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   Facebook's suppression tricks


         The dialogue box (as below) popped up while users trying to log on Facebook again after his account was suspended or closed by FB.   

         Unfortunately, that's nothing but a trick,  because you will see Facebook keeps wanting your user-photo and keeps rejecting very clear passport photos you uploaded.    Some other users shared same experiences in FB Help Community - pls. ref. to   https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=1865681153684857


         To solve this 'mystery',  Zola Zu sent Facebook an agreement offering a big USD amount more than "the median wealth per adult" in USA  for Facebook's acceptance,  in order to challenge or to test Facebook's combination of facial recognition tech. (MIT said it's up to 98% in accuracy), other tech. and human review system.   The agreement stated Facebook can take all the money if they prove the photo uploaded is fake.    This way is much more precise and efficient than FB's current methods because no any hacker is willing to give Facebook this offer which might bring bad guys into deep legal trouble.    Facebook staffs probably are not confident or don't like to offer even USD 1 to "bet" this.    Till the due day, FB did not respond to accept this easy-money-to-earn offer. 


         Facebook was trying to get smart with users ? or really misjudged users' photos uploaded?? ......   which one you believe ?  






pic. : Facebook seems not honest, or just get cute with int'l users?   The dialogue box above asks uploading an user-photo only to result in an infinite loop  ―   users keep uploading and keep being rejected. 
         So, it's 99.9%-100% that checkpoint/block is a dead end, a vital error or seemingly a screen, cloak...  

         Advise world people not to respond this !   it just waste your time and energy.









pic. : Chinese version of this infinite-loop trick





      Facebook's suppression tricks 2


         Some days after sending the offer ( USD amount > the Median wealth per adult in USA ), an email from FB security system arrived at me.   Facebook wanted to help me back to my account.   Sounds very nice...  but ...   (pls see pic.s below).






pic.:  Seems, a handsome "flip-flop".
        Facebook security system said "How're u doing ?  It seems you can't log on Facebook, please click the button below, we will help you to log in
your account ...








pic. : Facebook says a security code was just sent to your email-box  (STEP 1)




pic. : Facebook asks you to enter the security code which just sent to your email-box  (STEP 2)




pic. : Facebook asks you to enter new password to log in, after the security code entered passed FB's verification  (STEP 3)






pic. :  FB gave a 'kind' adjustment   from "an infinite loop" to "a finite loop" with an exit.

           The new password still can't login the account.   Repeating those 3 steps above a few times,
               FB said you had tried it too often, pls. try it later on.