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   BBC, 2021-5-6 : The case of a boy who is fighting for his life after being slammed to the floor 27 times during judo practice by his coach and classmate has shocked Taiwan - but it has also highlighted what critics say is a culture of turning a blind eye to abuse against children.  The culture" leads many people to not fully respect children's rights. It's better now, but Taiwan really lags behind other developed countries in this aspect of human rights" . The judicial system also tends to side with teachers, Prosecutors in his son's case did not charge the teacher with causing injury, arguing the family had to prove his injuries were connected to the abuse.  bbc.com/news/world-asia-56967974  (Chinese: 一名男在教練與同學的柔道練習中被摔倒27次後重傷為自己的生命而戰,這震驚了台灣-但也突顯了一種對虐待行為視而不見的文化;  “我們的文化導致許多人不完全尊重兒童權利。台灣在人權方面確實落後於其他發達國家。司法系統也傾向柔道教練檢察官沒有指控造成傷害)

 BBC, 2021-4-14, Crisps have a sacred role in Taiwan's office culture.  ‘Kuai Kuai’,  this savoury product  end up assuming near-mythical protective properties... on or around vital machines in many of the island’s laboratories, banks and even hospitals to ensure the machines continue to do their jobs.   the crisps, whose name means ‘listen to me’ or ‘obey’, ‘behave’ or ‘be good’ in both Mandarin and Taiwanese...The bags also cannot be used as amulets beyond their expiration date, so...usually swapped twice a year –  Lunar New Year, and the Ghost Festival . Those in the tech world say the snack shouldn’t be consumed, otherwise you technically void its protective warranty.  Kuai Kuai can even be found at Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s premier research institute. (Chinese: 在台灣,一種鹹味零食在辦公文化中具有神聖的作用,且呈現出近乎神話般的保護性,許多實驗室、銀行甚至醫院的重要機器也放置這種袋裝的“乖乖”,以確保高科技機器繼續運作。“乖乖”中文意思是''服從',但食品到期後神奇功能便會消失,因此通常每年更換兩次-農曆新年初、及七月“鬼節”。而且科技界人士說,不要吃這種零食,否則其保護性也會失效。“乖乖”甚至出現在台灣首屈一指的研究機構: 中央研究院bbc.com/worklife/article/20210414-the-good-luck-snack-that-makes-taiwans-technology-behave

★  Taiwan's chip industry

Axios, 4-9-2021 Taiwan is home to 92% of the world's leading-edge chip manufacturing operations ...That's because most companies that design chips today — Qualcomm, Nvidia and Apple among them — don''t actually do the manufacturing, instead relying on companies like TSMC. If Taiwan's chip production were permanently disrupted,...estimates it would take three years to build enough capacity to replace it. That's why many in the industry are calling for the U.S. to be clearer about its support for Taiwan and, at the same time, to encourage investment in domestic chip production (Chinese:當今大多數設計芯片的公司實際上並不製造,而是依靠台積電(TSMC)之類的公司 如果台灣的芯片生產受到永久性破壞,估計,將需要三年時間建設來替代台灣。這就是為什麼業內許多人呼籲美國更加清楚其對台灣的支持,同時鼓勵國內芯片生產 )  axios.com/threats-to-taiwan-nightmare-tech-847c1f30-d878-4eb9-b749-b2f17487dd91.html  
Reuters,  2021-5-5 U.S. Commerce Dept. pressing Taiwan to supply more chips to U.S. automakers..."the medium- and long-term solution, though, is like very simply making more chips in America."  


Reuters,  2021-4-14 Biden... a broader effort to bolster the domestic chip industry. He’s also proposed $50 billion to support chip manufacturing and research (Chinese:拜登加強美國國內芯片產業) reuters.com/article/us-semiconductor-shortage-packaging-focu-idUSKBN2C01AL
Foreign Policy, 2021-4-14:  Taiwan and China Are Locked in Economic Co-Dependence /  Cross-strait trade hit a record last year, including indirect trade through Hong Kong and Macao, with Taiwan’s exports representing some 70 percent of the total...The largest proportion of Taiwanese exports is sophisticated electronics, especially cutting-edge semiconductors that China lacks the ability to produce.. (Chinese:兩岸貿易去年創新紀錄,包括透過港澳的間接貿易,台灣對中出口約佔總出口70%,此提振了台灣經濟,也符合北京經濟一體化政治統一的手段。面對美國加諸售中半導體及技術的限制使兩岸陷入經濟依存關係)
GT, 3-1-2021 Taiwan maintains advantage in chip manufacturing. However, it doesn't mean that Taiwan's chip sector has occupied a non-substitutable stance so that it could be "weaponized" against Chinese mainland, South Korea and Japan possess competitiveness and eagerly longing for expansion of market share in Chinese mainland. (Chinese:台灣芯片(chips)並非無可取代, 無法成為對付中國大陸的“武器”韓日也具有競爭力,並渴望擴大大陸的市場 ) globaltimes.cn/page/202103/1216945.shtml
Reuters, 2021-4-23 Taiwan does face other challenges, not least from China where President Xi Jinping has made semiconductors a strategic priority; Samsung Electronics as Taiwan's most serious competitor and also able to match TSMC's advanced chipmaking   finance.yahoo.com/news/taiwan-minister-sees-years-growth-070009822.html   (Chinese:乾旱未造成影響, 但台灣面對習戰略與韓高品質芯片挑戰)
Reuters, 2021-4-14 Taiwan says its chip firms will adhere to new U.S. rules blacklisting China supercomputing entities (Chinese: 台灣依美國政策不對大陸超級電腦出口晶片)  

, 3-16-2021: the U.S. Labor Department placed Taiwan on its 2020 List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor... Greenpeace was one of 34 organizations which last November sent a letter to Taiwan’s parliament seeking action on forced labor it said it uncovered in the country’s distant-water fishing fleet. Greenpeace has called for all migrant fishers on Taiwanese vessels to come under the administration of the Ministry of Labor instead of the Fisheries Agency, as it claims the latter doesn't have labor expertise.    (美國勞工部將台灣列入2020年由童工或強迫勞動生產商品名單...綠色和平組織向台灣議會致函以尋求對強迫勞動採取行動,並呼籲所有外勞漁都應由勞動部而不是漁業部管理,因為後者缺乏勞工專業知識 ) seafoodsource.com/news/environment-sustainability/taiwan-fishery-agency-response-to-us-dol-blacklisting

★ Washington Post, 2-17-2021 " Indigenous artists shine as Taiwan’s mainstream embraces its island identity":  Today, 98 percent of Taiwanese are ethnic Han Chinese.  The current president and DPP leader, Tsai Ing-wen, is one-QTR

Paiwan; Taiwan’s indigenous population, which is related to the Austronesian peoples from Madagascar to New Zealand, is increasingly visible in mainstreamculture
. (Chinese: 今天,台灣人中98%是漢族 現任總統蔡英文有原民排灣族四分之一血統 台灣的原民與澳洲人種有關,當台灣主流擁抱對這塊土地的認同,原住民藝術家大放異彩。) brief from  www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/taiwan-china-indigenous-music/2021/02/17/e447f66a-6156-11eb-a177-7765f29a9524_story.html    hacker attacks ! click to see ! no idea why the sentence about Taiwan president's Paiwan blood was cut into 2 pieces

★  BBC, 2-10-2021, "Why Taiwan has 'luck-improvement services' ": There’s a pervasive idea running through Chinese culture that things aren’t random, Stevan Harrell, emeritus anthropology professor at the University of Washington said, “There’s a belief in order: there’s some sort of order behind everything.” Many people believed in a simple maxim: “tian zhuding” (“heaven decides”).  Some higher power has plans for each person on Earth, traditional Chinese belief also holds that “heaven never seals off all the exits” – there is always a way out.  “We call [this attitude of openness] ‘youbai youbaoyou’,” (有拜有保庇)“, It doesn’t matter if you believe in gods. If you pray, you’ll be blessed.” So, even the upscale Eslite Bookstore has a cosmological self-help section chock full of do-it-yourself fate-improvement guides.  People in the Chinese-speaking world seem particularly preoccupied with luck, from boarding gates to high-stakes baccarat tables and school exams to political races, (Even politicians are compelled to publicly try their luck, visiting temples to draw fortune sticks ...) yet while many countries have their own superstitions and rituals.  brief (Chinese: 為什麼台灣人特別重視轉運? 雖然許多國家都有迷信風俗然而台灣從登機口到學校考試到政治選舉,人們似乎特別關注運氣有時連政 客也被迫公開到寺廟抽籤試運華盛頓大學 教授認為: 在中國人文化中有普遍的想法,事情不是随沉迷於過去的歷史使 人們相信一切背後都有某種秩序”即"天註定''但同時傳統信仰也認為然天命使臣民之間保持秩序,並進而維持和平一些 位高權重的人為升斗小民製定了人生計劃,但小民力圖掌握自己命運於是"有拜有保庇“即使高檔的誠品書店都充斥著改指南。 有個台灣人曾前往大陸的大華興寺迷信 地認為將硬幣扔進一隻龍石雕的嘴中就會懷孕不久後,他的妻子果然懷孕了,還是個男孩。 ) http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20210210-chinas-enduring-obsession-with-luck  CNBC,3-8-2021:Taiwan faces worst drought in 56 years.  China Times, 3-10-2021:Taiwan president prays for rain in temple.   chinatimes.com/opinion/20210309006128-262101?chdtv  Diplomat, 2021-3-12: Taiwan prays for rain as drought threatens chip production.

 Reuters(UK), DW (Germany),  12-31-2020 : Chinese court sentences 29 Taiwanese deported from Spain / In recent years, hundreds of Taiwanese nationals, suspected of committing telecoms fraud overseas, have been deported to China instead of their home territory Beijing maintains that the Taiwanese nationals are accused of defrauding Chinese people and should be tried in its courts.  Beijing says it has incurred huge financial losses as a result of telecom fraud, with callers often impersonating law enforcement officials and preying on the elderly, students or the unemployed. (Chinese:近年来,数百名涉嫌在海外欺的台灣公民被逐到中国而不是回到台灣本土,最近遭西班牙逐出境29名涉嫌电信欺诈的台灣人北京法院判最高刑期14年等徒刑北京認定指控台湾民欺使中国人蒙受巨大的經濟財務损失,台犯經常冒充法人欺老年人,生或失者。世界上大多数家都遵循''一个中国''政策,因此無選擇,只能嫌犯逐回中国。Taiwan fraud - 全文 台灣詐欺, Taiwan fraud in English ; quora :  "Taiwan largely sees these telecom frauds/phone scammers  as an asset rather than liability..." 台灣把詐欺犯當成資產 而非負債 )  brief www.dw.com/en/chinese-court-sentences-29-taiwanese-deported-from-spain/a-56103248

National Geo, 11-25-2020 : Wildlife crimes and human rights abuses plague Taiwanese fishing vessels ...illegal dolphin catching, shark finning, and physical and verbal abuse ...  The assaults,  Indonesian worker Supri says, included his being locked in a freezer when he was still wet from having taken a shower, and being beaten, sprayed in the face with a hose, and shocked with an electric stun gun. In a recent report, the EJF said that abuse of crew members—along with illegal fishing for sharks and dolphins, among other species—is common in Taiwan’s distant-water fishing fleet, one of the world’s largest with more than a thousand vessels. China and Taiwan represent nearly 60 percent of the world’s distant-water fishing vessels. 野生動物犯罪和侵犯虐待人權折磨著台灣的外籍漁工...船員描述了非法捕撈海豚,鯊魚鰭以及身體和語言虐待的情況;  包括將他在洗澡後還很濕的時候鎖在冰箱裡,並遭到毆打用水管對著臉面噴水,然後用電擊槍攻擊。EJF在最近的一份報告中說,在台灣的遠洋捕魚船隊中,普遍存在虐待船員的行為,包括非法捕撈鯊魚和海豚等,台灣是世界上最大的一群漁船,擁有一千多艘船隻。中國和台灣佔全球遠洋捕魚船近60%。(brief) https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2020/11/taiwan-fishing-vessels-perpetuate-illegal-fishing-human-rights-abuses/  全文 折磨漁工  abuse foreign laborers



   World Journal, USA,  12-6-2020 :


World Journal, USA, 12-6-2020 (largest Chinese news in the US)



(Chinese: 蔡英文總統: 「扭轉過去執政者對轉型正義的不作為」,該做的事還有很多。 促轉會: 當權者對人權的迫害、侵奪,是隨時隨地的,過去發生的,現在到處發生,未來也很可能發生)


President Tsai : to reverse ex-presidents' omission on transitional justice issue, there're lots of more out there to do.   TJC Taiwan: human rights persecution and infringement by officials in power are anywhere and anytime - in the past, now, and most likely in the future





   Ignoring persecutions is a Crime of Omission, Taiwanese government should admits no delay working on the issues.  Cracking down today's persecutions is an urgent priority, rather than those happened 70+ years ago because prime suspects were dead. 

   Taiwan has best knowledge to prevent persecutions from happening again in the next
70 years, if Taiwan won't really root it out, it never ends.

   Unlike all other persecutions, the case
( political persecution in Taiwan  政治迫害 ) crosses four Taiwan presidents and ranks No.1 on the net, etc, certainly deserves to be solved immediately. 


無視 今日的迫害本身即是刑事犯罪早年白色恐怖(70+ 年前)
"作為"  但以前的主嫌應該都 已死亡對今日迫害須立即處理

, 台灣還敢派人到美國行刑嗎?  


本網站案例 亙續四任總統


 可『一次購足』徹底剷除 具迫害DNA的高官政客與情治目,徹底改造台灣一新國際耳目

BBC (UK), Yahoo News, 1-29-2021 Some Taiwanese vocally support formal independence but most favour the middle ground.雖然一些台灣人主張獨立,但大多數人持中間立場   news.yahoo.com/whats-behind-china-taiwan-divide-100018186.html
What's behind the China-Taiwan divide? 
sees Taiwan as a breakaway province that will eventually be part of the country again...The dispute with China has left relations frayed with a constant threat of a violent flare up that could drag the US into the fray...   Given the huge divide between these two positions, most other countries seem happy to accept the current ambiguity, whereby Taiwan has virtually all of the characteristics of an independent state, even if its legal status remains unclear

How much of an issue is independence in Taiwan?
While political progress has been slow, links between the two peoples and economies have grown sharply. Taiwanese companies have invested about $60bn (£40bn) in China, and up to one million Taiwanese now live there, many running Taiwanese factories


New statesman, 2-24-2021:  a demonstration of the desire of the people of Taiwan to continue governing themselves, and not to be used ( ps: not viewed merely as “a cudgel to beat China with”... ) or threatened or colonised ( ps:  brutal suppression by both the colonising Japanese (from 1895 to 1945) ...) by any great power. They deserve that chance; whether the angel of history will allow it is another matter  (Chinese:台灣人民渴望繼續'當家做主',而不是被利用(川普視為“打擊中國的武器”)、或受到任何大國威脅或殖民(台灣人民英勇反抗殖民的日本人(1895年至1945年)和蔣介石...) 。他們應該得到這個機會。歷史的天使是否會允許那是另一回事 )    brief from  newstatesman.com/world/asia/2021/02/why-taiwan-matters






 pic. left: No.1"understanding Taiwan" on Yahoo,  2021-5-9, 2021-3-30, 3-17-2021, 1-21-2021, 1-6-2021 

pic. right : No.2 "understanding Taiwan" on Baidu, 2021-5-9




 Bloomberg, 1-25-2021: The U.S. statement signaled continuity with former U.S. President Donald Trump’s policy of engagement with Taiwan.  The State Department statement indicated a desire by the Biden administration to preserve the longstanding ambiguity about Taiwan’s status. The U.S. pledged to stand by existing agreements with China and spoke of the interests of the “people on Taiwan,” rather than the people “of Taiwan.” (Chinese: 美國要求中共停止施壓與兩岸對話的聲明顯示美國對台政策有其一貫延續性...拜登希望保持長期以來台灣地位的模糊性,並保證遵守美中協議,在談及台灣人時措辭謹慎 ― “台灣島上的人民”(people on Taiwan) 而不是“台灣的人民”(people of Taiwan) )  bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-24/u-s-says-china-military-pressure-against-taiwan-threatens-peace

Foreign Policy, 1-22-2021 : The US-Taiwan relationship is likely to remain more low-key.  Taiwan seeks assurances from Biden admin., but Biden and his team are likely to resist using Taiwan as a cudgel against China the way Trump did.  Many experts expect Biden to hold off on the public saber-rattling and use of US policy toward Taiwan as a war to push back at China that typified the Trump approach.   Biden's objectives are likely to include "viewing Taiwan as a card to be valued, not a card to be played in competition with China".   (Chinese:美台外交關係將轉趨低調;  台灣正尋求拜登保證,拜登很可能拒絕川普利用台灣刺戳中国的方式  )

Washington Post, 2021-4-3, CNN, 2021-4-4:   Taiwan's worst train crash in decades leaves at least 51 dead. The busy passenger train was carrying 490 people to the country's Taitung region on Friday morning, when it derailed in a tunnel in eastern Taiwan.  The train was so full that many people were standing.  At least 200 people were injured in the crash. (Chinese: 台灣幾十年來最大火車撞擊意外事故 該列車共乘載約490許多乘客是站票,造成51死至少200人傷;  full text: transportation, 交通) edition.cnn.com/2021/04/04/asia/taiwan-minister-offers-resignation-intl/index.html

, 3-2-2021: Taiwan to fine prominent chemical engineer Lee Duu-Jong for allegedly managing research projects funded by the Chinese mainland without approval from the island’s authorities  is intended to send a message to the research community that Taiwan’s government can classify research activities as political whenever it wishes   (Chinese: 因涉嫌未經批准而管理中國大陸資助的研究項目 台灣對傑出的李姓工程師罰款 旨在向研究界傳達信息,即台灣政府可以根據需要將研究活動歸為政治活動 )