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   Persecutions lead some victims to Maslow's Transcendence level Transcendence of fear into the state of not-fearing or of courage

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Transitional Justice in Taiwan: A belated reckoning with the systematic mistreat      (Chinese)

nForeign Policy Research Institute,  2017-2-27: Taiwanese have to decide their own fate and Taiwanese have to build a new world of fairness and justice ...Recent events notwithstanding, Taiwan still has room for growth in addressing its past ...Taiwan has not done enough to name “who the perpetrators were,” blaming “Taiwanese forgiving nature” for not holding them responsible.

nThe Diplomat, 2019-2-27: They protested the authoritarian system in general, established by the Chinese Nationalist Party, the Kuomintang (KMT), whose vestiges still linger in public institutions, saying it still lies behind the structure of Taiwan’s political society.  How soon will transitional justice be rolled out?

nNBC News, 2017-2-27: The fear of political persecution always loomed large. “This is something I want to pass on to my children — to speak up, fight for what's right for ourselves and people different from us. Democracy is something that should not be taken for granted.”

nWikipedia (臺灣白色恐怖時期) : White Terror period in Taiwan refers to the period from May 20, 1949 to May 18, 1992. The government of the Republic of China, which is governed by the Chinese Kuomintang, used public power to persecute dissidents and create a political atmosphere of terror that benefits itself. (中華民國政府藉由公權力迫害持不同政見者,塑造對己有利之恐怖政治氛圍之時期。 other prosecutions did not have such clear reasoning; in 1968 Bo Yang was imprisoned for his choice of words in translating a Popeye comic strip

nCTS news (Taiwan), 2021-10-31 : After End of Martial Law, Taiwan's democratic elected president(s) (from 1996 till present) still monitor nationals

nChina times, editorial, 2021-11-24 :The ruling party made laws inconsistent with constitutional principles, reckons property of the Kuomintang and the so-called affiliated organizations, and concocts fake and inferior "transitional justice"(民進黨貪求永續執政,制訂不符憲政原則的法律,清算國民黨及所謂附隨組織財產, 炮製假冒偽劣的「轉型正義」  )


After Taiwanese president declared in the presidential campaign 2016 ( and the National Day Declaration in 2021 that her main political opinions on human rights persecution,  the whole transitional justice project has been just spinning its wheels   Till now, the Transitional Justice committee just surfaced some dusty files those files are only part of "surveillance" cases, on which many victimizers'(perpetrators') names are erased or covered. 
Taiwan's government did the right thing in half way and in reverse order, avoiding the most important ones  ─  "Persecution" cases.

Taiwan ~
(1) Exposes some informants and low-end tools, while ignoring the prime suspects ̥
          For details please ref. to Liberty Times, 2021-10-22, editorial ̥

(2) Exposes cases in early days, instead of today's ̥

           It's too narrow only work on acts
quashing any perceived forms of dissent in society during Chiang Kai-shek'(蔣介石) regime or before Cold War era.  The targets should be all political persecutions, and abuses of human rights.  
           World Journal, USA, 2020-12-6 (the largest Chinese-language newspaper in the United States) reported: The persecutions and infringements of human rights by people in power occur anytime and anywhere, and are occurring in today's Taiwan ... ̥  For those early-days cases, the prime suspects might died, the evidence might be lost 
New York Times, 2016-2-4 : "Academics say that little is known about the mechanics of repression ( occurred during white terror ) ......researchers believe many records were destroyed, they also believe others have been kept from surfacing through willful neglect.".  The China Times, 2021-11-6, editorial: DPP party (the ruling party) is accused of hiding historical evidence, said Shih Ming-Te (施明德) who revealed DPP's major politicians Kang Pêng-kian (江鵬堅) and former premier 謝長廷 were KMT's undecover informants.
 By contrast, all or most of today's victimizers(perpetrators) , high-ranking officials are still alive , and are much easier to get caught red-handed because their crimes are ongoing any time.   If you don't do the right thing in time, you might be 'accomplice', at least, the transitional justice is a phony show.  

(3)  Focusing on "KMT vs. DPP",  instead of "victimizers(
perpetrators) vs. victims."

      The motive should not be electoral interest.  This should not be a political struggle between political parties in the name of transitional justice. (former vice chair of Transitional Justice Committee, 張天欽, compared his Committee with secret police (東廠).   The chair 黃煌雄 then resigned and reminded the Committee should not be any particular party's hit man or tool   ) Many victims had nothing to do with politics.  The uppers in crime and their organization(s) are familiar with and use the laws to torture the victims, repeatedly and black-heartedly, some of them are more serious than ordinary criminals or metal-disease criminals, hence deserve a black site on the land due process forgot.̥

  (4) Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen declared that the focus is exposure of the crimes, not on accountability ̥  

      If the justice set political criminals free, persecutions will continue endlessly.  Is president Tsai willing to experience any horrible persecutions, even one day ?  Is Tsai entitled to pardon victimizer's crimes for the victims?   Heavy punishment is the best preventative mechanisms.

(5) Exposes some "surveillance" cases, instead of "persecution" cases ̥
           Compared with "persecution", "surveillance" is less horrific crime.  
           Note that the current government did similar things ─  keeps watching nationals very closely, therefore has lost its stance on investigating or handling those cases occurred in early days.  According to the China Times, 2021-10-25, editorial, the government watches people criticizing the government, and pig farmers intending to join a protest against importing
poison (Ractopamine) porks. (Chinatimes. com/opinion/20211025004212-262101?chdtv)  Next TV news, 2020-3-10 : president of Taiwanese Nurse Union (護理師工會): every time the nurses complained about short supply of face masks on the internet, "the online army showed up", etc.

   Therefore, the correct priority should be:
(1) Firstly, today's major persecutions (2) Secondly, major persecutions in early years (3) Third, other minor cases

  Today's first

Today's serious persecutions cause immediate harms, the longer it lasts, the heavier the harm ̥  The gov.'s  “turning a blind eye”  is a criminal offense in itself.  Nowadays'  prime suspects are timid to turn themselves to the court,  the government is timid to arrest them.   Taiwan's president is suspected not to realize her commitments declared in presidential election campaign.

While working on mass atrocities during Chiang Kai-shek's (蔣介石) regime long years ago,  transitional justice might becomes a hard work to get no hard proofs.

Today's major cases first

Among all persecutions in recent years, Taiwan should prioritize cracking down the cases : (1) mobilizing or inciting as many as nationals to persecute the victims (2) highest-level officials are engaged (3) recidivists (criminal repeat offenses)  (4) all or most suspects are still alive (5) high-tech weapons employed

The case in this website crosses 4+ successive presidents since about 1991 in Taiwan, and has ranked No.1 on the net in the US (Bing, Google, Yahoo), Russia (Yandex), China (Baidu), on Japan's and Taiwan's Yahoo , and European internet engines (Germany Ecosia, Swisscows, etc). 

Solving the case could scare other evil politicians, and avoid same mistakes occurred in the next 50 ~ 100 years; This is a good case for international study.


    CTS news (華視) 2021-10-31, 2021-10-24:
誰是加害者 (who are the
perpetrators) ?? "

pic.: CTS: Taiwan's democratic elected president(s) still monitor nationals

CTS: the victims cry at midnight, the victimizers are leading a good life

CTS: victims' hope - liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law ... the wounds are hard to be healed


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