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1. Street foods in Taiwan / night markets, small-eat snacks

     ●  New York Times 2-24-2017:   Taipei ... has a street food scene as vibrant as that of Bangkok; restaurants that specialize in both Taiwanese and regional cuisines from around China; thousands of cheap and cheerful joints at which to drink cold beer with small plates and quick stir-fries; ....  ref to https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/15/travel/taipei-taiwan-restaurants-local.html
  All night-market districts across Taiwan have safety problem similar to the big gas-cylinder LPG-explosion in Fengjia (逢甲) night market (known as largest night-market business district in Taiwan) / The China Times, 7-19-2017.
  Chang Gung Mem. Hospital professor Yin M.D. : "Minimize the times of dining out to protect your health !".   Apple Daily, 11-20-2017 : Almost all world countries are more and more strict with food safety, only Taiwan is more and more relaxed in legislating for food safety.   In this way, how can Taiwan have a reputation on "fine food kingdom" ?  (breif)  /  by 邱致穎, chair, and teacher of food science, TungHai University
●  United Daily, 10-20-2017:  Taiwan tourism needs new positioning and image, ads on street food and night markets are no longer good enough ;  CTN head page 10-22-2017: Gov. gave wrong solution to save tourism, Thailand's night market was ahead of Taiwan's long time ago.

       The United Daily (3-1-2017): Many Taiwanese night markets closed down due to lacking of distinguishing feature or quality, and the number of Chinese tourists sudden decreasing.

     The Liberty Times (10-22-2015):   Legislator criticized Taiwan's tourism ads. flattering & focusing on "small eat" (street foods), but those small eats in each night markets are highly homogenous (all about the same), and lack of "culture"
The China Times (5-26-2015), a critique in media commentary<掉漆的文創> :"Something we should pay attention to is, a Hong Kong poll on the net selected Taiwan as the most disappointed point of attraction on this planet    Taiwan's night market is the only place being worthy of visiting".    
 ●  The China Times (8-8-2015) : Taiwan failed to establish a high-quality image of tourism & travel, but just impressed tourists a place filled with cheap goods, e.g., small-eat,  that's a bad marketing strategy.


      In UK's Economist Intelligence Unit - Global Food Security Index ( Sept., 2017), Taiwan is not included , China's score of 2017 is 63.7, ranks 45th among 113 nations ( Singapore 4, Japan 18, Korea 24, Ireland 1, US 2, UK 3,);  In EIU Liveability Country Level Index (Jan. 2015), Taipei's "Food Security Index" ("1" means "Most Secure") is "42", same as all other communist China's major cities, e.g., GuangZhou, TianJin, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai.  Asia best Singapore's index from "5" in 2014 rises to "2" in 2015 (5-28-2015).  Most-secure-food cities include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., all are Index "1",  Paris Index is "3" ,  Zurich and Amsterdam index "5", Brussels "7".     The Economist (11-29-2014) analyzed Taiwanese black-heart foods caused ruling party "has suffered one of its worst electoral defeats" since 1949,  "The failure of Mr Ma’s government to prevent a series of food scandals has also upset many"The New York times (9.8.2014): The authorities in Taiwan are scrambling to control a tainted-cooking-oil scandal that has affected hundreds of manufacturers and raised fears about health risks posed in many commonly consumed food items... the new scandal shows that there is still not enough being done to eliminate lawbreaking production lines”.   BusinessWeek (9-8-2014): "The new gutter-oil scandal has “shocked local consumers in Taiwan".   BBC (11-19-2013): Consumers in Taiwan have been shocked by a series of food safety scandals.      



Discovery (USA) called oyster omelette as  "Taiwanese Viagra".  Oyster omelet is best dish / most typical snack in Taiwan.
Taiwanese government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) announced via Guardian (UK) and United Daily (Taiwan) in 2010 that Taiwan will spend NT1 billion dollars
 on promoting
"country brand" by popularizing typical foods, oyster omelet and stinky tofu...  
Although Bizarre Foods of Andrew Zimmern in
Nov. '15 mentioned Americans are afraid of street foods ...

Apple Daily's Next magazine (12-16-2015): gov. statistics - night market is No.1 attraction tourists visited. United Daily (10-31-2015):
"Many Chinese tourists, Small incomes ... they took lots of photo, spent little "




oyster omelet reported by Discovery USA

oyster omelet reported by CNN 7-24-2015

ShiLin night market's "Grandmom's family" (「阿婆之家」) oyster omelet was one of 2 stores earliest-selling oyster omelets in Taiwan.  "Loyalty" / "Zhong Cheng" (「忠誠號」) is another most famous Taiwanese oyster omelette in ShiLin night market.
The Liberty Times
(12-13-2015) also intro. oyster omelette : TaiChung ZhongXiao (忠孝) night market, 大胖蚵仔煎
ZhongHua night market, Chen - a 40 yrs old shop (陳四十年老店, 一段197號), Kasohsiung, a popular shop, Tsai (蔡家in軍校路54) etc.


pic: "Comment Taiwan food" ranks No. 1
on US Google, 2-20-2018, 9-16-2017


Discovery (USA) visited and introduced "The Circle Side" ("圓環邊") oyster omelet (46 Nin-Xia Rd. Taipei). CNN  (July 24, 2015) ranked "Lai Ji" oyster omelet as No.3 among "40 Taiwanese foods we can't live without" . ps: The Liberty Times (9-18-2015 Weekender): some businesses used soaking in phosphatic water to enlarger oysters, formaldehyde (HCHO) to extend oysters expiration, borax(硼砂) to whiten (or avoid dark / black color) oysters ... better select shops with reputation.




best street food - braised pork rice in Taiwan



pic.:  CNN( 7-24-2015)"40 Taiwanese foods we can't live without" - 
ranking No.1 is Gin-Fon(金鋒)Braised pork rice,
which is next to Nan-Men Market (on Roosevelt Rd. - for honoring US former president);


NT50 for Large-sized , NT30 Small-sized. 
But, pls. note no braised egg (NT10) in CNN website's pic. (8-4-2015) included in the pork rice,


besides, according to United Daily (4-30-2011, 6-5-2014),
braised pork rice was selected as one of 10 unhealthy, dangerous Taiwanese foods
 in night market (see tbl. below),
however this never affects a long queue at front of Gin-Fon restaurant.




pic. above: This sites-group - No.1 ranking on google
 by keyword  "comment Taiwan night markets"
in Chinese, test at 2-20-2018, 9-21-2017.






CNN(7-24-2015)recommands 40 Taiwanese foods that we can't live without, the picture above is No.2  food  ― Lin-Dong-Fang beef noodle in Ba-de road,
Taipei. (neighborhood of the headquarter of
KMT, Taiwan's ruling political-party '08 ~ '16)
you can see a long queue in each weekday's dining time , but,
It looks bit awful,  even it tastes awesome,
ow do Westerners feel about the "restaurant"?  another one CNN recommended is Tao-Yuan Street Lao Wang beef noodle, their beef is sort of pink-colored
 (look like roast beef), very tender, and less salty than Lin DongFang's. (opened a new one in next lane, 2017)





CNN: best beef noodle in Taiwan











Pic. above: 90% of what we eat and use contain poison or toxin - The secret
 that Taiwanese business won't tell you,
 the cover-page of book  <Those black-heart products poison-experts never buy
written by professor Wu (
consultant of Taiwanese government and dean of National Taiwan Normal University.




pic. left: Most 5 star hotel restaurants in Taiwan don't wash the vegetables, they just soak in water and cut them... It's 5 star restaurants' "S.O.P", not to mention average Taiwanese restaurants... , besides, the food-safety specialty of 5 star restaurants deserves my concerns.  A 5 star hotel restaurant made Japanese sashimi by fresh-water fishes, this may causes serious infection and even cancer, according to Japanese studies in 2013...hence, people should minimize the number of times dining out to assure safety / Jiang M.D.'s book "食在安心"(by 江守山 M.D.,  Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, Taiwan Veterans General Hospital, etc. ), printed in Oct, 2014.   Another book "Fruits , Vegetables" (Chinese namely, "遠離毒蔬果") written by IMEI (義美) group's leader Luis Ko (高志明), page 162 quoted Dr. Gaston J.C. Wu (professor & dean, Taiwan Normal University) that Taiwan's vegetables and fruits should be flush thoroughly with plenty of flowing water, those tiny gaps and hollows need to be brushed before cooking or/and eating.  No just soaking vegetables and fruits in water in a large basin ...






   understand Taiwan   in 1 minute  !!       TAIWAN            review Taiwan          comment Taiwan     !

Bizarre Foods of Andrew Zimmern in Nov. '15 mentioned Americans are afraid of street foods, but ...

 CNN(7-24-2015)recommanded in large sized webpage that "40 Taiwanese foods we can't live without"
       No.1 is
Braised pork rice ("金鋒滷肉飯" 10 Roosevelt Road, Section 1, Taipei).
       No.2 is beef noodle (
Lin Dong Fang store, Taipei, 274 Ba-de Rd., and Lao Wang, 15 Tao Yuan Street Pin Chuan Lan "品川蘭" , No. 10, Alley 11, Lane 216, Zhongxiao East Road, Section 2, Taipei)。
       No.3 is
oyster omelet ( Taipei Nin-Xia night market, Lai Ji 198-22 Min-sen W. Rd.),
       No.4 is Bubble tea ("台中春水堂"
48 Yi-shu St., Longjing, Taichung , and "台南翰林茶館"313, Section 2, Minzu Road, Tainan
       No. 5 is Milkfish (虱目魚/ "小隱私廚"
65 Yongkang St., Taipei) 。ps: this site thinks the grilled/roast sea-milkfish (烤虱目魚, one piece for NT295) smells good but probably too salty or bit burned for some people - my families. 

      Next 35 are


      6. 擔仔麵Slack Season danzai noodles(16 Jhongjheng Road, Tainan )、
      7. 生煎包Pan-fried buns(Hsu Ji, Shida Night Market) 、
      8. 割包Gua bao(3, Alley 8, Lane 316, Section 3, Rooservelt Road)、
      9. 鐵蛋Iron egg
(Seaside A-Po, 151-1, Jhongjheng Road, Tamshui; A-Po, 135-1, Jhongjheng Road, Tamshui)、
      10. 鳳梨酥Pineapple cake(
1/F, No. 1, Alley 4, Lane 36, Section 5, Minsheng East Riad)、
      11. 甜不辣Tian bu la (Taiwanese oden,95 Xining South Road, Wanhua  )、
      12. 肉圓Ba wan (Giant meat dumplings, 17, Lane 16, Renai Street, Kaohsiung)、
      13. 鹽酥雞Salty Fried chicken(
530-1, Bei'an Road)、
      14. 蔥抓餅Flaky scallion pancakes、
      15. 蚵仔麵線Oyster vermicelli(Ay-Chung, 8-1 Emei St., Wanhua) 、
      16. 炸臭豆腐Stinky tofu(No. 347, Jiangong Road, Sanmin Dist, Kaohsiung) 、
      17. 地瓜稀飯Sweet potato soft rice、
      18. 刨冰Shaved ice mountain、
      19. 胡椒餅Pepper cakes(
Raohe night market, north end of Kee Lung Road)、
      20. 鼎泰豐小籠包Dumplings at Din Tai Fung、
      21. 魚丸湯Fish ball soup(
No. 21, Lane 210, Section 2, Yanping North Road, Datong)、
      22. 藥燉排骨Ribs stewed in medicinal herbs(
Nanya Night Market, Nanya East Road, Taipei )、
23.~ 40 pls. ref. to CNN web-site http://edition.cnn.com/2015/07/23/travel/40-taiwan-food/



 USA  CNNGO  (3-23-2012) introduced Asia's 10 greatest street-foods cities ( http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/eat/asia-street-food-cities-612721?page=0,2 )
, and Taiwanese street-side snacks in night markets.  CNN ranked Taipei as No. 2 among Asia's 10 greatest street foods cities.  No.1 city is Malaysia's Penang,  No.3 is Thailand's Bangkok, No.4 Vietnam's 河內, No.5 Singapore, No.6 Korea Seoul, No.7 China's XiAnn, No.8 Philippines Manila...

Taiwanese small eat street-foods intro. by CNN :

Taipei's night market foods

Try it at market


1. Sheng jian bao (生煎包) Taiwan Normal Univ. night market (師大夜市) ...They hail from Shanghai, ...
2.Chou doufu / stinky tofu (臭豆腐)  Raohe St. Night Market (饒河夜市)  is a Taipei night market specialty. ...... Those new to the dish often find ... less intimidating and less, well, stinky.
3.Oa misua / oyster vermicelli (蚵仔麵線)  Shilin night market(士林夜市)   A Taiwanese specialty...
4.Gua bao / pork belly bun or "Taiwanese burger," as it's sometimes called  (掛包)  Taiwan Normal Univ. night market (師大夜市) ... creating one of the world’s greatest snacks.
5. Hujiao bing / wheat buns more accurately, pies or pockets   (胡椒餅) Raohe St. Night Market (饒河夜市) ...savory filling is impossible to resist.
6. Niu rou mian / spicy beef soup with hand-pulled noodles  (牛肉麵) LaoPai Niurou La Mian Da Wang, Chongqing Nan Lu Yi Duan 46 Gang, Taipei  PS: A famous Taiwanese MD suggests not to have this for health's sake.
7.Douhua (豆花) 士林夜市   (Shilin night market) Taiwanese dessert made from the softest, silkiest tofu ...
8.Ba wan / Taiwanese meatballs  (肉丸) Taiwan Normal Univ. night market (師大夜市) a traditional Taiwanese snack food considered by many to be the country's national dish
9.Cong you bing / a flaky scallion pancake made with hand-rolled dough ( 蔥油餅)  Shilin night market(士林夜市)   Another dish with its roots in China...
 10.Da chang bao xiao chang / big sausage wrapped around small sausage (大腸包小腸)  Shilin night market(士林夜市)    





Pic. left: mall's version of night markets,  small-eat street is the Cash Cow
for most dept. stores (malls)
 in Taiwan.  Pic. is small-eat street in Taipei 101
Pic. right: Ranking No.1 on google by "comment Taiwan night market " in Chinese,

2-20-2018, 2-14-2017, Sept. 2, 2015.



Pic. right: Ranking No.2 on Yahoo by "comment Taiwan night markets" in Chinese,
Sept. 14, 2015.
  No.1 at 2-20-2018, 1-10-2017




  CNN's article ( 2 -11- 2015) "10 things Taiwan does better than anywhere else", first off introduced Taiwan's night market and small eat, "Taiwan sure has a lot of night markets -- an estimated 300 island-wide.", "some 70% of tourists to Taiwan will visit a night market.".  
   CNN Go (3-23-2012) selected Taiwan's Taipei as No.2 city among "Asia's 10 greatest street foods cities", only next to Malaysia's Penang, better than No.3 Thailand's Bangkok, No.4 Vietnam's 河內, No.5 Singapore, No.6 Korea Seoul, No.7 China's XiAnn, No.8 Philippines Manila...  ref. to ps2.

CNN readers to Vote (June 15, 2015): "Which destination has the world's best food? ", Taiwan ranks world No.1 (8,242 votes) in that open Facebook poll.  CNN stated that the culinary philosophy in Taiwan is simple. Eat often and eat well. Small eats -- but lots of them -- are the big thing here. CNN mentioned 3 foods - best streetside bao, the most incredible stinky tofu or mind-blowing beef noodle soup
  Business Insider (6-10-2015) introduced Taiwan's tour ―― Let's start with the food. Taiwanese people love to eat. The dishes people miss the most when they leave include beef noodle soup, soup dumplings from Din Tai Fung, and the uniquely Taiwanese oyster omelets.

       But, this web-site comments:

(1) stinky tofu (臭豆腐): This tasteful food may has some problems, including G.M.(genetic modified) soy as material, and deep-fried food being not healthy widely known already.

    (2) beef noodle (牛肉麵): They usually use a source namely DorBanJian(豆瓣醬), so, better select restaurants with reputation to avoid aflatoxin which may contains in 豆瓣醬 and may leads to liver cancer.

oyster omelet (蚵仔煎) :  It is most typical Taiwanese food ( you can see this street snack  in any night market), but not exquisite & elaborated food.    The oyster omelet in Discovery channel uses grounded-peanut.  Be careful of fatal
aflatoxin may be in peanut-powder in infamous shops, since a famous peanut product made in USA found aflatoxin before.



Pic. above: this web-site was ranked No.1 on Yahoo (Taiwan)
by keyword "comment Taiwan night markets" in Chinese,
  test at 2-20-2018, 1-10-2017, 10-10-2015. 
 (CourageWorld.ch is a part of this website)







1.5   Are those "Taiwanese small eat & night market street foods" healthy to humans??

Chang Gung Mem. Hospital professor Yin M.D. (殷宗海, Doctor, Univ. of London ): "Minimize the times of dining out to protect your health !" ( ref. to book <食品不安全的年代如何自保>("how to survive in this bad food-security time", April 2016)) 

        China Times, 10-22-2017 : 84 out of 100 int'l tourist in time choose going to night market, 11+% local people go to night market.
    Apple Daily News (蘋果日報) 8-28-2015,  A2 Prime News Edition

          The incidence rate of Taiwanese people suffering colon/rectal cancer was ranked world No.1 (2nd is Korea, 3rd Slovakia) , Taipei Medical University Hospital's director of surgeons expressed Taiwan's food scandals constantly happened in recent years, many black-heart tainted foods containing Carcinogen (cancer producer) is a factor causing high incidence rate.


  United Daily News, 10-13-2015:  "A great survey to Taiwan's aged-100 centenarians" found that "... they seldom dine out".

 The Liberty Times - Weekender  9.18.2015   Industrial bleaching agent, plumping agent with Aluminum, Industrial adhesives Maleic Acid,  Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate dihydrate (CH3NaO3S) , Gypsum of pharmaceutic ,   corn starch, phosphatic, formaldehyde (HCHO), borax, etc were used as foods addictives for better selling.  (for full details pls. ref. to Liberty Times)

Business Today.no.856, 2013 : not only banned colouring agent, copper chlorophyllin cooking oil, toxic ('poisonous') starch, dangerous levels of industrial plasticisers, poor-quality rice, deceptive advertising bakery ... were exposed in Taiwan media, but also dangerous materials/ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, Rongalite (Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate dihydrate 吊白塊  ) , Formaldehyde Solution(福馬林),  borax(硼砂) ,  salicylic acid (水楊酸), NaNO2   nitrite (亞硝酸),  fluorescent whitening/bleaching agent (螢光增白劑), copper salts (铜鹽), Sudan (蘇丹红), Butter Yellow(奶油黃),  Rhodamine B (鹽基桃紅精), Auramine (黃色色素鹽基性芥黃), H202 (過氧化氫), 4-ethoxyphenylurea(乙氧基苯脲), Lead oxide (氧化铅), potassium bromate;bromic acid potassium salt (溴酸钾) etc food additives were found in Taiwan's black-heart food and cuisine industries.  CLICK for dangerous foods in details :    food scare in Taiwan

  Apple Daily News (蘋果日報) 8-29-2015,   Prime News Edition

          Dark brown sugars commercially available all contain Carcinogen ("丙烯醯胺", acrylamide , inspected results - max up to 2740 ppb ).  Drinking one cup (700 c.c.) of Pearl Milk Tea (full brown sugar) per day, may have risk of getting cancer.

  The China Times, the Liberty Times (10-22-2015): Lead pipes passed Shi-Lin night Market,  Raohe St. (饒河夜市) Night Market, Normal University (師大) night market, Yong-Kang (永康) street business area. (Nin-Xia night market is fine) Taiwan university experts expressed that high lead level in blood may cause infertility for adults, lower IQ and ability of cognition & social contact for kids, Taipei City government stated lead pipes will be replaced soon within 3 years.

Top 10 dangerous street food in Shih-lin night market 
(<Liberty Times
自由時報> & <United Daily News聯合報>, 10.1.2013)

night market food


Deep fried chicken breast


   Oyster Omelet 

deep fried Stinky Tofu
天婦羅 482
 Large Sausage 
Small pie in Large pie
Pan-fried Pork Dumpling (Large sheng jian bao)                
fruits/fruits slices水果 297
    Fried Cuttlefish Soup / sautéed octopus/ stir fried octopus, squids 生炒花枝 209
十全排骨 175
Ps: (1) advice: share food with your friend, peel the fried chicken skin, etc
(2) measure Kcal compared with : 1 bowl of cooked rice has about 280 Kcal


  National Taiwan Normal University - graduate school of Chemistry, dean Dr. Wu (化學所長吳家誠教授)'s book <Those black-heart products toxin-experts never buy (毒物專家絕不買的黑心商品)> (Nov. 2013): Most of the time I eat at home, and has never dined out in street-side shops / small-eat markets (路邊攤), because those small-eat shops usually/always do not meet the minimum standards of cleanliness.  In case I can't reject some dinner party or must dine out,  I select only some restaurants I fully trust.  Besides, I've never touched processed food or cured products, and any drinks commercially available(市售飲料) in Taiwan, particularly, pearl milk tea which already is a world known Taiwanese food.  PS: The China Times (8-15-2015): Taiwanese favorite drinks contain high Kcal/g heat, you will gain 5.1kg if having pearl milk tea one regular cup (not less-sugar option) per day for 2 months.   Green Tea with Yakult(多多)'s Heat 341 Kcal/g, which is 3.2 times the upper limit of free sugar(游離糖) advised by WHO., Yakult drink, Orange juice, milk tea are high-heat too.


 90% of what we eat and use contain poison or toxin - The secret that Taiwanese business won't tell you.
   pic. is the cover of consultant of Taiwan's government & professor Wu's book <Those black-heart products poison-experts never buy (毒物專家絕不買的黑心商品)>



<The China Times>  (8-15-2015):

products ml Heat (Kcal/g)熱量 每瓶含糖等同方糖顆數
Green Tea (多多綠茶) 700 341 14
Pearl Milk Tea (珍珠奶茶全糖) 700 653 12
Yakult drink (發酵乳飲料) 330 243 11
Orange Juice 400 192 10
Milk Tea奶茶 400 212 9




 Apple Daily (蘋果日報) 8-29-2015,   Prime News Edition ;  United Daily News(聯合報) 8-29-2015,
  Dark brown sugars commercially available all contain Carcinogen ("丙烯醯胺", acrylamide , inspected results - max up to 2740 ppb ).  Drinking one cup (700 c.c.) of Pearl Milk Tea (full brown sugar) per day, may have risk of getting cancer.




◆  night marketsRisks everywhere

Black heart addictives harm the whole Taiwan, including almost all night markets, small eat shops, restaurants(幾近全淪陷)

Taiwanese government lacks of ability to handle this food-scare

(<今周刊Business Today>健康生活專刊04, Sept. 2013)


small-eat street-foods

j  addictives

why dangerous ?

(大腸包小腸) Small Sausage in Large Sausage

nitrite, NIT,NaNO2(亞硝酸鹽)

Used to add red-color addictive for sausage,
Eating too many may cause cancer

(珍珠奶茶)Pearl milk tea、(青蛙下蛋粉圓)Tapioca (ball) tea


Eating too many increases burden of liver and kidney, and may cause cancer過量食用增肝腎負擔 恐致癌

(炸雞排)Deep fried chicken breast、grilled chicken breast (烤雞排)

(嫩精) Tenderizer

Used for soften the texture, Eating too many may lead to cardiopalmus, lips numb/tingle, temporary ageusia/loss of taste sense (心悸唇麻短暫失味覺)

(現切水果)fresh cut fruits、(糖葫蘆)sugar coated Chinese hawthorn fruit

(糖精)Saccharin、 (甘精)glargine

Eating too many hurts liver and alimentary canal or may cause urinary bladder  cancer過量甘精傷肝與消化道、過量糖精致膀胱癌危險

(泰國蝦烤蝦蝦仁煎) Thailand shrimp, grilled shrimp, shrimp prawn Omelet


May get roseolafeel like throwing updiarrhea shock to stupor; coma; muzzinessTaiwan law already prohibited the use of food/ food products患者皮紅疹嘔吐腹瀉diarrhea 休克致昏迷已禁用於食品
ps: expert M.D. expressed :
(1)Taiwan's law is behind of medical studies, we already ate lots of legal but suspicious dangerous food addictives.
(2) medical tests only for single
chemical compound, not for 2+ chemical compounds (which may be interactive to increase probability of getting cancer)  .
台灣美食風險(1)法律落後醫學我們早已吃下許多合法但疑慮食品添加物 (2)檢驗只針對單一化合物,若化合物相互作用則不查   English version : Food in Taiwan( 危險美食)



  <CTV> (中視 "新聞一點通"),  9.25.2013 13:35pm

      Even you cook by yourself, still have chance to eat some black-heart ingredients/materials... ("台灣小吃 幾乎淪陷" 就算你三餐自己烹調 也不見得避開所有黑心食材)


 ◆ <BBC>,  6-6-2013  "台湾来鸿:危机四伏的饮食"

      High-risk industrial starch foods like oden (黑轮, fish cake), Taiwanese meatball, black tapioca pearl (粉圆) are popular Taiwanese small eats in night markets, Most of toxic/poisonous soy sauce were sold and delivered to night markets, including best-known Shih-Lin night markets... Taiwan is the only country eating cured products made by animal-feed, G.M.(genetic modified) soya beans.  (主妇联盟说台湾是世界上唯一直接食用饲料级基改黄豆加工 的豆制品国家。)


Top 10 Most Dangerous Taiwanese Snacks
(<United Daily News 聯合報> 4.30.2011)

 small eat

heat  density
quantity of heat calorie

鹽酥雞Taiwan's fried chicken

3.9 585/150

蔥油餅Scallion Cake or Chinese Pizza   

3.78 541/143
鍋貼Fried-Dumpling                                     3.06 753/246
Small Sausage in Large Sausage 
2.68 582/217
Braised Pork Rice 
2.25 648/288
deep fried Stinky Tofu
2.13 565/265
Gutinous Rice Pudding 
1.98 672/340
肉圓Meatball 1.85 324/185
   Oyster Omelet 
1.55 516/332
蚵仔麵線Oyster thin/soft Noodles 1.01 415/412
(above may be: Top 10 Most Popular Local Delicacies)





   <Business Today>, Taiwan  Pic. above: The secret that restaurant bosses don't dare to speak out !
Fatal & Horrible
cooking materials/ingredients !
A top chef : "These cuisine are made for customers, you guys (assistants in kitchen) don't eat them ! "

Pic. right:  Taiwan's government is unable to do administration on food industry, all Taiwanese people are in deep risk !
Black hearted soy sauce harms the whole Taiwan! it appears almost all night markets, snack shops, restaurants ... <Business Today> no. 856


  The New York Times, The Economist (11.29.2014) comment and analyzed that a series of food safety scandals is one of few main factors causing the KMT, Taiwan's ruling party, has suffered one of its worst electoral defeats since Chiang Kai-shek and his forces fled to the island at the end of Chinese civil war in 1949.


  Taiwanese government never does some soul searching and corrects the wrong, according to Business Weekly (No. 1436, June 2015), "It's weirdo !!, Taiwanese government's food-safety check only focuses on 3 dried products - dried daylily, dried radish, and preserved fruits (snacks)", National Taiwan University professor Wu K.Y. comments it as "Completely evading the crucial point", "those 3 items are very low risky products", and "Taiwan's food safety is nothing but a slogan" (台灣食安只口號-apple daily 3-28-2015  http://www.appledaily.com.tw/realtimenews/article/new/20150328/582381/)".


pic: "Comment Taiwan food" ranks No. 1
on English Google, 2-20-2018, 8-14-2017



 United Daily News(聯合報)/Liberty Times(自由時報)/China Times(中國時報) etc,  6.5.2014

Top 10 horrible combination-food in Taiwan for office ladies/men (十大恐怖外食)

 horrible index

hamburger + French fries (middle sized) + coke (600 cc)

too much greasy, sugar, salty

Spareribs (pork-rib) lunch box排骨便當 + pearl milk tea (500cc)

Fried-Dumpling鍋貼 + bean sauce (350cc)                 
Baked Italia noodle + Puff pastry on creamy soup
Korea fried chicken + beer       
Fried rice + pork-ball soup貢丸
Ramen (Japanese noodle)拉麵 + soft ice-cream               
Braised Pork Rice滷肉飯   + fish-ball soup
  beef noodle + pickle vegetable酸菜
deep-fried meat-ball炸肉圓 + olen (Japanese style Kantoni)關東煮



  Taiwan dangerous food, pls. click Food Scare for full details !

 Taiwan administration and vendors may learn something or be inspired by research article :   https://www.cookly.me/10-cities-where-you-can-eat-amazing-street-food






1.9  other night markets intro. by local media  

         ● United Daily (3-1-2017 聯合報):  Nin-Xia night market became the model of all this kind due to its creative business strategy which includes first non-smoking night-market, heat (Kcal) remarks, and outdoor-style catering "千歲宴"... 

       United Daily (1-13-2016): Taipei mayor Ko expressed Shi-Lin night market and Nin-Xia night market are 2 most popular Taipei markets selected by tourists.


 Taiwan's best night markets in more details:



士林夜市   ( Shi-Lin or Shih-Lin night market) 


Shih-Lin night market's brand-foods

◎  "Grandmom's family"「阿婆之家」(ps: was one of 2  stores earliest-selling oyster omelet in Taiwan.)、       

 (Liberty Times 自由時報, news reported at 2-7-2013)

  1) "Zhong Cheng Hou"「忠誠號」 since 1972,brand foods are stir-fried cuttlefish thick soup (生炒花枝羹),pig liver soup with sesame oil (麻油豬肝湯), and oyster omelet。

  2) Widely known "Hao-Da" (豪大) XL deep fried chicken breast has 2 branches,one is at front of theater (陽明戲院)another is near night market in Gin-Ho Rd.



Others like Small pie in Large pie (大餅包小餅)Oyster vermicelli /thin, soft Noodles (阿亮麵線)Tapioca ball tea(青蛙下蛋)、 seafood & herb regimen food (海友十全藥膳) are good-tasted foods




"Loyalty" / "Zhong Cheng Hou"「忠誠號」―  oyster omelette or 天婦羅
◎ Chou doufu (stinky tofu) in Shi-Lin night market
◎  538 (original shop number)    ―    大香腸 (Large-sized Sausage) 
◎  501 (original shop number)    ―    大餅包小餅 (Small pie in Large pie)
◎   Hao-Da XL (「豪大」大雞排)  Deep fried chicken breast  
◎   stir-fried cuttlefish thick soup (生炒花枝羹)
PS: Tzeng oyster omelette  was voted as No.1 award winner among 6 shops in Shi-Lin night market by consumers and juries at 2-19-2012


Taiwan's night markets


The Liberty Times (自由時報),  reported at 2-7-2013

The Liberty Times,  (自由時報),
Weekender , 10-16-2015.

 Taiwanese flavored foods

 Exotic food-shops run by foreigners

寧夏夜市 (Taipei NinShia or Nin Xia night market)

G KO pork with rice (「知高飯」) no. 034攤(since 50 yrs ago)、蛋包蝦仁湯
old fashioned but 2nd generation steamed spring roll / lumpia (since 60 yrs ago) 第二代古早味潤餅店 no. 043攤(60年)
coke cake or koroke pie(
梅可樂可樂餅) no. 071攤(since 5 years ago 開店5年)
"Lon" pig liver (「榮仔」豬肝) , since
60 yrs ago
"Circle" chicken soup with sesame oil (「環記」麻油雞)
"Cow's mom" Taiwanese barbecued sauce beef noodle (「牛媽媽」沙茶牛肉麵)

2011 on file:
◎   44-2 Nin Xia Rd. 「圓環邊」Oyster Omelet  ◎  「圓環」麻油雞 ("Taipei Circle" sesame oil chicken soup)  「榮仔」"Lon"  Pig livers 

Egyptian chickens and beefs - Taipei Gongguan (or Kungkuan 公館商圈) business area, tel: 0933268677

Turkish roast meat - Taoyuan Xing-Ren (桃園 興仁花園夜市) Garden night market, tel: 0976097585

Iran's Alibaba Middle East roast meat - TaiChung  Feng-Chia (逢甲夜市) night market, tel:0919846270

Brazilian Gaucho - Taichung Da-Lee (大里大里國際觀光夜市) int'l tourism night market, address: 478, sec. 2, Zhong-Hsin Rd.

Pakistan Hola Mexican - TaiNan DaDong night market (大東花園夜市), tel: 0929005000

Pakistan chicken curry bao  -  Kaohsiung FonShan (鳳山區大明路流動夜市) area, tel: 0988105509

Eastern Germany Das sausage  -   Kaohsiung Rei-Fon (瑞豐夜市)night market, tel: 0956730609

Italia cakes - Taipei Ton-Hua night market (通化夜市), tel: 0921617581

Polish hand-made Paul Papa dessert - TaiChung Han-Si (旱溪夜市)night market,  Address: sec.1 , Han-Si E. Rd., TaiChung

Korean cakes - TaiChung Gateway cultural-creativity tourism night market (水湳經貿文創觀光夜市), tel: 0978153925 

Spanish cakes, bread, potato egg omeletes -  TaiNan DaDong night market(大東花園夜市), tel:0935016171

British Mr. Fox cakes - Kaohsiung Rei-Fon (瑞豐夜市)night market, tel: 0911736361

GNA apple pie, cakes (boss: German, boss's wife : Polish) - Kaohsiung Rei-Fon (瑞豐夜市) night market, tel: 0910816504

Turkish ice cream -   Kaohsiung Liu-Ho (六合夜市) night market, addr: front of no. 64,  Liu-Ho 2 Rd.

French / delices de France -   Kaohsiung Rei-Fon (瑞豐夜市)night market, tel:0986006218


PS:  To find English / Chinese names of night market foods -  pls. refer to:

高雄六合夜市(Kaohsiung City,  Liu-Ho night market)

◎  "Cheng old" papaya milk (鄭老牌木瓜牛奶)
◎  seafood soft rice (海產
粥)   ―   
choose the shop with most number of staffs
mullet roe (烏魚子 烏魚腱)

基隆廟口夜市 (Kee-long City, Miaokou night market)

◎  Din-Bian-Tsou / Potside sticker soup (頂邊銼)、a mouthful sausage (一口吃香腸)、Pao-Pao Ice / bubble ice (泡泡冰)


華西街夜市 (Hua-Xi Street night market, Taipei)

◎  Angelica sinensis / Danggui herb pig feet soup (當歸豬腳)、"Little Wang" Steamed Minced Pork with Pickles and soup (小王清湯瓜仔肉)、"Norther port/ Bei-Gun" sticky soft sweet-tasted rice ball (北港甜點麻糬)


宜蘭羅東夜市 (Yi-Lan City, LuoDong night market)

◎   "Uncle Zao" mutton hot pot (灶伯 羊肉爐), Tapioca (ball) tea (包心粉圓), braised chicken legs and shelled shrimps(龍鳳腿), "E-Fung" Cong you bing / a flaky scallion pancake made with hand-rolled dough (義豐蔥油餅)


台中逢甲夜市 (Tai-Chung City,  feng-chia night market)

◎  "Japanese Boat / Tseung Kwan O"  takoyaki / octopus meat ball  (日船章魚小丸子)、"Guan Chi Lin" Small Sausage in Large Sausage (官芝霖大腸包小腸)
Dai Gwan Hujiao bing (wheat buns more accurately, pies or pockets, 台灣帝鈞碳烤胡椒餅)


★   快炒&海鮮 (NT100 quick served stir-fried sea-foods & vegetables)

◎  US TV program introduced Taipei's "Central Market" (「中央市場」) fast served Stir-fries located in Chang-An E. Rd.(長安東路).  Many dishes cost NT100 for each.


 10 biggest temple side night markets : Keelong (奠濟宮), Taipei (大稻埕/慈聖宮&霞海城隍廟), HsinChu(城隍廟) , TaiChung FoonYuan(豐原慈濟宮) , TaiChung Da-Gia (大甲鎮瀾宮) , ChangHua Lu-Port (鹿港天后宮), Yuan-Lin (北港朝天宮), TaiNan (保安宮),  TaiNan (祀典武廟) , Kaohsiung (武廟) -  ref. to the Liberty Times Weekender, Nov. 1, 2015


 China Times Weekly  ( 時報周刊)  issue No. 1983,  ~ 2-25-2016: 

           "Follow Taiwan's President Tsai to enjoy Ba Wan (Taiwanese pork ball ) ! " ( "跟著小英(蔡英文)瞌總統肉圓")

 New Taipei City/ Ah-Dian meat-ball 新北三重阿典肉圓 tel:22863475

★  Chang Hua/ Ah-Chang meat-ball 彰化阿璋 tel:04-7229517

  PingTong/ Chang-Chi meat-ball 屏東潮州張記肉圓   tel:08-7899686
  YunLin/  Fu-Chi BBQ goose 雲林福炭烤鵝   tel:05-5867007



2. Eating in Taiwan Chinese restaurants

中餐廳 (Chinese cuisine in Taiwan)

Best Chinese cuisine restaurants in Taiwan include: 

Din Tai Fung ( 鼎泰豐),  CNN (July 2015) dropped it to No.20 in Taiwan, Daily Meal (Oct. 2014) dropped it by 6 positions.  Din Tai Fung has been using MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) till present,  being suspicious of getting involved in Taiwan food scandal, and used G.M.(genetic modified)  material until July of 2015.  

YinYih restaurant - belongs to Chinese HuaiYang cuisine, intro. by Discovery of USA  ("銀翼", 淮揚菜系, 美國Discovery介紹 ) tel: 02-23417799


"Lon" restaurant - Shanghai original flavor, intro. once by Wall Street Journal, USA  (隆記菜館, 上海本幫菜,  美國華爾街日報Wall Street專文介紹)


Celestial restaurant, known for its Beijing Roast duck, intro. by Japanese magazine (天廚, 北京烤鴨, 日本刊物介紹)


Peng Yuan restaurant, Chinese HuNan province cuisine (彭園, 湖南菜系, 台灣大報介紹)


Beijing Do It True, intro. by Discovery USA (北平都一處since 1949, 醬肉燒餅etc, 美國Discovery介紹 )


Chin Garden - SiChuan province cuisine, In XiMun Din there's a SiChuan cuisine street ("黔園", 台灣大報介紹, 四川菜系,  西門酊康定路25巷是川菜街   )、


Chinese two provinces - Yunnan and Kweichow  cuisin 人和園(雲貴菜)


NanMen market, a most famous cuisine shop - ycyf.com.tw ("億長御坊", 年菜中國傳統家常菜 -  自由時報等介紹)、a branch in Taipei 101 F1 supermarket (南門市場內有些知名年菜店如合興糕餅、隆記等)、


Braised snacks / munchies:  JengJi.com.tw(正記, salty ducks鹽水鴨etc)LauTianLu.com.tw(老天祿,braised duck tongue滷鴨舌etc)、LaoTianLu.com.tw(上海老天祿 braised duck tongue 滷鴨舌etc )、信遠齋(smoked chicken燻雞etc)


some Chinese restaurants in some best 5 star hotels

Taiwanese cuisin, YongKang beef noodle, other widely known beef noodles include Lao Wang, 15 Tao Yuan St.,  Lao Dong which won 1st award in 2006 int'l beef-noodle contest (news report: " Japanese and  HongKongers heard YongKang's name and came (永康牛肉麵, 日本香港客聞風來")", but I personal feel YongKang beef noodle is more soy-sauce flavour according to experience about 5 years ago , so I agree CNN's evaluation in July 2015)



the Brand personality?


Din Tai Fung's Hong Kong branches were just eliminated their Michelin one star
 title at Oct. 31, 2014,
Taiwan's Din Tai Fung never won any Michelin star title, but it is advertising itself a Michelin star restaurant by posters at front of largest Japanese mall, Mitsukoshi Dpt. Store in Taipei. (photo Aug. 22 2015)

Din Tai Fung USA website (http://DinTaiFungusa.com) has also been advertising a similar one in its front-page. (tests till present at 9-17-2015)
more critiques ...

ps: the China Times analyzed losing Michelin most likely it's because of inconsistent quality problem.  (http://www.chinatimes.com/realtimenews/20141031001358-260405)






 You may ref. to Apple Daily's Next Magazine "The Best Restaurants 2013, Taiwan - high end and low end ones"  ( <壹周刊>出版之「美食大賞2013」之"高檔餐廳"與"平價餐廳"二版本)

 Taiwanese foods
Beaviss : dummy ! there's no poison, addictives, MSG, lard oil, gutter oil, etc being added in these Chinese heritage arts - pork stone and cabbage jade
Butter-Head: so, we can eat these health foods now?!

a creativity by Z. Zu

pic. below: former US president Bush was in Taiwan's restaurant - Beijing Do It True.
ps: DIT doesn't have Bush's favorite, Beijing roast duck, the best duck in Taiwan is in Celestial (
天廚) restaurant.

US president Bush was in Taiwanese restaurant




Snake Alley, HuaXi street's special ―  snake (Cobra, etc) soup  (a bowl for USD 5 ), snake gall, snake blood
Pic. above is a huge golden-color Patteraless (python)
Vedio below shows peeling a painful, curling, long snake for a  regimen-meal




hot pot - ShanXi instant boiled mutton
M.D.s advised Taiwanese favorite new-in spicy hot-pot may causes illness if having much; pic. above is tranditional Chinese ShanXi hot pot in Taiwan for instant boiled meat, was no longer popular.

I ate turtles and alligator-tail in Florida before, a widely saying in China & Taiwan eating soft-shell turtles is good for regimen, however, Taiwan just found turtles (甲魚/水魚) in a famous restaurant chain contain poisonous LMG, etc.  (CNA, 7-25-2015)
pic. above is a tourism site in S. TW.



Hong Kong's TimHoWan is a Michelin restaurant, but Taiwan's branch restaurant is not. 


Introduced by Wall Street Journal.
 Chiang or
Jiang G.K. (蔣經國), Former president's favorite-food restaurant was no longer crowded.



3. Eating in Taiwan int'l & Chinese cuisine

 <The Daily Meal> 101 Best Restaurants in Asia, The Daily Meal celebrates the most exemplary epicurean endeavors in Asia :

 At 10-10-2014,   http://www.thedailymeal.com/101-best-restaurants-asia , ranks best restaurants in Taiwan:
No.6  Din Tai Fung  (was already wiped out of Michelin star list of 2014/2015)
No.43 Le Mout, Taichung  (the official website spelt wrongly - "Taiching")
No.42 DN innovation, Taipei, Taiwan
No.61 Osteria de Angie, Taipei, Taiwan
No.73 La Cocotte, a French restaurant, Taipei, TW
No.79 七十二牛肉麵 (Seventy-Two beef noodle restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan)

In its report of May 16, 2013, 4 out of top 5 are communist Chinese restaurants (全鴨季,Beijing; 紫雲軒茶事,Beijing; Temple Restaurant, Beijing; 前門M餐廳, Beijing).
There're 6 restaurants in Taipei rank "Top 101 Asian best restaurants", in addition to 鼎泰豐:
 No. 43: Tainan Tu Hsiao Yueh Danzai noodle (台南度小月擔仔麵).
 No. 50:  Non-zero restaurant, Taipei(非零餐廳).
 No. 70: Osteria by Angie, Taipei, Taiwan, it's an Italia restaurant.
 No. 74:  Seventy-Two beef noodle restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan (七十二牛肉麵).
 No. 76:  La Cocotte, a French restaurant, Taipei, TW.
 No. 86: Hiroshima, Taipei , TW (鐵匠鐵板燒居酒屋).

ps:      Best dish in Taiwan : oyster omelet (introduced by Discovery channel of USA) ―  it is most typical Taiwanese food( street snack everywhere in night markets), but not exquisite & elaborated food.   

According to New York Times (12-12-2015), French La Liste's  top 10 best restaurants include 3 Asian restaurants, but no any Taiwanese restaurant was included, the Liberty Times (12-13-2015) mentioned no Taiwan's restaurants included in top 1000 list. 

According to < Miele  Guide> of 2011/2012, There's no Taiwanese restaurants is included in top 20 Asian best, but inside Taiwan, 5 restaurants are listed as below:
   (1) Din Tai Fung,  ps: This restaurant admits they do use Monosodium Glutamate as addictive, and won't change this policy so as to keep major cuisine (e.g., steamed bun, chicken soup) delicious, according to United Daily News 5.9.2013.
   (2) 銀翼 (best dishes:文思豆腐,蔥開煨麵)
   (3) ShinYeh Taiwanese cuisin 欣葉 (02-25963255, best: 煎豬肝, 菜埔蛋)
   (4) Le Mout French restaurant 樂沐法式餐廳, a French restaurant (excellent, evaluated by Relais & Chateaux in 2011)
        in Taichung city (04)23753002(best dish: 經典套餐NT3800)
   (5) La Cocotte, a traditional French cuisine restaurant own by Fabien Verge (02)33223289 (best dish: NT980白酒墩牛肚)

According to < Country Brand Index> of 2007( 2008 Top Country Brand Index Ranking  ),Japan is the only Asian country ranking top 10, Red China is a rising star.

"Fine dining" category:


Italia, Singapore, Japan, US, UK, UAE, Malaysia, Spain, Argentina .( underscore for Eastern nations) 
"Food" category:


1 Italy, 2France, 3 Japan, 4Spain, 5 Singapore, 6 Thailand, 7 India, 8 Brasil, 9 Malaysia, 10 Swiss, 11 Germany, 12 Vietnam, 13 Greece, 14 Australia, 15 USA (underscore for Asian nations)

  The World's 50 Best Restaurants 1-50, 2013 sponsored by S. Pellegrino & Acqua Panna,   April 29, 2013  http://www.theworlds50best.com/list/1-50-winners/
 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World's_50_Best_Restaurants  (by Wikipedia)

In this list, top 10 are in Western world (Spain, Denmark, Italia, USA, UK, Austria, Germany), Hong Kong's 龍景軒 is the highest ranking (No.75) Chinese restaurant, no any Taiwanese restaurant included.  Taiwanese chef Jiang (江振誠)'s "Restaurant Andre" located in Singapore ranks No.38.

The Best Restaurants 2013, Taiwan /  High End restaurants list , published by Apple Daily's Next Magazine, Taiwan.  (
美食大賞2013」高價餐廳 <壹周刊>出版)。

    (1) Taipei City & New Taipei City/ 
          3 star high end restaurants
:明福Taiwanese cuisine  
          2 star high end restaurants
Chinese Dishes(中菜): Bamboo Village Cantonese cuisine(竹家莊粵菜香港料理)、 真的好Cantonese seafood cuisineLe Meridien艾美酒店寒舍食譜Cantonese cuisinePalais de Chine 君品酒店頤宮Si-Chuan&Cantonese cuisine、 軒維小館Ze-Jian & Jian-Su cuisine、 客家小館
Hakka & Ze-Jian cuisine、 新東南Taiwanese cuisine
Western & other cuisine (西菜與其他):  n/a.
West (Tao-Yuan City, Tai-Chung, Tai-Nan, Kaohsiung, Jia-E City, etc)/
           3 star high end restaurants
: Thomas Chien French cuisine,  
           2 star high end restaurants

  Chinese Dishes(中菜):  Tai-Nan City台南阿美飯店Taiwanese cuisine, Tai-Nan City阿霞飯店Taiwanese cuisine, Kaohsiung City高雄海天下Taiwanese seafood cuisine
 Western & other cuisine (西菜與其他):    n/a
1 star high end restaurants:  n/a.

    (3) East (Kee-lung, New Taipei coast, Yi-Lan, Hua-Nien, Tai-Dong, remote tiny islands Ludao, Sanasay, Jitanasey)/ 
            3 star high end restaurants
: none was selected, 
            2 star high end restaurants
:阿國Taiwanese seafood、陶甕百合春天Taiwanese aborigines cuisine,  
            1 star high end restaurants
: n/a.

          (n/a restaurant-names, Pls. contact Next Magazine <壹周刊>。)


"Michelin Star" restaurants in Taiwan: 

    Actually, There's no Michelin starred restaurant in Taiwan.

    ●   TimHoWan (添好運):  With nick-name "Global cheapest Michelin Star restaurant",   Hong Kong's TimHoWan 3 branches in 北角、深水埗, 大角咀 at 10-30-2014 gained Michelin one star title respectively。At Nov. 5, 2015, their Hong Kong (not Taiwan) restaurants won again.  But CTV evening news (12-12-2015 7:15pm) criticized some foods in Taiwan TaiChung branch is not up to Michelin level.

     ●   YeShanghai (夜上海): Hong Kong's YeShanghai obtained Michelin 2 stars in  2012, one star in  2013, 2014(10-30-2014)

     ●  L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon (侯布雄法式餐廳,Taipei) :  Taipei's L'ATELIER ( Robuchon ) located in Bellavita is not a Michelin starred restaurant, although their branches in Paris, Tokyo, etc obtained Michelin star titles in recent years, for full details pls. check  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Michelin_starred_restaurants。

     ●   Din Tai Fung / 台灣鼎泰豐自我宣傳為米其林餐廳, 但even其香港分店剛失去2015米其林title (ps: 2016年也落選),台灣總店則從未摘星。http://hk.ulifestyle.com.hk/topic/detail.html?id=ABFGD1ozBwlZFQNo

     ●   The 2016 Michelin Guide is now featuring wallet-friendly street food in the latest instalment of its Hong Kong and Macau hospitality guide edition (no "star" awarded).   The 'branch' of Taiwan's Dai Gwan Hujiao bing (wheat buns more accurately, pies or pockets, 台灣帝鈞碳烤胡椒餅) in Feng-Chia (逢甲) night market is included in 2016's street food list of Macau.  The boss said there're some difference between Taiwan's and Macau's.   The Hujiao bing in Macau's branch taste more salty, those in Taiwan taste more spicy (SETV news 11-6-2015). 

     ●  For further details pls click  Le Guide Michelin




4. Eating in Taiwan - buffet

        Although world media always introduced Taiwan's "small eat", Taiwanese also love "big eat" ――  There's a widely-known slang in here:  Taiwan has 3 "worth-the-value" stuffs:  
health insurance, labor insurance, and all you can eat buffet.(台灣有三"寶",健保、勞保、吃到飽) Apple Daily (10-31-2015): Euro. style all you can eat buffet turned into "Cash Cow".   The United Daily (1-10-2016): Taiwanese best-love restaurant is all you can eat buffet...  We still must under no circumstances take food safety issue lightly.

       The article, Taiwan's 5 star hotel - all you can eat buffet, has been ranking world top on google and yahoo for years, pls. click for full text.    Cheaper/economic-price buffet restaurants are everywhere too, but "Eastern Broadcasting Co., Ltd.,EBC (東森) TV" evening news (11-30-2015, 8:42pm): having those fake / restructured / glued meat (beef, pork, mutton, seafood: abalone, calamari, etc) is easy to get food poisoning.


   Taiwan / 5 star buffet        brief of The Liberty Times (自由時報), 7-15-2016, 7-16-2016, 7-17-2016

oven roast pib-rib tender, various countries flavors for more choices,  but, pork chops in Chinese medicine soup(藥燉排骨) tasted not tender & juicy;
part of seafood open for freely taking ; cakes limited
Emperor crab、mussels(貽貝)、stone-crabs(石蟳)high class and fresh, lots of Sashimi raw fish slices served , various and fresh seafood in mini-bar refrigerator, but  3-Spot-swimming-Crab (三點蟹) not fresh;
various-items and fine quality desserts
roast duck、oil-chicken(油雞)、roast beef steak and roast mutton are high quality ;
Sashimi raw fish slices、white shrimps(白蝦)、whelk meat  (香螺) are fresh ; crabs not too fresh  ; desserts are 5 star ranking
 special made roast Ribeye Steak(乾式熟成肋眼牛排)smells great;
frozen Boston lobster tasted bit too soft after being defrosted, more than 50 hot dishes tasted great, lots of  drinking options
India curry flavor is great, various meats , HaiNan chicken  tender, India spicy meat overdone, fresh appetizer ,  high class vegetables shrimp, scallop(扇貝) fresh, advice starting from seafood;
Grilled pork ribs(炭烤豬肋排)、ham(火腿) tender;
traditional style desserts
meat is not upto 5 star ranking, roast duck not tender;
Haagen-Dazs ice cream without clear marks ;
white shrimps, (旭蟹)Spanner Crabs are fresh, 3 Spot swimming Crab (三點蟹) not fresh,large shrimps, middle-sized Inshore squids(中捲) good flavor(海味足),fish soup taste good
flagship food is various seafood:
4 kinds of fresh crabs,
Assorted Sashimi(綜合生魚片)、smoked shark(鯊魚煙)、meat roll with green onion (三星蔥肉捲)、roast pork rib with plum sauce(蘇梅醬燒豬肋排) are good
angle red shrimps、epicure beef steak, Grilled pork ribs(炭烤豬肋排)、freshly-made Frei(現烤布蕾)、brown-sugar bee-nested cake(黑糖蜂巢蛋糕) good;
Sashimi fresh, 3 kinds of crabs
flagship food is seafood:
Spanner CrabMangrove crab(旭蟹), Mud crab  (紅蟳),lots ice at the bottom to keep them fresh;
Hong Kong style pot boilcookcrab with XO sauce(港式XO蟹煲)、grilled Ayu(烤香魚)taste good; grilled beef suppose US Prime ramk, various desserts for selection
8~10 different kinds of Sashimi raw fish slices,seafood are various kinds and fresh,cold dishes and hot dishes both are excellent;
30+ different kinds of desserts
beef ribs(牛小排) great,,bratwurst sausage(德式香腸)smells good ;

various cooking styles of seafood cuisine (料理手法多元), particularly
Pan-fried Sea Bass fillet(鐵板煎鱸魚排);
many items and high quality desserts
 a lot fresh and  different items of cold plate seafood Emperor crabs fresh ,short-necked clam(熱炒海瓜子)no good;
pan fried chicken、oven roast beef(爐烤牛肉)、india flavor curry clay oven rolls(印度咖哩燒餅)、 Vietnamese noodle soup usually served with beef (pho bo) or chicken (pho ga 越南河粉) Good;
most of cold-plate meats are  Semifinished products;
desserts less items and bit too sweet
Sashimi raw fish slices fresh ; not enough meats on the bar, but the balance of rare and well done  is controlled in right place ;

desserts are not open for freely taking (須服務人員協取)

77038887 66228000 27201230 35183078 23763238 27002323 27002323 87736656 25238000 07-5555113 04-23105533 07-2115243 04-22585006 23211818 23713311

How to eat & worth-the-value?

1.Focus on seafood and roast beef/steak 
2. Pay attention to:  where those food came from, materials ranking, current season fresh food?  how's the sauce, staff taking care the buffet bar often? room-lighting, desserts kept in ice/cool box? too much addictives or original flavor? etc.

Health info.  see full text
1. FTV (民視) - July 5, 2012 : British latest studies found eating 60% full in each meal can last your life for 20 years more.
2. TTV news 2-27-2015:
Buffet triple your stomach in size - A study found 65% buffet restaurant customers' gastric capacity increased from about 800 c.c. up to 2000~3200 c.c., which can be main reason to be a fatty.







5.  Fast foods/burgers in Taiwan

     ◆ US Wendy's already pull back from Taiwan market, McDonald's already announced withdrawing in the near future,  You can have some others - Western business, e.g., Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, 7-Eleven, StarBucks, Subway, etc, and Japanese MOS Hamburger (摩斯), Family Mart, etc。 click for Controversy of McDonald's in Asia .

         As for Taiwanese-Brand hamburgers, pls. ref. to the Liberty Times - Weekend Life(9-12-2015) :"You must have a bite - A List of Super Evil Delicious Hamburgers (超邪惡美味漢堡 - 必咬名店大公開)"

                  ● Must eat in Northern Taiwan
Burger Ray (Cardiac Heart-disease burger ) 8771-5811; 
Burger Fix 27516628 Ambassador Hotel (國賓大飯店) 1Bite2Go restaurant;  
Burger&Co 27840182;  
Cali burger (Mexico flavor) ZhongXiao E. Rd., Sec. 4, Ln.205, Alley 7, No.1;
Bravo Burger 8771-9787;  
Palais de Chine Hotel (君品酒店)  Le Bar 2181-9999 (Alaska Crab Beef burger NT680),
                  Must eat in Central Taiwan:
傻子漢堡 04-2375-9113;  牛逼洋行 04-2372-1755; For Farm Burger 04-2234-3535
Must eat in Southern Taiwan:  
A J Burger 06-2095171; 布雷克漢堡 07-5224205;  豐盛廚房 07-5509893
                   for reference






Pic. left: Ranking No.1 on google by English keyword "comment Taiwan restaurants" ,

1-10-2017,  Oct. 6, 2015, Sept. 2, 2015.
Pic. right:
Ranking No.1 on Yahoo by Chinese keyword "comment Taiwan foods" or "comment Taiwan delicacies",

2-20-2018, 1-10-2017, Sept. 2,2015.





Pic. right: This web-page's ranking No.1 at 2-20-2018,
No.2&3 on Google by Chinese keyword "
comment Taiwan restaurants" , test in 12-3-2015.



Taiwan president Tsai's favorite food (蔡英文美食地圖)

Taipei street-front shops / address Taiwanese cuisines
  華山6165小吃殿/北平東路二八號 Japanese style olen/Kantoni & "prince noodle& half-done-egg bun 甜不辣&王子麵&半熟蛋包
正宗台南意面/鎮江街七-1 Tainan style spaghetti noodle意
歐華酒店/林森北 euro. steak 地中海牛排
老爺酒店 deep fried shrimp 炸明蝦
逸香園/忠孝東一152 Hakka ethnic group quick-fry客家小炒
美濃屋拉麵/長安東一段22-18 Ramen (Japanese noodle)喜多方拉麵, 煎餃
田園台菜/東豐2 fried eel 炒鱔
三峽山泉/民生街149 Douhua (dessert made from the softest, silkiest tofu )水豆花
金合和/新莊路269 salty pancake/pies 鹹光餅
板橋第一家/南雅夜市後段 pig-blood pie 豬血糕
鶯歌勇伯/中正一路157 Taiwanese "trash" noodle垃圾麵
三峽池家/大同105 Ba wan (Giant meat dumplings) 肉圓
油庫口/文化路一18844 Oa misua / oyster vermicelli 蚵仔麵線
阿典/三重雙園58 Ba wan (Giant meat dumplings) 肉圓
無名/蘆洲信義146 Taiwanese Checkr Dry Noodle  切仔面
The China Times, 5-29-2016


Taoyuan桃園 street-front shops / address Taiwanese cuisines
楊記/中壢新生路109號 Flat rice noodles美濃粄條
大江屋/龍潭大北坑街1998巷65號 stuffy local Crucian carp 闷土魚、spicy& wine pork knuckle五香醉豬腳
HsinChu新竹 城隍廟柳家/中山75 ground pork & mushroom with rice肉燥飯
清香/關西 中豐一422 Fried flat rice noodles粄條
MiaoLi苗栗 楊文忠/寶樹路10 yolk noodle蛋黃 wonton餛飩
TaiChung台中 阿嬤/后里民生149-3 pig-blood soup豬血湯
阿二現/南屯 黎明路二79 tilapia fish吳郭魚
Frajo法爵/南屯公益路二1 state banquet combo meal國宴套餐
ZhangHua彰化 阿璋/長安144 Ba wan (Giant meat dumplings)肉圓
阿添/民族455 clam noodle蛤仔麵
YuanLin雲林 西螺福記/建興277 smoked goose noodle煙燻鵝麵
阿貴/虎尾林森路一311 small steam bun小籠包
JiaEe嘉義 林聰明/中正路361 fish head en casserole沙鍋魚頭
The China Times, 5-30-2016


 Tainan 台南 street-front shops / address Taiwanese cuisines
灣裡火城麵/南區灣裡404 soup noodle火城羹麵
無米樂米食館/後壁墨林里292 fa cakes 粿
連得堂/北區崇安54 pancake煎餅
 Kaohsiung 高雄 阿香廚房/美濃中山二635 choppork山茶排骨
華仔店/三民同盟二路 61號 hot pot筒骨鍋
婆婆冰/七賢三路135 shaved ice with mango and milk/cream芒果牛奶
魚壽司/前金成功一路358 egg fried bamboo shoots 蛋炒綠竹筍
吳媽媽饺子/左營翠峰8 boiled dumpling 水餃
 TaiDong 台東 楊記家傳/大同149-1 fried sweet potato balls 地瓜酥
陳記麻糬/博愛186 swordfish mochi/Rice cake旗魚麻糬
海草健康輕食/中山205 chicken soup steamed dumpling 海草雞汁湯包
金花軒卑南包仔/卑南更生北182 pork bun with bamboo shoots筍丁肉包
津芳/正氣358 salty ice candy鹹冰棒
寶桑/正氣192 sweet (rice) dumplings 湯圓
 PinDong 屏東 東港/勝利196-2 boiled dumpling水餃
大埔/柳州19 rice cake; rice pudding米糕
張記/潮州育英35-1 Taiwanese meatball/ba wan 肉圓
旭功/枋山光復70 Sweet and sour pork ribs糖醋排骨
The China Times, 6-5-2016


PS2:  Legislators tips   street foods, make u full   /   The China Times 中國時報,  2-20-2018




favorite cuisines

蔡適應 基隆Keeling city 孝三路 - 簡家蚵仔煎(雙醬), 基隆傳統燒賣
蔡易餘 嘉義JiaEe 景山國小旁古早味肉嗲(NT25)豆菜麵(NT20)
張麗善 雲林Yuan-Lin 虎尾 近福安宮 河堤大腸包小腸
王惠美 鹿港Lu-Gun 樂群路阿桑麵線糊 (NT30)



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