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New York Times, 1-10-2020: Scholars say that Taiwan has been the target of a Russian-style social media disinformation campaign by China, designed to exploit social divisions and undermine democracy.  A study by the V-Dem Institute at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found that Taiwan was the territory most exposed to foreign disinformation, based on weighted ratings by experts.  <聯合報> 1-8-2020 社論: 執政黨讓『網路暗殺』漸成日常  連正規國安軍警體系也得參與網軍 滲入社群監控民意 (brief) <聯合報> 1-6-2020 : 網軍(楊蕙如們)仍以不實言論 沒有是非的帶風向  配合當局執行各種網路霸凌言論霸凌  作法是積非成是 破壞法治 民主 原有善良風氣... (brief / 聯合筆記陳言喬)

USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices (美國國務院人權報告), 3-11-2020


此外,英國金融時報(Financial Times)因揭發中國國台辦指示旺旺旗下媒體的報導內容,以及中央社翻譯報導內容,於去年遭旺中集團提告。  英文全文 click !

New York Times,  12-3-2019:  Social media platforms are another key battleground (Chn-TW): Nearly 90 percent of Taiwan’s population is active on them, and traditional news outlets have been known to republish fake posts without fact-checking. According to Reuters, Chinese government agencies have paid Taiwanese news outlets to publish pro-Beijing content.  社群媒體平台是 兩岸另一關鍵戰場:台灣近90%的人口活躍在社群媒體平台上,傳統新聞媒體曾在沒有核實的情況下轉發過假訊息(帖子)。據路透社報導,中國政府已向台灣新聞機構付費,讓它們發布親北京的內容


國界記者組織 (法國 RSF, <Reporters Sans Frontieres> ) , 12-16-2019, <疆界記者致總統候選人的公開信>: 



蘋果日報 12-16-2019 摘要


台灣媒體長期被腥羶色與假新聞真廣告污染, 以及非藍即綠兩極化, 阻礙了制衡力量, 新聞工作者面對長官反新聞道德命令時, 不能期望法律保護 ......



  by Cedrie Alviani , RSF 台灣分會理事長

★  <中時社論> , 言論自由從此「疫」蹶不振?   3-9-2020

操作「假新聞」顛倒黑白。假新聞的定義由官方單向認定。球員還混充裁判。  brief

Washington Post 華盛頓郵報,  社論 opinions,  3-28-2019

       "The United States must help Taiwan resist Chinese dominance"

       親北京的利益已經收購了大部分台灣媒體,並與北京協調傳播宣傳和假新聞以及操縱社交媒體。 中國軍隊入侵不再是台灣人最害怕的情景。 中國接管台灣的戰略現在集中在混合戰爭戰術上,專制政權越來越多地部署在自由社會中。 ...在台灣,中國在每次討論中都占主導地位...而美國在很大程度上缺席。 華盛頓必須意識到中國大規模滲透,破壞並最終廢除台灣民主的危險。 ... here in Taiwan, it’s China that dominates every discussion. Beijing’s malign influence is apparent everywhere, while the United States is seen as largely absent. Washington must wake up to the danger of China’s massive effort to infiltrate, undermine and eventually abolish Taiwan’s democracy ... a Chinese military invasion is no longer the scenario Taiwanese fear most. China’s strategy to take over Taiwan is focused now on the hybrid warfare tactics authoritarian regimes increasingly deploy in free societies. Pro-Beijing interests have bought up a huge portion of Taiwanese media and coordinate with Beijing to spread propaganda and fake news and manipulate social media.
The Chinese government uses economic coercion to both recruit and punish Taiwanese leaders. Meanwhile, China is working overtime to strip Taiwan of its diplomatic allies and keep it out of multilateral institutions. Beijing is literally trying to erase the country from the map.

國界記者組織 (法國 RSF, <Reporters Sans Frontieres> ) , 4-18-2019:  台灣的 World Press Freedom Index排名第42  雖然宣稱要持續推動言論自由,但很少採用具體實質完整的 措施與方法來改善記者的編輯獨立性並鼓勵媒體提昇公共議題的品質,另一方面,北京正利用台灣媒體老闆在中國有商業立利益這個弱點施壓台灣媒體 也涉嫌策劃網路假訊息計畫 這個威脅得導致台灣可能採取報復手段...... (Taiwan’s journalists are suffering from a very polarized media environment dominated by sensationalism and the pursuit of profit. Although President Tsai Ing-wen has said she wants to continue developing press freedom in Taiwan, few concrete measures have been taken to improve journalists’ editorial independence and encourage media to raise the quality of the public debate. Beijing is exploiting this weakness by putting pressure on Taiwanese media owners, who often have business interests on the mainland. Beijing is also suspected of orchestrating online disinformation campaigns – a threat that could lead to questionable retaliatory measures by Taiwan such as refusing visas to Chinese journalists regarded as hostile.)


美國人權報告 (USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices) , 3-13-2019: 媒體所有權集中對新聞自由的影響,特別是有中資投資的企業;報告另提及台灣新聞置入性行銷情況嚴重,削弱公眾對媒體的信賴。





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<Apple Daily (蘋果日報)>, 3-29-2019, 社論 editorial opinion:


pic. left: 中國時報China Times 3-29-2019 頭條新聞: 捍衛100% 言論自由!  不容打著民主招牌反民主, 走向歐威爾式獨裁

pic. right: 蘋果日報 3-29-2019 社論: 民主自由是藍綠白都不可失守的底線, 執政者尤其不該渾水摸魚, 製造寒蟬效應  (



<China Times (中國時報)> 3-29-2019 head page: (

     媒體有決定顏色的自由, 但顏色沒有限制媒體的自由, 不容走向歐威爾式獨裁, 開民主倒車.

<紐約時報> (New York Times), 11-28-2018, Will Taiwan Be the First Domino to Fall to China?
 The research institute of NHK ( Japan's national broadcaster):  influential media conglomerates in Taiwan have become pro-Beijing; their major shareholders have been given greater business opportunities in China's vast market.  Major Taiwanese newspapers and TV stations regularly feature content that hardly differs from that in China or routinely heap praise on Chinese leaders...日本國家機構NHK指出台灣具影響力的媒體親中...

<聯合報> 11-2-2018 頭版頭條 報導
「國安局證實偵蒐臉書」,監控網路社群 之爭議訊息,包括「影響國安」
「 詆毀元首」(戒嚴時之罪名)「 擾亂社會安定」「 扭曲政策」 ,及「干擾國家機制運作」「 打擊政府威信」等; 報評指出目的可能是杜絕中國勢力影響之政宣但「 老大哥正看著你」幾乎確定引起「寒蟬效應」<聯合報> 11-3-2018: 臉書等所有平台業者被要求交出用戶個資 ps: 本站認為台灣監控可能包括與中共無關之重要網站

<蘋果日報> 11-7-2018 社論: 安全部門無論當時名稱是東廠警總或國安部門,「"他們"暗中做的 永遠超過公開承認的

<蘋果日報> 11-25-2018 "九合一選舉  綠營檢討":  「東廠說」重創形象(New York Times, 11-23-2018: 執政黨重大挫敗 Taiwan's ruling party was handed a major defeat in local elections)

<United Daily (聯合報)> 11-3-2018, 社論, 頭版頭條, 焦點版



 11-3-2018, 頭版:


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"Facebook free expression",

美國國務院人權報告 released at 2018年4月20日

★  breaking news


 破壞言論自由  近 20年最糟 !  dirty attacks   prime suspects are ... ?   11-22-'18

台灣司法  (e.g., page1, page2, etc). 新型態攻擊 11-20-2018: 增修評論司法網頁時 , 鍵盤每敲一字須許久才顯示螢幕, 如此更新一網頁耗時數十倍時間 or more, 無毅力者將打退堂鼓  attacks last ...  
政治迫害 ( Eng,  Chn. )  8-10-2018, 8-11-2018 (about 4:20pm) 再度遭到攻擊, 誰害怕本網頁的言論自由? 誰就是嫌犯 !  ps2: 網頁建立後, 駭客攻擊頻率增加, 近二周就二次 (9-28-2018)

backup sites: , if needed, 11-22-2018

蘋果日報 2018年7月12日   社論  -  政媒關係最不堪的一頁

        台灣政媒關係 向來錯綜複雜......赤裸裸證明部分媒體與國民黨利益共生關係......媒體老闆竟成為民進黨內派系的政媒現象

中國時報 2018年6月19日   社論-媒體不應該當藍綠惡鬥的打手   (


中國時報 2018年6月13日 <我見我思>專欄

        許多立委動不動就亂講, 許多部會首長也常常提供錯誤消息, 反正現在政治風氣不佳 ...... brief  / professor Lai (賴祥蔚)  

美國國務院人權報告 released at 2017年3月3日

無國界記者組織  Paris-based <Reporters Sans Frontieres> (RSF), 2017-04-27  

      台灣新聞自由現狀為“media freedom on hold,” 2017年世界新聞自由指數,台灣排名第45
        ● 中國影響新聞自由 “the main threat to media freedom comes from China, which has been exerting growing economic and political pressure on the Taiwanese media.”

        ● 當地政府干預國營媒體Local government officials are also directly interfering in the editorial policies of state-owned media,

        ●  RSF 選擇在台北成立組織的首間亞洲辦公室  ( Asia bureau headquarters in Taipei )

台灣  中國時報 聯合報 蘋果日報 香港鳳凰網 、香港中評社、 中国新浪網    7-27-2017, 7-28-2017    details pls click: 台灣臉書Facebook

      台灣爆發臉書(Facebook)控制言論自由的風波,國民黨智庫指責台灣臉書淪為政治鬥爭的恐怖場域,並呼籲民眾團結 一致向國際控訴

                                         breaking news

   At 2-22-2018, the dark power (who is prime suspect ?? Taiwan ?) blocked my uploading brief file (in Chinese version) about UK's IISS study China's advanced military systems are challenging the global predominance of the United States and its allies ... to and ; however, uploading those info. in English version is fine.   There're many similar and evil things happened, but no evidence to prove who the darkness is.

 Nov. 18, 2017  The China Times : Taiwan president gave tacit (secretly) permission to Facebook (Taiwan) to restrict or block certain contents  ... brief;  Taiwan government did not deny or respond this.   Pls. note  that uploading got similar problems as above.  


美國國務院人權報告 released at 2016年4月13日

       ◆ 台灣記者協會指責政府侵權破壞新聞言論自由違反新聞人權且意圖阻止採訪抗議事件The Association of Taiwan Journalists condemned the arrests, saying they infringed on freedom of the press, violated the journalists’ human rights, and were meant to deter media coverage of protests. /  three journalists were arrested while covering a student protest against proposed changes to curriculum guidelines for high school textbooks (see section 2.b.). The journalists were arrested for allegedly trespassing(侵入) when they entered the Ministry of Education without a permit and joined a group of protesters who climbed over a fence and broke into Minister Wu Se-hwa’s office. The journalists, who denied the accusation, were released without charge the next day. afterward, the Ministry of Education dropped its complaint against the journalists.

      ◆ 審查或內容限制, 基於政治考量與親中企業之影響自我審查持續 Censorship or Content Restrictions: Local academics and media activists alleged that self-censorship continued as some media chose to present news stories in favor of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) due to political considerations and the influence of local businesses with close ties to the PRC.

      ◆ concern about the impact of the increasing concentration of media ownership on freedom of the press.

無國界記者組織  Paris-based <Reporters Sans Frontieres> (RSF), 2016-04-20  

2016年世界新聞自由指數,台灣排名第51,分數 24.37 - 比2015's 24.83退步,台灣新聞自由有些擔憂,擔心受到北京越來越深的影響,部分媒體在最近報導已改變態度,還有媒體會受到老闆立場,限制新聞的傳播。(The main threat to media freedom comes from China, which has been exerting growing economic and political pressure on the Taiwanese media. The editorial line of some privately-owned media has changed radically and it is no longer rare to find media outlets taking a line similar to the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda. Journalistic independence is also threatened by Taiwanese officials who interfere directly in the editorial policies of the state-owned media.)

排名前5的分別是芬蘭、荷蘭、挪威、丹麥與紐西蘭。美國第41名(Freedom ends where national security begins) 、中國第176,倒數第5 (Great Firewall and systematic imprisonment )


自由之家 (Freedom House 美國華盛頓智庫 a Washington-based think tank , USA ),  2016年4月27日 

報告ASIA-PACIFIC  Regional Rankings & Scores台灣新聞自由(Global Rank)排名全球第46(44-46同分)亞太第7分數(press freedom score)為26分 legal environment(0-30)為9分  political environment(0-40)9  economic environment8(0-30)。Top score 國家為Norway, Belgium,  Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Andorra, Luxembourg, Switzerland , Liechtenstein, Iceland; 另 Canada no. 22,  US 30,   Germany 25,  UK 41,  NZ 26, Aus 33,  Japan 45.

自由之家 2-1-2017: Taiwan 的自由度(Freedom in the world)91(100: Most Free)與37~42名Bahamas, Costa Rica, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, St Vincent & Grenadines等國同分, 但列在表格第42


The China Times中國時報 社論 ,  2-4-2017



The United Daily聯合報 社論 ,  2-6-2017



美國國務院人權報告 released at 2015年6月26日
      The US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2014,

 行政院之抗議者為警方以水柱棍棒(batons)驅逐 至少174人受傷... 媒體傳出記者遇暴力事件 ( Local media have reported incidents of police obstruction and violence directed at journalists who were covering protests against administration policies.)  一些媒體因中國大陸因素自我審查(Local academics and media activists alleged that self-censorship continued as some media chose to present news stories in favor of the PRC due to political considerations and the influence of local businesses with close ties to the PRC.)

自由之家 (Freedom House 美國華盛頓智庫 a Washington-based think tank , USA ),  2015年4月30日
台灣的新聞自由分數從去年的二十四分降為二十七分。台灣位列四十八名,較去年退步一名 / 自由時報 4-30-2015
但因政治極化、自我審查,以及中國間接影響,使見於主流媒體之意見多樣性受損()。由於許多媒體老闆在中國有企業利益存在而不想開罪北京,台灣記者偶爾在中國相關重要議題上面臨自我審查。 批評中國政府的媒體亦遭到網路駭客攻擊台灣的新聞自由分數從去年的二十四分降為二十七分。
批評台灣司法與 檢察官的網頁 ( ) 在台灣政府單位測試無法開啟  -  國家圖書館 ( test at 2-19-2016) and 北市府大安區公所八樓(test at 3-14-2016)... but non-gov. places may see them.   ps: test again in 信義區公所 at 5-22-2017, it's not "banned" now. 由時間點看頗有可能是新政府上台所致

<Amnesty International> 國際特赦組織 , 英國倫敦, 2-25-2015

國際特赦組織在報告關切台灣的集會自由、言論自由...,並提到太陽花學運(student-led Sunflower movement protest),以及200多名抗議者被訊問後,面臨被起訴。

聯合報, 2-25-2016

      2015年下半年數位匯流大調查: 七成八認為媒體壟斷嚴重,6成7也擔心未來的媒體壟斷

<Amnesty International> 國際特赦組織 , 英國倫敦, 2-11-2015

台北地檢署針對318占領立法院、323占領行政院、411路過中正一分局三大案偵結,分別依妨害公務等罪嫌,起訴林飛帆、陳為廷、黃國昌、魏揚、洪崇晏等118名學運人士。對於上百人因參與太陽花學運而遭到起訴,國際特赦組織表示,台灣當局必須撤銷針對和平示威遊行者的起訴。 國際通訊社「路透」也關注學運訴訟案,並指太陽花學運是「台灣多年來反中國情緒的最大展現」。


無國()界記者組織 Paris-based <Reporters Sans Frontieres> (RSF), 2015年2月13日

界記者組織(Reporters Without Borders)今天公布「2015年全球新聞自由指數」(Press Freedom Index),台灣在180個受評國家或地區中排名第51位,較去年下滑1名Top 8 : Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, Austria, Canada.

美國國務院 2013年人權報告
The US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2013, released at 2014年2月27日


台灣媒體因為企業利益和中國的影響已出現自我審查的現象。自我審查設限的新聞報導案例: 兩大報在報導中國訪台官員時,較偏袒中國官員及中央社未報導蓋洛普對台灣的生活滿意度調查台灣人對生活感到悲觀(Gallup poll that found Taiwanese were pessimistic about their daily life.)。

自由之家 (Freedom House 美國華盛頓智庫 a Washington-based think tank , USA ),  2014年5月2日

全球新聞自由/ 台灣又退步 跌到48名
美國非政府組織 「自由之家」昨發布「二○一四年全球新聞自由」報告,台灣以廿七分被列入第四十八名,較去年滑落一名;與過去民進黨執政時期相比,無論排名或分數都大幅退步,顯示台灣新聞自由正持續惡化。

華盛頓郵報美國國務院 2014年3月25日

美國國務院發言人希望台灣人對於服貿的討論可以平和且有公民秩序的文明方式進行 (“peacefully and civilly.”)
State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said Monday the U.S. supports Taiwan’s vibrant democracy, and hopes that its discussion over the trade agreement can be conducted “peacefully and civilly.” (Political protests in Taiwan are common, but violent confrontations relatively rare, reflecting the high level of civil discourse resulting from the transition from one-party dictatorship to robust democracy in the mid-1990s.  The United States has welcomed steps taken by China and Taiwan to reduce tensions.)

國際記者聯盟The International Federation of Journalists , 2014年3月26日
Journalists Obstructed as Police Use Force at Taiwan Student Demonstration

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins its affiliate the Association of Taiwan Journalists (ATJ) in condemning the restraining of media reporting on a student-led demonstration in Taiwan which led to a violent confrontation between police and protestors earlier this week. This week, the ATJ issued a declaration on the infringement of coverage with calls for police education in the wake of the heavy-handed police response.

法國巴黎無疆界記者組織Paris-based <Reporters Sans Frontieres> (RSF), 2014年2月13日

台灣從去年的四十七名退步至第五十名。台港澳媒體獨立性 陷險境
無疆界記者組織Paris-based <Reporters Sans Frontieres> (RSF), a press freedom watchdog body

Feb. 13, 2014


「無疆界記者(RSF)」組織,十二日在總部巴黎公布「2014年全球新聞自由度(Press Freedom Index)」報告,台灣從去年的四十七名退步至第五十名;並指中國利用其經濟影響力來損害香港、澳門與台灣媒體的獨立自主。台港澳媒體獨立性 陷險境




BBC , 5.1.2014

台灣當局在近期一系列針對政府的示威抗議後收緊網絡言論自由。警方約談了一名網絡上貼文者,該貼文中說到了將癱瘓台北市捷運。 該貼文者的律師說轉發文章並沒有違法,即使是原始貼文者也不構成犯罪。檢警的大動作明顯是要「殺雞儆猴」,讓人們害怕上街示威表達意見。除了網絡上言論自由的限縮外,台灣內政部宣佈將對示威者進行「預防性羈押」,被當局認定可能參加示威者的人身自由將可能受到限制。

<國家通訊傳播委員會>(NCC),  3.17.2014


<Freedom House>, Washington D.C., USA ( 自由之家,美國華盛頓智庫 a Washington-based think tank ), USA, 2013年5月1日

台灣新聞自由今年分數比2012與 2011年退步 1分排名全球第47亞太第8退步 1位 

<Freedom House> 2013 report
the Freedom of the Press world survey)

May 1,  2013



 台灣政治兩極化、媒體自我審查和中國間接影響,對主流媒體的意見多元化有所限制。(Political polarization, self-censorship and indirect Chinese influence limit the diversity of opinions represented in Taiwan’s mainstream media)
台灣以二十六分在全球排名中被列入第四十七, 亞太地區排名則與吐瓦魯同列為第八。

 Taiwan's rank : 2008 - 32nd , 2009 - 43rd , 2010 - 47th , 2011 - 48th, 2012 - 47th, 2013 - 47th

蘋果日報5/3/2013: 台灣在法律環境項目出現變化,與媒體大環境和經營者有關,報告所指問題的確是台灣應改進之處,像媒體壟斷或易手等事件都還在討論,立法也未完全確立,希望未來法令能建構較健康的媒體環境,別讓政治和財團干擾新聞自由。 Freedom House, a Washington-based non-governmental organization that supports the expansion of freedom around the world.

<Freedom House>, Washington D.C., USA ( 自由之家,美國華盛頓智庫 a Washington-based think tank ), USA, 2013年6月1日

台灣媒體顯示強烈政黨傾向 報導有偏頗 ―  美國自由之家於美國時間五月卅日,公佈各別國家報告指出,台灣媒體反映多元觀點和對政府政策與貪腐傳聞的積極報導。不過台灣媒體顯示強烈的政黨傾向,對自己尊重的候選人有偏頗報導。

<Reporters Sans Frontieres> (無疆界記者組織 RSF, Reporters without Borders), 法國巴黎 France, 2013年1月30日

2012-2013年全球新聞自由度排名,台灣排名47名。比2012年排名45退步2位  the watchdog was concerned about the protests in Taiwan last year against the Want Want China Times Group’s (旺旺中時集團) bid to buy into another media group

<Amnesty International> 國際特赦組織 , 英國倫敦, 2013年report
 (  )

Concentration of ownership of media outlets raised concerns about freedom of expression and editorial independence. In July, the National Communications Commission (NCC) conditionally approved Want Want China Times Group’s acquisition of a major cable television channel and, in November, acquisition of newspaper giant Next Media. In December, the Taipei High Administrative Court ruled that the NCC had the executive power to revoke the Group’s acquisition of another cable television channel because the channel had failed to meet the conditions set by the NCC.

<2013台灣民主基金會民調>, 世新大學執行, 2013年12月10日 (自由時報、聯合報、The China Post、The Taipei Times)
「保障秘密通訊自由」(communication privacy and freedom)的滿意度表現,從前年2011年的3.5分大幅度滑落到今年(2013)的2.4分(range 0.0~5.0),創下新低。

<Freedom House> ( 自由之家,美國華盛頓智庫 a Washington-based think tank ), USA, 2012年5月1日


台灣的法律環境獲得8分比去年降低一分Taiwan scored an 8 for its legal environment (1 point worse than in last year's survey), a 9 for its political environment (no change), and an 8 for its economic environment (1 point better than last year).


<Amnesty International> 國際特赦組織 , 英國倫敦, 2012年5月24日


<Reporters Sans Frontieres> (無疆界記者組織 RSF, Reporters without Borders), 法國巴黎 France, 2012年1月25日

2011-12年全球新聞自由度排名,台灣排名45名 Taiwan's rank on Freedom of Press ( freedom of Information) : 45th.

 Press freedom Index : Finland No.1, Norway No.1

 New Zealand No.13,  Japan No. 22,  Australia No.30, South Korea No.44,
 Taiwan No.45, USA, No.47, HK No.54  US extra territorial No. 57,  China No.174
,亞太地區排名: 紐西蘭(No. 13)、澳洲 (30)日本(22)、南韓(No. 44)、美國(47)


Apple Daily News, Jan. 26, 2012
Taiwan's rank in 2011 : No.48

★  <自由><Epoch USA美國大紀元>   2012年12月8日

2012人權調查 台媒體獨立自主連3年下滑 !


比較4年調查結果發現,在政府保障新聞媒體獨立自主不受干預方面,有逐年下滑趨勢... 在細項調查部分,民眾對人權保障最不滿意的前三名,分別是政府無貪腐程度、政府回應人民需求及無外力干涉司法情形;最滿意的則是居住及遷徙自由、宗教信仰自由及投票權利保障自由...

<中國時報> 2012年12月11日
世界人權日  ―  蘇貞昌批人權倒退、民主出現危機尤以司法、媒體(台灣新聞自由正遭嚴重侵蝕且中國介入台灣置入行銷也日漸嚴重)最嚴重國民黨斥非事實、告洋狀 ...

<Taipei Times>, Dec. 11 2012
The Democratic Progressive Party: The erosion of human rights under KMT's  administration, in particular regarding the judiciary and media, has placed Taiwan’s proud democracy in jeopardy(民主出現危機) and requires attention from the international community, ... applying a three-part strategy to monopolize local media (壟斷媒體的策略) by first “paralyzing the public television system and controlling the Chinese Television System,” then following up with Want Want China Times Group’s (旺旺中時集團) “vertical integration of a cable television service and horizontal integration of its pending merger of the Next Media Group.”... Implementing the Assembly and Parade Act (集會遊行法) was the most glaring example of Ma’s noncompliance with the covenants,...  there were two major crises in Taiwan: first, people’s suffering from the sluggish economy; second, the backsliding of human rights and the re-emergence of authoritarianism.

<China Post>,  Dec. 11 2012
The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) chairman: Taiwan currently faces two major human rights crises: prosecutors that abuse their powers to persecute the people, and private interests that wield dangerous power over the media, Su said, pointing to China as one of the big players in the monopolization of Taiwan's media.
DPP's Policy Research Committee: a recent poll indicates that 62.3 % of Taiwanese are dissatisfied with the government's protection of human rights.
(民進黨民調: 62.3%不滿意人權保障,67%不滿意司法人權保障,64.9%不滿意政治人權保障)

根據 "2012 台灣人權指標調查" (conducted by 中華人權協會) 17.9% 台灣人認為台灣人權進步 36% 認為台灣人權退步  76% 台灣人不滿台灣經濟人權

★  <自由>       2012年4月21日

國家人權報告根本是「自吹自擂」... 民進黨執政時期台灣的新聞自由從全球排名三十五名進步到三十二名,但馬政府執政後,台灣新聞自由不進反退,從四十三名倒退到四十八名。

<星島日報> (Sing Tao Daily)   2012年12月5日

清大學生陳為廷日前在立法院指責教育部長蔣偉寧的言行引各方爭議(作家張大春:好膽就搞革命吧?仗著立委撐腰,那嘴臉也不過就是鷹爪犬牙而已 VS 詩人羅毓嘉:部長公然說謊,是失德…不值得以禮相待。)

<蘋果日報>, 蘋論:本案的重點不是陳的態度禮不禮貌,而是教長「關心」學生的社運是否適當的問題。尤其在解嚴沒多久...教育部長的關心之說格外敏感,會導致對立也其來有自。戒嚴時期,警備總部約談並恐嚇異議人士時也是使用「關心」這個有弦外之音的語詞。

★  <中國時報>   2012年3月10日

(1) 集遊法廿九條明明違反《公民政治權利國際公約》廿一條「國家不得限制和平集會的權利」,去年底就已失效,但法官卻沒勇敢作出免訴裁決,......前天,豬農在農委會前抗議(瘦肉精進口等),卻被警方以違反集遊法逮捕法辦,高痛罵警方根本是藐視國際人權公約。 ...
《公民與政治權利》及《經濟社會文化權利》兩公約,業經總統公布施行,但截至目前,仍有集遊法等七十六則違反公約的法令還沒廢除或修正 ;...,國際公約的法律位階是高於任何國內法,但因立法單位怠惰,導致執法者引用不應適用的法令,做出違背公約精神的判決...

<美國國務院USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, issued April 8, 2011>    美國   -    2011年4月8日

        美國國務院2011年人權報告批評台灣政府之新聞置入有增無減 :  authorities increased their placement of advertisements packaged as news reports in local newspapers and television.

<Freedom House>  自由之家  2010新聞言論自由survey報告,   美國  華府 -    2011年5月2日



 2008年第 32 , 2009年第 43 , 2010年第 47 , 2011年 48



(1) 台灣公視董監事爭議

(2) 廣告偽裝為新聞之置入行銷威脅新聞自由性



 Freedom House, a Washington-based non-governmental organization that supports the expansion of freedom around the world.

<Freedom House>, Washington D.C., USA,  2012年1月20日

(2) 刑事毀謗條款保留,並用於起訴記者與部落客,對台新聞自由形成挑戰...
complaints about unfair competition and concerns about Beijing's interference were present throughout the presidential election campaign...  the Washington-based group pro-democracy watchdog highlighted Taiwan's presidential elections in its Freedom.  (Taipei Times, 自由時報 頭版, 1/21/2012)


<國際特赦組織 Amnesty International>    2011年5月13日

Taiwan was criticized over issues to do with the death penalty, freedom of expression, justice and migrants' rights.(台灣被批評項目: 死刑、言論表達自由、司法、外籍權益) Amnesty International, London, UK,  annual report The State of the World's Human Rights 2011, 2011年5月13日
政府以台灣無共識為由繼續執行死刑Amnesty International Taiwan deputy secretary-general Yang Tsung-li  criticized the government, saying it used a lack of public consensus as an excuse to uphold capital punishment.

The executions last year were carried out one day after a hearing on the issue, and the executions in March came less than one month after Ma offered an apology to the family of Chiang Kuo-ching (江國慶), who was found to have been wrongfully executed

政府未信守承諾修改(集會遊行法)The report also criticized Taiwan’s government for what it said was its failure to deliver on promises to amend the Assembly and Parade Act  that limits citizens’ rights to assembly and free speech.

法官涉集體收賄醜聞It also voiced concerns over the slow progress to enact a judges’ act to address corruption scandals involving high court judges and over the working conditions of migrant workers.外籍勞工多項權益受侵害


also reported by Taiwan's media ― Apple Daily news (Chinese language) and Taipei Times (English)

<Central Radio Station>, 台灣 中央廣播電台, 2012年8月16日

台灣外交部表示香港人民攜帶二岸國旗登釣魚台(釣魚島)屬於「言論自由」。 (ps: 日本已逮捕所有登島者, 後在中國抗議下將強制出境)

No.1 "Taiwan freedom of speech" on English Yahoo, 2015年1 月7日測試, 2011年10 月10日測試
No.1 "Taiwan freedom of expression" on Google,
2012年12月4日&1月11日測試, No.2 at 1.11.2015


No.1 ! 網路排名第一 2011年 5 月14日測試, ; No.2 at 2012年 1 月11日
Yahoo排名第一2015年 1 月12日測試




★  台灣  <蘋果日報>  頭版頭條    -    2012年1月19日  (摘要)



 <the Christian Science Monitor 基督科學箴言報>    美國   -    2011年1月3日

For the past two years, Freedom House has downgraded Taiwan's rating in its annual report on global press freedom. Critics say it's common for government propaganda to masquerade as 'news.'



...many observers say that the glitter of the island republic’s free press has been overrated, especially in a highly commercialized news culture that is both deeply partisan and prey to political favors.

The placement of advertising as news is only the “tip of the iceberg,”

One example of creeping government influence is the media's minimization of criticism of government policies and exaggeration of its achievements, says Guang, who teaches journalism at National Chung Cheng University.......“Taiwan’s news media are not yet independent,” (台灣新聞媒體尚未獨立)says Guang. “Can the public really accept this?”

 台灣 蘋果日報


<自由之家 Freedom House/IFEX> - 美國 華府 -    2010年9月27日

 台灣的新聞自由度則出現連兩年衰退,... 去年...全球第43,今年則跌為...全球第47,...。

 Freedom House expresses concern over public television integrity  ...
 "We encourage Taiwan's policy makers to ensure that the PTS does not become a casualty of political conflict."

ps : Freedom House pointed out
that Taiwan denied a visa to  Kadeer Rabiye Qadir, Uighur dissidents in Sept. 2009.

<自由之家 Freedom House/IFEX> - 美國 華府,  Jan 13, 2011

自由之家 : 台灣媒體環境惡化

Freedom House 2011 report



 the report rated Taiwan's freedom of the media  lower than the previous year, on the basis of a controversy surrounding the country's Public Television Service (PTS).

The heads of PTS were removed in last September amid concerns about the independence of publicly-funded media.
蘋果日報 & 自由時報
(1月 14日, 2011年)報導

<無疆界記者組織  Reporters Without Borders > 法國巴黎 ,  2010 10月21日 

2010年全球新聞自由度排名,台灣排名48名,在亞太地區仍落後於紐西蘭(No. 8)、日本(No. 11)、香港(No. 34)和南韓(No. 42)。

排名前5名的國家分別是芬蘭、冰島、荷蘭、挪威和瑞典。美國新聞自由度排名第20。 台灣值得觀察的問題,例如國營媒體的獨立性。

儘管中國的媒體和網路活躍,但新聞審查和壓制不斷。中國以171名排名倒數第8, 在去年也是倒數第8。

<無疆界記者組織 > 法國巴黎 Paris, France,   2010年10月1日

Reporters Without Borders believes that a democratic government should take pride in defending the state-owned media’s independence. Protecting their independence is essential in order to guarantee a really democratic political system, one that allows all political parties and all sectors of society to make their voices heard.
We urge ... to ensure that PTS's (Taiwan's Public Television Service) editorial independence ...

 台灣  <蘋果日報>   public    -    2011年10月12日

   「捍衛我們的言論自由」鄭秀玲:   挾龐大財力與政治力的財團正將觸手伸向媒體... 一切就從有線電視商的財團化開始...

 台灣 <自由> -    2010年9月27日

《星期專訪》管中祥:政府置入行銷 : 新聞倒退主因

執政黨介入公視太粗暴 ...   此次國民黨利用一黨獨大,透過立法院修法手段,試圖取得合法名義去控制媒體。... 新聞局強制擴大公視董事席位...取得主導權。

... ,在公視這個複雜的個案中,...各界應該要好好檢視媒體獨立的法令及制度,...,否則政府介入掌控媒體的問題會不斷出現。

柔性控制取代威權箝制   ...  解嚴後 ,取而代之的是廣告及大量宣傳經費,自由之家就點名台灣媒體接受政府「置入性行銷」, 是新聞自由倒退的主因之一。... 解嚴後,新聞局購買媒體的經費越來越高。

很多人覺得,台灣媒體因市場激烈競爭而接受政府置入性行銷,這只是一半,另外是因「政媒文化」一直存在,... 完全不能同意新聞被置入行銷,因為民眾普遍相信新聞是事實的報導,政府卻利用這種信任,來行有目的的宣傳之實。 ...  置入性行銷...要讓民眾可看清楚哪些是政府宣導報導,應規範預算或採購法規,清楚列出政府採購媒體報導或政令宣導的經費,約束公務員可以買廣告,但不應買新聞。 ... 台灣一直缺乏引導優質、獨立性、多元性媒體環境的養成,媒體記者也欠缺組織性力量可抗衡外界或高層的壓力。

 台灣 <自由> -  學者︰國家通訊社 不該被政治干預   2010年7月8日


美國「自由之家」...最新報告,點出台灣政府在媒體置入性行銷、政治力介入中央社等問題。 ... .. 學者強調中央社不該被政治干預,其功能是對國際宣傳台灣、而非對國內宣傳,更不能運用公部門資源進行政治鬥爭




國家通訊社應是設法強化國際對台灣正面報導 非對國內宣傳為政府美容更不能運用公部門資源進行政治競爭 ......


國家級的通訊社 ...... 仍應與一般新聞媒體相同...... 依據事實根據...... 也不應影響或干預編採


政策美化 ......是新聞局功能通訊社......提供更多國家資訊給國際媒體,而不是由國家出錢封閉訊息甚至被政治干預報導」應對國際宣傳 為政府美容


媒體有其客觀與公正性不該成為政府的美容師...... 若中央社要為政府「不如改為新聞局分社算了

<無疆界記者組織  Reporters Without Borders > 法國巴黎 ,    

   大標題: 台灣新聞自由倒退

   根據 Press Freedom Index :  台灣新聞自由度 2009年排名59 ( 落後第 57的海地Haiti, 日本 17th ),  2008年排名36.  掉落了 23位之多

 台灣 <蘋果日報> -    2010年7月7日  台師大陳炳宏

大標題 : 公視淪為台灣之恥

 台灣 <自由> -      2010-10-10

... 站在維護台灣民主自由品質與形象的立場,國會責無旁貸,應該要求全面調閱行政院各部會執行「置入行銷」的預算花費,讓全體納稅人進行公評。

... 針對媒體的置入,有兩類操作手法,一是購買時段版面置入廣告,以上不上廣告、上得多少,來威脅利誘媒體;另一種更為惡劣,是直接交易置入政府需要的「報導」,讓閱聽人完全分不清這是為政者的片面洗腦 。


.... 要完整揭露... 齷齪黑幕,必須由立法院出面,... 將一切攤在陽光下,讓台灣公民看看:... 金權政治褻瀆台灣的民主政治與新聞自由。

<自由之家> - 美國華府    2010年9月27日   

<自由之家>關切<公視>領導階層的變更  Freedom House Expresses Concern over Public Television Integrity in Taiwan

Freedom House urges Taiwan to safeguard the integrity of the country's public broadcaster following the removal of its leadership.
On September 19, Taiwan’s Public Television Service Foundation, the entity that oversees the Public Television Service (PTS), took the unusual step of removing the station’s leadership, Sylvia Feng (President and CEO) and Chung Yu-yuan (Executive Vice President), just three months before their three-year terms were set to expire. The Public Broadcasting Foundation claimed that the firings were made on the basis of poor performance, an assertion that Feng and Chung reject and may challenge in court ...

  台灣  <Taipei Times> ,       2010 5月1日  

台灣新聞自由下降 SELF-CENSORSHIP Freedom House cited softening criticism of Ma and China after the China Times Group was bought by a businessman with interests in China

置入行銷手法的影響 : ..., a revival of ‘embedded marketing’ amidst economic difficulties resulting from the global financial crisis, actions by media owners and government influence over the editorial content of publicly owned outlets posed challenges for media independence during the year.”

公視董事會爭議 : ... a controversy concerning board members at the Public Television Service (PTS) and personnel changes the government made at state-owned media that “have raised concerns that their aim is to influence the editorial content of the nonpartisan outlets.”

中央社依指示修改報導內容:   .. 2009 that criticism of the government in the Central News Agency’s [CNA] coverage appeared to have been markedly toned down since the end of 2008, ...  deputy president and CNA staff reported receiving editorial ­directives to alter certain content,” the report said.

軟化批評台灣政府與北京: ... Tsai Eng-meng (蔡衍明),... purchased the China Times Group...  softening criticism of the Ma administration, Beijing or improvements in cross-strait ties. This also raised concerns over the potential direct or indirect influence of the Chinese government on free expression in Taiwan,”...

   台灣 <Taiwan News PRC invades Taiwan with 'embedded' ads       2010 5月18日

The quality and sustainability of Taiwan's hard-won democracy is now being increasingly threatened by invasive "embedded advertising" and "censorship without borders" from the authoritarian People's Republic of China.

... One of the reasons cited by Freedom House for the erosion has been the use by the Ma administration of huge amounts of taxpayer funds to engage in "embedded advertising" or promotion or propaganda of government policies packaged as "news" stories or features.

... As a result of embedded marketing and the frequent use of "news" stories to engage in marketing by public as well as private sector interests, the credibility of the Taiwan news media has fallen to its lowest level since ...  July 1987.


However, an even greater threat to news freedom, freedom of expression and the credibility of our news media is ... PRC, ... is now actively exploiting the opportunity posed by "cross-strait reconciliation" to buy influence in print and broadcast media in Taiwan.

台灣 <Taiwan News >   Taiwan: How ECFA threatens Taiwan news freedom,    2010 7月30日

Taiwan will face greater challenges in defending existing hard-won levels of news freedom in the wake of the signing of the controversial “Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement” with the authoritarian ... China. ...  a new report ...  on the impact of ECFA on Taiwan warned that Taiwan’s government and citizens cannot ignore the “contradictions” between the broadcasting and news media systems of Taiwan and the PRC ......


<無疆界記者組織>, 法國巴黎    2008年12月17日

公媒體的獨立性受威脅   儘管政府否認  (Public media independence threatened, despite government denials  )  
Reporters Without Borders urges President Ma Ying-jeou to keep his promises to us to respect public media independence.

<無疆界記者組織 Reporters Without Borders>, 法國巴黎   2008年11月8日  

台灣10多名記者在抗議中受傷 (More than 10 journalists injured during opposition protests against Chinese visit)
Reporters Without Borders deplores the violence against journalists in Taipei in the course of protests against a visit by a Chinese government representative during the past few days.

At least 10 journalists were injured during protests on 6 November by supporters of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) against the meeting in Taipei between President Ma Ying-jeou and Chen Yunlin,

<國際特赦組織 Amnesty International>    2008年

台灣集會遊行法方面的討論   Freedom of Expression problem : The Assembly and Parade Law

the Assembly and Parade Law requires police permission to hold a public demonstration and is used to suppress protests


<自由之家> - 美國華府 - Washington -   2008年11月20日 

Freedom House Calls for Inquiry into Taiwan Clashes

Freedom House urges Taiwan's government to create an independent commission to thoroughly investigate clashes between police and activists protesting Chinese envoy Chen Yunlin's historic visit and recommend needed reforms. ... The clashes reveal a need for police to undergo crowd control training that adheres to the standards used in other democracies. Likewise, demonstrators and political advocacy groups must recommit themselves to orderly protests that avoid violence under any circumstances.


 台灣 <自由> -   2010年
憂慮中國影響台灣言論自由    自由之家點名旺旺中時集團

美國「自由之家」...公布「2010年世界各國新聞自由度調查報告」,台灣... 連兩年排名倒退。「自由之家」並點名旺旺中時集團,...,一連串為馬政府辯護的社論,讓人憂慮中國政府對台灣的媒體自由可能給予直接或間接的影響力。...

除了中時,年代電視台、中央社 和公共電視也被「自由之家」點名批評。

ps: 美國「自由之家」評論旺旺中時集團的內容

Also of note was the influence of owners over the editorial content of media they acquire. After Tsai Eng-Meng, a businessman with significant commercial interests in the PRC purchased the China Times Group in November 2008, a series of incidents in 2009—including Tsai’s own comments to the media—pointed to a subsequent change in editorial policy in the direction of softening criticism of the Ma administration, Beijing, or improvements in cross-strait ties. This also raised concerns over the potential direct or indirect influence of the Chinese government on free expression in Taiwan.

 <BBC>,  <中廣>,  <UDN> etc -    2010年3月18日

簡余晏揭發市府新聞...  用台灣納稅人錢作「事先審核新聞」...辱新聞專業 ...


 台灣 <自由> -    2010年7月8日

... 按照先進國家的媒體經驗,國家媒體或公共傳媒都要最大程度擺脫來自政府或執政黨的干預;台灣這幾年則反其道而行,已令國際關切。

法國...法新社Agence France Press,為維持獨立運作,根本就禁止向政府取得補助。...


... 不獨自由之家,「無疆界組織」去年公布的台灣新聞自由度,就從前一年的三十六名掉到五十九名,這是客觀的事實。馬政府對此應要深自檢討,而非一味想要反擊。


to be continued

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