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◆ 1.

       看見台灣 in 1 minute

                                                                                                                                                                            below are visual parody, cartoons on .The dark side of Tw  based on the news, the truth

  ●  台灣是個包娼」、「包賭」、「包毒」、「包詐騙」 、 「包竊盜」、欺善怕惡犧牲「民生」「民主」、 '窮'斯濫 的國家嗎?   see below ...







Taiwan's image  ―  台灣惡名昭彰: 「毒品轉運中心」  「輸出大國」的污名 坐實  / CTN, July, 2017

台灣 已淪製毒王國」<聯合報> (United Daily) 頭版頭條, 11-2-2017



  2016年, 台灣是日本境外毒品第3來源國 ......  ref to The China Times, headline news, 4-4-2017     台灣反毒做假  CTN 7-2017


因執法不足的致命傷, 以及法制面諸多缺失, 台灣被The Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG) 列為"加強追蹤名單" / UDN 聯合筆記 4-11-2017


   毒品氾濫...已擴大惡化到難以阻止 / 蘋果日報 社評, 5-15-2017; 


Philippines President Duterte (9-26-2017) : Triad supplying illegal drugs to PH is based in Taiwan, not China / inquirer.net 


   國際社會公害 !




Taiwan, a rat or a soft chicken  ! ?


Taiwan weakness



  紐約時報 New York Times at  11-4-2017, the Pentagon report, May 2017: China’s military modernization has “eroded or negated many of Taiwan’s historical advantages (geography and the US support) ” in deterring a potential attack.  五角大廈於May 2017警告:台灣過去可以遏制中國襲擊的「許多優勢」(包括美國協防),已經被中國的軍事現代化「削弱或消除了」


Le Monde diplomatic of France, Mai 2016, depicted Taiwan as a trembling sweating rat (or mouse), turning its back on an approaching huge cat (China), lifting high the banner "$O$"  .  
法國 Le Monde diplomatique 將台灣喻為 背對大貓(中國) 威懾、直冒汗發抖求救("$O$" )的老鼠

     點按看圖 !   click the image (left) to view the graphic comments in details !


紐約時報New York times,  5-18-2017: Taiwan's leaders have gutted the military and continued to base defense planning on the assumption that the United States would always come to the rescue.  Policies ... have left the military understaffed and in a state of low morale...  台灣領導一廂情願假設美國定會出兵救援   ...  台軍士氣低落  陷於醜聞之中



美國 FreeBeacon  , 10-19-2017 : "中國習近平對台獨的籲請 猛力關上大門 (Slams the Door on Taiwanese Appeals for Independence)" FreeBeacon at 10-19-2017 : "China’s Xi Jinping Slams the Door on Taiwanese Appeals for Independence.".   Washington Post at 10-18-2017: "Mr. Xi’s biggest applause line was a vow to 'never allow anyone. . . to separate any part of Chinese territory from China.'  That would include...Taiwan."(19th CPC national Congress).  



德國 Spiegel, 1-9-2017, Global Times of China:一中原則 ... 沒有討價還價的餘地("Es gibt keinen Raum für Verhandlungen".  "There is no room for negotiations" .)







 SOS ...
台灣 !  救救海洋 !



save the ocean


Daily Mail  (newspaper UK),  7-14-2017



comments it as "selfish" human beings ,
"Taiwan was once called 'Garbage island'
and more conversation is needed" ......


    Taiwan ignores environmental protection (ocean garbage clean-up) of 90% Taiwan's coast
 with large garbage-distributions...

/ UDN, 5-30-2017


pic above: Daily Mail (UK) :
Shocking underwater video from Taiwan
shows ocean floor littered with

plastic (bottles) garbage


令人震驚!~ 台灣海岸線海底




http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4690526/The-bottom-ocean-filled-plastic-bottles.html  (news & video)





活埋 2.0 







   (full text: https://udn.com/news/story/11321/2974813 聯合報社論/

斷層帶上何以建了那麼多高樓? 2-8-2018,



軟腳樓成坑殺人命陷阱 2-9-2018, 



都更 爛政客  敷衍不作為


- 如遇六級地震  2-9-2018)









中視新聞 12-14-2017 : 台灣詐騙犯真的遍佈全球

台灣變成國際詐騙輸出國,已成國際公害 /   <聯合報> 社論, 12-24-2017  


台灣人詐騙全球 惡名昭彰 重創台灣形象 / EBC TV 4-9-2017 6:54am


   台灣把詐騙犯當成資產 Taiwan largely sees these telecom frauds/phone scammers as an asset rather than liability... / quora.com


BBC 4-22-2016: Taiwanese massive international telecoms frauds lead to diplomatic row between Taiwan and China, and cost Chinese victims billions of Yuan and to have driven some to suicide


Taiwan's legal system is extremely tolerant of the scammers. Not matter how much money was involved in a scamming case  /  https://www.quora.com/Does-Taiwan-rely-on-the-fraud-industry-heavily,  /4-16-2016

  台灣司法與立法院毫無羞恥, 放走這麼多騙犯  /  ref to 聯合報 社論 8-2016   

詐騙案刑責 大陸最高判無期 台灣輕罪易科罰金   台灣是"低風險 、高收益"國家 詐騙法令輕、定罪率低 / EBC TV news  4-9-2017 6:54am

       國際社會公害 !










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 click comment Taiwan"





pic: 本網站  "了解台灣" 排名英文 US Google第1
 2-18-2018, 1-20-2018, 12-2-2017, 9-27-2017, 
4-25-2017, 1-6-2017   

 "understand Taiwan"  No.1 on US google, Bing, Yahoo,
   review Taiwan ranks No.1 on US Yahoo, Bing,
2-18-2018, 12-2-2017, 9-27-2017, 9-3-2017










pic 左: 本網站群 "評論台灣" 排名

俄羅斯 Yandex第1,
 , 1-30-2018.  





pic右: 本網站  "介紹台灣"

排名俄羅斯 Yandex第1,












pic: 本網站群 "台灣簡介" 排名 歐洲德國 MetaGER 第1,




  TAIWAN      Review Taiwan      comment Taiwan



Taiwan food

Does Taiwan
Have democracy?



 Taiwan democracy

  過動棺槨 ... ...

Taiwan travel


食安問題不斷,台灣最大挑戰 之一
The China Times. 8-6-2016, an interview to Taiwan president 蔡英文

 食安預算少的可憐  一人僅一元  / 中時7-9-2017

 長庚醫院毒物科主任, Univ. of London博士殷宗海M.D.:
「儘量減少外食 ! ( ref. to 著作<食品不安全的年代如何自保> , April 2016

   台灣農藥殘留容許量為歐盟1000倍   /

The China Times, Opinion <短評 "台灣越來越毒>, 4-21-2017


Beaviss : dummy ! there's no poison, addictives, MSG,

 lard oil, gutter oil,  added in these Chinese heritage arts

 - pork stone and cabbage jade
 Butter-Head: so, we can eat these healthy foods now?!
a visual parody by Zola Zu




Taiwan politics belongs to corporations (not the people) and is controlled by the political parties <Foerign Policy> 2015.



如今似乎連民主的皮相也難以維持了...「民生」已經變成政治的犧牲品...<聯合報>社論, 3-7-2017



MegaBank案掀開台灣腐敗金融體系 / 民視 5-29-2017, 20:32pm

China - People's Daily's Global Times (7-19-2016) editorial: 台灣旅遊業這麼大的安全漏洞,  居然能年復一年混下去...再去是玩命 ...click Taiwan travel  for details

  英國BBC, The SUN (2-13-2017): 台灣旅遊巴士交通安全標準須改善 "safety standards need to be improved".

台灣近年飛安紀錄糟糕Taiwan has had a poor aviation safety record/ CNN, Newsweek, 2-4-2015

People's Daily (8-4-2016) editorial: 安全沒保障 ...很多意外事故都存在著人禍 的影子,或是法規漏洞、管理疏失、或是體制不足......



        台灣大腸癌發生率高居全球第一,許多黑心食品也有影響/ 8-28-'15 apple daily









上的'魚肉'  Salmon is poking the bear ?  Taiwan suffers !


 Bloomberg news 3-14-2018: In the future, Taiwan will suffer even more, as it gets caught
 in the middle between a stronger China and a inward-looking US... 夾在兩強中 台灣要吃苦頭了


台灣可能成為美中博奕下的籌碼或祺子  (a leverage, a bargaining chip)

中國南京軍區前副司令:  100 小時內擊敗台軍; 
台灣國防部長: 能抵抗中軍超過1周 (CTV 12-18-2016)  ps: 歷年國防部長的估計(能抵抗中軍)時間愈來愈短; 


<Foreign Policy> 選擇台灣蔡總統為2016年 "leading thinkers" 之一 ,

因為蔡英文 "敢戳大熊 Poking the bear" / 12-14-2016









 †   '紅害'使Taiwan變為口罩王國  ― 

 空污水濁台灣環境品質OECD吊車尾 / 9-21-2015 CT


台大公衛副院長: 台灣PM2.5空污標準落後15年創造合法殺人環境 (dean, College of Public health, National Taiwan University, 
 UDN headpage, 10-16-2017;   Liberty Times 1-4-2016


Taiwan,  in the lower ranks, placing 54th out of 57 nations in the CCPI with regards to cutting down carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases. / Taipei Times, 11-23-2017taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2017/11/23/2003682785

 United Daily, Opinion, 12-2-2017: 台灣空汙污2/3 來自境內, 電力大量依賴燃媒為元凶  (brief)  








Taiwan air force


英國經濟學人雜誌 Economist (special edition 2017): Taiwan will turn into a tiger again台灣將再成猛虎 

台灣宣稱領空不容他人耀武揚威Taiwan declared no other air forces are allowed to show their muscle in Taiwan air space / 蘋果日報Apple Daily 5-30-2016,...



Bloomberg 3-14-2018, CTV中視晚間新聞 11-27-2016, 聯合報 UDN 11-30-2016:  中共軍機 常態繞行台灣並穿越第一島鏈 (1st Island Chain ) 台空軍未升空攔截驅逐 ; 12-2016 中共宣稱常態繞飛

Taiwan has been watched by the super power for years...

  Taiwan's sky, our air-space ?  台北的天空  共軍越雷池百步







Taiwan illegal fishing

TW, a pirate boat !?

<The Diplomat> (4-14-2016) :  Taiwan's illegal fishing is 'out of control' 歐盟於2015年以黃牌警告台灣非法濫行捕魚, GreenPeace嚴厲抨擊台灣政府縱容  (台'17修法成果待評估)  

 Washington Post 2-22-2018: Taiwan is No.2 fishing nation as measured by Global fishing Watch's Automatic Identification Sys., 2016.




  Taiwan's principal human rights problems reported :

exploitation of foreign workers, including foreign crewmembers

on long-haul fishing vessels 台灣主要人權問題之一:剝削外勞 /

USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,   3-3-2017


   More than 100 foreign laborers were raped

 each year  / BBC 1-24-2017




(聯合 晚報, 2015-11-28) 台灣主為了留住外勞,只能盡量隱忍

( 經濟日報, 2015-11-28 )  ps: Many laborers are 'good' at

committing crimes (running away, malicious destroy/damage, guilty of burglary, etc ), something wrong with TW system.




 <Reporters Sans Frontieres> (RSF, Reporters without Borders),  France,  4-27-2017 :  Taiwan's press freedom at 45th place ;  Local government officials are also directly interfering in the editorial policies of state-owned media; 


  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,   3-3-2017 :  some media self-censorship with regard to China......

  RSF: “the main threat to media freedom comes from China, which has been exerting growing economic and political pressure on the Taiwanese media.”


  Those faceless coward-hackers tried to damage speech-freedom and stop my modifying this and some other web-pages.  6-10-2017





司法殉難 Justice's raped  !

Taiwan justice dead


台灣政治一向挑戰 & 超越法律為能事

司法為統治工具 司法官受政治控制

/ Liberty Times, 6-19-2016


立法與司法 從不知羞恥 

 United Daily, 8-24-2016

Taiwan, a rotten country


One of Taiwan's Principal
human rights problems :

rotten (corruption)



ref. to US Country Report on Human Rights, 2015-2017, and PERC 2009, etc.



Corruption in Taiwan
Prosecutors in Taiwan
Justice in Taiwan



Taiwan torture


Torture on Taiwan's own people -

a major difference from what CIA did (ps2)
台灣人權侵犯 超過美國CIA  !?


Professor Lin R.S. was subject to electromagnetic

wave attacks / French AFP, Bangkok Post, 

 Dec. 2011, Yahoo UK & Ireland, etc














    Taiwan 國在?山河破!    a piss boy polluting the environment 台版小便童


        台灣新北是亞洲最大污水處理廠, 涉將未處理之噁爛髒污水直排入海 約 4-5 年....... / <Next>, front-page, 4-6-2017
  台灣海岸線1600公里,  9成沒人管 垃圾毒害之清理, 如今垃圾毒害分布廣  / <聯合報>, 5-30-2017
 沒天理! 毒台竟無罪, 日月光排5000噸致癌廢水, 致溪流變色, 法院判被告全無罪  /  <蘋果日報> 頭版頭條新聞, 9-30-2015
   (政府) 要害死人嗎?』CAS沒驗戴奧辛...  戴奧辛(Dioxin)污染12年未斷, 政府只做末端,

             未控管源頭污染物流入環境 / <蘋果日報> 頭條,  4-22-2017 
    政府把關 完全崩盤 /民視新聞 4-22-2017 13:59pm  







Taiwanese personality


Taiwanese     台灣水牛... 台灣牛 ?
have been patient sufferance of so many politically bullies and toying,
hence turned into obedient, docile people 

反抗被殺,  政治做弄與欺負 使台灣人變順民  !!  †

Washington Post, 1-2-2017 : 83 percent chose

 "bread" over "romance"...



Taiwan flag






Eagle at home, chicken abroad,

「悶」經濟、「宅」政府     芒刺向內

sharp spikes pointing to its own hoi polloi


New York times,  12-13-2016: In Presidential inaugural speech, Tsai referred to the Constitution of the Republic of China and the legislation governing cross-strait relations, both imply the acceptance of a “one China” framework.



Taiwan weakness


Taiwan, a soft chicken 

台灣吃軟怕硬   遇強則弱   遇弱(菲律賓)更弱



 Taiwan president beset by low approval rate because of weakness against foreign countries, even including Philippines, a backward country dared to hurt Taiwan, not to mention military strong ones, China, Japan, etc
ref. to Forbes, 5-21-2013



New York times,  5-18-2017:  台軍士氣低落 The gov has left the military understaffed and in a state of low morale ...
ps: The Philippines is little & weak, but not soft   / Independent UK, etc, 10-11-2016,
Philippines refused to be "a dog with leash" / CNBC 10-25-2016

Taiwan Presidential Hall 
Taiwan national flag still function /
working as weather cock to learn  which way and how strong the political wind blowing


lay the blame to an innocent one

 司法無恥 威信蕩然無存
,   "有錢買生"深植台灣人心

Little ones take the rap in major cases (Apple Daily head-page 8-30-2016, 7-11-2016, headline 12-19-2014CTS 12-19-2014;  Liberty Times, 12-24-2015, etc). Taiwan's legislators and judicial system don't have a sense of shame on releasing many int'l telecomm scammers and fraud groups (United Daily, 8-24-2016 editorial ).   In the past 8 years, about 100 major crimes escaped overseas easily and happily (Next magazine, Liberty Times, 12-31-2015), including Legislators leader Liu 劉松藩 (apple daily 12-8-2016) ps3

privacy toilet 


   pic. : political dig-dirt...ps1

a keyhole or loophole ?

監視人民 or 傾聽民意?








Wanted Poster


pic. :  Looking for the guilty?
need only look into a mirror on WANTED poster




<United Daily> 8-24-2016 editorial

TW Taiwan government logo
 Taiwan lacks creativity, not cold calculations

台灣創意貧弱  經濟發展引擎也不例外
  The logo
(pic. above) of Taiwan gov. / Ministry of Economic Affairs (pic. above) is similar to Canadian logos (pic.below) appeared earlier       click for Taiwanese creativity

       logo Canada    
    ps: The China Times, 3-29-2017: Taiwan lacks key tech. to make a coach (large bus).




  愈掃愈黃, 全球第一 


 Hypocritical government / Taiwan declared crackdown on prostitution, only to turn into a country with world No.1 percentage of  sex-related business consumers of all the adults.  (Apple Daily 12-25-2014 )  ◆  偽君子政權 朔造色情嫖樂No.1大國 ...  

吳伯雄的名言:賭場到處有大家都知道, 只有管區(警察)不知道。色情也一樣,到處有,更加多只有台灣警察不知道..... (台中市政府第145次治安週報, 7-14-2010 再提此名言)


  嫖妓就是對婦女施暴 (Prostitution is violence against women / ref to <Prostitution : violence with no name>, "Prostitution et Societe", 2010, "Int'l Day for the Elimination of Violence against women", 11-25-2016 France 法國)   創造與包庇性產業環境的政府(不是嫖客)才是大規模迫害女權的真凶






Taiwan diplomacy


'comfort women' style kowtow diplomacy, 叩頭外交

Taiwan served 2 powers,

 USA and/or China


Taiwan's economy is highly reliant on China,
Taiwan needs the US for national defense...


ps: "捧L.P." 是台灣知名政治俚語








台灣人隱私  < 快速看診、洩露病歷淪常態 醫療倫理何在?>     UDN/聯合報  1-3-2017  †

https://udn.com/news/story/7266/2205935 by  president of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center



Potential 'suicide bomber' !?

undergound das explosion disaster Taiwan

Taiwan never go public residential-area locations with

potential explosion risks,
even huge fiery underground explosion disasters
happened recently,
and only lower officials were charged by courthouse

ps: the little whale is Taiwan-island shape.

台灣不公開爆炸危險地段, 民怒「經我家不讓我知」;  †


★★Land slide disaster in Taiwan★★


Taiwan has never gone public via media
those area with
landslide disaster risks,

lots of houses with potential fatal dangers in Taiwan.

台灣不公開危險居住區域  †





  above all are based on news & comments on Taiwan in recent years









USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,
3-3-2017 & 2016, 2015 /




One of Taiwan's principal human rights
problems -domestic violence, Taiwanese Women suffered being raped (spousal rape). 
Many victims did not report the crime
for fear of social stigmatization. 
 Various nongovernmental organization
 (NGO) and academic studies
estimated that the total number of
sexual assaults was seven to
 10 times the number reported to police.




where's Birds Flu ...?





台灣(TW)政府愚民政策, 淵遠流長



禽流感疫情 慢半拍


(詳 1-3-2018, UDN,
2012 BBC 就曾報導 www.bbc.com/zhongwen/trad/















學界的倫理腐敗事件頻傳,一直未受到政府、大學認真對待   ps11

●  總分 38 可以考進大學    重量不重質  這是國際大笑話  ! / The China Times, 7-20-2017





 ♦ 2.   合理懷疑


Has Taiwan been doing something
so base

to its own national(s)
―  treat 'em like enemies
or traitors ??

(state-violence drama - flunkies and opportunists  persecuting or humiliating the innocent target-victims)

public shaming show
sort of "dancing-monkey-parade", dusty old political theatrics

like what happened in world war II, Chinese cultural revolution, and Chinese civil war
(ROC fooled int'l reporters by a fake show of big military victory in Yan 'an starring by fake prisoners of war )

 return in new forms


public punishment
Public shaming showbiz returns ? 文革與二戰羞辱式「遊街」, 順民"公審" 鬥臭ps10
 like those kinds happened in world war II and cultural revolution in chn.


left: CIA waterboarding
right: The "suspect" poisons the little by painting a picture of "state enemy" 水刑 2.0
/ 潑髒水

 Electrocution  method 2.0
torture, electric shock, electrocution

 freedom of expression is re-defined
"pls. feel free to express(scream) when I  'rape' u"

電擊 本國人  ――   與CIA最大的不同 ps2


ps: 聯合報UDN 12-20-2016 社論, <注意「國家暴力」幽靈的新偽裝 >:
政府新形式的「國家暴力」痕跡斑斑,人民其實都看在眼裡 (brief;  full text http://udn.com/news/story/7338/2179800)


ps 2:  "不能重蹈覆轍..全民公審.." / 蘋果日報 社論, 4-22-2017









3.   了解台灣 in all aspects

   評論台灣 台湾の体験                this site's world No. 1 in  2017~18,  2016 2015 2014,  2013 2010~12              
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紐約時報 (NY Times), 10-19-2017:  習近平呼籲台灣回歸祖國, 如同港澳般實行愛國者為主體的自治 ,... "绝不允许任何人、任何组织、任何政党、在任何时候、以任何形式、把任何一块中国领土从中国分裂出去!”  這段誓辭贏得全場最熱烈的掌聲(in 19th CP Congress Speech) ;   華盛頓郵報 (Washington Post) , 10-18-2017: 習近平所謂"任何一块中国领土",包括了台灣  德國 Spiegel, 1-9-2017, Global Times of China:一中原則 ... 沒有討價還價的餘地 ("Es gibt keinen Raum für Verhandlungen".) 法國 Le Monde媒體集團 "L’Amérique centrale lâche Taipei" (mai '16) 漫畫將台灣喻為 背對大貓(中國) 威懾、直冒汗發抖求救("$O$" )的老鼠 (click for details !)。 美國五角大廈於May 2017警告: 台灣過去可以遏制中國襲擊的「許多優勢」(包括美國協防),已經被中國的軍事現代化「削弱或消除了」美國 FreeBeacon  , 10-19-2017 : "中國習近平對台獨的籲請, 猛力關上大門 (Slams the Door on Taiwanese Appeals for Independence)" Bloomberg 3-14-2018: 中國真正的憂慮不是貿易戰、而是美國打'台灣牌'  Trump's "Taiwan card" (需要時用於激怒中共) is China's real worry.       Deutsche Welle 3-16-2018: 中國對美國簽署<台灣旅行法>反應憤怒 China has reacted angrily to the bill  (Trump signed <Taiwan Travel Act> which pave way for high-level, official exchanges with Taiwan......  "visits to a country by United states cabinet members ...".)

中国(The People's Republic of China)長久以來認定台灣  (Taiwan  the Republic of China )屬於中國不可分割的一部分,而且為其核心利益,必要時將以武力解決台灣問題 , 截至2017年 ,在中国施壓與外交影響下 ,  台灣邦交國只剩20 ,且多為爾小邦, 北京隨時可進一步挫敗台外交,另手的軟策略則是對台「讓利」(比方鼓勵赴台旅遊),希望更多台灣人傾向統一,如今,台灣超過三分之二的海外直接投资於對岸,大陸已成為台灣最大的贸易伙伴 , 2017年台灣從大陸賺得近1200億美元順差。 實際的台灣人一致認為:  與大陸的經濟依存無法避免,但過度仰赖則存在風险。法國Le Monde diplomatic (2016)指出 : 互補的兩岸經濟正在競爭台灣企業正逐漸被排除在中國生產和供應鏈之外 (Mais les économies des deux rives, qui étaient complémentaires, entrent désormais en concurrence. Les entreprises taïwanaises sont progressivement exclues de la mise en place d’une chaîne de production et d’approvisionnement chinoise ... )

台灣創造了經濟奇蹟 ,成為世界重要電子產品生產廠與亞洲主要貿易國家 、世界第22大經濟體 , 據Global Wealth Report (Credit Suisse, Nov., 2017)統計台灣人的平均財富USD 188,081, 接近西歐水平 ( UK USD 278,038, France USD 263,399) 台灣高科技產品曾在全球經濟扮演要角,其關鍵技術 、 零組件須仰賴日本與美國的提供  (台灣甚至缺乏關鍵技術製造大巴士 / CTN , 3-29-2017), 且低薪將使台灣高科技產業居人後。 近年來台灣的人均GDP排名節節後退  2016年中国的GDP約為台灣的23倍,大陸廣東等5 省皆已超過台灣台灣憂心三五年內可能落到大陸十省之後。 據中研院'17年底報告,政府若不 儘快解決法律環評  、對大陸過度保守等問題台灣未來10年至少會被15-30個國家超越聯合報 社論, 12-5-2017 :  台北薪資已輸給北京 '17「川習會」後台灣媒體擔憂過去「美中共管」台灣的模式是否 有所改變?


日本読売新聞社説6-22-2017評論: 美國負責加強台灣的防務,是維護台海和平與穩定的關鍵。 ( "米国は台湾の防衛力強化を担っており、台湾海峡の平和と安定のカギを握る。")  台灣的"守護神"美國,對於兩岸問題採取戰略模糊("strategic ambiguity")政策, "認知"(“acknowledge”)台灣屬於中國 , 但不"承認"(“recognize”)台灣屬於中国,  並根據 美國法律販售防衛武器給台灣但 近年缺乏給台灣真正優勢的重要系統 長年以來,台灣政府 也未正 視中国不斷增強的威脅,且假設美國一定會出兵解救台湾,國、民二黨的國防政策與规劃  ―  現役正規軍砍半成二十萬人、 二百萬後備軍人形同虚設,導致了 軍力不足且士氣低落。 Washington Post 1-5-2018 報導許多美國高官視台灣為美中障礙, 甚至是壞一碗粥的老鼠屎(“the turd in the punchbowl”)。 然而, 中共軍方媒體認為美國仍有許多勢力(many forces)支持台灣(Bloomberg 3-14-2018: some US national security hawks),作為對抗中国的籌碼。 蔡英文認為(12-29-2017)對台動武的可能性應該不在習決策思考範圍內, 但於SETN(1-22-2018)專訪時改口 不排除共軍攻台可能。  蘋果日報2017, Jan. 2018社論提醒,不要完全依賴美軍援台的假設; 若此台灣 的"Poking the bear"究竟是眼尖抑或眼瞎呢?   倾向獨立的台灣總統 蔡英文在2016年的就職演講裡,提到了《中華民國憲法》和两岸條例法规,二者均暗示(imply) 她已接受了“一個中國”的框架,但 蔡當選後中方敵意已經上升 認為她已踩到 且欲跨越「紅線解放軍 受命進入備戰(battle ready)狀態不斷在台灣疆域附近甚至穿越海峽中線進test the waters。     

雖然實質上台灣已具備國家的要件,但卻不斷自傷形象, 不少行徑甚至有如"窮斯濫"之國,醜態百出耍賴擺爛 , 已成國際公害 比方非法'海盜'捕魚, 台灣改正速度還不及一干東南亞小國...:

 剝削 外籍漁工與家事勞工官員貪污家庭暴力部分媒體在報導關於中國新聞時有「自我審查」狀況、買票、企業違反工時規定、性別歧視及兒虐案件增加... / 美國國務院 人權報告 United States Department of State Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (3-3-2017) 

●  台灣一再拖延修正刑法反酷刑(torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment ), 無視國際人權專家會審調查之結論意見, ref .<蘋果日報>, opinion - headline, 12-9-2017

●  台灣政府未善盡基本責任 保護人民生命財產安全   (full text: https://udn.com/news/story/11321/2974813 聯合報社論/斷層帶上何以建了那麼多高樓?  2-8-2018,  https://udn.com/news/story/7338/2977079 勿讓軟腳樓成坑殺人命陷阱 2-9-2018,  https://tw.appledaily.com/headline/daily/20180209/37928659 都更 爛政客  敷衍不作為 以致數百萬戶老屋舍面臨生死關頭 如遇六級地震  2-9-2018)

●   台灣 已淪製毒王國」<聯合報> (United Daily) 頭版頭條, 11-2-2017 台灣成為惡名昭彰的「毒品轉運中心」 「輸出大國」的污名 坐實 日本與澳洲警方已將台灣列為毒品輸出"高風險國家"但台灣卻反對改變 <中國時報>(The China Times) 頭版頭條, 4-4-2017,  <聯合報>社論, 11-6-2017, <自由時報>(The Liberty Times), 5-12-2017

●  台灣政治屬於財團(非人民),且為政客控制 / <Foerign Policy> 2015  台灣如今似乎連民主的皮相也難以維持了...「民生」已經變成政治的犧牲品... / <聯合報> 社論, 3-7-2017

●  台灣變成國際詐騙輸出國,已成國際公害 /   <聯合報> 社論, 12-24-2017   台灣人詐騙全球 惡名昭彰 重創台灣形象 /  < EBC TV>, 4-9-2017    台灣把詐騙犯當成資產 "Taiwan largely sees these telecom frauds(phone scammers) as an asset rather than liability..." / <quora>, 4-16-2016   冰凍三尺非一日寒台灣要洗刷詐騙王國的汙名, 並不簡單  /  <中國時報>, 11-7-2017 (亞洲警察學會秘書長)

 <The Diplomat> (4-14-2016) :  Taiwan's illegal fishing is 'out of control',  歐盟自2015年起以黃牌警告台灣非法濫行捕魚,  Green-Peace 嚴厲抨擊台灣政府明知卻縱容濫行捕魚 

●  台灣司法不獨立 /  美國國務院 人權報告(2016-2017)  "司法仍在當打手" , <聯合報>  "檢察",<聯合報> ,  06-18-2016 <聯合報> <聯合報>

●  「白色恐怖 漆成綠色 我們依然認得」 <聯合報> 社論, 12-21-2017台灣許多作為 屬「國家暴力」(「白色恐怖」為其產品 )重現「若不叫做'國家暴力', 甚麼才是國家暴力?」... ref to <聯合報> 社論, 12-27-2017, https://udn.com/news/story/11321/2897025

●  台灣政府愚民政策, 淵遠流長   近期包括隱瞞毒蛋環狀豬疫苗禽流感疫情(1-3-2018, UDN, ps: 2012 BBC 就曾報導 www.bbc.com/zhongwen/trad/chinese_news/2012/03/120304_taiwan_birdflu_investigate) 皆慢半拍

台灣海空污染毒害山海變色 政府不斷 "治標不治本"食物鏈將毒害子孫健康 ...  <中國時報>, 1-7-2018  http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20180107000465-260114Daily Mail (UK) 7-14-2017 : Shocking underwater video from Taiwan shows ocean floor littered with plastic (bottles) garbage.

哈佛大學教授 Dr. Joseph Nye 曾建議台灣發展軟實力 以開拓國際空間應對中國,然而根據《MONOCLE》抑或 2017's Soft Power 30 Study compiled by PR company Portand Communication and University of Southern California,近年來台灣軟實力表現卻不及鄰國如 Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand,  India, UAE ,甚至不如中國


 全文請 click:   台灣 TAIWAN      Review Taiwan      comment Taiwan    all among top ranks on the net !!








 ● Economist (special edition 2017): "台灣將成猛虎"(Taiwan will turn into a tiger again)
Global Wealth Report & Global Wealth Databook
 by Credit-suisse Research Institute, Nov. 2016: "
台灣  亞洲之虎(Taiwan, Asia Tiger)"

 紐約時報NY Times 5-22-2017: "台灣總統一直假設美國一定 會出兵解救台湾,
並掏空軍隊, 軍方士氣低落且陷入醜聞中
Taiwan leader continued to base defense planning
on the assumption that the United States would always come to the rescue...
Taiwan has reduced its active force
(by half))"
NY Times 12-13-2016: "台灣總統 蔡英文在就職演講裡,提到了《中華民國憲法》
和两岸條例法规,二者均暗示(imply) 她已接受了“一個中國”的框架。

 In Taiwan president Tsai's inaugural speech,
Tsai referred to the Constitution of the Republic of China and the legislation
 governing cross-strait relations, both of which imply the acceptance
of a “one China” framework.  "


  pic. left: ROC (Taiwan) 台灣國旗;      
pic. right: 中華台北旗幟, 用於大多數國際場合 e.g., 奧運



<聯合報> UDN 7-28-2017, 11-20-2017:
並突破第一島鏈(1st Island Chain)..
 14 分鐘便可由大陸飛到台灣


  UDN  11-20-2017:  民調首度逆轉 -




pic.: Taiwan (地圖中白色部分為台灣,

人口:23.54 million
 領土:36,194 square kilometers
  種族:漢 (97-98%), 原民Aborigines (2%)
 語言文字 : 中文, 台語






4.   看見台灣 ...  bit more




Taiwan prosecutor



Taiwan justice





        United Daily 6-18-2016 head page:
Taiwan prosecutors usually take compliant & subordinate manner to follow their commanding officer's order to access legal cases 
Prosecutors in Taiwan

Also ref to "USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices", the US State Department, 3-3-2017.


 † Taiwan's justice dodged the celebrity

不打老虎 只拍蒼蠅

      ps: The official hat has 2 flies-swappers -
            implying they only deal with tiny little ones instead of major crimes  
Justice in Taiwan








   台灣強力水柱  對內不對外Taiwan Police fired strong water cannon against unarmed students and compatriots

courtesy news photos by Apple Daily and Liberty Times


 †  Japan fired strong water cannon
        toward Taiwan's official ship and fishing boat,
        日本對台灣官船發射強力水柱, 日媒嘲笑台灣

        Taiwan's very weak water cannon was mocked by Japanese media  (ps5)





Taiwan, a weak country







Panda love bamboo

backbone had degenerated, tail-bone has strengthened for too many whip, ... to see through political tool's bones!  
TW legislator (congressman): Is Taiwan president US's puppet emperor? professor criticized that Taiwan president doesn't dare to land our island without the power's approval / CTV 7-15-2016 21:02


 †  Taiwan should stand manly,

project strength

Taiwan may go to "USA and China co-adm. Taiwan" status again - it was the way during former president Chen's time / the China Times , Mar. 2016


 †  Panda loves bamboo

        (the shape of Taipei 101 building)


The Chinese theory about economic integration with Taiwan is that it will bind the two together politically... /  Economist, 11-14-2015
Taiwan tries to use US to confront China... / ref to China Times Weekly, 3-18-2016 賢話政壇
About 5000 Chinese spies in Taiwan ...  /UDN opinion  3-15-2017








Deposit room safety box

 †  Taiwan's society, laughs the poor instead of the prostitute

      台灣, 笑貧不笑娼的國家...      所謂"水準", 常另有含意


      Organs harvest  活摘器官 2.0 / unbloody version 
若干台灣人自宮  出賣靈魂與脊骨
compliance with the powerful 
ps: In the past, government encouraged its people to struggle and sell out each other for self-preservation or benefits which may degenerate humanity and make a decadent society.
) this cartoon was prt. in The China Times.




fire dragon


old man, sea, remote island






Cart before the horse 本末倒置
Be b
lind to fundamental issues - democracy, human rights, food safety, judiciary, etc,  But put efforts on political propaganda 'show' !
ps: this cartoon was exhibited in Bulgaria, Cyprus, etc





Taiwan legal system





   Big muzzle on law enforcement officers
money-talks working fine in Judicial system
         a deep-rooted perspective in Taiwanese mind



 Lady Justice turns into Venus


  ps: 各漫畫依據國內外新聞與評論如附註


  5.   editor-in-chief  




Singapore's The Straits Times, (awarded Asia best news at that time) reported (head-page, 4th page) Zola Zu was organizing world no.1 int'l cartoon-arts contest on his own dime to promote human rights and freedom of expression






PS 1  FTV: 9-25-2013  20:01pm    To much monitoring in Taiwan, every body is risky  (監聽氾濫人人自危)
The Liberty Times, 9.25.2013, Apple Daily, 2006    Human rights in Taiwan is not good or lousy!  1/4 Taiwanese were being listened by the government per year
  About 2/3 (74.03%) proportion of Taiwanese are aged 15 ~ 64, according to Statista.com of 2014.   Working age 16-64 for men, 16-59 for women, according to nomisweb.co.uk.

PS 2
       ★ World media like French AFP (Dec. 1, 2011), Thailand's Bangkok Post (Dec. 3, 2011), and Yahoo UK & Ireland etc reported  Taiwan's opposition party vice presidential candidate,  professor Lin R.S., was subjected to "electromagnetic wave" attacks, Dr Lin thinks it's launched by a Taiwanese intelligence unit, but that unit denied, some media reported these weapons were researched & developed and  imported from USA
       ★ The China Times (Dec. 11, 2011) reported that professor Lin R.S. thought those high tech. 'weapons' most likely were imported from USA.
Lin Ruey-Shiung, professor, PhD., Johns Hopkins University, USA, Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg Germany.


PS 3  Next Magazine, The Liberty Times, 12-31-2015    <Lots of major crimes escaped overseas easily>
           ... most of them are big financial crimes ...

PS 4

Too many problems Taiwan 're facing

  About 80% Taiwanese don't believe judiciary / The Liberty Times, 2-23-2016
Taiwan air pollution  -  environmental quality was ranked nearly the last in OECD countries.  / The China Times, 9-21-2015
Taiwan president Tsai : Food safety is one of biggest challenges to Taiwan / The China Times, 8-6-2016

The New York Times and The Economist (11.29.2014) comment a series of food safety scandals is one of few main factors causing the KMT, Taiwan's ruling party, has suffered one of its worst electoral defeats since Chiang Kai-shek and his forces fled to the island at the end of Chinese civil war in 1949.


The New York Times (9.8.2014): the new scandal  (Taiwan food-safety scare) shows that there is still not enough being done to eliminate lawbreaking production lines.


Apple Daily News (蘋果日報) 8-28-2015,  A2 Prime News Edition:

The incidence rate of Taiwanese people suffering colon/rectal cancer was ranked world No.1 , Taipei Medical University Hospital's director of surgeons expressed Taiwan's food scandals constantly happened in recent years, many black-heart tainted foods containing Carcinogen (cancer producer) is a factor causing high incidence rate.


TIME  ( 9.8.2014): Gutter Oil' Scandal Raises Food-Safety Fears Once Again in Greater China.


Bloomberg BusinessWeek  (9.8.2014): Tainted Lard: China's Latest Food-Safety Scare Comes From Taiwan.  


BBC news (Nov. 19, 2013): A series of food safety scandals in Taiwan has hurt consumer confidence, and now there are worries they could dent the island's economic growth and damage tourism.  


The Economist (UK) commented :  Taiwan's former reputation as a reliable and safe food manufacturing country has been damaged... 


The China Times (Taiwan, Nov. 30, 2013) stated black-heart food, risks and traps are everywhere, and comments Taiwan government is short of will-power, ability, and resolution to combat illegal targets ...


    BBC , 6-6-2013 Taiwan is the only country in the world to import GM soy for eating ,
http://www.bbc.co.uk/zhongwen/simp/taiwan_letters/2013/06/130606_twletter_food_safety.shtml  (Chinese version 危机四伏的饮食)


 The China Times 6.23.2013
Taiwan imports pigs' food for human kinds in Taiwan

  WikiLeaks 2010 : Taiwanese people are friendly for Bio. tech. and are intend to buy GM label food, so the "Embassy" of a strong nation is planning to build a  Genetic Modification (GM) zone in Taiwan.
 In fact, it's a so called "national scandal" (the China Times, Mar. 29, 2013) that Taiwanese consumers generally do not fully know or don't care  the controversy of health risks caused by GM food.  Taiwanese government should urge everyone refusing to buy GM food. 
 About 99.5% of soy food products in Taiwan are imported, 90% of them are GM soy beans.



pen books

PS 5
Japan's major TV media NHK mocks that the WEAK water cannon in Taiwan's patrol boats defending Taiwanese fishing boats in Diaoyu Islands, and fighting back Japan's STRONG (heavy) water artillery in Japanese coast patrol ships.

ps: Japan, Taiwan, and China all insist Diaoyu Islands are belong to them.


PS 6 According to Hong Kong's MinPao () and Singapore's ZaoBao (聯合早報 9-16-2014), "You're being monitored, if residing in New Zealand", based on Western media (11-20-2013), US-UK deal allows USA surveillance of UK citizens not suspected of any wrongdoings.   Without oversights, the possibility that some suspected force did something much worse than UK, NZ did can not be excluded.






PS 7   others











PS 8,,9 







PS 10

It did happened in some universities, e.g., National Taiwan Ocean University (ref to MirrowMedia.mg,10-19-2016), Fu-Jen Catholic University, how about the government? any new forms?



PS 11

  United Daily News  1-11-2017   http://udn.com/news/story/7338/2222591

  China Times 11-19-2016   http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20161119000399-260109

  The Liberty Times  11-25-2016   http://talk.ltn.com.tw/article/paper/1055359

  UDN 11-19-2016   https://udn.com/news/story/10586/2115844

  11-19-2016 UDN  https://udn.com/news/story/10586/2115842

   UDN  11-21-2016 https://udn.com/news/story/6885/2118616


PS 12




Want some official pronunciation?? try cyber-link of the Office of Taiwan President as below:




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 The tongue of Taiwanese mind - a Survey for searching rats





根據近年來國內外研究與報告台灣是個 '惡名昭彰' 的國家 !

台灣 是否還隱藏諸多施加人民之惡,尚未被揭露??


intlHumanRights.com網站群,  中英文"評論台灣"排名國際第一 (click美歐俄中 排名第一), 經Google, Bing, Yahoo, Metager, Facebook, Twitter...遍傳全球百國,公正、 客觀與可信度非 '為官喉舌'力能企及,

為加速台灣改革除惡務盡,敬請仗義「直」言 ,如您經歷知悉 如有羶犬奸吏 謀害、戕傷人權、散播耳語(常備有晃子,藉口)妖魔化攻擊特定對象 等等情事,請惠予提供 具體合法證據,以便全球清譽機構及研究單位, 紀錄國家行徑、分析真相全貌、 發現包藏之禍心 (請直白文字以免誤譯或解讀錯誤)


國家機器不應再利用人民長年被迫養成的謹小慎微台灣人的名字不 應再順民 !!


本survey只針對公共議題政治迫害,不包括一般 刑民犯 罪, 多年來且將繼續  隨機選擇政府機構、跨國知名企業、以及個人,挖掘可能之犯行。




法國媒體le monde diplomatic將台灣畫成發抖 躲貓的耗子(click !) 國家機器如 真有黑幕掩護之 白色恐怖應主動"暗投"別做行不由徑 的老鼠 或老鼠基因的貓 !! 如美國Obama所說, 公開認錯 才代表不貳過




ps : 政治犧牲「民生」「民主」、 司法不獨立女權 不佳剝削外勞欺善怕惡 貪污腐敗、 涉嫌詐騙海盜」...... 詳 intlHumanRights.com/Taiwan.htm



pen books



【古文觀止】清 薛福成:觀巴黎油畫記
  a remark in Chinese


a survey to Taiwanese people since years ago  (in various versions)


To all the people:


According to Amnesty Int'l report years ago, "over half the world's government continue to use torture against their own citizens"


Is Taiwan a country which should be ranked latter half of the world ?


Taiwan had numerous lousy records of fooling Taiwanese and even the world, e.g., murdering American journalist 江南, making Taiwan white terror again, the latest one is trying to hide minor news about birds-flu at 1-2-2018 (BBC '12 reported this) not to mention big issues.


This website is much better in credibility, reliability and objective degree than the mouthpiece of the government.


To accelerate Taiwan's reform, please provide with what you saw, knew or experienced about attacks or persecutions in the way of demonization,  setup/conspiracy (e.g., giving dog a name and hang it), high-tech tortures, murders ...... by the state apparatus - if any.


Scary political climate for many years has made Taiwanese very obedient, hope some may speak out this time.




To the state apparatus:


Any rats doing cat's job, or cats with rat's genes in state apparatus should be completely revealed and eradicated ! (if any)

"Police" should be open as the day, not hiding at dark corner underground, doing & speaking things sneaky and lousy like a crime.

Bring everything to light ! No keeping people mis-informed or half informed (worse than a lie) any more.   No waiting until media dig dirt one after another.

Obscurantism and avoiding admitting mistakes only prove rats' intention of repeating mistakes, as US Obama said.


ps: straight-forward words pls. to avoid any mis-interpretations.




    Free speech in Taiwan


free expression on FB Taiwan Freedom of speech in Taiwan