Chang Gung Mem. Hospital professor Yin M.D. (殷宗海, Doctor, Univ. of London ): Minimize the times of dining out to protect your health ! ( ref. to book <食品不安全的年代如何自保>("how to survive in this bad food-security time", April 2016)) 

TTV (台視 2-11-2017  12:24pm) news reports: People dining out should be careful  not to eat food containing Borax, Sodium borate(硼砂),  fluorescent brightener(螢光增白劑), plasticisers (朔化劑), Rongalite (Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate dihydrate 吊白塊  )...    deep-fried foods, plastic container, and pesticide residue may cause cancer.    natural food is better.

The China Times (5-19-2016): Taiwanese love foods, government estimates the revenue of Taiwan's catering industry will up to NT430,000,000,000. (each person aged 1 ~ 100 spends NT19,000 per year, in average)

◆  Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, Taiwan Veterans General Hospital, etc.  Jiang So-San M.D. book "食在安心" : Most 5 star hotel restaurants in Taiwan don't wash the vegetables ...  see picture & text below.    Another book "Fruits , Vegetables" (Chinese namely, "遠離毒蔬果") written by IMEI (義美) group's leader Luis Ko (高志明), page 162 quoted Dr. Gaston J.C. Wu (professor & dean, Taiwan Normal University) that Taiwan's vegetables and fruits should be flush thoroughly with plenty of flowing water before cooking or/and eating.  No just soaking vegetables and fruits in water in a large basin ...

National Taiwan Normal University - graduate school of Chemistry, dean Dr. Gaston J. C. Wu (化學所長吳家誠教授)'s book <Those black-heart products toxin-experts never buy (毒物專家絕不買的黑心商品)> (Nov. 2013): Most of the time I eat at home, and has never dined out in street-side shops / small-eat markets (路邊攤)
, because those small-eat shops usually/always do not
meet the minimum standards of cleanliness.  In case I can't reject some dinner party or must dine out,  I select only some restaurants I fully trust.  Besides, I've never touched processed food or cured products, and any drinks commercially available(市售飲料) in Taiwan, particularly, pearl milk tea which already is a world known Taiwanese food.  PS: The China Times (8-15-2015): Taiwanese favorite drinks contain high Kcal/g heat, you will gain 5.1kg if having pearl milk tea one regular cup (not less-sugar option) per day for 2 months.   Green Tea with Yakult(多多)'s Heat 341 Kcal/g, which is 3.2 times the upper limit of free sugar(游離糖) advised by WHO., Yakult drink, Orange juice, milk tea are high-heat too.