiwan.




pic. :The web-sites group was ranked No.1 "Taiwanese massage " on Yandex of  Russia,
2022-2-13, 2021-12-28, 2021-10-19,
2021-7-24, 2021-6-2


pic.: No.1 "Taiwanese massage" on Baidu of China, 2022-2-13, 2021-12-28, 6-21-2020




pic. :The web-sites group was ranked No.1
"Taiwanese massage "
on Baidu of China, 2022-2-12, 2021-10-19,
2021-7-23, No. 2 at 2021-5-9


pic. :The web-sites group was ranked No.1 "Taiwan's massage "
on Yandex of  Russia, 2022-2-13, 2021-12-28, 2021-10-19, 2021-7-23, No.2 at 2021-5-22



pic. :The web-sites-group was ranked No.1 "Taiwan's foot rub " or "Taiwanese foot rub" on DuckDuckGo,  2021-10-19, 2021-7-23, 2021-5-13


pic. right:  No.3 "Taiwanese massage " on Microsoft Bing at  2021-5-12;  among top ranks on Bing , 2020-12-6





pic. : No.1 "massage in Taiwan" (Chinese version) on DuckDuckGo, 2021-5-12;


pic. :The web-sites group was ranked No.1 "Taiwanese massage"
on DuckDuckGo, 2021-7-23, No.2 at 2021-10-19, 2021-5-12





 No.1 "Taiwanese massage" Bing, 11-18-2019;  No.1 "Taiwanese massage" on Yahoo, 6-21-2020  (Chinese version)






pic. on the left:

This sites-group was ranked No. 1
on US Bing by
"Taiwan massage" , and "Taiwanese massage"

at 5-16-2019,  9-23-2018,
2-2-2018, 12-4-2017





pic.  on the left :

This site ranks No. 1

on Google by "Taiwan massage" or "massage in Taiwan"  in Chinese,

at 6-17-2017, 12-25-2014








pic.: This site was ranked No.1 on Yandex of Russia by
 keyword "Taiwanese Massage"  at 2-21-2018







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Université de Montréal

Prostate cancer risk reduced by sleeping with many women, but increased with many men

Compared to men who have had only one partner during their lifetime, having sex with more than 20 women is associated with a 28% lower risk of one day being diagnosed with prostate cancer, according to researchers at the University of Montreal and INRS - Institut Armand-Frappier. However, having more than 20 male partners in one's lifetime is associated with a twofold higher risk of getting prostate cancer compared to those who have never slept with a man.

Marie-Elise Parent and Marie-Claude Rousseau, professors at university's School of Public Health, and their colleague Andrea Spence, published their findings in the journal Cancer Epidemiology. The results were obtained as part of the Montreal study PROtEuS (Prostate Cancer & Environment Study), in which 3,208 men responded to a questionnaire on, amongst other things, their sex lives. Of these men, 1,590 were diagnosed with prostate cancer between September 2005 and August 2009, while 1,618 men were part of the control group...   full text pls. refer to    www.nouvelles.umontreal.ca/    
加拿大蒙特利爾大學(蒙特婁大學 Université de Montréal)問卷調查該校約三千兩百名,參與「攝護腺癌與環境研究」者,分析其性生活頻率與該癌相關性,獲上述結果。
研究推論若射精頻率高,恐致癌的有毒物質不易堆積在攝護腺,而性伴侶多,射精數應會增加。研究另發現,獨身者得攝護腺癌風險,比有伴者高約五成;... )

Harvard University  : Frequent Ejaculation May Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk     May 19, 2015 (ref to MedicalDaily)

Men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month reduced their risk for prostate cancer by 20 percent compared to men who ejaculated four to seven times a month. 
 It's important to note frequent ejaculation was associated with incident prostate cancer, not risk for what researchers consider lethal prostate cancer. 
Research from the late 70s that found mortality risk was 50 percent lower among men who had frequent orgasms (two or more per week), even when controlling for other factors such as age and smoking.






Next Magazine (Taiwan)  Nov. 13, 2014 (No.703)

     Vietnamese brides happy camp in Tai-chung City

       New Taipei city found out the percentage of foreign brides is about 2%, up to 30% of them fails to accommodate Taiwan's life, hence a dark power kept enticing/tempting (by money) those weak people to fall into prostitution world...       The density of massage parlors inside Da-Li district & Tai-Ping district (大里、太平) of Tai-Chung City (台中市) is almost the highest in Taiwan, we can name this area as Vietnamese brides major prostitution base in Taiwan.  



Massage Therapy Styles and Health Benefits  (brief)

1. More than one study has shown the effectiveness of massage therapy for back pain.
2. Massage therapy can reduce the number of migraines a person has and also improve sleep.
3. osteoarthritis  a one-hour massage either one or two times a week had improvements in pain, stiffness, and function
4. Cancer: Used as a complement to traditional, Western medicine, massage can promote relaxation and reduce cancer symptoms or side effects of treatment. It may help reduce pain, swelling, fatigue, nausea, or depression, for example, or improve the function of your immune system
5.massage helps relieve depression and anxiety.




Michigan State University
Published: Nov. 12, 2012  

Ancient foot massage technique may ease cancer symptoms

A study led by a Michigan State University researcher offers the strongest evidence yet that reflexology – a type of specialized foot massage practiced since the age of pharaohs – can help cancer patients manage their symptoms and perform daily tasks.

... it is the first large-scale, randomized study of reflexology as a complement to standard cancer treatment...

Reflexology is based on the idea that stimulating specific points on the feet can improve the functioning of corresponding organs, glands and other parts of the body.

... reflexology’s effects appeared to be primarily physical, not psychological.

“Reflexology comes out of the Chinese tradition and out of Egypt,”...     http://msutoday.msu.edu/news/2012/ancient-foot-massage-technique-may-ease-cancer-symptoms/




United Daily News (聯合報 Taiwan)  Aug. 3,     (brief)

  • Avoid painful massage (Chinese version: 腳底按摩按到疼才有效? 其實不必要,只要經常刺激痛點,就有保養效果,刻意忍痛一旦變成足底筋膜炎就不好了)

  • Don't do massage when you're too full or starving (吃太飽或太餓不適合按摩,否則促進腸道蠕動,會造成傷害)

  • Starting from left foot (建議由左腳開始)

  • Pregnant women don't do stronger massage (孕婦按摩太刺激會讓子宮收縮)

  • having warm water after massage (按摩後口渴,可喝溫開水,因需水份以代謝血管淋巴腺內的廢物)

  • Trying to get rid of bruising by hot water pad (按摩後瘀青,可能因下肢血液循環差,務必熱敷之,將瘀血代謝掉)

  • Don't do foot massage if your foot wounded ( 腳上有傷口不不適合腳底按摩)

  • It's normal that tired people feel more tired after massage (疲勞的人按摩後特別累,因過程中要將疲倦因子釋放,疲為代謝這些因子之故)

   advice above by M.D.卓雨青


Massaging calf keeps us from illness
The deep veins of the lower legs are situated in the muscles of the calf , and when compressed by muscular contraction , the non - return valves cause a pumping effect ( the muscle pump ) aiding the return of blood ... So, calf plays the role of human's heart, it promotes blood circulation and enhances metabolism to keep us from illness...Try it 5 or 10 minutes per day, it will be helpful to you, after massaging, pls. drink one bottle of water.  details pls. ref. to http://news.ltn.com.tw/news/supplement/paper/865937 or the author's (槙孝子)book.

Chinese version -  Liberty Times  自由時報, 3-25-2015

"多按小腿肚 呷百二" !




PS:按摩小腿肚圖解請 ref. to http://news.ltn.com.tw/news/supplement/paper/865937

PS2: 細節請詳著作《揉揉小腿肚的驚人自癒奇蹟》/  作者: 免疫療法權威安保徹(新潟大學醫學教授)弟子槙孝子。


L.A. Times  2-12-2015   Massaging by a knife


...The heavy blade can reach deeper than fingers alone, and practitioners believe the conductive steel can remove "negative energy" from the body. The result, Wu said, is less insomnia, better circulation and relief from sore muscles. ..."We always tell clients it's not about how hard you are being hit; it's also about the transfer of energy, the transfer of chi,"


Apple Daily News, Taiwan , April 12, 2014  (brief)

Massage girls in Taipei all can do "prostate-care", "Lymphatic drainage", actually "half-package" sex service...

Expert advised massage service won't do any good to cure your prostate...

Chinese version: 《蘋果》近日在台北市與新北市直擊發現,舒壓按摩小姐都會從事被稱為「攝護腺保養」、「淋巴排毒」等半套性服務,且「加入後業績成長3成!」按摩小姐做半套時,反而擔心服務不周遭客人上網投訴... 
...一開始便先幫記者抹上嬰兒油做油壓,還得意自稱:「我可是有按摩師執照的!」並表示:「90分鐘1600元含半套,再加1000元,可全裸按摩做淋巴排毒!」... 北市按摩職業工會理事長盧江葦解釋,正統按摩技術是以經穴學與解剖學原理,以揉捏、扣打等推拿按摩,使肌肉放鬆,攝護腺的問題通常出現在久坐、長期使用造成老化、緊繃,「平常需自行保養,無法透過按摩治療。」強調並無淋巴排毒或攝護腺保養等噱頭及手法。







★ FoxNews: Cancer patients feel less distress after massage therapy, study finds


The stress-relieving benefits of massage have been well documented, but a recent study shows that massage may have more profound benefits that just relieving stress and relaxing tight muscles.  

The study, published in the journal BMJ, looked at the benefits of massage for brain cancer patients. To be expected, these patients often suffer from neurological problems, which affect their physical functioning, their cognitive abilities and their psychological well-being. 

They also have to deal with the progressive nature of their illness and difficult treatments like radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. Brain cancer patients typically report a high prevalence of depression and other mental disorders.

In this study, 25 brain tumor patients who were classified as “distressed” received a massage twice a week for four weeks. At the end of week four, the distress scores for all participants were below the threshold for experiencing distress. In other words, the factors leading to their diagnosis faded away.

“This is more significant than I would have expected,” said Dr. Keri Peterson, a spokesperson for the American Massage Therapy Association.

What’s more, the issues these patients reported as “concerns” for them prior to the massage were no longer worrisome by the end of the four weeks. At the baseline assessment before the massages began, at least 75 percent  of participants reported the following items of concern: sadness, worry, fatigue, nervousness, pain, sleep and getting around. At least 50 percent reported concerns with insurance, fears, depression, dry or itchy skin, work, transportation, eating, constipation, tingling in hands and feet, and nausea.

At the end of week four, only 50 percent of patients reported concerns with fatigue. All the other sources of concern were felt by 40 percent or fewer of the participants. For example, while 100 percent of participants reported sadness at the onset of the study, only 40 percent reported sadness after four weeks of massage. The reduction in worries led to improved emotional, social and physical well-being.

However, when the massages were discontinued, the improvements began to fade, although they still scored better than before the study started.

Cancer patients have nearly twice the risk of developing psychiatric distress compared to the general population, and the benefits of massage may extend to those with other types of cancer as well.

Peterson said it’s important to go to a licensed massage therapist. You can find one through AMTA's website. Be sure to tell the therapist what your goals are, Peterson added. 

A massage to relieve back pain is different than one that will reduce stress and improve one's well-being

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/02/14/cancer-patients-feel-less-distress-after-massage-therapy-study-





America Cancer Society

What is the evidence?

While massage appears promising for symptom management and improving quality of life, available scientific evidence does not support claims that massage slows or reverses the growth or spread of cancer. A growing number of health care professionals recognize massage as a useful addition to conventional medical treatment. In a 1999 publication, the National Cancer Institute found that about half of their cancer centers offered massage as an adjunctive therapy to cancer treatment. Some studies of massage for cancer patients suggest that it can decrease stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and fatigue. These potential benefits hold great promise for people who have cancer, who often must deal with the stresses of a serious illness in addition to unpleasant side effects of conventional medical treatment. While some evidence from research studies with cancer patients supports the use of massage for short-term symptom relief, additional research is needed to find out if there are measurable, long-term physical or psychological benefits.

Meanwhile, most patients do indeed seem to feel better after massage, which may result in substantial relief. A 2005 review of research reported that massage therapy has been shown to reduce pain and anxiety in randomized controlled trials. Large, well-controlled studies are still needed to determine the long-term health benefits of massage.

A special type of massage called manual lymph drainage (MLD) is done as part of Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT), which is used to treat lymphedema after certain cancer surgeries. CDT also includes external compression garments, special exercises, and skin care. This treatment is usually done by lymphedema specialists rather than general-practice massage therapists. Studies suggest that outcomes of this 4-part treatment can be very good if started early enough.

Are there any possible problems or complications?

People with rheumatoid arthritis, cancer that has spread to the bone, spine injuries, osteoporosis, or other bone diseases that could be worsened by physical manipulation should avoid physical manipulation or deep pressure. Manipulation of a bone that is already weakened by cancer metastasis could result in a bone fracture. People who have had radiation therapy may find even light touch on the treatment area to be uncomfortable. A few people have allergic reactions to lotions or oils used during massage, and this may be more common among patients receiving radiation treatment.

Patients with low blood platelet counts (a common side effect of chemotherapy) or who are taking blood-thinning medication such as warfarin (Coumadin) may be susceptible to easy bruising and should ask their doctor whether massage is safe for them.

Another concern for people who have cancer is that, in theory, tissue manipulation in the area of a tumor might increase the risk that cancer cells will travel to other parts of the body. It might be prudent for cancer patients to avoid massage near tumors and lumps that could be cancerous until this question is clearly answered.

People with cancer and chronic conditions such as arthritis and heart disease should consult their physicians before undergoing any type of therapy that involves manipulation of joints and muscles. Massage should be provided by a trained professional with expertise in working safely with people with cancer and with cancer survivors. It is important that the massage therapist know about your cancer and its treatment. Generally, gentle massage and bodywork can be adapted to meet the needs of cancer patients.

It is also important for people who have cancer to let their medical care provider know they are receiving massage. Family members and other caregivers can be instructed in certain massage techniques as well.

Relying on this treatment alone and delaying or avoiding conventional medical care for cancer may have serious health consequences.





The Liberty Times (Taiwan), Nov. 4, 2014

A 55 years-old woman doing her tui-na (massage) job for a long term while her young-girl time resulted in prolapse of uterine, bladder, rectal, leakage of urine, and urinate once per hour, etc, even can't make love ......


United Daily News  7.27.2014
      Brief : Taiwan's the oldest profession, prostitution sexual transaction, includes - (1.) massage shops actually doing something extra, (2.)
call-girls manipulating by agents, (3.) individual working studio or so-called one-woman brothel (「一樓一鳳」).

     Taiwan passes a crackdown law in 2011 (Under the new policy, both the sex workers and patrons/guests are subject to fines ranging from NT$1,500 (USD$50) to NT$30,000 for engaging in paid sex outside the permissible vicinity. http://blogs.wsj.com/chinarealtime/2011/11/16/the-trouble-with-taiwans-new-prostitution-rules/   ) an informer/a stool pigeon, and police failed to get any prostitutes.


Chinese version:

United Daily News  7.27.2014


藏身大樓的「一樓一鳳」賣淫業prostitution trade 近年興起,因需要「雙重認證」才能買春,讓警方傷透腦筋;擅長抓色情的資深員警指出,過去查緝色情幾乎都靠線民,如今性交易除罪化,但未設專區等於娼嫖都罰,嫖客害怕違法,不願意幫警方「釣魚」,「養嫖客當線民抓性交易」逐漸成為失傳技藝。

資深員警指出,台北市賣淫業有三大類,一是「掛羊頭賣狗肉」he cries wine and sells vinegar false advertising  的按摩店或養生館,二是有「雞頭」安排性交易的應召站,三是小姐自設個人工作室的「一樓一鳳」;查緝按摩店及應召站大都要長期布線,查緝一樓一鳳性交易案成為基層員警主要績效來源。

不過,個人工作室大都隱身在大樓套房內,常需「雙重認證」才能讓賣淫女子開門。所謂雙重認證是指嫖客想買春,打電話給小姐後,要報上介紹人的手機和年齡,對方向介紹人確認無誤,才能上樓,如果查證發現不實,這通撥入的電話號碼就會被列為「黑名單」,永不接聽。警方通常會在查獲色情後,吸收嫖客當線民充當介紹人,取得認證後直搗淫窟。過去,嫖客不罰,賣淫女子被抓後要驗血檢查有無染病,嫖客大多願意配合,如今「娼嫖都罰」was arrested and charged with being a common ,嫖客大都不太願意協助警方查緝。警方說,現在查緝性交易,沒有線民就「土法煉鋼」在可疑大樓前守望,看到可疑男子找門牌號碼,就設法跟進大樓,確認他進入哪間房,再埋伏於大樓樓梯間,躲過個人工作室設置的錄影監視鏡頭,於性交易完成後「搶門」盤查,再依違反社會秩序維護法裁罰。資深員警指出,查緝性交易案過去由派出所設置專案組,市警局憂心風紀問題,於今年三月裁掉專案組,改編制在分局行政組轄下,不定期查緝色情。




★  Famous Taiwanese MD 榮總副院長陳威明  <文音時間> : Massaging may cause cancer cells spreading to other part of your body, this was published in intl paper already .

The Liberty Times (Taiwan), 2-13-2016
Some cell-phone's software like
「LINE」、「WeChat」、「BeeTalk」、「SKOUT」、「Badoo」、「Paktor拍拖」、「遇見」etc has become "media" for calling prostitutes.

 The 'ecology' of trans-national call-girl/sex trafficking rings in Taiwan,   Next Magazine (壹周刊)  3.26.2015     No.722

      The "ecology" of call-girls rings in Taiwan changed with domestic society situations, the market of sexual transactions with economic-priced call girls - red Chinese and South-Eastern Asian remains stable, sex-industry agents irregularly import secondly (not top class) international models (price NT10,000~100,000+ for each deal)...
Each foreign call girl has sex with 5-10 groups of customers per day, most of those customers are high ranking officials in top 100 business, or Taiwan's glitterati, spoiled
rich second generation born with a silver spoon in one's mouth,... all with high profile in media... (brief)


Apple Daily News   6.22.2014   (brief)




   12 pm till 5 am early morning, many packs of hot girls stood at front of the Gin-Di Building (Chinese namely "金帝") or lanes aside.   Many prostitutes here are aged 25~35, 40% of them are mainland Chinese, 40 % Taiwanese, 20% are South-Eastern Asian girls.

     The transaction price (NT1300 ~ 1600, about USD50 per time - 15 minutes, hotel room free ) is much cheaper than regular price (NT3000~5000 per 40 min., hotel fee plus) of this kind in Taipei.

     Many of Gin-Di girls were night-club (酒店) girls, while getting older, they came here for being less competitive with those new-coming club girls aged 20+ .

     Residents or business men nearby expressed those wild girls took  far from secretive way to show up for being chosen.    A police station is very close to Gin-Di building.

     Other major sex business bases, e.g., Hua-Shi Street girls ask NT600~1000 per 20 minutes, Kee-Lung Railway area (基隆鐵支路) price NT1200 ~ 1500 per 15 min.

translation in brief

     Chinese version:

    台北直擊 金帝大廈百妓當街任客挑

     警局旁是淫窟 年輕族揪團買春


一名上班族嫖客說,因收入少,聽朋友介紹「這邊有許多25至35歲的姊姊」,且每次僅1500元左右,比援交PTGF為英文直接縮寫,全寫為「Part Time Girl Friend」,3000元的行情便宜,所以到現場「選妃」,「來這不用擔心援交被警察釣魚,方便又安全多了!」 ...大樓內的賣淫女有4成是台灣人、4成中國人,另有2成是東南亞籍女子。 ... 許多台灣女子原本是酒店女,年過30後比不過20歲嫩妹,來客率大不如前,於是轉戰到金帝大廈,「這裡可以跑單幫,只要和旅館談好價就能接客」。
對於金帝大廈賣淫亂象,附近商家說,以前還會遮遮掩掩,現在卻明目張膽讓大家挑,「實在很誇張!」 ...



.違反《社會秩序維護法》第80條,娼嫖可處3萬元以下罰鍰 .易感染菜花、淋病、梅毒、愛滋等性病 .易遭居心不良者設局偷拍或仙人跳勒索 .可能因爭風吃醋起糾紛,影響人身安全
.若不慎感染性病,應盡速就醫,切勿自行買藥服用、求助密醫或使用偏方,導致病況加重   資料來源:台北市警局、《蘋果》採訪整理 



  The China Times (1.19.2014): Massage shops became most popular business in Taiwan, opening more and more in recent years since Taiwan's bad economic, Taiwanese love to relieve stress, sooth working pressure by massage.  More than half of them are illegal business without reg. to TW government. (brief)

Chinese version:


悶經濟 嗅商機 按摩業擴店









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 A well-known politician Wu B.S. (吳伯雄) has a widely-known saying:  Every Taiwanese,  except the police, knows illegal 'Casino' houses are everywhere in Taiwan.  Taiwan's prostitution is about the same.  (Police announced at 5-5-2015 "completely root out sex business" (according to The China Times, 5-5-2015 標題"...全面掃除色情"), eventually, only 3 cases in massage parlors got caught, according to official report by Taiwan's Central News Agency, 5-10-2015 )