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According to 2 US local news (4-15-2016), Din Tai Fung ( Bellevue, WA, USA ) failed to pass health inspections (violating cooling procedures, handwashing, and having valid permits and operating procedures, among other items) and garnered 85 critical food safety violations, Din Tai Fung ( Seattle ) also received unsatisfactory health inspections 3 times ... (China Times, 5-22-2016)



Seattle.eater   http://seattle.eater.com/2016/4/13/11422438/bellevue-din-tai-fung-unsatisfactory-health-inspection

Bellevue Din Tai Fung Nearly Shut Down for Unsatisfactory Health Inspection

Bellevue's branch of the Din Tai Fung soup dumpling chain received an unsatisfactory health inspection and was nearly shut down, according to The Bellevue Reporter.


This Din Tai Fung  has earned several unsatisfactory health inspections since it opened in 2010, though the latest one is the most egregious.



The Bellevue Reporter



Bellevue restaurants Din Tai Fung, Burgermaster receive unsatisfactory health inspections

The popular dumpling restaurant — in which waiting customers can view chefs making dumplings in the glass-enclosed kitchen — received citations for violating cooling procedures, handwashing, and having valid permits and operating procedures, among other items.

Din Tai Fung came close to being shut down, having  garnered 85 critical food safety violations. Ninety or more critical points requires the restaurant be closed.



★ Taiwan's media reports


  (1) Din Tai Fung admitted at 5-9-2012 having used  Monosodium Glutamate / sodium glutamate (M.S.G.) as addictive in some foods there -  and they won't change this policy so as to keep major cuisine (e.g., steamed bun/bao (小籠包), chicken soup) delicious (according to United Daily News 5.9.2013).  In other words, they don't like to use good materials (e.g., red jujube (red date "紅棗") and Fructus Lycii (GouQuZi "枸杞"), mushroom, etc.) to enhance food flavor.  According to  National Health Research Institutes and United Daily News (8-15-2015) "Horrible foods for dining out": Taiwan's food (in restaurants, cafeteria, etc) problems include using MSG.  Taiwan's 5 star restaurants like Sherwood Hotel announced any chefs using MSG will be fired.  According to int'l medical studies, using Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is controversial. (ref to "The Dangers of MSG" : http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/food-nutrition/facts/the-dangers-of-monosodium-glutamate.htm)  Some claimed it may causes asthma, headache, even brain damage. )
(2) Din Tai Fung was suspicious of being involved in Taiwanese food scandal, Apple Daily (蘋果日報)10-10-2014 reported that one Taiwanese Dept. of Health found out Din Tai Fung imported some oil products from King's Cook which bought  lard oil (mixing animal feed with cooking oil) from Ting Hsin Int'l. ( http://www.appledaily.com.tw/realtimenews/article/new/20141010/485241/   台中市衛生局調查發現,鼎泰豐曾向購買頂新正義油品的台中金品調理(KingsCook) 公司進貨,恐中鏢。)DinTaiFung denied it.
(3) Din Tai Fung admitted having used G.M.(genetic modified) soy material(豆類) for a long time (until July 2015).   The China Times, (3.29.2013) reported professor Kuo H. J. (National Taiwan University, Department of Agronomy) comments - Taiwan using G.M.(genetic modified) is "national scandal" (國家級醜聞」), French scholar Seralini found G.M. foods may cause cancer with higher probability,    BBC (6.6.2013)<Taiwan diet danger everywhere>: Taiwan is the only country eating cured products made by animal-feed, G.M.(genetic modified) soya beans.  (主妇联盟说台湾是世界上唯一直接食用饲料级基改黄豆加工 的豆制品国家。)  But Din Tai Fung still used the "scandalous" G.M. stuff for 2+ years after the news being spread island-wide Recently, CNN (7-24-2015) dropped Din Tai Fung down to No.20 position  in Taiwanese foods list.

The Brand Personality ?

a DinTaiFung in USA 
Nearly Shut Down
for Unsatisfactory Health Inspection


Din Tai Fung's Hong Kong branches were just eliminated their Michelin one star title at Oct. 31, 2014,
Taiwan's Din Tai Fung never won any Michelin star title, but it is advertising itself a Michelin star restaurant by posters at front of largest Japanese mall, Mitsukoshi Dpt. Store in Taipei (photo Aug. 22 2015)  and in SOGO Dpt. Store (2-27-2016).

Din Tai Fung USA website (http://DinTaiFungusa.com) has also been advertising a similar one in its front-page. (tests till present at 9-17-2015)
 ps: the China Times analyzed losing Michelin most likely it's because of inconsistent quality problem.  (http://www.chinatimes.com/realtimenews/20141031001358-260405)