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聯合國 United Nations UNODC , 7-18-2019


       自由時報(The Liberty Times), 7-18-2019 : 聯合國毒品暨犯罪辦公室(UNODC)於泰國曼谷舉行記者會,公布2019年「東南亞跨國組織犯罪:演變、成長和影響」報告,說明台灣是東南亞毒品販運的據點之一,也是日韓毒品的主要來源國。 台灣對東南亞毒品市場的影響力越來越大,過去日本與韓國的毒品多從中國輸入,但從2016年開始,台灣成為日韓毒品的主要來源國之一 ...... Profits generated by organized crime groups in Southeast Asia have reached unprecedented and even dangerous levels according to a new report released today by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime...... Organized crime groups are generating tens of billions of dollars in Southeast Asia from the cross-border trafficking and smuggling of illegal drugs ...


●  Taiwan News, 9-21-2017 , 

        Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte claims Taiwan is major source of drugs in Philippines.  (菲律賓總統杜特蒂宣稱台灣是菲國毒品的源頭 )
        Duterte in a speech listed Taiwan as a country where many of his country's illegal drugs are coming from, Taiwan's representative to the Philippines Gary Lin (林松煥) frankly conceded that "our counterpart is telling the truth," in an interview with Apple Daily. ( 台灣駐菲律賓代表表示承認 )



   英國 BBC  11-10-2017

杜特爾特(杜特蒂)雖然以格殺的重手整治毒品泛濫引起爭議和批評,他把台灣幫派說成是該國毒品的源頭 ......



●  自由時報, 2017年5月12日,    Focus Taiwan,  2017年5月11日
      台灣行政院的反毒宣戰, 遭遇司法院、考試院、銓敘部的"窩裡反"。   (  ps : Taiwan's executive government's new-generation strategy to combat drug abuse : Although the government has spared no effort to combat drug abuse over the years, problems still persist, so on May 11, '17 the Executive Yuan proposed a new-generation drug strategy to address contemporary drug issues.  Conclusion: Because drug abuse prevention and control efforts have a major impact on public safety and national development, the government's new-generation anti-drug policy takes a more comprehensive approach to combating drug crimes and preventing the dangers inherent in drug abuse. As Premier Lin Chuan said at the Cabinet meeting on May 11, 2017, "Drug-abuse prevention and control is a major battle that requires the concerted efforts of the central and local governments, and the public and private sectors. This is an appeal to government at all levels and citizens from all walks of life to join forces, and declare war on drug abuse so that drugs will not endanger future generations." )









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●  聯合報 社論  2020-01-31 00:33 /注意!新興毒品的危害不亞於武漢肺炎
      強力搖頭丸(PMMA)新興毒品的致死率幾乎百分之百 !  恐怖,強力搖頭丸勝過武漢肺炎何只百倍,但它受到的關注卻不成比例。



●  蘋果日報 (Apple Daily), 10-17-2018
         台灣怎麼會淪為運毒島? / 徐立德


         南韓警方在上個月底破獲大韓民國開國史上最大宗的毒品走私案  販毒集團首腦竟是台灣人  日本也將台灣列名三大安毒走私來源。

         販毒運毒是萬國公罪, 最近台灣人參與毒品犯罪的新聞突然增多,在國際間「聲名顯赫」


 中國時報  The China Times <Want Weekly>,  9-18-2019



 中國新聞網  11-2-2017, 聯合報  頭版頭條, 11-2-2017 
     「台灣 已淪製毒王國」  (台已沦“制毒王国”)




Taiwanese criminals -  international nuisances






 pic.: 華視新聞 (CTS news), 11-3-2017:



製毒刑責輕  毒犯為暴利鋌走險



●  <中國時報>(The China Times) 頭版頭條, 4-4-2017,  <聯合報>社論, 11-6-2017, <自由時報>(The Liberty Times), 5-12-2017 台灣成為惡名昭彰的「毒品轉運中心」 「輸出大國」的污名 坐實 日本與澳洲警方已將台灣列為毒品輸出"高風險國家"但台灣卻反對改變







pic.: drugs made a Chinese grave

1920∼1930 , 龐大的毒品運銷網路, 使鴉片成為槍桿子背後普遍的財源,

( )
時至今日, 毒品仍氾濫惡化到難以阻止, 成為台灣十大民怨,

 搞錢比人民健康重要嗎 ?


          Duterte: Triad supplying illegal drugs to PH is based in Taiwan, not China !   (菲律賓總統: 販毒基地是台灣! 不是中國)
“Itong drugs ngayon, it’s been operated by the 14K, Bamboo Triad,” he said. “They have taken over. They are cooking the shabu in the high seas. Tapos itatapon. Nakita mo sa Region 1, mga bins na empty na may Chinese character. It’s actually from Taiwan at lahat na.”
“      I cannot blame the Chinese government or the people”

●  Asahi Shimbun, Japan, 5-23-2019   / By NOBORU INOUE/ Staff Writer

       台灣變成日本毒品的熱門來源 According to organized crime sources knowledgeable about activities related to drugs, Taiwan has become a popular origin because of the ease of sealing deals on the waters off Japan.   "Boats from Taiwan can make roundtrips without refueling to areas around Shikoku, so that opens up the possibility for making trades at various locations,” one source said.    Another reason is economics. While the street value of a kilogram of stimulant drugs is about 1.2 million yen in Taiwan, the price shoots up about 50 times when sold in Japan, sources said.   In addition to the huge bust last year, Aichi prefectural police found that members of a Kanto gang and the Taiwan mafia were involved in the case of a man who was arrested three years ago on suspicion of possessing narcotics, including cocaine.
     Crime gangs are increasingly using waters near Nagoya Port to smuggle in illegal drugs from Taiwan.


●  Reuters, 9-27-2017

        菲律賓總統: 台灣幫派把菲律賓當作販毒轉運樞紐  Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte urged the United States to help control drugs smuggling, blaming Taiwan and Hong Kong-based criminal gangs for using his country as a shipping hub.
...... the Taiwan-based Bamboo triads were using the country as a transhipment point... “We are flooded with drugs. This is the first time I would reveal it ...



●  中國時報, 4-4-2017
       走私安毒   台灣惡名昭彰   台灣坐實了「毒品轉運中心」與「輸出大國」的汙名。
       出口安毒 10倍暴利
       安毒Amphetamine在台灣從製造到輸出一手包辦 日、韓、紐西蘭、澳洲的安毒價格是台灣10至20倍, 毒梟大量從台灣召集毒品轉運手,朝亞洲及紐澳各國「撒網」走私。 日、澳警方已將台灣列為輸出「高風險國家」


●  蘋果日報 (Apple Daily), 社評, 5-15-2017  毒品氾濫...已擴大惡化到難以阻止



●  中央警察大學 (Central Police University) 犯罪防治研究所博士論文 12-19-2016  林教授健陽 許教授春金 柯雨瑞撰百年來台灣毒品刑事政策變遷之研究.html

日本採取相當嚴厲之禁毒政策  美國以刑事法規嚴厲打擊毒品犯罪   中國  以刑事法規嚴打毒品犯罪  吸毒行為屬於行政不法行為


●  華視新聞 ( CTS ),  2017/11/03 13:02 
●   <歷史教育>  第 18 期    評 Slack 著《鴉片,國家,與社會:1924-1937 國民黨與販毒經濟》 劉冠麟,  2011 

        戰爭期間  國共兩黨軍隊都曾靠鴉片收益維生。





Taiwan -  international nuisances & social harms 





 †    Taiwan's true color

( quora: Taiwan largely sees these as an asset rather than liability...) ,
中心 , 
婦女幼齒人口走私 (
women & children trafficking, US  state government - 2019 Trafficking in persons report ) ,
  剝削虐待外勞  (
USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices ),

(GreenPeace: Taiwan knowing the issue but does little;  如果歐洲不以黃牌警告大概是不會改的)



人權顯然是次要的考慮 !













pic.:  本網站"Taiwan illegal drugs" (台灣毒品) 排名US Bing 第3 , 5-25-2020