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CTV TV news (中視新聞), 2023-2-21: Money-back strategy in 5 star hotel "all you can eat buffet":
  No soup ( or at most one scoop of soup ), no drinks (only drink freshly squeezed lemon juice), no vegetables (lettuce salad, blanched green vegetables, stir-fried vegetables), no starch (noodles, rice and sushi)
   Eat first:
Japanese style raw fish slices; 2nd: scallops, lobsters,
Wagyu(日本和牛); 3rd: steak / roast beef, grilled legs of lambs; 4th: deep fried shrimps, etc; 5th: expensive ice cream etc   youtube.com/watch?v=qkZdkX2UKa0
Next TV news (壹新聞), 2022-5-13: Due to Omicron surge,
 the number of customers to 5 star hotel buffet decreased sharply,  such as Hyatt, Regent(晶華), Sheraton(喜來登) etc.
SET i News, 2022-4-5: Owing to CovID and war in Ukraine, Grand Hi-Lai (漢來) Harbour and Regent (晶華) rise all-you-can-eat buffet price, in the future, hard to find good buffet in Taiwan with the price of NTD 1000-.
CTV 2-4-2020, headline news: High risk to infect CoronaVirus (Covid-19) in all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants. 
China Times, 1-13-2020: 5 star hotel buffet adjusts price one after another, Hyatt went first, weekday price from 1480 to 1580,  Hi-Lai Harbour Taipei followed ... 3%~8% up.  
United Daily 11-20-2019 reports that Taiwanese people love all you can eat buffet.  However, facing challenges from other buffet restaurants with various positioning (e.g., lower price strategy) or customers/markets segmentations, some high-end 5 star hotel buffet restaurants transform from all-u-can-eat buffet to semi-buffet, or to ordering / a la carte, or different "theme" buffet by seasons, or just closed  for instance,  Sherwood hotel TOSCANA (F1),  Humble House Hotel Taipei, Countyard  Taipei, etc.  Grand Hyatt Taipei again represent the theme buffet of Taiwanese cuisine same as previous year, Shangri La's Taipei invites chef from Haiti to represent Caribbean Sea flavor buffet ......



   pic.:"5 star buffet in Taiwan" ranks No.1 on Yandex of Russia, 2024-3-12



pic.:"5 star hotel buffet in Taipei" and "5 star hotel buffet in Taiwan" both rank No.1 on Yandex of Russia, 2024-3-12, 2022-10-6,10-1-2018; No.3 at 2023-2-23






pic. left: 

Shangri La's Far Eastern Hotel  -  buffet (6th fl.) :   Japanese raw fish (sashimi) no longer free for foodies, now all are fresh cut
 upon req.  e.g., you ask for salmon and yellow-tail, they ask you "3 or 4 pieces?"

, in spite of that the bar staff doesn't admit , but actually raw fish slices are free-to-take for 20-30 years in here , including large-size shell-oysters before 2011,

Shangri La's is not honest for obvious things, well, others may be doubtful (for me) !   4-23-2019 lunch

pic. right:

Shangri La's Far Eastern Hotel  -  buffet (6th fl.) :  the crabs are limited,  something else later
 - see pic., 
Few 5 star hotel buffets serve  limited number of crabs,
it's probably because of cost factor
  / 4-23-2019

ps: currently, sushi is still free to take




pic.: Mandarin Oriental Taipei -   all you can eat buffet restaurant:  assorted sashimi (Japanese style raw fish slices) is freshly made by the kitchen upon your order,  and then is brought to you by waiter, only 3 pieces of fish and 2 small shrimps,  you probably won't order more to show your excessive appetite for expensive stuffs .. 1-29-2019

pic.: Mandarin Oriental Taipei - buffet restaurant (5th floor):  another "freshly made" order,
slowly stewed beef short rib, but serve you not slowly a very small wok  / 2019



pic.: Mandarin Oriental Taipei -  cafe, buffet restaurant:  wok fried "large" prawn with soy sauce (translation from "鼓油王炒大蝦" ) ,  however, "prawn" is different from "shrimp" mainly by its feet/claws, or bit larger than white shrimps, they are not obvious "large" shrimps,  2019

pic. : Mandarin Oriental Taipei -  cafe, buffet restaurant:  when reserving a seat by phone, you are asked to be dressed properly,  lunch starts around 12 o'clock, it's later than that of Sheraton (11:30), Shangri La's (11:45), etc.



pic.: Mandarin Oriental Taipei -   buffet restaurant:
Chinese cuisine pan fried Radish cake XO sauce(left), Thailand style  seafood fried rice w pineapple (right)

pic. :  braised US beef in red wine sauce (left), pan-fried salmon dill cream sauce (right)  /   Mandarin Oriental Taipei -  cafe buffet restaurant



pic.: Mandarin Oriental Taipei -   buffet restaurant:  seafood bar has snow crab(鱈場蟹)、brown crab(麵包蟹) 、sea shell(岩螺, bit smaller than those in Hyatt )、Mussel ( larger than those in Sheraton) 、white shrimps (熟白蝦)、...

pic. : Mandarin Oriental Taipei -   buffet restaurant: Truffle sauce, not food, so bit salty





pic.: Mandarin Oriental Taipei -   buffet restaurant:  very decorative (displaying modern sculpture art in toilet too), very feminine and womanly atmosphere,  fantasy tones and pastel hue everywhere (e.g., very light blue, pink  )。 The main hall of Mandarin Oriental Taipei is not as splendid as Mandarin Oriental Macao ( where I stayed a couple times )  or Hyatt Taipei, but buffet restaurant of Hyatt is too popular and crowded, when the time Flu hitting high, Shangri La's buffet restaurant's Bamboo area probably is a better option,  it's spacious and bit distant from main dining area.

ps: pink, a symbol of sociopolitical protest, transgression and unalloyed eroticism in today。 However,  faint color fits obedient Taiwanese, as for pink,  the protesting meaning is much weaker than that in the Western world.


pic.: Hyatt buffet restaurant seats near seafood bar,  2-18-2019;  pic. right: marinated clams in seafood bar  , 3-29-2019





 pic. left: Hyatt buffet - Ningbo style braised eel fillet yellow chive (I like, but bit salty to me)        pic. right: wok fried lily asparagus shrimps (I like)       2-18-2019




pic. left :Hyatt buffet -  mixed mushrooms are quite salty for me if having too many , those braised sea cucumbers (pic. right) are similar to me,
 roast beef tender, not bad, 3-29-2019




 pic. left: Hyatt buffet - catfish ( not Balsa )        pic. right:  Hyatt buffet -  seafood bar scallops       2-18-2019





No.2 "5 star hotel buffet in Taiwan" on Bing, 2022-10-6

pic. left: The sites group was ranked No.1 by "5 star hotel buffet in Taiwan"  on US Bing, 2021-8-9, 2021-2-17, 3-21-2019, 11-25-2018 ;pic. right: The sites group was ranked No.1 by "5 star hotel buffet in Taipei"  on  Bing, 2021-8-9, 2021-2-17, 3-21-2019,  11-25-2018


pic.: Hyatt buffet -  seafood bar crabs ... 12-26-2018

pic.: Hyatt buffet - the sea whelks are larger than those in Mandarin Oriental or Shangri La's, 12-26-2018; but the whelks are good at 2-18-2019; whelk meat seem not connected to the shell, the chef explained it's because of over-cook... 3-29-2019



pic.: Sheraton Grand  -  buffet ,
lobster pasta with cream and braised lobster with wine sauce, red pepper ,
holiday & weekend only (NT1520 per person) 4-5-2019   ps: red color lobster

pic.: Sheraton Grand  -  buffet seafood bar : crabs mussels、 shrimps、 sort of squids...   4-5-2019

Despite medical experts like Keith Block MD (U. Illinois) advises not to eat crustacean or shell foods too often,
I ate a lot of spicy lobsters in here






 Sheraton Grand (喜來登):
pic. left:  grilled salmon with sea salt  ,  before serving,  the cook cracks the hard sea-salt shell   pic. right:  soak rice with abalone   ( 2-22-2019 )    ps: the color is bit blue because of the taping pen





pic.: Grand Hyatt Taipei, buffet -   sea food bar Japanese style raw fish slices . The snapper or Tilapia is not very red, so no need to worry it's fake color by CO ...
they have authentication to prove salmon were imported from Norway Europe, but you can't take it by yourself, e.g., you ask Salmon, the chef cut 3 small pieces for you, 12-26-2018




pic.: Grand Hi-Lai  Hotel Harbour buffet restaurant in Taipei SOGO -  buffet:  not very luxury decor but worth the value,  main attractions are their various seafood  !   pic. above are spanner crabs、 mussels(S), crabs( 扁蟹)、 and 孔雀mussel (large and very tender);   3-13-2019  

pic.:  Grand Hi-Lai  Hotel Harbour buffet restaurant in Taipei SOGO  :  seafood bar includes 10+ items of sashimi,

pic. above is marinated Mackjerel, bit salty



pic.:   Grand Hi-Lai  Hotel Harbour buffet restaurant in Taipei SOGO ,  raw fish about 7 items :salmon、 swordfish, tuna、 snapper, sand barracuda、 Aishin、 cuttlefish; besides, they serve Vegetarian's Coconut sashimi (pic. middle) , and  marinated Mackerel,  Vinegar fish

pic.: Grand Hi-Lai  Hotel Harbour buffet restaurant in Taipei SOGO :  the abalone in seafood bar are not natural ones, but assembled food made by squids those kind seafood, taste not bad  





pic. above:  Grand Hi-Lai  Hotel Harbour

buffet restaurant in Taipei SOGO : 

serves local flavour foods like sausage of

Xi-Lin (士林香腸)、滷豬腸, as well as

Chinese food (Si-Chuan spicy prawn

pic. above)、Beijing roast duck; furthermore, Japanese deep fried shrimps, etc



pic.: Grand Hi-Lai  Hotel Harbour buffet restaurant in Taipei SOGO : 
Chinese Spicy frog legs, long slender legs 

pic. middle: Grand Hi-Lai  Hotel Harbour buffet restaurant in Taipei SOGO : 
Thai style green curry Ducks,
very tender, chef signature of this month






pic.: Shangri La's Far Eastern Hotel  -  buffet (6th fl.) : 

The whole row of spicy Indian cuisine
were cancelled, instead,
two woks of mixed fried noodles,
seafood with cream sauce,
 chef's special - seafood cuisine:
today (4-23-2019) we got
braised crabs and lobsters,

the wok is almost empty
(see pic. right), if your action
is too slow or too late


pic. left is mixed fried noodles
(the lobster heads are just decor.) 




pic.: Grand Hi-Lai  Hotel Harbour buffet restaurant in Taipei SOGO :
the mussels (孔雀貽貝) are very tender and comparatively large,
if I recall, it's more tender than those live ones I bought in Chicago's market,

But a few of them has "hair", need to take a look before eating it   

pic.: Hyatt's mussels, about 4 minutes cooking before serving




pic.: unlike some top brands do not give any discounts all the time or Omega brought a suit case against Costco selling discount Omega watches,
 Taiwan's 5 star or 6 star hotel buffet like Mandarin Oriental or Sheraton Grand Taipei gave good discounts may up to 50 %  / 2019


ps:  United Daily 9-13-2019:  Buffet is very popular in Taiwan, everyone wants to "get one's money back", so that more and more youngsters got GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease、heartburn reflux), MD advises that Taiwanese need to take more lessons of dinning.




5 star hotel all you can eat buffet in Taiwan

dining experiences, interviews

5 star hotel




Hi-Lai Harbour Taipei

Mandarin Oriental
Taipei (文華東方)
Shangri-La's(香格里拉遠東) Sherwood
Howard(福華)1F, 4F, 2F Ambassador
Grand Taipei (圓山飯店)  Le Meridien,   (艾美) 饗食天堂 Regent Taipei

all you can eat buffet

4-13: whelks in seafood bar

4-5-2019:lobster pasta with cream 與 braised lobster with wine sauce - holiday, weekend only

3-25-2019: yellow-tail raw fish replaces cobia, 5 kinds in total

3-19-2019 updated:

wok fried spicy beef w preserved cabbage,  stir-fried crabs, grilled lamb chop w avocado s, grilled pork w Mexico sauce replace same kind of last time 

3-4-2019  updated

hot dishes same, add clam chowder soup, fruits add kiwi and small apple

2-22-2019: updated hot dish: soak rice with abalonebraised crabs w wine sauce、 grilled salmon w sea salt 、braised fish vegetable Turmeric、beer stewed pork、roast chicken w Truffles, nuts、pork spare rib w salt pepper、stir-fried pork w black pepper、rose ginger marinated chicken、

 5-6 raw fish slices :  salmon, cobia, snapper, swordfish,  etc  (no tuna 11-13-'18);

seafood bar : shrimp, small crab、、mussels ,   squid;

NZ Natural ice cream 6 items, Haagen-Dazs 4 items;


12-10-2018 updated /
Hot dishes:
soak rice with abalone..., ox-tongue garlic butter, grilled salmon w sea salt, spicy spare-ribs pork, stir fried beef w water bamboo, green onion, grilled pork w herb, crab & onion w curry, braised pork w sweet sour sauce, roast beef ...

11-13-2018 data / hot dishes: braised pork rib w sweet olive, fried crab w egg yolk, stir fried vegetable, chicken w chili, stewed fish (basa) w SiChun(四川) sauce or steamed  fresh-water fish w lemon, wok fried squid w celery, grilled salmon w sea salt ...



3-29-2019 updated:
tempting Thai. festival till april 14: some Thai hot cuisine (Thai roast chicken, fish pie, curry beef ...)replace Chinese foods
; seafood bar's crab salad good, whelks meat seem not connected to the shell


2-18-2019 updated

seafood bar added: scallops, ,mussel,catfish,whelks, ... hot dish: wok fried lily asparagus shrimps...


12-26-2018 data

Western signature dish: roasted US beef rib eye chimichurri (weekdays), Sirloin steak (weekends);


Western: sauteed pork knuckle green pepper, Caribbean grilled fish, char grull lamb chop rosemarry, pork piccata, 


5-6 kinds Japanese raw fish, sea whelks, crab, shrimp, a-bu-ri-su-shi ;


Chinese main: made to order mutton soup (weekdays), made to order seafood (fish, shell, squid or tiny oyster 蚵)soft rice;
Ningbo style braised eel fillet yellow chive, braised sea cucumber, Shanghai dumpling, roast duck, wok fried chicken basil, braised pork belly bamboo shout preserved bean curd sauce, wok braised fish preserved vegetable...;


8 Häagen-Dazs, blue cheese, cheese cake, kiwi, orange juice







updated 3-13-2019:11 different sashimi, but raw fish about 7 :salmon、swordfish, tuna、snapper, sand barracuda、Aishin、cuttlefish; attractions:

spanner crabs and crabs;  mussels (

黑貽貝與孔雀), beef a-bu-ri-su-shi(握壽司),assembled abalone(貴妃鮑)


hot: Kung Pao frog legs, Si-Chuan spicy prawn, Xi-Lin sausage, beef soup, Beijing roast duck, 滷大腸、BBQ chicken thigh, steamed sparerib w Fermented black beans, steamed crab shiao-Mai(蟹黃燒賣)、Fried shrimps ball, Thai green curry w duck, seared scallop, German pork knuckle, US roast beef, smoked salmon fried rice, abalone soup, stir-fried cuttlefish w snap bean,Japan deep fried shrimp;


8 items Häagen-Dazs icecream.sorbet,

lots dissert, home-made yogurt


EBC (東森/靖天育樂TV) 5-4-2018 3:00pm :

   Hi-Lai serves  10 different kinds of Japanese raw fish slices,

 and abalone;



1-29-2019  data:


weekdays buffet:

Beijing duck, US strip sirloin, braised US beef in red wine sauce, pan-fried salmon dill cream sauce, sweet sour pork vegetables w dried scallop, braised mushroom, wok fried prawn soy sauce stewed sea bass, pan fried Radish cake XO sauce,US beef Bolognaise Lasagna), deep fried dim sum, Thai seafood fried rice w pineapple, crab sweet corn soup, clam chowder, wined chicken. seafood bar: snow crab, brown crab, mussel, sea shell, mussel, shrimp, etc


Sat. and Sun. 'semi' all-you-can-eat buffet feast serves various red crabs   (12-1-2018 data)


4-23-2019 updated: Japanese raw fish (sashimi) no longer free for foodies, now all are fresh cut upon req.

e.g., you ask for salmon and yellow-tail, they ask you "3 or 4 pieces?"


 Seafood bar also serves shrimps, mussels,

squid kinds, crabs (limited, later all gone) and sushi;


hot dishes :

mixed fried noodles, sauteed mafsusaka pork (煎松板豬), spicy 

mutton strings, seafood with cream sauce, chef's special (today is braised crabs and lobster - but serve limited), beef braised red wine, tofu, fried vegetable, Candonese style Siu Mei / Barbecued cuisine (廣式燒臘) roast duck, roast beef, baked cheese vegetable, pork soup,  


 Haagen-Dazs4 items;



the whole row of India  cuisine were cancelled;



3 different items of  raw fish slices : Dolphin fish (鬼頭刀), Nagao Coast snapper(雞紅鯛), Bonito (鰹), from Tai-Dong, Taiwan.


  Germany cuisine festival ~ 10-21-2018 (德國美食節 ―  包括德國豬腳, 烤蜂蜜帶皮火腿, etc)

3-4-2019 updated:

lunch, mainly, serves South-East Asian (Thai, Malaysia) cuisine, all are cooked foods, no raw fish sushi those cuisine, dinner adds shrimps (L) and duck, etc


afternoon tea buffet:

South-East Asian (Thai, Malaysia) cuisine, 


 cold seafood bar : shrimps, crabs, etc,


hot dishes : Malaysia spicy assorted seafood, Thai style steamed fish, fried mussels,  Singapore fried rice-noodle, vegetables,  HK style disserts (4 different kinds);


 small sweet cake/dissert should be taken by working staff, not allowed to  take freely.


Haagen-Dazs ice cream.


4th floor is American style buffet, dinner's main are oven ribeye steak, baked scallops, shrimps (明蝦), 3kinds of raw fishes (price about : mon~thur 950, 1050; 1050, 1150, from 2019)


2nd floor offers semi-buffet or economic buffet

4 items of raw fish slices : :  Tuna、Cobia、Salmon、竹莢魚or swordfish,all are fresh cut upon req. (it's fresh cut, but not too "free" for foodie);



deep fried shrimp, and

、deep fried 4-season beans (四季豆)、corn flour (玉米粉);

crabs: Three-spotted Crab (三點蟹)、Spanner/Crimson (旭蟹)、white shrimp (熟白蝦) ;

rib (牛小排) and prime steak in dinner only,
 lunch only serves roast beef


Häagen-Dazs and Cold Stoneice cream, 8 flavors each brand


4 different kinds (afternoon tea usually 2~3 kinds) of raw fish slices (生魚片) : BigHead Carp (鰱魚?), Cobia(海儷), Swordfish(旗魚) and Great Amberjack(紅魽);


lunch and dinner attractions: N.Z. roast beef,all-u-can-drink beer(生啤酒),seafood include shrimps and crabs, hot dishes usually varies day by day


various hot dishes(蘿蔔絲餅(Crispy pasrty with silky turnip ) 燴香菇(braised mushroom)  海鮮小干貝(braised small scallops), etc), more items than those in Sheraton's afternoon tea buffet ;



But, LTN (自由時報)10-13-2018 gave bad score to their buffet - see http://ent.ltn.com.tw/news

 4-11-2019 ~ 4-28-2019,  Italian food festival;


regular food:

raw fish slices 3~4 items including紅魽;


 emperor crabs soup out,   oyster & pork rib soup in (原帝王蟹改香菇鮑魚雞湯現再改為牡蠣排骨湯);


oven ribeye steak(爐烤肋眼牛),  HK dim-sum(蒸籠港點)、grilled chicken(烤雞)、grilled large shrimp (烤大蝦);


厚切赤味噌烤牛舌(grilled Miso thick-cut beef tongue )、鳳梨蒲燒鰻(grilled eel w pineapple)假日不定時提供;


脆皮烤乳豬(crispy bbq suckling pig), 焗烤生蠔(baked oyster), served irregularly


Middle-east Blue Crab (奶油蒜香中東花蟹)、


Thai style spicy pepper Pacific White  shrimps(泰式辛辣胡椒藍鑽蝦)




 fried scallop(煎干貝)、


French style shoulder mutton(法式羊肩排)、


Sushi( Japan's beef a-bu-ri-su-shi和牛握壽司)、


baked oyster(焗烤生蠔)


3-12-2019 updated/
buffet's main attractions:seafood bar: Three-spotted Crab (三點蟹)、Spanner/Crimson (旭蟹)、sakura crab(櫻花蟹),


 手卷bar:  a-bu-ri-su-shi(握壽司)、炙燒、12~15 different sauces;


raw fish slices about 5~6 different kinds;


signature hot food: oven roast beef(爐燒牛排), Japanese wine (清酒) steamed clam;


CTV(中視)evening news, 12-18-2018: Regent's breakfast buffet serves many Chinese style cuisine, which was intro. by CNN;


Deputy mayor of Shanghai has breakfast in Regent buffet restaurant, has dinner in Grand Taipei (圓山飯店)



lunch NTD1090,

weekdays 1480, Sat., Sun.1680, fri, sat. 8:30 pm~10pm 30% off late bird price Taipei Dun-Hua(敦化),天母 branches: 850,600,980;


Others: lunch 730, afternoon580,dinner 850;

reservation: 02-87736656

lunch Mon ~Thurs NTD 1580,  weekend lunch NTD 1980~3380, depends which main dish you order; 02-27156888 Mon~Fri lunch 1090; Mon~Thu, sun,  dinner 1290;
Fri, Sat  dinner 1390
lunch 888, Fri, Sat, Sun dinner 1288, Mon~ Thurs no dinner afternoon tea buffet about 600; Mon.~Thur.750, 800; Fri, Sat, Sun 800, 880 NTD 980 , NTD 1280 afternoon tea buffet about NTD 600;

lunch 900dinner 1080;
weekend lunch 1100
dunner 1180

Mon~Thur lunch, dinner NTD 1590;
Fri, Sat, Sun 1690
lunch NTD 798,
dinner 898
lunch 1180dinner 1380;
weekend lunch 1480


ps:  Marriott Hotel : SEMI buffet, need to order a main dish,  together with salad & dissert bar,  Sat. Sun. have seafood bar, but number of seafood are limited, weekdays NTD 980-2280, weekends NTD1280-2880, ps2: Palais de Chin Hotel buffet are semi too;  ps3: Westin Taipei's closed in Dec. 2018;  ps 4:  further details pls. ref. to the web-pages






The sites-group's No.1 rankings at 1-30-2019, 10-15-2018

 ★ "評論台灣夜市":  No.1 on US Google, US Bing, Yahoo search, Yahoo Taiwan.   "comment Taiwan foods": No.1 on  US Bing, Yahoo search, Yahoo Taiwan.
 ★ "comment Taiwan restaurants":  No.1 on US Google, US Bing, Yahoo search, Yahoo Taiwan.

 ★ "評論台灣 餐廳" :  No.1 on US Google, US Bing, Yahoo search, Yahoo Taiwan.   "評論台灣美食": No.1 on  US Bing, Yahoo search, Yahoo Taiwan.




Top rankings in US, Russia, Euro., Taiwan !!







pic.:"5 star hotel buffet in Taiwan" ranks No.1 on US Google,
3-21-2019, No.2 on US google, 2021-8-9, 11-22-2018, 4-24-2018; No.3 at 2021-2017



pic.:"5 star hotel buffet in Taipei" ranks
No.2 on US google, 2021-8-9, 11-22-2018, 4-24-2018



pic.:No.1 "5 star hotel buffet in Taiwan"

on US Bing, 9-3-2018;

"5 star buffet in Taiwan" ranks No.1

 on US Bing, 1-26-2018



pic.:No.1 "5 star buffet in Taiwan"

on US Bing, 9-3-2018;
"5 star buffet in Taipei" ranks No.1

on US Bing, 1-26-2018





pic.:"5 star hotel buffet" ranks No.1 on Yahoo search engine ,and Yahoo Taiwan,
9-4-2018, 2-25-2018  (Chn. version)



"5 star hotel buffet" ranks No.1 on Yahoo search engine ,and Yahoo Taiwan,
3-21-2019, 11-22-2018, 9-4-2018, 2-25-2018  (Chn. version)









pic.:"5 star hotel buffet" ranks No.1 on Google, 3-21-2019, 9-4-2018, 2-25-2018
  (Chn. version)










pic.: No.2 "5 star hotel buffet"  on Russia Yandex, ASK , 9-5-2018  (Chn. version)







pic.: No.1 "comment Taiwan restaurants"  on US Google, 9-5-2018






Apple Daily of Taiwan, 9-5-2018:  All you can eat buffet is very popular in Taiwan, main-stream buffet emphasizes themed, diversified,  and delicate, average price is about NT1000.  Only good ingredients attract street-smart customers.  However,  buffet might be bad for health, if people don't change their mind "win back NT1000" (撈本」).   The China Times (中國時報)  2-3-2018 ,  United Daily (聯合報) 9-23-2017:    Taiwanese love having all-you-can-eat buffet, even economic is still bad.     EBC (東森/靖天育樂TV) 5-4-2018 3:00pm : Keen competition in 5 star hotel buffet market in Taiwan.   The United Daily (3-15-2018) : Taiwan's tourism government hopes Michelin Guide Taipei can change Taiwanese dining culture - "all you can eat" & "cheap eats - worth the value".    However, this probably won't work well on very realistic Taiwanese people, unless buffet food is not healthy to foodie customers and their children.    A study conducted by the gov. found 80%~90% Taiwanese don't have enough nutrition ( vegetable, fruits, milk, nuts ) for each day / the China Times, 5-9-2018.   
SET TV news ( 三立新聞網),  9-14-2018 "a clever chef revealed the cruel truth of all-you-can-eat-buffet in Taiwan": 「You turn into a loser
(虧本) as soon as you step in buffet restaurant ! 」――  Why ?  ref. to  the websites !



Taiwan / 5 star buffet   brief of The Liberty Times (自由時報), 7-15-2016, 7-16-2016, 7-17-2016
W Hotel / Taipei

 Le Meridien
 / Taipei

 / Taipei

Westin  / Taipei

Shangri La's Far Eastern
 / Taipei

4F   / Taipei

1F   / Taipei
(漢來海港)Grand Hi-Lai   / Taipei

Regent   / Taipei

(漢來海港)Grand Hi-Lai  / Kaohsiung (漢來海港)Grand Hi-Lai  / Taichung (國賓)Ambassador Hotel / Kaohsiung (饗食天堂) EatTogether / 台中店 Sheraton    / Taipei   (欣葉) Shin Yeh / Taipei
oven roast pib-rib tender, various countries flavors for more choices,  but, pork chops in Chinese medicine soup(藥燉排骨) tasted not tender & juicy;
part of seafood open for freely taking ; cakes limited
Emperor crab、mussels(貽貝)、stone-crabs(石蟳)high class and fresh, lots of Sashimi raw fish slices served , various and fresh seafood in mini-bar refrigerator, but  3-Spot-swimming-Crab (三點蟹) not fresh;
various-items and fine quality desserts
roast duck、oil-chicken(油雞)、roast beef steak and roast mutton are high quality ;
Sashimi raw fish slices、white shrimps(白蝦)、whelk meat  (香螺) are fresh ; crabs not too fresh  ; desserts are 5 star ranking
 special made roast Ribeye Steak(乾式熟成肋眼牛排)smells great;
frozen Boston lobster tasted bit too soft after being defrosted, more than 50 hot dishes tasted great, lots of  drinking options
India curry flavor is great, various meats , HaiNan chicken  tender, India spicy meat overdone, fresh appetizer ,  high class vegetables shrimp, scallop(扇貝) fresh, advice starting from seafood;
Grilled pork ribs(炭烤豬肋排)、ham(火腿) tender;
traditional style desserts
meat is not upto 5 star ranking, roast duck not tender;
Haagen-Dazs ice cream without clear marks ;
white shrimps, (旭蟹)Spanner Crabs are fresh, 3 Spot swimming Crab (三點蟹) not fresh,large shrimps, middle-sized Inshore squids(中捲) good flavor(海味足),fish soup taste good
flagship food is various seafood:
4 kinds of fresh crabs,
Assorted Sashimi(綜合生魚片)、smoked shark(鯊魚煙)、meat roll with green onion (三星蔥肉捲)、roast pork rib with plum sauce(蘇梅醬燒豬肋排) are good
angle red shrimps、epicure beef steak, Grilled pork ribs(炭烤豬肋排)、freshly-made Frei(現烤布蕾)、brown-sugar bee-nested cake(黑糖蜂巢蛋糕) good;
Sashimi fresh, 3 kinds of crabs
flagship food is seafood:
Spanner CrabMangrove crab(旭蟹), Mud crab  (紅蟳),lots ice at the bottom to keep them fresh;
Hong Kong style pot boilcookcrab with XO sauce(港式XO蟹煲)、grilled Ayu(烤香魚)taste good; grilled beef suppose US Prime ramk, various desserts for selection
8~10 different kinds of Sashimi raw fish slices,seafood are various kinds and fresh,cold dishes and hot dishes both are excellent;
30+ different kinds of desserts
beef ribs(牛小排) great,,bratwurst sausage(德式香腸)smells good ;

various cooking styles of seafood cuisine (料理手法多元), particularly
Pan-fried Sea Bass fillet(鐵板煎鱸魚排);
many items and high quality desserts
 a lot fresh and  different items of cold plate seafood Emperor crabs fresh ,short-necked clam(熱炒海瓜子)no good;
pan fried chicken、oven roast beef(爐烤牛肉)、india flavor curry clay oven rolls(印度咖哩燒餅)、 Vietnamese noodle soup usually served with beef (pho bo) or chicken (pho ga 越南河粉) Good;
most of cold-plate meats are  Semifinished products;
desserts less items and bit too sweet
Sashimi raw fish slices fresh ; not enough meats on the bar, but the balance of rare and well done  is controlled in right place ;

desserts are not open for freely taking (須服務人員協取)

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  details pls. ref to The Liberty Times 7-15-2016, 7-16-2016, 7-17-2016


A book (江守山M.D.'s "食在安心" (10-2014)) said many 5 star hotel restaurants don't wash vegetables ...  some 5 star hotels made sashimi raw fish slices by using fresh-water fishes, this may increase the probability to get cancer  (for details 台灣餐廳  or  台灣美食Taiwan Night Markets ) ; Epoch Times (大紀元, 3-14-2017):Okura Prestige Tpe (大倉久和, a 5 star hotel) sold expired frozen shrimps, molded taro (vegetable 芋) etc;   SETN news ( 三立新聞 5-16-2016): Some 5 star hotels in northern Taiwan sold black-hearted expired seafoods ;  LTN (5-17-2016): 5 star hotels Ambassador and Howard (國賓福華) clarified this news;   Apple Daily (蘋果日報 6-7-2016): Sheraton (喜來登) 's white shrimps contained bleaching agent (漂白劑),4 times higher than the legal standardRanina (Spanner crabs 旭蟹) contained heavy medal Cadmium poisoning (重金屬镉) 14% higher than the standard...;  Apple Daily (蘋果日報 7-2-'13): Taiwan's tourist hotels' food ingredients expired 2 years,  only 3 out of 21 hotels passed the security check and sanitary examination etc conducting by Taiwan Administration, e.g., Shangri-La's (tnn) did not separate their cutting tools for cooked foods and raw foods;   Chang Gung Mem. Hospital professor Yin M.D. (殷宗海, Doctor, Univ. of London ): Minimize the times of dining out to protect your health ! ( ref. to book <食品不安全的年代如何自保>("how to survive in this bad food-security time", April 2016))   FTV news, 5-18-2017: 13 ingredients / materials expired in a 5 star hotel in Taiwan;  CTI TV news (5-17-2017, 19:33): What can we eat in Taiwan? people are uneasy for food here...     United Daily, 11-26-2017: Only 2 pieces of Japanese sashimi (raw fish) slice ( e.g., Tuna, Swordfish) exceeds safety standard, because those kind of large-size deep sea fishes in Taiwan contain "甲基汞" (CH3Hg, heavy-metal material, methyl mercury intoxication).    CTV 5-8-2018 19:23 reported that some restaurants or business may add something (non-nature Astaxanthin) to farmed salmon's feed for better look (orange color),  TVBS 12-12-2013: Nitrite,NO2( '亚硝酸盐' may cause cancer ) may be applied to raw tuna for bright red color look - ref to  https://news.tvbs.com.tw/life/513840

Watch out if those raw fish slices look bright-colored? wild salmon are real wild ?  Balsa is Basa ?  TVBS at 2-10-2018 9:30pm (健康2.0): experts expressed they scare, and don't eat Basa ... ( a restaurant chef avoided speaking its name and gave me a "detour" reply - its a  fresh-water fish, like Taiwan's 鯰魚 (catfish), seems even more scary to me... ) , TVBS reported that Taiwanese business usually take lousy means for better profits ―  renamed Basa as 鯰魚(catfish), or faked (pretended it as) 魴魚(chinese bream Zeidae) or 多利魚(St. Pierre, John Dory Fish, pangasius hypophthalmus) to sell.  ref to GoodMedicalTips.net/not-eat-fish-dangerous-health, 2-5-2017, "very dangerous Basa" ... etc   

Sometimes, some 5 star hotel restaurants took tricky ways, e.g., adding more salts, or keeping tiny sands (or cracked shells) in clams, or counter-man taking food for customers, etc, to avoid customers eating "too many" expensive foods as they want. Shangri-La's (tpe) did not honor their customers - cleaning the table in bamboo area slowly at 1-24-2018.

Low end buffet restaurants may be much worse  Cheaper/economic-price buffet restaurants are everywhere too, but "Eastern Broadcasting Co., Ltd.,EBC (東森) TV" evening news (11-30-2015, 8:42pm): having those fake / restructured / glued meat (beef, pork, mutton, seafood: abalone, calamari, etc 重組肉(牛羊豬)重組花枝、假鮑魚...放太久可能醃製過加工易生菌恐中毒) is easy to get food poisoning.


nor th




pic.: EBC (東森/靖天育樂TV) 5-4-2018 3:00pm : Keen competition in 5 star hotel buffet market in Taiwan.   In spite of some discounts, not many customers in Cafe (4 out of 5 areas of buffet restaurant at 6F) of Shangri La's Taipei, 9-3-2018 (a holiday "軍人節" in Taiwan)


  controversial fish




pic.: TVBS (Taiwan) 2-10-2018: experts expressed their concern or scares of eating Basa fish imported from Vietnam.   Some international experts like Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise doesn't recommend consumers buy Basa, some states of the US even banned Basa, for using illegal antibiotics, questioning polluted Mekong river and the practices used to farm Basa, those factors.
Some 5 star hotels in Taiwan seemed love to serve cheap-price Basa ―  however, they used English name Bassa or Balsa ( not fish name ), instead of Basa,  but, the Chinese name used is Basa for sure
pic. left is a hot dish served by a Taipei's 5 star hotel buffet restaurant,  "Thailand steamed Bassa fish"  (photo at 4-24-2018);  Pic. right is another top hotel   Sheraton Taipei's buffet food -   "Balsa" fish ( photo in Nov. 2017 ). 






 pic.: Formosa TV , 2-19-2018: Many hotel buffets had bad records of using bad food materials or ingredients before,  even now, some kind of official certified marks may not be a food-safety assurance in the near future.






World famous 5 star hotel hides fish name on the sign-plate, we can't even know those are sea fish or fresh-water fish 


quora (2015) had some discussions about "why don't westerners eat river fish?".   Independent UK 1-11-2015: Chemicals in fresh water fish put health at risk -  according to a new report, they may be putting their health at risk...  Singapore's  foodie TV program < Cook  Eat  China > likes to ask chef the fish name before they try.   Medical book <you can conquer cancer> (target readers include patients and healthy people) advised to know what-about before eating fish or seafood ......

pic. left: World famous hotel Shangri La's in Taipei at 5-18-2018: upon my question, the kitchen man answered it's Dory fish ("多利魚")but had no idea about sea fish or fresh water fish (rivers, lakes, etc).   Taiwan's CTS TV news (華視新聞) at 4-27-2017 reported  (news.cts.com.tw/cts/life/201704/201704271863633.html#.Wv6-Rjoh2Uk): all Dory fishes in Taiwan were fake,  foodie gourmets have been fooling for a long times !   Dory then were renamed as Basa    a fresh-water fish farmed in Vietnam, S.E. Asia

Real John Dory is also named as Cat Fish, the author had many in Florida's  buffet restaurant (even "none star" restaurant marked fish name ),  however, in Taiwan's "5 star" hotel can only eat fake Dory ???

pic. right:  Another world famous 5 star hotel (Sheraton Grand Taipei, headqtr in USA) in Taiwan also hide the fish name  (5-17-2018)Westerners tourists may like to know they're eating sea fish or fresh-water fish ?   The chef confirmed steamed fish are basa (9-12-2018)




pic.: <Cook Eat China> TV program introduced ChongQing (China) low-price spicy hotpot using Catfish as main ingredient,  is that a Basa fish imported from Vietnam ?  if not, Taiwan's 5 star restaurants may not be better than China's average (non star-rated) restaurants !?

 ref to https://www.bilibili.com/video/av7493983/







pic. left: Weird !! the deep fried fish in world well-known Grand Hotel Taipei buffet restaurant has no any signs (July 2018)upon my question, the kitchen said it's snapper (鯛魚), then John Dory,  eventually said Taiwan is very "good" at this, so he does not know what it exactly is.
pic. right:  CTS (華視新聞) 4-27-2017(news.cts.com.tw/cts/life/201704/201704271863633.html#.Wv6-Rjoh2Uk) reported Dory in Taiwan are fake!  For details pls ref to the CTS website as above.




pic. : Expert in TVBS (2-14-2018) advised that
 so called Parabramis Pekinensis(魴), Dori, Basa all are Catfish (鯰) from Vietnam, basically,
the Dori we eat are not Dori, the Patagonian (鱈) we eat actually are Toothfish (比目魚).

 Further more, those have addictive and even medicine problems.
Too many fakes and tricks !! even in 5 star hotel restaurants.
Do we have fake chickens ? tricky coffee ...?




GM food




pic.: Famous 5 star hotel buffet's tofu (豆腐皮, July 23, 2018) did not have any sign, upon my req., they answered it's not GM-free soybean, therefore, some sign must be there

left: Grand Hotel Taipei used GM beans, photo 6-8-2018  

right: Sherwood(西華飯店), photo 5-28-2018
Braised Bean Curd with Crab Powder tastes good, but got no answer if they used G.M.(genetic modified) ,  GM was called as "national scandal", The China Times, 3-29-2013.


   Sushi ? eat it SOON !!!




pic.: United Daily (聯合報) 6-10-2017: Gov. urged eating raw fish as SOON as possible !!  12 minutes after those raw fish slices left cold-storage (7c), the number of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus (腸炎弧菌) keeps growing double every 20 minutes (倍數滋生) or so,   in normal temperature (常溫 30c~),  ... ref to https://udn.com/news/story/7186/2512857;TVBS,11-1-2016.

Shangri La's Hotel in Taipei Taiwan (6F, 8-28-2018) expressed, their raw fish slices leaving cold-storage will display on serving plates for 45 minutes for customer's taking.    
A Hong Kong media revealed some widely-known Japanese restaurant in Taiwan displayed raw fish and other sushi more than 30 minutes. 



pic. left:



in Sheraton buffet (top~bottom)




pic. middle:
 tuna in
Shangri La's

Taipei, cafe




pic. right:

in a 5 star hotel (9-12-2018)




Raw Tuna fish slices -  how do you choose for 100% safety ?? 
     No  too beautiful-color ones !    No dark brown (tan) ones !

University studies (高雄海科大) found that 80% of raw fishes (Cobia, Tuna, Sword-Fish, Tilapia 鯛) in Taiwan market were stained ――  business men pump CO. (carbon monoxide) into those fishes in an enclosed space for beautiful or bright color look /  CTS TV news, 2-20-'06
Fishes adding CO is illegal in Europe, Korea, Singapore, etc, because of possible food-poisoning, or even causing Sepsis to die / Epoch Times, 2-20-'06 

TVBS 8-15-2018: M.D.江守山 commented Taiwanese government ignoring pumping CO into fishes which is illegal in Taiwan (法律禁止  政府未執法) ,  therefore Taiwanese have risk of eating slough and some unknown consequences.   Some other business people used chemical addictives (e.g., 檸檬酸鈉) to keep raw-fish's color unchanged.   Red meat fishes after being frozen are still "bright red" colour might be "processed" meat.  (ref. to 《食在安心》book by 江守山)

TVBS 12-12-2013: Nitrite,NO2( '亚硝酸盐' may cause cancer ) may be applied to raw tuna for bright red color look - ref to  https://news.tvbs.com.tw/life/513840

ETtoday News : Cutting red-meat fishes like Tuna to slices made its Myoglobin (「肌紅蛋白」),iron having oxidized and its meat becoming tan or brown in color.  Brownish-red colored meat can indicate spoilage.   Taiwanese gov. advised that people should avoid eating those brown colored, or drying out, or no longer elastic fish meat, which were cut long time ago.   Eating cooked fish is perfect safe.  (health.ettoday.net/news/1017291)

Daily Mail, UK reported an American guy having raw Salmon almost every day had a 167 cm parasite in his stomach. 

◆ 今周刊(1-19-2018): The best way to avoid parasites and bacteria, e.g., Listeria monocytogenes or Vibrio parahaemolyticus , is eating cooked fish. (www.businesstoday.com.tw/article/category/80731/post/201801190019)




|pic. : TVBS news of Taiwan - color was fixed in 3 seconds, harming our health

pic. ( left side ) : Tuna before and after being illegally treated with CO.
 ( right side ) : Salmon before and after being illegally  treated with CO.

pic.: Media of UK reported sushi raw fishes are being treated with 'DEADLY' CO (carbon monoxide) to fix the color of the flesh  (ref to May 2018 https://www.auliving.com.au/zh-tw/201805/91186.html)


pic. left:  Wild Salmon ( without  or with little oil stripping),     pic. middle:  farmed salmon,     pic. right: shrimps in 5 star hotels

Almost all 5 star hotel buffet restaurants served farmed Salmon, instead of wild Salmon (expensive).

wild Salmon are orange in color, because they eat shrimps and crabs containing carotenoid, farmed Salmon suppose are sort of gray, because business won't feed them with shrimps which are more expensive than Salmon itself. 
However, many dye Salmon by
canthaxanthin (斑蝥黃素) to be bright orange in color, eating many those Salmon hurts your liver.

◆  In 5 star hotels in Europe etc, you might see fresh nature "black-headed" shrimps, some Taiwanese business men used chemical addictive (「蝦鮮」保鮮劑,亞現酸鈉plus聚合磷酸鈉) to modify that unpopular black color, eating too many those shrimps might cause allergy、asthma those problems ... ref. to 《食在安心》book by 江守山MD

Lots of seafood problems  / Epoch Times (大紀元, 3-14-2017):Okura Prestige Tpe (大倉久和, a 5 star hotel) sold expired frozen shrimps, molded taro (vegetable 芋) etc;   SETN news ( 三立新聞 5-16-2016): Some 5 star hotels in northern Taiwan sold black-hearted expired seafoods ;  LTN (5-17-2016): 5 star hotels Ambassador and Howard (國賓、福華) clarified this news;   Apple Daily (蘋果日報 6-7-2016): Sheraton (喜來登) 's white shrimps contained bleaching agent (漂白劑),4 times higher than the legal standard,Ranina (Spanner crabs 旭蟹) contained heavy medal Cadmium poisoning (重金屬镉) 14% higher than the standard...


   sanitary problems

pic. right: a fly in a most popular buffet restaurant
of 5 star hotel (Mar. 2019)

pic. left: a flying insect was caught by me
in Taiwan's 5 star hotel restaurant,
one of most popular ones. (Sept. 2018)
 I also saw a fly in
another Taiwan's world famous hotel restaurant in 2018,
and a top hotel buffet restaurant in South Korea about 20 years ago.

◆  東森新聞(EBC TV news), 12-27-2017

Customers saw a fly (「果蠅」) flying around,
and another one fly in their soup, while having
buffet in 5 star hotel restaurant (NT 1000 per person)





    Taiwan's restaurants  ;   street food in night markets   top rankings , click for details




"comment Taiwan foods"  
pic.:"comment Taiwan restaurants" rank No.1 on US Google, 9-3-2018, 1-26-2018 




Tips for have all you can eat buffet in Taiwan  (secrets to win your money back !!)


Chinese version



★ NAT GEO People "The Food Files", 12-12-2018 (Eastern time) : Having too much foods may ruin your date (ps: perhaps, eating buffet alone is a very good choice )





★  康健 4-25-2018

Medical experts suggest 80% full is better in all you can eat buffet restaurants, due to activity or work in the afternoon might help digest.  

Having too much meat damage your immunity,  proper hunger feeling is good for the immunity.

Estimate one meal of buffet give you heat 2000∼3000Kcal,or even 3000∼4000 Kcal, one spoon of   thousand island or French salad dressings contains 100 Kcal.

NTU professor advised having at least 2 plates vegetable-salad to balance the nutrition, but don't addfresh fruits are much better than cakes, ice creams etc. 
(中醫 專家建議,到「自助餐」「吃到飽」餐廳用餐,最好八分飽即可,而且最好吃中午  因下午的工作、活動可消耗熱量。
大魚大肉,破壞體內免疫系統。適當飢餓感 排泄活動則較旺盛,間接活化免疫細胞和自然殺手細胞,提高身體免疫能力,不致常生病。

「吃到飽」的自助餐光是一餐熱量就有2000∼3000卡,甚至達3000∼4000卡 (生菜沙拉的法式沙拉醬、千島醬等醬料,一湯匙的熱量約100卡,因此最好改選以醋、橄欖油調製的義式沙拉醬;牛排醬通常是以烤牛肉產生的肉汁、脂肪,加入調味料製成,熱量也相當高)。台灣大學生化科技系教授林璧鳳: 「至少吃2盤以上的生菜沙拉,才能營養均衡」。先吃生菜或冷盤,較易有飽足感。







★ SETN 9-14-2018:  How do you win your money back in buffet restaurants ?

    foodie from everywhere advise :

    ● Focus on seafood !

    ● vegetables in 1st plate, then have seafood only, dissert at last

    ● Only raw fish slices, seafood and steak (roast beef)

     Häagen-Dazs only
●  Buffet restaurant's chef concluded : you are loser once get in the restaurant, that's the cruel truth !


(吃到飽怎麼回本?餐廳師傅揭殘忍真相  三立新聞網  9-14-2018












  Apple Daily 11-3-2015

      The tactics to eat buffet:
● Have some tiny dissert 5 hours before having buffet

      ● Have some sour sweet cold plate first of all

      ● main dishes - start from expensive seafood

      ● Mousse instead of cakes (easier to feel full)

      ● fruits: kiwi, pineapple, "火龍果"

      ● don't touch bread, fried noodles

      ● don't touch soda drink

蘋果日報 11-3-2015 要聞版: <吃到飽回本攻略>

1. 餐前5小時只吃點心墊胃

2. 先吃口味酸甜冷盤刺激味蕾


4. 主菜先從單價高的海鮮起  因易消化不佔胃空間

5. 海鮮後才吃肉因難消化

6. 甜點挑慕斯類 不像蛋糕易飽 

7. 水果挑較貴的kiwit,鳳梨,火龍果 

8. 不吃麵包炒麵等

9. 碳酸飲料易飽勿碰







SETN news, 4-24-2018

The British Queen, Elizabeth II can do horse-ridding, car-driving, the secret of her long-life is having more vegetables, frequent small meals, while greedy eat chocolate (almost after each meals), seldom eat starch foods and salty foods

(三立新聞網   4-24-2018






Apple Daily, 2.27.2015

Advice by Liu (台安醫院營養師劉怡里):  In buffet restaurant, better first of all have high-fiber and high protein food, such as vegetable salad, defrosted frozen tofu, etc, to increase your satiety index, then have low-fat food like seafood (fish, shrimp, crab, oyster, etc ), eat beef, pork, those red-meat, at last.   Besides, after buffet meal, have a sugar-free green tea, or black coffee, and take a walk for 30 minutes. You better have all-u-can-eat buffet once per 2 weeks.


How to avoid bigger gastric capacity

take your time to chew slowly and carefully, and swallow slowly, not to have too much food,  control your calorie
◆ after buffet meal,  have a sugar-free green tea, or black coffee, and take a walk for 30 minutes.
◆ if you already got a big gastric capacity, you should eat less food, try having more tofu and "蒟蒻", etc.
◆ in serious situation (meal control fails to decrease your gastric capacity), you might need to take surgery (operation)

source: 醫師劉伯恩、祝年豐、營養師劉怡里

(蘋果日報 2.27.2015





飲食應細嚼慢嚥、控制熱量 ,切忌過度飲食,避免胃部遭撐大






 Apple Daily, UDN , Nov. 2, 2017:  Large fishes in deep sea like Tuna, Swordfish, Shark, Oil fish (Escolar) etc  have too many methyl mercury (CH3)2Hg, may cause heavy metal poisoning.   Try not eating too many. (less than 35g per week)
(Apple Daily, UDN , Nov. 2, 2017:  深海大型魚 如鮪魚Tuna, 旗魚Swordfish, 沙魚Shark, 油魚 etc  含甲基汞 methyl mercury (CH3)2Hg, 宜少吃(less than 35g per week))




 Apple Daily, 9-5-2018

A buffet restaurant chef in Hong Kong reveals their secrets to earn money

(1) The 1st round serves economic-price sweet shrimps and salmons ...
(2) Then, the interval time should be "long enough"
(3) Salty foods make clients to drink a lot
(4) Starch foods and fried foods make clients feel full
(5) Serve high-price but oily seafood e.g., "
abalone is expensive, but having too many is hard to digest

《蘋果日報》 9-5-2018 https://tw.appledaily.com/new/realtime/20180905/1424312/

3.加澱粉:炸物大,大多是澱粉 ,使你有飽足感。





The Liberty Times, 9-5-2018 
The chairman of Kaohsiung dining university advise 5 points to eat smart:
(1) In 1st round, have high expensive seafood - Cobia, Tuna, but not too much
(2) Have bit appetizer or salad, but don't touch potato

(3) Fried foods, grilled foods, meat, stir fried foods make you feel full
(4) Try high-end icecream



《自由時報》9-5-2018  報導,高雄餐旅大學餐飲廚藝主任屠國城 歸納聰明吃到飽5大要點:




SETN news, 9-7-2018
All you can eat buffet is so popular in Taiwan. 

According to 《東森新聞》news reports, some customers sneaky took out some foods back home after buffet meals.  The top 3 are
(1) tiny size jam bags
(2) cakes
(3) can drinks

The restaurants always merely persuade customers not to do it, instead of bringing a suit case against them   






★  蘋果日報 9-4-2018
台灣愛吃到飽,而根據訂位平台EZTABLE 簡單桌統計,6/20到8/20站上75家吃到飽餐廳中,最熱門的是漢來海港餐廳,第二名豐FOOD 海陸百匯,第三名欣葉日本料理。排名是依消費者意見反應訂位率 (訂位/真實開位)+訂位數+評論數所統計而成。
而排名第二的豐FOOD 海陸百匯,海鮮很多,且有生蠔及手掌大的天使紅蝦。第三名的欣葉日本料理,過年只開放電話訂位,十分搶手。(王雪玲/綜合報導)




 United Daily, 4-2-2016
University scholars suggest not to eat large sized fishes too often, at most 6 slices once per week, deep-sea fishes like tuna (
黑鮪) , swordfish ... contains Dioxin, Those fishes small than 30cm in size is OK for health.

Top 4 Dioxin-possible foods : (1) fishes (2) other protein foods (3) livestock (4) grains
(4-24-2016): 據成功大學研究與專家建議,大型魚最好少吃,頂多一周一次六片,深海魚如黑鮪、旗、鱈長期含大量戴奧辛,小於30cm魚OK,國人暴露戴奧辛最多食物前四名為(1)魚、水產為最大宗(2)其他蛋白質類(3)家畜(4)五穀根莖,合佔暴露80%以上。)




 TTV news 2-27-2015

Buffet triple your stomach in size

A study found 65% buffet restaurant customers' ,gastric capacity increased from about 800 c.c. up to 2000~3200 c.c.,, which can be main reason to be a fatty.  M.D. advices it's better to take one's time in eating,  chew carefully and swallow slowly, and not have too much food.

 (TTV 台視新聞 2-27-2015



難抵擋吃到飽誘惑,小心胃被撐大,肥胖找上身。台灣肥胖症防治衛教學會去年十月至上月,分析一千三百多人每餐食物種類、體積等,發現約六成五因常去 到「自助餐」「吃到飽」餐廳用餐,胃容量自原約八百c.c.撐大一點五至三倍,增為兩千至三千兩百c.c.,成為肥胖主因。醫師指出,要避免胃撐大致肥胖,飲食應細嚼慢嚥、切忌過量。)







  <Apple Daily>, Jan. 31, 2013: MD 祝年豐 advices Taiwanese people better  not choose all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant to avoid having Metabo Syndrome, int'l and local studies found if both parents are fat (Metabo), the probability that their children is/are fat is 4.6 times than normal cases. 

"蘋果日報" (2013年 1月 31日):
到「自助餐」「吃到飽」餐廳用餐,,以免代謝症候群(Metabo Syndrome),三餐以七分飽為則,國內外研究皆顯示父母為Metabo ,子女肥胖機率高4.6倍。




  <Apple Daily>, Jan. 31, 2013:
About 40% Taiwanese family, at least one member in his/her family is over-weight.
Almost 60% Taiwanese family with 2 member over-weight is caused by eating too much in every meal.

("蘋果日報" (2013年 1月 31日):台灣有2成民眾因每餐吃太飽,造成體重過重,增加罹病風險。)




all media (Nov. 3, 2013): Having deep-sea large fishes -  better 2 times per month.

(各大報(11/3/2013): 深海大型魚最好每月二次就好.)



  TVBS (8:25am, 11.14.2011) ―  expert M.D. suggests :
we better have Japanese fresh sashimi per week no more than :

15 pieces of Salmon ;
12 pieces of Sword-fish/blue marlin;
10 pieces of black(dark) Tuna;

to avoid having too much pollution materials  ―  Methyl Mercury (Chinese Chemical name : 甲基汞),

since larger fishes eat all smaller sized fishes in the sea.    Black Tuna usually are worse than the sharks.


 (TVBS (8:25am, 11.14.2011) ―  <健康兩點靈> 長庚毒物醫學專家建議:

15 塊 Salmon (鮭魚);
12 塊 Sword-fish/blue marlin (旗魚);
10 塊 black Tuna  (黑鮪魚)

以免吃入過多的污染物質    甲基汞,





FTV news, 7-5-2012: UK study found that 60% full in each meal lasts your life 20~30% - about 20 years; Taiwan's expert think 70% full is better, and the balanced portion is more important : rice 1/4, egg, bean, fish, meat 1/4, vegetables, fruits 1/2


(2012年7月5日 下午6:03 台灣民視






2012年7月26日台灣TVBS (Ch55) 8:10am




CTV evening news, 4-11-2012

The sympotm of Demenz initial stage is being not interest in all you can eat buffet 

(2012年4月11日 台灣CTV(中視) 晚間新聞報導:「腦初老」(ps提早老化)症狀之一就是對「吃到飽」興趣不大。)



 TV news reported (May 12, 2011東森財經台, channel 57), medical studies showed : steak 3/10 done is less likely to cause cancer, half done till 7/10 done may increase 20% probability  respectively.
Those steak's "blood" actually are not blood, instead of, are nutritious element Myoglobin, Chinese namely "肌蛋白".

(根據2011年5月12日台灣東森財經台(channel 57),醫生轉述醫學研究: 牛排 3分熟最不易致癌, 5分至 7分熟則各增加20%機率。




<Apple Daily News> Taiwan, Mar. 16, 2012 suggests:
(1) People with Diabetes, Nephropathy, Gout, Bulimia, Body Mass Index>=27 (fat person) should not go to buffet restaurants.
(2)Max - once per 2 weeks, or once per month, each time have 70%-80% full.
(3)Best to worst - 5 star buffet, afternoon tea buffet, hot pot buffet,  roast meat buffet,  pizza buffet, American style fry chickens buffet, etc
(4) drink: choose black coffee, or sugar-free tea.
(5) No pie or pastry cakes, choose soft-texture cakes (海綿或戚風蛋糕。).
(6)As for American food buffet : BBQ grill chickens better than fry chickens, thin pizza better, no pepperoni or sausage pizza, Vinaigrette is better than salad dressing.
(7) Soup or salad first, clear soup better than corn potage
(8) Each plate divide 4 parts ―  2 for vegetables, 1 for meat, one for rice/bread, after meal have 1 plate of fruits.
(8) Hot-pot buffet : no 丸 or 餃, no soup in the pot.

(1)痛風、腎臟病、糖尿病、暴食症、飲食意志力薄弱者、Body Mass Index>=27肥胖者不宜到
(7)先喝湯或沙拉填肚,清湯比濃湯好,盤分四份: 2格蔬菜1格肉1格澱粉,飯後一盤水果






UDN: Buffet restaurants are everywhere in Taiwan  ("聯合報"民意論壇, 11-1-2011 : 台灣到處吃到飽 ...)



Apple Daily, 1-18-2017: Taiwanese love buffet, buffet is thriving

★ UDN, Oct. 2011 : Taiwanese love buffet
 ("聯合報"10-2011 黑白集社論提及台灣人愛吃到飽自助餐)

蘋果日報(1-18-2017): "台灣人最愛吃到飽  -  澎湃當道"





"高點綜合"TV, 11-2011
    ● salty or strong-taste foods may not be fresh

    ● Buffet increases the number of Taiwanese having Metabo Syndrome


"高點綜合"電視11-2011(范可欽主持)訪專家指出: 台灣吃到飽興起後代謝症候群人數增加、要吃新鮮的吃到飽餐廳跟著人潮走、重口味調料的食物可能不夠新鮮...




Master Card survey (10-8-2011) found

(1) Having exquisite foods is Taiwanese love-best activity in leisure time

(2) Taiwanese spent NT 4970 on dining out in restaurants, which ranks No. 4 in Asia & pacific





Apple Daily 10-32-2015
Euro. style all you can eat buffet became
Cash Cow

蘋果日報(10-31-2015)副刊頭條新聞: "歐式自助餐成金雞母".



★台灣媒體2011-10-25報導: 立法院修法,網路部落客對於美食等推薦,如代言不實、收受廠家報酬將予罰款。



★多年來台灣的口頭禪: 台灣有三寶: 健保、勞保、吃到保








◎ 'poisonous' materials /ingredients were found in many restaurants, night markets in Taiwan... click for details











  northern Taiwan 5 star restaurants       brief of the China times (中國時報) 11-7-2015

W Hotel

 Le Meridien




Shangri La's Far Eastern


大倉久和 (漢來海港)Grand Hi-Lai


hotel royal taipei  (老爺)

(國賓)Ambassador Hotel Sheraton
India roast & broiled(燒烤),pizza by firewood oven, roast/broiled seafood must eat, and a good view Emperor crab, steak must eat, don't miss freshly-made Frei(芙蕾)! 160+ classic dishes, Indian flavored cuisines, free Evian water,

Laksa noodle must eat (叨沙麵)

freshly roast BBQ, boundless fine food 21days special made roast Ribeye Steak(21天乾式熟成肋眼牛排)、India cuisines various countries cuisines,

roast Ribeye Steak imported from USA (肋眼牛排)must eat

freshly roast/broiled mutton shoulder rack (frenched現煎羊肩排) angle red shrimps with raw fish ranking, the only French-Japan mixed buffet in Taipei various seafoods, roast beef oven imported from Australia, TaiNan instant hot-water burned beef soup, burnt caramel Brandy grape-fruits must eat fresh fishes daily sent from TaiTung harbor(成功漁港)... roast Ribeye Steak, Hawaii cake(夏威夷州果仁蛋糕) imported roast equipment cost NT3 million, don't miss its freshly- made pizza burned Japanese nigiri sushi (炙烤握壽司), oven roast rib from USA, Sichuan flavored in 3 styles(川味水煮三樣), French disserts must eat oven roast beef,  holidays offer emperor crab feet
77038887 66228000 27201230 27181188 35183078 23763238 27002323 21815135 87736656 25238000 25423266 23115151 21002100 23211818
other good buffets & contacts : 圓山飯店28868888, 欣葉日本料理27663666,美麗信花園77028805, 神旺27722687, 寒舍樂廚66191888, 花園酒店23146611, details pls ref to China Times 11-7-2015

ps1: Hotels estimated 20% foods taken by customers on plates will be thrown away, buffets in Taipei wasted about NTD 16 billions per year.
ps2: after having hot-pot buffet, you need walk up and down stairs in Taipei 101 tower 8 times to get rid of the high heat (Kcal) getting from foods.


Apple Daily (1-18-2017): " Taiwanese love all-you-can-eat buffet best !".    Apple Daily (10-31-2015): Euro. style all you can eat buffet turned into "Cash Cow".

United Daily (4-24-2016): according to National CK university (成功大學) study and experts advice, avoid eating large-sized fishes, or at most once per week, 6 slices each time, as for fishes with length less than 30 cm are health food.  Top 4 foods with risk of dioxin exposure are (1) seafood/fishes, (2) other protein foods,  (3) domestic animal/farm livestock, (4) Grain products/Starchy Foods, which account for up to 80 percent of the dioxin exposure risky foods in Taiwan. (國人暴露戴奧辛最多食物前四名為(1)魚、水產為最大宗(2)其他蛋白質類(3)家畜(4)五穀根莖)



  "Taiwanese people love buffet !!"      reported  by Apple Daily (蘋果日報)10-16-2015, United Daily News (聯合報)10-17-2015 


Ambassador Hotel 國賓飯店明園

Hyatt Hotel 君悅凱菲屋

Regent Formosa 晶華柏麗廳

大倉久和. 歐風館

Mon.~Fri. lunch : NT980, Mon.~Thr. dinner: NT1120,
others: NT1280

one price for all: NT1480

weekdays lunch: NT990, others: NT1290

Before end of Nov. in "蟳找好時光" promotion event, group consumers get 15%-10% off  Mon.~Thr.


314 down to 280



intro. fresh seafood directly from Kee-lung harbor, each customer gets one abalones dish. 168 cuisines each day, focus on high-end dishes, a number of Japanese and India cuisines are cook for immediate order,  Iberico red-pepper sausage be cut upon request, Truffle stewed rice, India roast chicken are popular dishes, besides, French Evian for free. 6 m (六公尺)long table for sukiyaki / hot-plate meats(鐵板燒臺), foods are kept warm by volcano stones,  newly establish "star" delicacies area and currently invite Regent Beverly executive-chef for showing up. Irish crabs (麵包蟹), Taiwan's crabs (沙公沙母) , shrimps (天使紅蝦甜蝦)

 Cheaper buffet restaurants are everywhere too, but "Eastern Broadcasting Co., Ltd.,EBC (東森) TV" evening news (11-30-2015, 8:42pm): having those fake / restructured / glued meat (beef, pork, mutton, seafood: abalone, calamari, etc) is easy to get food poisoning.
Poisonous black-heart food/cuisine in Taiwan for 20-30 years already ...  (Oct. 2014)



  Must eat in Taiwan's 5 star buffet restaurants            ref. to The China Times, 12-6-2014 (中國時報)

(寒舍艾美酒店, France)
 Le Meridien



Shangri La's Far Eastern




hotel royal taipei 


Emperor crab, steak must eat, don't forget 現烤芙蕾! long tern reputation, all cuisins above average level Shabu-shabu, one wok for one person, in winter seasm oil and Chinese medicine added various exotic cuisines, recommand roast beef imported from USA (肋眼牛排) mutton chop angle red shrimps with raw fish ranking, the only French-Japan mixed buffet in Taipei various seafood,(麻油安康魚), salad steak,  Hawaii cake(夏威夷州果仁蛋糕) imported roast equipment cost NT3 million, don't miss its pizza
66228000 27201230 27181188 23763238 0800011068 21815135 25238000 25423266 23115151
How to eat to worth the value??

1.Focus on seafood and roast beef/steak 
2. Pay attention to:  where those food came from, materials ranking, current season fresh food?  how's the sauce, staff taking care the buffet bar often? room-lighting, desserts kept in ice/cool box? too much addictives or original flavor? etc.




◆  Apple Daily (蘋果日報) 9-6-2015 : experts advised taking no more than 3 slices of raw fishes per week in Taiwan's restaurants. 

Most expensive food in "all you can eat" buffet restaurants:  raw oysters & raw fishes, steak, top brand ice-cream


Grand Hyatt Taipei (君悅)


Shangri La's Far Eastern(遠東)

Sheraton (喜來登)
sashimi raw fishes (sliced),


serves raw oysters (with shell).

sashimi raw fishes: Tilapia(鯛魚)、salmon(鲑)

sea-food bar : sea scallop(clam)、crabs、shrimps、mussel 、s sized octopus and seafood salads, etc.


serves raw oysters (with shell).

cocktail/salad : king crabs and lobsters (in small plates/dishes).

4 kinds of sashimi raw fishes:  salmon, sailfish(旗魚)、squid (small octopus)章魚etc.

No raw oysters.

3  kinds of sashimi raw fishes:  : 紅坩、salmon、sailfish(旗魚)。

seafood bar has 3 kinds - M sized shrimps, S snails,  etc.

No raw oysters - out of service since Sept./Oct. 2013.

4 kinds sashimi raw fishes:  salmon, tuna, tilapia(or porgy's fish), sailfish(旗魚)。

sea-food bar :  sunny crabs, white shrimps, mussels, shellfish, sand crabs(沙蟹)、squid etc and other side/cold dishes like smoked eels etc.


roast beef & BBQ meats
about 7 kinds,
major : roast beef, whole chicken,
others are TurtleDove, marinated lamb chops, grilled fishes, etc

2-3 kinds: roast T-bone beef, rib、 whole chicken.

1 kind: roast beef. 2 kinds : US roast beef, assorted sausage (Chinese name : Germany sausage)。
top brand ice cream
Movenpick ice cream : 5 flavours ice cream, 2 flavor sorbet: Raspberry, mango. hand-made Italia ice cream. Movenpick ice cream: 6 kinds (2 kinds of sorbets). Haagen-Dazs ice cream : 8 kinds
test date Jan. 28, 2013 Jan. 30, 2013 Jan. 22, 2013 Jan. 31, 2013
details pls see below :

Most 5 star hotels restaurants don't wash vegetables? ....  for details pls. click  Taiwan restaurants  or  Taiwan Night Markets

 Sheraton Taipei (喜來登) 's shrimps contain bleach (sulfur dioxide 過量漂白劑) exceeding 4 times the legal limit, crabs' Cadmium () exceeding 14% of the legal limit...  Apple Daily 6-7-2016
  Sheraton Taipei (喜來登) was complained to be illegal and rough on its employee.  Apple Daily (10-13-2015) Prime News : Sheraton's executive house-keeper was asked to make fake punch-time-card (must 8.5 hrs per day as usual), and 24 hours stand-by awaiting orders -  but not get any overtime pay ( 5 days' overtime only count 8 hours, which for comp. time - time off in lieu, not for money)
Sheraton responded that no any employee was asked to do fake punch-time-card, stand-by overtime pay will be calculated in monthly salary.   Selected sample Taiwanese don't believe Sheraton,  laborers group (勞工陣線) leader thinks Sheraton was illegal obviously (明顯違法),  Laborer gov. officials will investigate this case...  for details pls. read related news.  http://m.home.appledaily.com.tw/article/index/20151013/36835724/news/%E5%96%9C%E4%BE%86%E7%99%BB%20%E6%8B%97%E5%93%A1%E5%B7%A524%E5%B0%8F%E6%99%82%E5%BE%85%E5%91%BD(拗員工24小時待命 / 員工投訴行政管家被要求打卡記錄作假(只可8.5hr/day)且僱主(喜來登)不打算發加班費(5天總加班數只給8hr不可換錢只可補休)喜來登回應沒要員工作假打卡待命錢會一併在薪資中核發蘋果日報(10-13-2015)抽訪民眾與網友臭罵或不認同喜來登 勞工陣線秘書長認為喜來登"明顯違法" 勞工局將派員勞檢喜來登... )



   Poisonous black-heart food/cuisine in Taiwan for 20-30 years already ...  (Oct. 2014)

 ◆  Apple Daily (蘋果日報) Nov-3-2015 prime news : <Tactics to eat buffet> /

1. only eat dissert 5 hours before buffet time

2.  sour-sweet flavour cold-plate first

3. then half bowl of hot soup  

4.  start main course from seafood - easy to digest 

5. then have meat - not easy to digest  

6.  no cakes - easy to feel full  7.  choose expensive fruits, like kiwit, pineapple, 火龍果  8. no bread, fried-noodle, etc 9. no soda - easy to feel full





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☉ Below are some dining notes, not guidelines, restaurants may change anything any time, one's meat may be another's poison, just for foodie's references

      Sheraton   Taipei (Taiwan)  

3-19-2019  , lunch:

wok fried spicy beef w preserved cabbage,  deep fried crabs, grilled lamb chop w avocado s, grilled pork w Mexico sauce replace same kind foods of last time , seafood bar adds small white clams, salad bar's Thai flat noodle & seafood salad tastes good, mushroom salad is too sour for me, but some of its white mushrooms(白洋菇) are very big about 4 times the size of regular ones, today's  fruit bar is short of kiwi and grapes, but still got 7 different kinds of fruits



3-4-2019  , lunch

hot dishes about the same, add clam chowder soup, fruits add kiwi and small apple


★  2-22-2019: updated

hot dish: soak rice with abalonebraised crabs w wine sauce、 grilled salmon w sea salt 、braised fish vegetable Turmeric、beer stewed pork、roast chicken w Truffles, nuts、pork spare rib w salt pepper、stir-fried pork w black pepper、rose ginger marinated chicken...


2-11-2019, lunch

busy in talking, so ate little, even don't know what's new ... so buffet is perfect right for eating alone



12-17-2018, lunch

 Quite some asked about soak rice with abalone, shrimp..., the chef was busy answering that only 2 mouthful of rice are added ... some customers pulled back
 Today's ox-tongue with garlic butter, baked mussel, and curry crab are too salty for me (according to some pieces I tried), but those in the past 3 weeks or so were perfect right for me



★  11-13-2018,  lunch :

hot dishes change some :  braised pork rib w sweet olive, fried crab w egg yolk, stir fried vegetable, chicken w chili, stewed fish w SiChun(四川) sauce, wok fried squid w celery, grilled salmon w sea salt ...



★  10-29-2018 lunch:

Singapore style crab  with black pepper (small 3-point crabs), lemon fish with sweet & sour sauce (Basa fish), braised meat with bamboo shoots , Kong-Pao chicken (宮保雞丁), rose-ginger marinated chicken, salted duck, 2 India cuisines (坦都雞) and one rice,  5-6 raw fish items : tuna, salmon, cobia, snapper, swordfish, octopus feet, etc ,seafood bar : shrimp、crab、mussel , squid, NZ Natural ice cream 6 items, Haagen-Dazs 4 items;
Today tried a little slice of roast beef, nearly raw, red color, tender, OK, improved.

Your receipt is no longer good as coupon to buy Sheraton breads from Nov. 2018.



★  10-1-2018 lunch: price went up to NT1090 or so, you can find some new salads, hot dishes (like Belgian style mussels, deep fry pork with tomato sauce,  grilled meat stick, etc ), seafood bar is about the same as before, raw fish slices include Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish, Cobia, Snapper, Octopus;  Ice cream : New Zealand Natural 6 items, Haagen-Dazs 4 items (Chocolate, straw berry, Vanilla, Mango).


★  9-26-2018, lunch: good services in today


★  9-20-2018, lunch:  today has brated lobster head.


★  9-16-2018, lunch:  some improvements - raw fish slices on cold generator, fruits in an electrically freezer,  ice cream became 2 brands - Haagen-Dazs 4 items, and New Zealand fruit sorbets...,  3M brand picks on each table.


★  7-10-2018, lunch buffet : I tried little slice of roast US beef, the middle (red) part is not tender for me, the side (well-done) part is tender.   I believe Antoine House of Sheraton has premium quality steak I want.

Hot sour-sweet crab, squid(魷), fish tasted good, but too greasy for me, may be better for younger ones,  raw fishes included Cobia(海攦), Herring(黃金魚), Salmon, etc,  but popular ones like Swordfish, Tuna were not there ...


★  4-30-2018, afternoon tea buffet : sent a survey doc. to  kitchen 12


★  4-23-2018, afternoon tea buffet:  no crabs, no roast beef, no stir-fried or steamed hot fish and seafood, etc.  about NT700 per person.  


★  4-16-2018, lunch:  Sheraton buffet at least had never given me stomach problem (acute gastroenteritis etc), but some other top hotels' buffet did.


★  4-8-2018, lunch:  Sweetie is no good to health, so I have not taken Sheraton dessert for about 4-5 months.  Today just found they opened all desserts for foodie taking freely.
      The half-done roast beef I had is still not tender.


★  11-30-2017, lunch: hot stir onion-egg-crabs are not very salty today.    Sheraton only said the steamed fish is deep-sea fish,  so I have no idea what name it is.


★  11-28-2017, lunch:  Hot dishes' spicy crabs out, very salty crabs (too much salts added) in,  I can't have more than 4 pieces, really too salty for me,  cost factor ?  But Southern American crabs in seafood bar are OK,  cold but cooked.


★  11-20-2017, lunch:  spicy crabs taste good,  quick tableware recycling ,  roast beef still not very good for me.


★  11-10-2017, lunch
Major focus of buffet usually :
  (1) roast US beef -  not very tender、even not easy to chew (based on those slices I had)  (now Westin and Formosa Regent serve Japanese top class beef, don't know good or not yet?)
  (2) sashimi (raw fishes) slices: -  Salmon(鲑), Swordfish, Tuna(鮪),  Herring(黃金魚),shark(鯊), all are deep sea fishes, need to be careful (Apple Daily 11-3-2017: Pregnant women follow official upper-limit
to eat deep-sea fishes - 35g/wk, kids under age 6 avoid eating;  TVBS 11-2-2017: Try avoid eating Tuna鮪魚、Swordfish旗魚、Shark鯊魚、Oil fish油魚 or eat as few as possible  ), "smoked" shark is processed food, not fresh ones, Cobia(海攦) is low inshore waters to deep sea, I feel it tastes worse than 紅坩fish (looks similar);ps: Herring size 38-46cm, Cobia 33-38 inches.
  (3) dessert -  you can not take major ones by yourself ,however, if you order more than 4 pieces, the 'chef' may say "Thanks" before you ask the 5th.  8 kinds of Haagen-Dazs sorbet and ice cream good, but one of them is too frozen, probably not easy to take.


★  11-8-2017, lunch
sashimi (raw fishes) slices: about 4 kinds, not served Southern American crabs. those slices of roast US beef I ate are 'tough' for me.


★  11-6-2017, lunch
Seafood bar : Japanese sashimi (raw fishes) slices include about 7 kinds - Cobia(海攦), Herring(黃金魚), Snapper(鯛), Salmon, Swordfish, Tuna, shark ( not fresh ones, are processed food or smoked-food); crabs include 3 spotted crabs(3 點 蟹) and Southern American crabs; White shrimps.   Hot dishes include roast US beef (one  OK, another 'tough'), I like steamed fish  ( but they may change it to Balsa if "out of stock" ) .  Sorbets are good.  Waitress did tableware recycling not quickly, and not quiet - it is noisy.   
boiled mushroom-chicken soup good, but different bowls served early and late seem taste bit different ?


★  10-11-2017, lunch
About half number of seats are empty,  a factor of economic?


★  9-27-2017, 10-2-2017, 10-5-2017, lunch
Care-giver sitting together with aged 94 old lady to help her having meal is not allowed in Sheraton, unless paying some drink for the seat - this is different from other 5-star buffet restaurants I have been ... besides, the accounting once forgot discount for my infinite card, seems lacking of trainings ...


★  Dec. 14, 2016, lunch
      Compared with food in Nov., roast US beef is improved some,  and more different raw- fish slices - totally 5~6 kinds : Cobia, Tuna, Swordfish, Salmon, Snapper. 


 Nov. 22, 2016, lunch
Steak (roast beef) still is not juicy and tender enough for me,  cold seafood e.g., scallop(扇貝) are served unlimitedly, but using tongs to take Japanese sashimi (raw fishes) slices is not allowed, you need to use chopsticks - hence, taking not too many slices for each time.

 Nov. 2,
2016, lunch
Steak (roast beef) is too tough for me.  The number of customers is decreased compared to before.   Waiter's service is extremely good, I'm not so sure if it's because my guest - an American relative who's son own a law firm in Cal.


 May 21, 2015, lunch
I feel their service manner not good (to me).  


 Dec. 26, 2014, lunch
Still no raw oysters, others about same as before.

 Oct. 30, 2013,  lunch
Seafood bar stop serving raw oysters since Sept., Oct. 2013 till present.


 Jan. 31, 2013,  lunch
Seafood bar provides 4 different kinds of Japanese sashimi raw fishes: salmon( 鮭魚)、Tuna(鮪)、Tilapia(鯛)、sailfish/swordfish(旗魚),7 kinds of seafood: raw shell oysters(生蠔)、sunny crab(旭蟹)、白蝦(white shrimp)、淡菜(mussel)、貝(shellfish)、沙蟹(crab)、章魚(squid), etc and small plate cocktail such as smoked eel, etc.
(2) BBQ area offers US roast beef、 assorted sausage (Chinese title: Germany sausage).
(3) Haagen-Dazs ice-cream: 8 different kinds.
(4) dessert area provides many ones for your taking freely, and a large box including fresh desserts (cakes) that chef will take for you upon request ― that chef may ask you "which ONE you like?" but there're at least 10 different kinds inside.
(5)Western hot dishes include grilled mutton with truffle (interesting), and India curry beef/seafood & pie  ―  you can take freely, but last time only chef can take some (not too many) for you.
(6) Vegetables are not better than Hyatt, Sheraton' strong part is seafood.

 4/9/2012 ,  dinner
(1) Haagen-Dazs ice cream: 8 different kinds.
(2) 4 kinds of  fresh raw fish, Japanese sashimi: salmon, tuna, etc, but you may have more (日本干貝) from sushi, raw oysters from PuHu Taiwan (not imported oysters).
(3) Roast beef OK.

 3/ 26/ 2012,  dinner

(1)  Only 3 (used to be 4, 5 or more) different kinds of  fresh (raw sliced fish) Japanese sashimi.
(2) Raw oysters are "skinny", and some tiny little black stuffs (sand or ?) inside those 3 I had.  You may need to "rinse" them by free drinking water on the table before eating.
(3) Seafood bar also provides shell (namely 毛貝)、mussel, squid, crabs (quite fat), etc.
(4) Roast beef red, but not very juicy.   1st time see stew osso buco (sheep knee) with red sauce and Korean BBQ meat in there.
(5) Beef curry taste good, but part of those beef is not too easy to chew, fish curry bit sour to me.
(6) Dim-sum: shrimp slew-mai good, others include green slew-mai, steam dumpling, etc.
(7) Vietnamese soft noodle with beef very good.
(8) Ice cream refrigerator same as before.

 12/ 28/ 2011,  dinner

The restaurant is quite full.   Raw oysters are smaller than last time's.

 12/ 16/ 2011,  lunch

Today's raw oysters are larger than those I saw in here in this year.  I broke a small plate, the hotel did not ask for compensation.

 11/ 11/ 2011,  lunch

Those so called "roast mutton", actually is roast "processed" mutton ―   those meats are not simply cutting from bodies for serving.

Many tiny little pieces, taste like cracked shells, attached to "bamboo clams" (Taiwanese name : "竹蛤"), better "rinse/wash" it by free drinking water on the table before eating.

 Nov. 3, 2011,  dinner

Seafood bar provides local raw oysters, bamboo clams ("竹蛤"), mussels, shrimps, and 5 types of  fresh (raw sliced fish) sashimi; comparatively, the number is more than most 5 star hotel buffets.

 Sept. 9, 2011, lunch

Field snail replaced "bamboo clam", oysters are local stuffs.   Only 2  kinds of ordinary Candonese Dim Sum, without expensive shrimp dumpling, etc.

lunch time 11:30 ~ 2:00pm, according to my personal experience, service is not very well.

 Sept. 5, 2011, lunch

◎ The number of Mandarin hot cuisines is not too many.

◎ Raw oysters in 5 star hotels are usually imported from Western countries or New Zealand, but at present they provide Taiwanese (PunHu) oysters.

◎ 2 brands ice creams :  Movenpick: 4 kinds, Haagen-Dazs: 3 kinds, both are easy to dig,  Movenpick is too soft.

◎ Service  ―   I am not sure if they don't welcome single man, bill was on the table 10 minutes after I took seat, that was never happened before.

ps:  TV evening news <非凡新聞> 5:55pm 9/5/2011: 13% of Taiwan's all you can eat buffet restaurants (hot pot) discriminate (by price) "single persons".

June 20 , 2011, lunch
Shell raw oysters available, but not always - the server sometimes left the counter. 3 different kinds of fresh (raw fish) sashimi offered,
 3 kinds of sorbet of Movenpick and 3 kinds of Haagen-Dazs ice cream taste great, but Haagen-Dazs strawberry is too frozen to dig.  ( brand names on the box )
Lamb knee is a special stuff seldom offered there


Sept. 7 , 2010, lunch

Shell oysters (raw) and Four different kinds of  fresh (raw fish) sashimi available.
Two different top brands ice-creams.
Good service ―   an employee escorted a very old customer from the entrance gate.


★ July 28, 2009, lunch

Quick waitress service, high-ceiling/roof dining hall looks great.

They serve Movenpick ice cream and Haagen-Dazs (but no logo/sign on the box ), and fresh (raw fish) sashimi, mussels, small field-snails, etc in seafood bar.

Roast beef fine, some of mutton chops are very juicy.




     Shangri La's  Far eastern plaza hotel ,  Taipei  

Shangri-La's food has not been valued good (no any star or Bib Gourmand) by Michelin Guide Taipei, March 2018.  



Buffet hall <Cafe at Far Eastern> is located in  the 6th floor, offering diversified food (Chinese, India, and Western style) and desserts.


9-10-2018 , lunch buffet : No more scallop in seafood bar, no more int'l brand or known-brand tea, baked cheese cabbage no bad...


5-2-2018,  lunch buffet : sent them a survey doc.


4-12-2018  lunch

tables are about 40-50% full in today

roast duck is salty for me, seafood bar person still spoke "slang"...!. 


3-19-2018  lunch

Duck breast not bad, they added stir fried vegetables, spare pork rib with honey, but no hot fish this time, used-plates recycling is quicker that last time, most of the time, at most 2 plates on the table.
Seafood bar serves tiny snail, tiny octopus, mussel, shrimps, sushi, and freshly-cut Japanese raw-fish slices : tuna, swordfish, salmon, Great Amberjack(紅魽).
Today I did not see those TWG tea (UDN, Apple Daily 4-4-2018: some batches of TWG tea were found pesticide exceeding legal standard in 2016, 2017, 2018 ), now seems all are imported from China.

people aged 65 or holders with higher class card issued by Far-Eastern, China Trust Bank can enjoy good price in here !


pic.: only 5 were stacked there, dish recycling is quicker than last time.



1-25-2018, lunch
Very few customers (< 20-30%) in here when I came last time in early Jan. 2018,  but about 70 %  in today's lunch,  however, today's service is lousy,  waitresses or bus-girls cleaned the tableware of  91-92 tables in Bamboo area only once, 2 tables' customers removed  used plates by themselves to another table nearby.   Besides, I heard 2 chefs behind hot-dish counter spoke some 'slang' ...

Seafood bar nothing too special:  shrimps, crabs, SL snails, scallop, raw fish slices, etc.  

Hot dish fish bit smell like a fish, may be it's normal,  chef told me it's a fresh-water bass (鱸).

Some 'popular' hot dishes served not quick enough.   some food-woks were empty for quite a while there a couple of times.

roast beef area served ribs, but not enough beef meat attached, Shangri La's served good ribs, and raw oysters before, but not any more.

The braised chicken soup tasted very greasy for me, maybe others like it  ( ps: hot crabs are very salty for me once I was here at end of 2017, too many salts are bad for my health. )

According to int'l medical books, sugar or 糖精 is related to some cancers, so I did not try their cakes, disserts.

Indian foods smell good, but those made me felt full (can't eat too much other foods) quickly, so I decide not to take it  this time.



Nov. 1, 2017, lunch

hot fry little crabs are very salty for me, I can't have more than one piece, I don't know why ?? I can't find hot stir fry vegetables in here.  roast beef is OK.   Hot dish fish includes Sole and 鱸魚.    Most tea packs are from china, few from Singapore.

Nov. 24, 2016, lunch
Steak (roast beef) is juicy and tender enough for me,  some cold seafood e.g., scallop(扇貝) are not served unlimitedly, it may be "out of stock", compared to Sheraton,  Shangri-La's allows you to use tongs to take Japanese sashimi (raw fishes) slices, not chopsticks only.

Sept 12, 2015, lunch
Seafood bar cold dishes : 3 kinds of 曼波魚腸、shrimps, etc and Japanese sashimi (raw fishes) slices

Oct. 4, 2013,  lunch
In seafood bar, there're 3 kinds of cold dish sea food - small snails, small octopus, and M shrimps; 3 kinds of raw fish slices.
Others are about similar to those before.  

Sept. 23, 2013,  lunch
New India chef just came and is serving Indian cuisine counter ...

June 20, 2013,  lunch
(1) seafood bar : shrimps, S snails, fish colon; 3 kind of raw fishes.
(2) Western food include roast beef Prime.  several Mandarin dishes.
(3) 5 India dishes, 5 Candonese dim sum.

Jan. 23, 2013,  lunch
(1) seafood bar : If you like top seafood like raw oyster, Sheraton and Hyatt (lunch & dinner) probably are better choices (details see below).  Westin afternoon tea buffet provides with raw oysters, but lunch and dinner only have cooked oysters.
Today in Shangri-La's seafood bar I don't see large clams, large scallops ... there're 3 kinds (small snail, M-L shrimps, etc), and 3 kinds of raw sliced fishes sashimi that available in most 5 star hotel restaurants.
(2) others about same as before, about 5 kinds of Candonese dim-sum, India food area (about 6-7 kinds ), Mandarin hot dishes, western hot dishes...
(3) I ate lots of cooked vegetables instead of meat, but I still felt heaty (火氣大 traditional Chinese medical practice terms).


Dec. 7, 2012, lunch
(1) seafood bar : 3 kinds, shrimps, M-sized clams, etc, Japanese raw-fish sashimi includes Seriola dumerili, salmon, sailfish/swordfish.
(2) others about same as before, 5 kinds of dim-sum, India food area, Mandarin dishes, western dishes...

Sept. 24, 2012, lunch
Seafood bar : 3 dishes shrimps, large-sized clams, etc, and Japanese raw-fish sashimi.
(2) Specials offer Middle-Autumn (moon) festival various BBQ meats (9/20-9/30).
(3) hot dishes includes one French and one Italian cuisine.
(4) Mandarin cuisine includes Wok-fried minced shrimps wrapped with lettuces (雲貴菜).

March 29, 2012, lunch
(1)Sea food bar is about same as before.
(2)Movenpick ice cream 3 kinds: vallina、chocolate、straw-berry,  fruit-sorbet 3 different kinds : mango, banana, berry.
(3)roast beef fine, sort 'bloody', but Korean wok-fried meat is tough & hard to chew.

March 2, 2012, lunch
The most "worth the value" stuffs in all 5 star hotel restaurants usually are :
(1) seafood bar : 3 different Japanese raw-fish sashimi, and small clams, snails, normal sized shrimps. But they don't provide raw oysters, while Sheraton, Hyatt do.
(2) roast beef : it's OK, but not very juicy/bloody.
(3) ice cream: 6 different kinds in here, 3 of them are sorbet - mango, banana, and berry.
ps: waitress is willing to help elder people to have a seat.


Dec. 12, 2011, lunch
clams are larger than before in this year.
Candonese chicken is very tender, I don't see any other "big" dish excited me like bake oysters shown there last time.

Nov. 21, 2011, lunch
Roast "prime rib" good, but no bone attached.
No raw oysters, but provides baked oysters.  Late birds got octopus sashimi, in addition to salmon and  blue marlin/sailfish/swordfish sashimi.   Scallop clams (in seafood bar) taste bit sweet, very good!   Deep fried tiny crabs (can eat it all) are interesting, but not hot enough. 
Mandarin/Chinese dishes are added, western and India cuisines are fewer.  

Oct. 12, 2011,  lunch
Scallops, shrimps, raw fish sashimi in seafood bar come from local Taiwan.
Some mandarin side dishes like pig-ear, pork-tripe etc , western cuisine Mutton chop rib are delicious. 
6 kinds of ice cream are imported, world top brand.

Oct. 19, 2011, lunch
new dishes : Swiss pork, Spanish chicken ...
new Dim-Sum: steam shrimp dumpling. 

Sept. 19 & 29, 2011 lunch
similar food as before.

July 29, 2011 lunch
Something new in seafood bar : knife clam,  Xi Shi clam(西施貝),  not bad.
tender : roast beef and Korean style wok-fire beef slice with Korean pickle-vegetable (泡菜).

June 10, 2011 lunch
Exotic Mid-East festival, BBQ beef is very juicy and tender.

May 6, 2011 lunch
No oysters,  2 different kinds of raw fish sashimi, snails are small sized.  6 kinds of Movenpick ice cream/fruit sorbet.   Most Indian dishes are replaced by Chinese food.
According to Medical cancer-disease studies, steak (roast beef) 1/3 done is better than half done, half done is better than 3/4 done. (TV channel 57, May 12, 2011 9:00-10:00pm)  Today I can not have beef that rare.

Mar. 6, 2011 Sunday lunch
 Roast beef are very tender, not "bloody". 
 About 2 different kinds of raw sliced fish sashimi, and small snails, etc.
 During Flu season, I like their "Bamboo trees" seats to keep distance with crowded  customers.

rec. on file :


In  late 2005, Raw oysters are just displayed (not attached to shell) on the shell (look like fresh live shell oysters ) .

Sept. 2006:  I randomly took 2 raw oysters,  they are live &  shell attached, smell all right;  roast beef/steak not very best class, but better than Sherwood's.

Oct. 2007:  some raw oysters are placed (not attached to) on the shells.

Jan-Mar., 2008, I had some afternoon-buffets offering some hot, lunch dishes .

June 29, 2009 :  no raw shell oysters , they provide cooked field snails and clams instead, and dark-red color raw sashimi tuna (but it's not Taiwan's best "Black tuna" ).  
Beijing duck and roast beef & rib as usual.

July 7, 2009 lunch : no field snail, no raw oysters, no roast ribs, tiny broken shell-pieces in clams, well-done roast beef.  America Gourmet Classic regional favorites from July 1 to 19.
Till around Nov 2009, they have several package deals for coupon buyers, about NT499 per customer for lunch ( 4 guests for the price of two ) and other special prices, which only offered to Far Eastern Platinum card holders before.  (need to call them for details)

July 15, 2009  lunch : no broken shell pieces in clams, roast beef fine.


May 24, 2010 lunch :  Sunday buffet is better than weekday's, price is higher too.

field snail, raw fish sashimi, steam oyster (no raw shell oyster), BBQ steak and rib (a little skinny).

July 14, 2010 lunch :  No ribs, oysters and field snails.  Seafood bar only offers sashimi (2 types -  salmon and sailfish/swordfish/blue marlin), S sized clams, XS octopus, fish intestines, shrimps.  Sashimi cut and served slowly,  service not very well.

steak OK,  some Chinese-style roast duck not juicy -  hard to swallow for me.

Aug. 9, 2010 lunch
Small number of field snails available, soon all gone.  Better to be a early bird.
Mango creations in hot dishes and salad, etc till Aug 15.

Sept. 23, 2010 lunch
Yesterday is Moon (middle-autumn) festival, a major Chinese festival.
Lots of beef ribs, some field snails.
I found Indian dishes are replaced by Chinese cuisines. (perhaps one weekday becomes India night)

Oct. 21, 2010 lunch
2 types of raw fish sashimi -  salmon and sailfish/swordfish/
blue marlin, clams, small octopus, shrimps, mussels, no oysters.  steak almost well-done (no ribs), 6 kinds of Movenpick ice cream/sorbet (berry fruit).  Chinese cuisines include roast duck, Candonese BBQ pork.

Dec. 27, 2010 lunch
middle part of roast beef are very tender and juicy.    Shell oysters not available.


5 star sashimi



     Grand Hi-Lai Hotel   ,  Kaohsiung city  (Taiwan)  


3-13-2019  lunch in SOGO  Dun-Hua South Rd. branch :

11 different kinds of sashimi, but raw fish slices are about 7 items :salmon、 swordfish, tuna、 snapper, sand barracuda、 Aishin、 cuttlefish;

besides, they serve Vegetarian's Coconut sashimi, and marinated Mackerel,  Vinegar fish;
main attractions:
spanner crabs and crabs; 
Seafood bar also includes very large and tender mussels (黑貽貝與孔雀) came from various places, mainly Taiwan coasts , beef a-bu-ri-su-shi(握壽司), assembled abalone(貴妃鮑)


hot food: Kung Pao frog legs, Si-Chuan style spicy prawn, Xi-Lin(士林) sausage, beef soup, Beijing roast duck, 滷大腸、BBQ chicken thigh, steamed sparerib w Fermented black beans, steamed crab shiao-Mai (蟹黃燒賣, 蟹肉燒賣)、Fried shrimps ball with Tartar saice , Thai green curry w duck and dried grapes, seared scallops with Hollandise sauce, German pork knuckle,  roast beef place of origin America, smoked salmon seafood fried rice, abalone seafood soup, stir-fried cuttlefish w snap bean, Japanese style deep fried shrimp;


8 items of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. and sorbet,

lots of desserts, home-made yogurt not sweet taste, might be more health for me




March 3, 2011 lunch buffet in Kaohsiung City branch


(1) Various seafood (more choice than some Taipei's buffets) 
     1) Herring, Brunion, Mackerel, Salmon,  sailfish/blue marlin/swordfish, etc about 8 different kinds of Japanese style fresh (raw fishes) sashimi.
     2) Imported big shell oysters (live/raw) about same as Shangri-la's hotel Taipei served a few years ago.
     3) Crabs cooked in different ways, Japanese deep fried shrimps, etc

(2) Roast beef is not very juicy, although some part looks red.

(3) 8 kinds of Haagen-Dazs ice cream are too hard (frozen) to get/dig, only little softer than Howard Hotel Kaohsiung.  5 star hotels like Shangri-La's Taipei doesn't have this problem ―  perfect soft for taste.

(4) Decoration is gorgeous, but some tables are bad surfaced.

(5) Some waitress served very quick, but some has done bad service to customers.    





      圓山飯店 The Grand Hotel, Taipei   

★  7-23-2018, afternoon tea buffet:

Hot dishes are various and rich,   including fried Salmon, etc

The back of shrimps (seafood bar) have lots 'shit', chef said it's eatable.
4 different kinds of raw fish slices (生魚片) : BigHead Carp (
鰱魚?), Cobia(海儷), Swordfish(旗魚) and Great Amberjack(紅魽)

pic. "shits" pulp spurted out of the shrimp when u have a bite



★  7-20-2018, afternoon tea buffet:

      3 different kinds of raw fish slices: BigHead Carp, Cobia(海儷), Swordfish(旗魚);  all are ocean fishes near Taiwan
      Hot dishes are various, and tasty, but I prefer rinse those by hot water to get rid of salts and grease, which are OK for younger people


★  6-8-2018, afternoon tea buffet: 

      2 different kinds of raw fish slices, other two are not raw.



★  4-25-2018, afternoon tea buffet: 


Various, many different kinds of  Chinese provincial cuisine,  e.g., pan fried turnip cake (蘿蔔絲餅) 、 braised mushrooms,  seafood, scallop (S),better than Sheraton's,  according to my experiences.

Cold seafood bar has 3 kinds of raw fishes、shrimps、 mussels, etc,  10 kinds of ice-creams (Haagen-Dazs & US brand)about NT600 per person. 


Bad things are:

Foodie customers are low class -  'uproarious' talks and laughs made lots of crowded noises;

Dessert and raw fishes must be taken by staffs upon customers' request, it's not very "freely",  probably it's because of cost factor.


Waitress service manner was fine, when I complained there's one XX , she said "will handle it immediately" ;


The house (French casement hall) is not very full,only about 30-40% occupied

pic.: Many tables are empty, but noises are big 



     Sherwood   ,  Taipei  





10-3-2018 ~ 10-21-2018 :  Germany food festival is held (德國豬腳, 烤蜂蜜帶皮火腿, etc)



5-28-2018  lunch :


Braised Bean Curd with Crab Powder tasted good, but the chef did not answer my question if those bean-curds were made from G.M.(genetic modified) beans - which were called "national scandal" at The China Times, 3-29-2013.

No more crabs, oysters as before.  The roast beef I ate is not tough.

Their raw fish slices are not imported salmon, tuna, etc like some other 5 star hotels served, instead, they have 3 different kinds of raw fishes from Tai-Dung Taiwan, Dolphin fish (鬼頭刀), Nagao Coast snapper, and Bonito (鰹).   According to news report Apple Daily 6-9-2017 that Taiwan's raw fishes gave birth to double number of bacteria (germs) if displaying in room temperature more than 12 minutes,  MD advised eating cooked food. 

Very few customers - less than about 10 tables, 2 out of 3 hall-rooms were about empty, so, I guess there's a chance probably some raw fish may be on the seafood bar for more than 12 minutes ?   Anyway, it's a nice place for dating, very quiet, neat, and not crowded at all.



pic. left : an empty room in Sherwood;  pic. right: Braised Bean Curd with Crab Powder tasted good, but, what's the reason the chef can not say it's G.M. or not ?



Buffet hall located -1 F (basement), Sherwood Hotel (Taipei, Taiwan) .

late June 2006: raw oysters are put in the glass, not in usual way: attached to the shell.

 middle July 2006:  roast beef without "blood", too well-done.

They have a few Taiwanese native flavor food.

Oct. 11, 2010 : Yesterday is our National birthday, at least 5 different kinds of  (raw fishes) sashimi ( salmon, sailfish/swordfish/blue marlin, etc ), 2 types of crabs, mussels, clams, etc






       Le Meridien,   Taipei  (寒舍艾美酒店)  

Nov. 28, 2016, dinner
      Roast beef is tender, 5 kinds of raw fish slices, But.... I personally prefer Hyatt, Sheraton or Shangri-La's or ...  in spite of that Sheraton or Shangri-La's services in my view were worse than Le Meridien.

Nov. 22, 2013, lunch

(1) serves King crab's feet upon request ―   not many customers on the queue.
There's another crab - steamed crabs on the counter, you can take as many as you like.
3 kinds of Japanese style raw fish slices.    Besides, scallops, bamboo clams, and mussels are on the bar.

Oct. , 2013, lunch

(1) serves King crab's feet, "early birds" won't on the line probably. (In Oct., customers are crowded in this restaurant )
4 kinds of Japanese style raw fish slices.
(3) Haagen-Dazs : 4 kinds,  Movenpick ice cream: 5 kinds.
(4) Roast beef。
(5) lots desserts/cakes in counter .




pic.: Every buffet restaurant's seafood bar is popular and "worth the value" , photo in Howard Taipei



       Howard Plaza Hotel,  Taipei main store  (le louvre & rainbow)  

★  Oct. 2018 ~ 10-21-2018    "花園大道" holds Turkey food festival  ―   serves 35 dishes of Turkish cusines



★ 2018-4-24,  ( Rainbow Terrance at the 1st floor)

 South-East Asian cuisine,  cold seafood bar has shrimps, crabs, etc,   hot dishes included Malaysia spicy assorted seafood, Thai style steamed fish, fried mussels,  Singapore fried rice-noodle, vegetables,  HK style disserts (4 different kinds)

 small sweet cake/dissert should be taken by working person, you can not take it by yourself.    Haagen-Dazs ice cream.


 ★ 2018- 4-19,  ( Rainbow Terrance at the 1st floor)

South-East Asian cuisine,  some hot dishes are bit hot & spicy. price is only NT 680 or so, cheaper than Sheraton's.

★ Aug. 4, 2009, lunch (Rainbow Terrance at the 1st floor)

Price is lower than Le Louvre (best buffet of Howard).  Live Piano music around, Haagen-Dazs, crabs, smoked salmon, etc.

★ April 13, & June 21, 2009, lunch  (Le Louvre Restaurant at the 4th floor)

Roast beef is fine, Movenpick ice cream taste great, goose-liver bit more salty, service is good.

Only 3 5-star hotels in Taipei at present provide all-you-can-eat shell raw-oysters - Howard, Hyatt, and Shangri-la's Eastern Plaza Hotel.  (but, no raw oyster in Shangri-La's in this summer)

Feb. 23, 2009,  lunch (Le Louvre Restaurant at the 4th floor)

Le Louvre buffet restaurant closes one of two halls for worse business.

The steak (roast beef) is not very tender, waitress service not very well.

Raw oysters (from US, but about half size of Shangri-La's) are all-you-can-eat this time (different from half years ago ).

Sept. 5, 2008.   lunch  (Le Louvre Restaurant at the 4th floor)

 Le Louvre buffet restaurant is located in the 4th  floor of Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei, providing with Euro style 5 star food -  they will serve a dish of raw oysters imported from USA upon your request .   They serve better & more expensive food than other Howard branches.

The 1st floor restaurant provides more local-flavor buffet food, slightly cheaper price,  the ice cream (Haagen-Dazs) is a better than 4th floor's Swiss ice cream.

Decoration of Le Louvre in the 4th floor room  is not 5 star ranking.




         Hyatt   Taipei ,  Taiwan   t                         





2-18-2019 lunch

seafood bar adds: scallops, ,mussel, catfish, whelks, shrimp (sweet and good)...
hot dish adds: wok fried lily asparagus shrimps, grilled spring chicken ...

As for Japanese raw fishes - you can ask e.g., 5 slices of Salmon, and X slices of X ... but you can't take by yourself

braised sea cucumber is too salty for me



12-26-2018 lunch buffet

Western signature dish: roasted US beef rib eye chimichurri (weekdays), Sirloin steak (weekends);


Western:sauteed pork knuckle green pepper, Caribbean grilled fish, char grull lamb chop rosemarry, pork piccata, 


5-6 kinds Japanese raw fish, sea whelks, crab, shrimp, a-bu-ri-su-shi ;


Chinese main: made to order mutton soup (weekdays), made to order seafood (fish, shell, squid or tiny oyster 蚵)soft rice;
Ningbo style braised eel fillet yellow chive, braised sea cucumber, Shanghai dumpling, roast duck, wok fried chicken basil, braised pork belly bamboo shout preserved bean curd sauce, wok braised fish preserved vegetable...;


8 Häagen-Dazs, blue cheese, cheese cake, kiwi, orange juice


ps: sea food bar Japanese style raw fish slices, e.g., snapper is not red, so no need to worry it's fake color by CO ...
they have authentication to prove salmon were imported from Norway Europe, but you can't take it by yourself, e.g., you ask Salmon, the chef cut 3 small pieces for you




Sept. 10, 2013  lunch buffet

Seafood bar and other major cuisine (roast beef, marinated lamb chop) ice cream are about same as before.

March 26, 2013  lunch buffet

Hyatt is very crowded because it offers 40% off discount through an ad. in Apple Daily news.

The dishes are about the same as before, but add more seafood from PonHoo islands.
(1) chilled baby abalone always out-of-order, since too many customers & their taking too many abalones each time.
(2) marinated lamb chop is tender, different from that last time I tried.
(3) the chef is not willing to cut the middle part of roast beef upon my request for rare beef (he always cut from the left side well-done beef , but some other 5 star restaurant like Shangri-La's can cut it for me)
(4) between 11:30 and 11:40, those raw oysters are very very skinny, and look dark green (most part of it).
(5) others I feel pretty fine.


Feb. 25, 2013, lunch buffet

This is the next day of Chinese Lantern festival.
1) BBQ area provides US prime roast beef (taste OK) and baked whole fish (very cold).  other western dishes include Roman style veal (煮小牛)Tuscan style veal osso (牛膝), etc
2) Seafood bar provides with shell raw oysters (imported), raw sliced fishes:Tilapia(鯛魚)、salmon (鲑)、and steam shrimp (蝦)、small octopus, sea scallop (they called it moon clam)、bear crab (m sized蟹)、 and mussel salad, etc.
3) Dim-sum has about 5 kinds : crisp turnip cake, crab roe shou-mai, etc,
abalone & chicken strings soft-rice is not too bad.  
4) Movenpick: 5 kinds of ice cream, 2 kinds sorbet: Raspberry, mango.
5) 12 kinds of desserts/cakes.
6) About 4 kinds of fruits.
7) Chinese cold dishes include Shanghai style smoked fishes.

Feb. 5, 2013
, lunch buffet

1) BBQ area provides US prime roast beef and marinated lamb chops (I tried 2 slices, both are not tender enough), and others like salmon coulibiac, fried small soft-shell crabs, grilled fishes, etc.
2) Seafood bar provides with shell raw oysters (imported from Washington USA), raw sliced fishes :Tilapia(鯛魚)、salmon (鲑)、and steam shrimp (蝦)、small octopus, sea scallop (namely moon clam)、crab (namely " bear" but m sized蟹)、mussel and salad, etc.
3) chilled baby
abalone not bad.

Jan. 28, 2013, lunch buffet

1) Seafood bar provides with shell raw oysters, you can take freely, no longer cut by chef staff, no longer too salty. Others include Tilapia(鯛魚)、salmon (鲑)、and steam shrimps, sea scallop、crab (m sized蟹)、mussel and salad, etc.
2)BBQ area provides about 7 different kinds : roast beef、whole chicken、TurtleDove 、marinated lamb chops、grilled fishes, etc.
3) vegetarian suppose love here, since Hyatt offers one among most kinds of vegetables.
4)Movenpick: 5 kinds of ice cream, 2 kinds sorbet: Raspberry, mango.
5)expense: NT1100, plus service NT1210 (about USD40),  but service is bit cold, maybe they don't like single customer.

Dec. 26, 2011, lunch buffet

Big changes in here : raw oysters are no longer served by chef, hence, you can take as many as you like, besides, they are not "too salty" any more.  Maybe this website's complaints work!  Hyatt said oysters are imported from the US.
Mandarin dishes : broiled pork tail, mushroom&sea-cucumber ("hai-sen" 海參), spicy wondun (紅油炒手),  fried spicy pork-tripe, not bad .
Smoked goose, oven roast goose, roast beef quite tender, but not juicy.
2 kinds of Japanese style raw fishes (fewer than Sheraton's),  7 kinds of  Movenpick ice cream (same as Sheraton's).
Hyatt's computer system missed my reservation by telephone, probably that's the reason they sent us a Xmas sock together with 2 bags of cookies before we left.
You can print coupon from Hyatt Taipei's website, so as to save about NT100 per person.


Feb. 26, 2011, lunch buffet

(1) Shell oysters (live/raw) taste salty, different from all other oysters I tried in all other places like Florida, New Orleans, Singapore, or any Taiwanese 5 star hotels I tried - Sheraton, Howard (Taipei) or Far-eastern Plaza hotel (providing oysters about 1.5 yrs ago).  Those oysters seem that had been sunk in salty water for quite a while.   Besides, the staff cuts the shell very slowly ( he will "brushes" the shell cautiously & slowly if the waiting line is very short or no queue).
(2) Some BBQ lambs are bit tough for me.

April 22, 2010, lunch buffet

(1)  One seafood-bar chef/waiter opens (not very fast) and serves raw oyster for a waiting line.  (  everyone probably can not be "greedy"?)

(2)  Only one kind of Japanese raw sliced fish sashimi in seafood bar.

(3)  Mutton chop is tough for elders. 

(4) My uncle (senior citizen, elders near 90) went to hospital for stomach problem after having their buffet.   (he is fine after having Sheraton's buffet)

(5) No coupons in Hyatt web-site.


Lunch buffet, July 24, 2008  

(1) Gorgeous entrance hall.

(2) Buffet in <Cafe> room at 1st floor :

    <1> Seafood bar:  steam & smoke salmon, shrimp taste great, Japanese raw fish (fresh sashimi ) only one kind,  shell-oyster very small but no smells.
    <2> Hot dishes :  quite many & various food available, including Mandarin food & dessert,  mutton chop, BBQ rib for you, roast beef/steak is red & "bloody" (not very "bloody").
    <3> Waitress attentive, hot coffee to your table. 

(3) Some time, you may have special coupon in Hyatt web-site (print the page from  "updated news, Cafe room", Chinese edition only) to have about 1/2 or 2/3 price buffet.




      Westin Hotel,   Taipei   
  SETV 4-12-2018 : Westin dining was trying to take high-end route, but failed.  Taiwanese people prefer worth-the-value dining style.   Westin will be closed at end of 2018.


Oct. 2018 :   The relationship between Dining discount card (六福卡) and China Trust (中國信託) is closed by the end of 2018


3-31-2018,  afternoon tea buffet
excellent service, I can not stop eating lots of various stewed meat dishes, because ... taste so great, so I wont come here again -  red meat (pork, beef, etc) all are not very good to my health.


Nov. 3, 2017,  afternoon tea buffet

     cost about NT1000, not many customers.   Seafood bar has 5 kinds of sashimi raw fishes: salmon (sort of "wild"), Halfbeak(水針魚), Komochi Nishin (黃金鯡), Swordfish, and Squid tube with Abalone extraction (namely貴妃鮑, but it is processed food, not real one).   Roast beef (rib eye) and salmon.   Westin made ice cream and sorbet - not as rich as those of Haagen-Dazs,  good thing is not too sweet.  Waitress did tableware recycling is quite quick, and quiet.  

Jan. 30, 2013,  afternoon tea buffet

The most expensive 5 star buffet in Taipei: lunch or dinner or afternoon price is more than NT1300,  Westin said afternoon tea buffet is their best ―  most dedicated & delicious.
1) Today's seafood bar provides French oysters, (lunch or dinner only cooked oysters), and 4 kinds sashimi raw fishes: salmon, sailfish, toko, octopus, etc
2) BBQ area offers roast T-bone, rib, roast whole chicken.
3) cocktail salad : king crab and lobster - small plates.
4) special : Arabian salad, Indian BBQ grilled - about 8 different kinds.

April 30, 2012 , lunch

1)  provides "poached" oysters ―  not raw oysters, poached oysters are bit cooked and then iced by refrigerator or etc.   Customers usually can not tell the difference between raw oysters and poached oysters, by look or by taste.
2)  4 kinds of raw fish sashimi :  Hamachi, Tuna, sailfish, Salmon.   Today I saw bottle-necks in customers queue in there several times because waiting staff cut sashimi for customers one by one, "interactive" suppose is not a good way to serve all-you-can-eat food.
3) roast beef ―  the first piece (half done) I tried is very good, better than those in other 5 star buffet restaurants, but 2nd piece tasted just OK, maybe it's well-done part.
4) Dim-sum shrimp dumpling is very good, but today's steam pork is too salty.
5) half lobster good, but this food will be stop some day in May.
6) ice cream is not top brand like Sheraton, Shangri-La's, the waiting staff declared it's "hand-made" Italian stuffs, brand un-known.

April 26, 2012 , lunch

B1「東西燴」buffet restaurant just renamed to be Silk Road Feast(絲路宴), the major difference from other 5 star hotel restaurants lies in:

1) high price, NT1380 ( + service charge 10% )
2) long dining time, from 12pm till  5pm, so no afternoon tea buffet available in here (other 5 star hotels provide).
3) something good : e.g., King crabs (帝王蟹, ps: TLC TV channel: catching king crabs is an extremely dangerous job, they can cut man's hand completely off), free half lobster for each customer during grand opening period (till some day in May, 2012), raw oysters may or may not provide, depend on each day's situation .


★ Sept. 11,  2011, lunch

Enough fresh sashimi (2 kinds of raw fishes : salmon, tuna ) , clams, shrimp, mussels, etc are supplied.

Steak, ham fine.    Service great, special seat arrangements for handicap elder person in wheel-chair.

NT899 plus tax, lunch time 12:00 till 2:00pm.


★ April 21, 2009, lunch

Chocolate cake and cheese cake are great.   Waitress service is excellent - special seat arrangement for elderly persons.

Roast beef's cost is more than those of many other western 5 star hotels, but tastes not very juicy ( not "bloody").

Some bottle-necks to serve fresh sashimi (raw sliced fishes), no dishes over there after 13:30 - need to ask seafood-bar chef to cut some for you.     Lunch time from 12:00 till 14:00, slightly cheaper lunch price in Monday and Tuesday .



     Ambassador Hotel   ,  Taipei  

 Oct. 1, 2013,  lunch

  In sea food counter, there're 4 kinds of cold dishes including large red crabs, 4 kinds of raw fish slices cut by chef upon your request.
  There're 2 brands of ice creams -   Haagen-Dazs (4 kinds of ice cream) and Japan's Meiji (4 ice creams), in tea time buffet, Haagen-Dazs is not served.
  Hot dishes includes ox tails, German pig feet, in tea time buffet, ox tails, steak (roast beef) are not served.

 March 28,  2012,  lunch:
    (1)  sashimi skipjack tuna (katsuwonus pelamis 鲣魚)  is "half-raw" fish, which means they burn the outer-part and keep inside part raw , others like salmon are raw fishes.  All sashimi raw fishes are served & cut (about 5-6 pieces per person) upon request, which is different from the way in most 5 star hotel-restaurants like Shangri-La's, Sheraton, Hyatt, Sherwood, Westin, Howard, etc.  So, you probably won't see a plate with a stack of raw fishes on customer's hand .
    (2)  roast beef red, but not very juicy, they also have ham.

    (3)  hot meal includes braised stuffed goose web, roast beef short-rib (New Zealand), roast lamb with bacons (half-done, tasted good, but bacon not healthy according to medical report), roast pork knuckles (pig feet, the skin tasted good), etc.
    (4) Haagen-Dazs ice cream : 4 kinds (coffee, chocolate, mango, the other one is too sweet), last time 2 of them are too hard to dig, this time OK, besides, they provide 4 kinds of Meiji ice cream, but I did not try any of them.

Nov. 7,  2011,  lunch:
Japanese style sashimi raw fish skipjack tuna (katsuwonus pelamis 鲣魚) tastes very good, but salmon sashimi is not good enough, according to those pieces that I tried.
      2 out of 4 kinds of Haagen-Dazs icecream/sorbet are too hard (frozen) to dig, particularly for female's muscle, in contrast, Sheraton or Shangri-La's hotel does not have this kind of problem at all, as for Grand Hi-Lai Kaohsiung, is even bit worse than Ambassador.
     Japanese style deep fried shrimps still are not very hot.
      T-bone steak and roast beef are well-done, so bit 'dry' ―  not juicy enough, unlike those in western hotels, in there customers can select half done or well done for eating.
     Not a mass of meat were found within those crabs, comparatively speaking, crabs in Sheraton's buffet dinner at Nov. 3 are better.
     Some pieces of roast duck are red & juicy.
          ps:  (1) Ambassador's customer service is great, they kindly replied my email expressing opinions as above.
                (2) By the way, I also visited my relatives eating in Ambassador Candonese restaurant in the 2nd floor, that place looks elegant.

2011- 10- 24 lunch:
    Sashimi (raw sliced fishes) salad is good, roast beefs are all well done, but not taste dry.
    Taiwanese style 'mutton wok' (羊肉壚) is good.
    2 brands of ice cream/sorbet ( Meiji: 4 types , Haagen-Dazs: 4), berry sorbet is bit hard to dig...
    fresh sashimi ―  raw fishes salmon, tuna, and 鰹魚 ...... all came from local.
    Japanese style deep fried shrimp is not very hot.

End of Nov. 2006 lunch:
 Smaller sized buffet room, provides with usual 5 star buffet food ( salmon, beef, Japanese raw-fishes fresh sashimi , etc), and Haagen-Dazs , Japanese brand ice-cream ...  

       Miramar Garden Taipei Hotel  (Taiwan)  

Dec. 5, 2011  dinner buffet:
dishes are about same as before. 

Nov. 28, 2011  dinner buffet:

4 kinds of fresh sashimi (raw fishes), blue marlin/sailfish, snapper, tuna, salmon, besides, shrimps and crabs (not too massy meat).
roast beef is half-done, tender, juicy.    Ice cream  Russian character brand.

Nov. 16, 2011  dinner buffet:

Epinephelussp tastes good.    Roast beef is smaller sized, but really improved, becomes about same tender & juicy as Shangri-La's.
utton shank, bamboo clam with pumpkin not bad.   About 4 kinds of Japanese style sashimi. 
Ice cream is not same level as Haagen-Dazs etc those western 5 star hotels' stuffs.

Oct. 31, 2011  dinner buffet:

lots more customers this time, meal is not bad (although comparatively fewer, price NT780 is less than western 5 star hotels about NT890+) : 2 kinds of crabs, 3 kinds of Japanese fresh  (raw fishes) sashimi, beef not bad.

June 29, 2011  dinner buffet

(1) Miramar's buffet price NT780-880 per person, I personally think it's better for me to try some 5 star hotel, like Shangri-La's special ("10 coupons") price NT770 (avg.) per person ( price refer to Apple Daily News, June 30, 2011; or to try HappyGo website).

(2) The number of different kinds of cuisine dishes/desserts in Miramar is not too many, probably about 60% (or half) of that in Sheraton,  Hyatt's, Shangri-La's,...

(3) Main dishes are roast beef,  Japanese style fresh sashimi.   Besides, russian brand ice-creams are available......

(4) If you prefer a restaurant not too noisy, Miramar Garden is a good choice, since not many customers dining here tonight ―  about 10+ tables till I left around 7:10pm.

(5) Miramar is a 4 star hotel.   

       Howard Plaza Hotel,  Kaohsiung  city  (Taiwan)  

(1) Japanese style fresh sashimi  (raw fishes) almost are about empty around 13 am, they did not supplement more for customers.

(2) Most hot dishes are not hot enough around 12: 40 am when I came in.

(3) Some customer was coughing near dessert area, so I did not try those.

(4) lunch price NT550, I personally think Grand Hi-Lai hotel's buffet (NT680) is comparatively "worth the value".

(5) I feel the only great stuff is Haagen-Dazs ice cream, but too hard (too frozen) to dig, so you can't have too much.  5 star hotels like Shangri-La's Taipei doesn't have this problem ―  perfect soft for taste. (test at Mar 6, 2011)

March 2, 2011 lunch buffet

       EverGreen international Hotel,  Taichung  (Taiwan)  

March 1, 2011, breakfast buffet

Excellent buffet, wide ranged dishes, I like those very sweet fruits, about 80% customers are western and Japanese.   But lunch buffet does not serve Japanese style fresh sashimi in weekdays, so maybe try Howard Prince hotel not too far.

       Howard Prince Hotel,  Taichung  city  (Taiwan)  

Feb. 28, 2011(NT720); March 1, 2011(weekday price NT600), lunch buffet

(1) About 4 kinds of Japanese style fresh sashimi (raw sliced fishes).

(2) Large sliced field snails in salad bar, small snails cooked in oven, both good.

(3) Watermelon very sweet.  They have traditional bottled Coke (smaller sized).

        Hotel Kingdom,  Kaohsiung city, Taiwan  

Breakfast buffet serves very ordinary stuffs,  evening buffet just OK, not many customers.   March 2, 2011


  Shangri-La's Hyatt Regent Formosa Sheraton The Westin
Roast Beef













large shell raw oyster(imported frmUSA)
ps: not available since summer 2009 and not in 2010, 2011

raw shell oyster(USA);
too salty(Mar.,2011)

crab etc

crab, etc
ps: samall-sized live oysters (Taiwan's) served in 2010, 2011

shrimp, etc

Ice cream



Haagen Dazs Haagen Dazs, Movenpick Tuffi Frutti (Italia)

India cuisines

duck, Virginia ham

British pork BBQ rib mutton/lamb better desserts

(data: The China Times, April 11, 2009, and add updated info by this site


       Leofoo Hotel,   Taipei   

★ Oct. 9, 2013, lunch

11th Floor restaurant serves Candonese dim sum (鳳爪、排骨、蟹燒賣) & fried dishes (五味孔雀蛤、白灼鮮南蝦、檸香日本鯖魚)All you can eat buffet, totally about 50 choices.

★ April 9, & April 28, 2009, lunch

economic price (NT420) for Chinese/Japanese cuisine : steam crabs, Thailand chicken, Chinese Jin-sen chicken soup, Japanese fresh sashimi (raw fish) and mussel salad, Candonese dim-sum, etc

PS: no more crabs,  sashimi (Japanese style raw fish) are served upon request - not all you can take on the seafood-bar table    (June 17 & 25, 2009)




     Regent Formosa   ,  Taipei,    Taiwan  



  <Regent Formosa Taipei> has one among largest all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants in Taiwan,  so, this restaurant is comparatively more noisy.   

   In July 2008, <Humane Society International>, Washington D.C., USA, blamed Silk Palace of Regent (inside government area) Formosa's "Shark fin" feast.   <the United News> of Taiwan reported that killing sharks is against world trend for conservation, damages under-water life environment, and cursed the way to capture the sharks is very cruel :  the fishermen usually cut the shark's 4 fins, then put "useless shark" back into the sea, the wounded shark bled to die slowly.

  The Regent Formosa said they will not decide what to do until receiving Taiwan government's official document.    (7. 23. 2008)

  The NPM asks Regent to sell The Chin-Dynasty cuisine instead. (7.24.2008)

   <Apple Daily> reported at Sept 7,2008 that NPM is still providing with shark fin feast (large whole piece imported from South Africa ), this damages Taiwan's national image.





   ps: (1) Apple Daily (June 17, 2011) reported : 71 out of 76 tourism hotels in Taiwan (Regent Formosa, Hyatt, Grand, HiLai) offer shark-fin for marriage feasts.
              Taiwan each year kills 920000 - 3860000 sharks for their fins.
         (2) CTS Taiwan (June 16, 2011) reported top 3 hotels offer shark-fin are Grand hotel (圓山), Westin(六福皇宮) , and Sheraton (or SunWorldDynasty 王朝) hotel.
         (3) Another report from internet : top 5 hotels offer shark fins are The Splendor (Kaohsiung), HiLai (Kaohsiung), Grand Hotel (Taipei), Sun World Dynasty(Taipei), Westin (Taipei) - according to the number of feast tables (customer numbers).
         (4) Apple Daily News (Jan. 21, 2012) :  No more shark-fin provided in 7 hotels , Chinese namely, 香格里拉台北&台南、六福皇宮、六福客棧、關西&墾丁六福莊、高雄金典、W、故宮晶華。

       Howard  Plaza  Hotel,    Taipei,  Yun-tsai rest   

Howard Plaza Hotel Yun-Tsia buffet restaurant  is located in the 45th floor of Mitsukoshi Dept Store( largest mall in Japan), the 2nd tallest building in Taiwan.

The lunch price NT580 is comparative economic, you can have great view of Taipei (phone call in advance for window seat), and BBQ beef, & fish, Cantonese din-sum, Japanese food (fresh sashimi raw-fishes, fried shrimp, Mei-Ji ice cream, etc), etc.   

Jan 23 & 30,  2009,  lunch



       hotel   royal   taipei   

Hotel royal taipei is adjacent to Regent Formosa hotel of Taipei. The buffet hall is located in the 1st floor.

No raw shell-oyster,  only a few kinds of Japanese fresh sashimi ( raw fishes), without salmon.

Mutton (or lamb?) ribs and BBQ beef slices not too easy to chew.

However, it's cheaper ( NT 700, about USD 23 ) than western hotels like Hyatt.

Aug 11, 2008.   lunch



       Howard  Plaza  Hotel,    Taipei  (National Theater)  

Howard Plaza Hotel buffet restaurant of Memorial Hall is located in 1st floor of National Theater, Taipei, providing with 5 star food -  more precisely,  most of its foods are Chinese flavour, the restaurant is smaller, but full of Chinese atmosphere (more than many others) .

You can have 6 different kinds of dim-sums, tender shark fish, crab and seafood - sea-cucumber ("hai-sen" 海參).  

Japanese raw sliced fishes (fresh sashimi ) only offered in dinner, no shell oysters.   Dishes is not many, but price probably is the most economical (lunch NT 450, dinner NT 490) among Taipei's same ranking restaurants.   

Aug 12, 2008.   lunch





Taiwan's law ( Nov. 8, 2011 ) gives penalty to those web-sites introduce restaurants incorrectly for money !  
  ◎  This web-page is unbiased, non-profit


★★★★  China (communist Chn.)  ★★★★★
Chinese proverb : Eating in GuangZhou (or GuangDong) !  How about buffet in GuangZhou , or GuangDong ( including GuangZhou, Zhuhai and ShenZhen )?

 crocodile alligator cuisines in China (Guangzhou) 
 crocodile/alligator cuisines in China (Guangzhou city) , head was cut, mouth still was tight taped...


     GuangZhou  ,   China   z  

(1)   Sheraton  (廣州 喜來登 Aug. 7, 2011, lunch)  buffet price about rmb 218 per person, there're only 5 tables customers when I was there,  according to the restaurant's statement, that's a result of newly opening, seafood bar is not bad, offering oysters imported from New Zealand and some other kinds,  raw sashimi includes salmon imported from Norway, XiLing from Japan, etc, hot dishes are not as many as Taipei's 5 star hotels, small steak has 3 different kinds of sauces, besides, their ice cream does not mark famous brand.  Waitress are attentive, but customers seem political......

         Italian buffet in the 3rd floor.   tel : 66688888

(2)   Shangri La's  (廣州 香格里拉 Aug. 2011):  very expensive buffet, about rmb 288,  only evening buffet offers oysters - oven baked, not raw fresh ones, ice creams are imported from Holland.  tel: 89178888

ps: TLC, an US TV program, introduced (Oct. 2011) that Guangzhou is a great food destination, including:
§  Shangri-La's hotel cuisine - Summer Palace, like worms (live to cook), frogs (taste not like chickens, just like frogs), star fish (taste like hard sands, but it's not for eating), hairy crabs ( sweeter than anything in the US) ......
§  TLC also visited most famous restaurants in Guangzhou, e.g., 金盈樓 to eat turtles (the bigger, the older, the better), 廣州酒家( most famous restaurant in Guangzhou, providing good dim-sum & traditional candonese cuisines ), 鎮海樓 - 九毛九麵館 (in largest park, offers all kinds noodles, the noodle length can be from home-base to 2nd base)
§  TLC  also tried street food in the road namely,  上下九路.

(3)   Hotel Landmark Canton (華廈大酒店 ) :  a 4 star hotel, is providing 1/2 price all-you-can-eat buffet, with nearly rmb 60+ plus tax.   The highest panoramic river view Western restaurant in Guangzhou city.  (Sept. 9-12, 2008 ) 

     Buy coupon one day earlier you get 40% off price - about RMB 102.  Cold dishes include large field snail (some have sands inside),  raw sashimi, mussel, etc, hot dishes change every day.   (May & June 2010)

     March 8, 9, 2011 : discount policy changed, lunch about rmb 120, dinner about rmb 150, they served shell oysters imported from Korea, and emerald snails (large), sashimi, ... very few customers seen when I was there, it's the highest riverview western restaurant in GuangZhou.

     Aug. 2011 : special price coupon which should be bought one day earlier is higher than that in March 2011.

(4)  Hong Xing, the most famous seafood restaurant (also namely Dong-Jian/East River, near ZhuJiang River ) adjacent to Hotel Landmark Canton has a popular but expensive dish, soft-shell tortoise, about rmb 200 for each.    In Shenzhen seafood street (Ler-Yuan street, or goto beach), only rmb 50 for each,  probably better to select a "People's choice" restaurant in that street .  

     May 2010 : Served dishes very slowly , some soft-shell tortoises with cheaper price. 

     March 2011 : tortoise price depends where it imported from, Thailand's are cheaper - around rmb 100 (rmb 94  for one 1.6斤),  served very slowly.  They also have crocodile/alligator, probably cook in different way from Florida's.


     Shangri-La's   , ShenZhen ,   China     s  


  When Hilton Hotel Shenzhen raises its seafood-theme buffet price for each Saturday,  Shangri-La's Hotel cut its  sea-food buffet price for each weekend.

  They offer quite cozy atmosphere, not too many customers (maybe 20s) .

  You may have small-sized oysters from Dalian city,  as well as big clam, crab, Japanese raw-fish ( cut from big piece of tuna ), hot eel,  etc     end Nov. 2006


       ZhuHai ,   China   z  


 GuangDong Hotel  (粵海酒店)


  4 star GuanDong Hotel provides with comparative "better" all-you-can-eat buffet in Zhuhai city ( no.1 clean-air city in China).

   The Buffet hall is located in the very top floor, offering 360-direction version to view ZhuHai downtown.

   In summer 2008, lunch buffet (special price  rmb 78) only offered in Sat. and Sun., dinner buffet for every evening.  phone: 0756-8888128.

   Their oysters (special price lunch not included) are placed on shells, Not connect to the shell (manager said it's because they wash & clean oysters .... ).   No garrantee what may happen if western people eat too many raw seafood.

     May 2010 :  no more cheap price, now about rmb170 each person.  Some times served better stuffs, some other days are not so great.

   ps: From 2006 till 2007, You can have around 40% price off  after 7:45pm for each day, to enjoy seafood and some Chinese food, you can have "2 come, 1 person free" price at lunch time, but not many dishes there.

     March, 2011 : about rmb140 per person    

    July 30, 2011   :  special price about rmb 100 for lunch buffet every Saturday and Sunday, you won't see expensive evening buffet stuffs like oysters etc.   "order to cook" may wait a very long time.

    Aug. 10 & 11, 2011 : Nearly rmb 200 per person, seafood bar includes ivory mussel, salmon, tuna, octopus, abalone(small sized), kanpachi, yellowtail, roe of dace (GuangZou Sheraton translates it as XiLing fish) etc, but please note this hotel is not 5 star ranking status , once I called their counter but having no answer about their oysters are imported or local,  not many customers when I were there at Aug. 10 and 11.


   Yindo (銀都酒店)  is most well-known 5 star hotel located in downtown center.

       2011 Aug. :   Saturday evening buffet was cancelled, you may leave your contact, so that Yindo can call you once buffet take place again.  At present Yindo only has breakfast buffet, rmb 40-50 for Yindo customers, rmb70-80 for outsiders.

      ◎  2008:   price is economical , but a little bit higher than that of 2006-2007, Yindo phone: 0756- 8883388

       2006- 2007 : a 5 star hotel, provides good seafood buffet at each Saturday night.  I tried several times, all seafood are fresh.


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