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, drug crimes       Taiwan's manufacturing, trafficking and smuggling of illicit/illegal drugs
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Taiwan's Ministry Of Justice said that "In Taiwan, Drug Crimes Are Serious Offences" (https://www.moj.gov.tw/cp-1130-120428-69b2d-095.html),  However,  US State government's <2020-trafficking-in-persons-report >, <2019-trafficking-in-persons-report >:  Taiwan women and children are subjected to domestic sex trafficking, including as part of  an increasing trend in which traffickers induce and exploit Taiwan and foreign women’s and children’s drug addictions. https://www.state.gov/reports/2019-trafficking-in-persons-report-2/taiwan/ )  Furthermore, Taiwan's United Daily, headline news, 11-2-2017,  reported that Taiwan was already reduced to be a 'kingdom' of manufacturing illegal narcotic drugs.  The China Times <Want Weekly>,  9-18-2019, mentioned Taiwan is illegal drug manufacturing & trafficking center of Asia.

●  The Liberty Times, 7-26-2020, opinion,  "a national security problem - illegal drugs were found in sensitive military institution"

      Serious drug abuse already became one out of five popular discontents in Taiwan, according to Ministry of Justice (法務部),the amount of illegal drugs being seized and the number of drug takers continued to increase in recent years.  The recidivism rate is up to 90%。
     In Feb. 2017,  Taiwan's major military base, Ching-Chuan-Kang Air Force Base (清泉崗軍事基地) were found 53 bags of drugs intentionally left by unknown criminals,  this case publicly challenging enforcement power has not been solved and damges the image of Taiwan military.   In Oct., 2018,  National Security (國安局特勤中心) official was found to keep illegal drug Amphetamine, which astonishes Taiwanese 。 All this sort of cases showed illegal drugs infiltrated sensitive government units, from bad to worse.
    This time,  National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology (中山科學研究院) was found MDMA、seeds of Cannabis、Marijuana (大麻),etc, and the suspect was doubted as one of suppliers and earning profits for a long time.  Illegal drugs in Taiwan is just like terrorists or invisible killers, every one, particularly the sensitive institutions should be alarmed.    brief  (中華民國犯罪矯正協會法律顧問、former president of TOKO University 張淑中)  talk.ltn.com.tw/article/paper/1388821

●  United Daily (聯合報) opinion , 8-22-2020: the change of the suspect-criminal's original life sentence to not guilty in the trial of second instance is in that his unconsciousness caused by illegal drugs, which triggered lots of public opinions udn.com/news/story/7338/4801102?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2


●  United Nations UNODC , 7-18-2019   https://news.ltn.com.tw/news/world/breakingnews/2857210


       The Liberty Times, 7-18-2019 : A press conference Transnational Organized Crime in Southeast Asia: Evolution, Growth and Impactby UNODC in Bangkok Thailand, 18 July 2019  reported

that Taiwan has replaced China and become major source of drugs in Japan and Korea since 2016, and a shipping hub for trafficking and smuggling of illicit (illegal) drugs to East-South Asia.    Profits generated by organized crime groups in Southeast Asia have reached unprecedented and even dangerous levels according to a new report released today by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime...... Organized crime groups are generating tens of billions of dollars in Southeast Asia from the cross-border trafficking and smuggling of illicit (illegal) drugs ...




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 ●  Taiwan News, 9-21-2017 ,   https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3258092 

        Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte claims Taiwan is major source of drugs in Philippines.
      Duterte in a speech listed Taiwan as a country where many of his country's illegal drugs are coming from, Taiwan's representative to the Philippines Gary Lin (林松煥) frankly conceded that "our counterpart is telling the truth," in an interview with Apple Daily.

 ●   BBC  11-10-2017   https://www.bbc.com/zhongwen/trad/taiwan-letters-41950916

        Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte blamed Taiwan's gang as major source of illegal drugs,  embarrassing and even slapping face of Taiwan  ( 將台灣幫派說成是菲律賓毒品的源頭  讓台灣方面不但尷尬、甚至可以說是顏面無光)

 ●  The China Times <Want Weekly>,  9-18-2019

      Taiwan is illicit drug manufacturing & trafficking center of Asia.

●   The Liberty Times, 5-12-2017; Focus Taiwan,  5-11-2017
      Part of Taiwanese government  ――  Judicial Yuan, Examination Yuan, and Ministry of Civil Service are organizing an internal conflict against Anti-drug war, earlier Executive Yuan proposed a more human-centric drug strategy to combat drug abuse ...

       (  ps : Taiwan's executive government's new-generation strategy to combat drug abuse : Although the government has spared no effort to combat drug abuse over the years, problems still persist, so on May 11, '17 the Executive Yuan proposed a new-generation drug strategy to address contemporary drug issues.  Conclusion: Because drug abuse prevention and control efforts have a major impact on public safety and national development, the government's new-generation anti-drug policy takes a more comprehensive approach to combating drug crimes and preventing the dangers inherent in drug abuse. As Premier Lin Chuan said at the Cabinet meeting on May 11, 2017, "Drug-abuse prevention and control is a major battle that requires the concerted efforts of the central and local governments, and the public and private sectors. This is an appeal to government at all levels and citizens from all walks of life to join forces, and declare war on drug abuse so that drugs will not endanger future generations." )

 ●  inquirer.net  https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/933607/war-on-drugs-bamboo-triad-supplying-ph-illegal-drugs

          Duterte: Triad supplying illegal drugs to PH is based in Taiwan, not China !
“Itong drugs ngayon, it’s been operated by the 14K, Bamboo Triad,” he said. “They have taken over. They are cooking the shabu in the high seas. Tapos itatapon. Nakita mo sa Region 1, mga bins na empty na may Chinese character. It’s actually from Taiwan at lahat na.”
“      I cannot blame the Chinese government or the people”

 ●  Asahi Shimbun, Japan, 5-23-2019    http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201905230041.html   / By NOBORU INOUE/ Staff Writer

       According to organized crime sources knowledgeable about activities related to drugs, Taiwan has become a popular origin because of the ease of sealing deals on the waters off Japan.   "Boats from Taiwan can make roundtrips without refueling to areas around Shikoku, so that opens up the possibility for making trades at various locations,” one source said.    Another reason is economics. While the street value of a kilogram of stimulant drugs is about 1.2 million yen in Taiwan, the price shoots up about 50 times when sold in Japan, sources said.   In addition to the huge bust last year, Aichi prefectural police found that members of a Kanto gang and the Taiwan mafia were involved in the case of a man who was arrested three years ago on suspicion of possessing narcotics, including cocaine.
     Crime gangs are increasingly using waters near Nagoya Port to smuggle in illegal drugs from Taiwan.



Taiwanese criminals -  international nuisances







  pic.: CTS news: Taiwan's illegal (illicit) drugs are all over the world, they got lighter
criminal responsibility than that in some other countries, e.g., Indonesia ...,
therefore many those would like to take a chance for huge benefit


 ●  Reuters, 9-27-2017    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-philippines-drugs-duterte/philippines-duterte-wants-u-s-help-in-fighting-drugs-blames-triads-idUSKCN1C12NJ

         Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte urged the United States to help control drugs smuggling, blaming Taiwan and Hong Kong-based criminal gangs for using his country as a shipping hub.
...... the Taiwan-based Bamboo triads were using the country as a transhipment point... “We are flooded with drugs. This is the first time I would reveal it ...


  ●  Apple Daily, 10-17-2018    https://tw.appledaily.com/new/realtime/20181017/1449269/

         台灣怎麼會淪為運毒島? / 徐立德
         South Korea just solved illegal (illicit) drugs smuggling case which is largest ever in Korea history, the chief of that  smuggling group is a Taiwanese ...
 Taiwan's legal system has been treated drug criminals with leniency or sets them free (對毒犯寬縱), now some Taiwanese law maker even  advocate Decriminalizing drug crime ...



 ●  United Daily, headline news, 11-2-2017, 中國新聞網,  11-2-2017
    Taiwan was already reduced to be a 'kingdom' of manufacturing/producing narcotic drugs.







pic.: drugs made a Chinese grave

From about 100 years ago, Chinese politicians or armed troops already sold drugs to their own people
( his.ntnu.edu.tw/files/publish/819_a00d25aa.pdf )
, till recent days Taiwan's image was still damaged by int'l media for illegal drug problems. 
According to the Liberty Times in 2017, part of Taiwanese government opposed cracking down
 illegal / illicit drugs ...

 Money is more important than health issue ?





 ●  Reuters, 9-27-2017 , The Straits Times, 9-29-2017

       Philippine President Duterte ... blaming Taiwan-based organised crime behind all this drug traffic... for using his country as a shipping hub.



   UDN Opinion, 11-6-2017, The China Times, head-page & focus, 4-4-2017, The Liberty Times, 5-12-2017

     Taiwan is scandalous for being a major drug transit center & a major drug exporting country, part of Taiwanese government including Judicial sys. refused to improve this issue.


 ●  China Times, 7-2017 :  Taiwan's anti-drugs is a phony show !


 ●  United Daily (聯合報 社論), editorial,  01-31-2020 00:33 /注意!新興毒品的危害不亞於武漢肺炎
      New illegal / illicit drug (強力搖頭丸, PMMA)is a lot more fatal than CoronaVirus !  horrible, but few people paid attention to this problem 。


 ●  Apple Daily, Opinion, 5-15-2017:  Taiwan has been flooded with drugs and is too serious to stop this  (毒品氾濫...已擴大惡化到難以阻止)


   China Times, 中國時報, 4-4-2017     https://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20170404000178-260106?chdtv
        Taiwan's image was notorious for being a major drugs transit center & a major exporting country ... Police of Japan and Australia already labeled Taiwan as "High Risk" level drug-exporting country (走私安毒 台灣惡名昭彰 , 台灣坐實了「毒品轉運中心」與「輸出大國」的汙名。...         台灣毒梟將工廠設大陸或東南亞國家,再將製成毒品運回台灣外銷。 安毒Amphetamine在台灣從製造到輸出一手包辦 日、韓、紐西蘭、澳洲的安毒價格是台灣10至20倍, 毒梟大量從台灣召集毒品轉運手,朝亞洲及紐澳各國「撒網」走私。 日、澳警方已將台灣列為輸出「高風險國家」)


●  Central Police University  (中央警察大學)   犯罪防治研究所博士論文,  12-19-2016  advisor: 林健陽教授 許春金教授 ,   柯雨瑞撰   www.koko.url.tw/百年來台灣毒品刑事政策變遷之研究.html

       In Taiwan, drug addiction is the main reason for rapidly spreading AIDS (毒癮問題是愛滋病快速散播之最主要原因)




Taiwan -  international nuisances & social harms 





 †    Taiwan's true color

 In all the past years, Taiwan was notorious for its int'l fraud ( quora: Taiwan largely sees these as an asset rather than liability...) , manufacturing, trafficking and smuggling of illegal drugs,   women & children trafficking , 
abusing migrant workers (
USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices ), pirate ( GreenPeace:
Taiwan gov. knows this issue but does little, TW had not changed anything without Europe's yellow-card  )
 , a paradise for illegal migrants, bad judiciary, political persecution, oppression ...
 all low-down dirty plays  !


Money is more important than human rights ?













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